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Behind Enemy Lines

As Christians, we need to understand that what happens in this world often begins in the spiritual realm, according to the apostle Paul (Ephesians 6). In fact, as he points out, we are clearly enmeshed in a spiritual battle of epic proportions and as Christians in this world, we are behind enemy lines, often deep within enemy territory.

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Hollywood Liberals Decry Violence in Movies

The idea that Hollywood has produced a warehouse full of movies depicting bloodbaths and violence that most have become accustomed to seeing as well as video games that leave nothing to the imagination tells me that while some in Hollywood are at least getting that part of the equation correct, then then make a jump that defies logic.

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Gun Violence Isn’t Unique to the US Says Neil Cavuto

Here’s a great video and of course, it goes without saying that apart from Cavuto, these words will not be heard on any mainstream news stream. They just won’t because it doesn’t support the agenda of liberals and leftists who believe that eliminating gun rights is what this world needs.

The problem is that anywhere you look, there are loons and crazy people who have killed many people. It’s not simply the United States. The problem is universal. People who want to wantonly kill others will find a way to do it. It’s really that simple.

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The Overwhelming Darkness of the Dark Knight Rises

I grew up with “Batman,” both in the comics and on the screen. When the 1960s Adam West Batman hit the TV screens, I remember exactly where I was and I was enthralled. I was living just outside of Santa Maria, CA at the time and happened to be at a friend’s house who also happened to have a color TV. That was very rare in those days and of course, the ability to see something in color was dramatic.

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Colorado Tragedy and the Occupy Shooter

Before I say anything, I would like to say that my heart grieves for the people who were wounded and died at the hands of James Holmes, who is obviously a very psychotic individual. It was a tragedy by all counts and one that may not have been avoided in spite of how many anti-gun laws that some would like to see in place. The idea that you can go to a movie for a few hours of enjoyment and relaxation only to wind up wounded or dead seems surreal, yet it exists in our society today.

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Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms

Normally, people who are opposed to guns – anti-gunners – refer to statistics to bolster their arguments that guns kill way too many people therefore they should be outlawed. What they routinely do not tell you is that the statistics they represent normally include people who do use guns, but not in the commission of a crime. The number of people who use a gun and wind up killing someone also includes the people who are using a gun to defend themselves against criminals who are attempting to do them harm.

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Hear Us on Your Smart Phone, iPad, or Other Audio Device

Just a quick note to let everyone know that you can hear our messages that routinely broadcast throughout the United States and into over 22 countries on our page at

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Is America Becoming a Police State?

After watching too many videos to count and exploring the information found at places like, I have come to my own conclusions, which I’d like to share. It would seem that many law enforcement officials today come from a military background. What are they taught in the military? They are taught that under NO circumstances are they allowed to disobey an order given to them by their commanding officer. If an officer says “jump,” the proper response is “SIR, YES SIR!” Don’t even bother asking “how high?” Just respond in the affirmative and start jumping. The order was given and it is to be obeyed.

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Free Books from Study-Grow-Know Ministries

You know, I’ve written about so-called ministries that have built those ministries on their books, videos, audios, PowerPoints, and everything else. It seems to me that these ministries often grow to a point where there is no going back for them.

In other words, they become businesses, supporting sometimes, hundreds (if not ​thousands​) of employees, 401ks, mortgages for buildings, and the like. They are in the position of having to continue to sell things, make appearances here and there, and all the rest that goes along with that in order to keep their ministries nicely afloat and growing. In my mind, it becomes a vicious circle.

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Are We IN the Actual Tribulation?

There is much talk of the Tribulation/Great Tribulation these days and rightly so. Some are convinced it has begun and we are in it. Others believe that it won’t begin until one specific event occurs first, which does not appear to have happened yet. Still others do not believe that there will be a Tribulation/Great Tribulation at all because they believe it already occurred in AD 70 with Rome’s destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple.

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