Is America Becoming a Police State?

July 19, 2012 at 10:19 AM 5 comments

In a word: absolutely.  It’s not really even being hidden anymore.  Let’s look at some facts regarding the situation that is causing a growing alarm in many of us these days.

I previously published an article related to Robert Leone and you can read that article here:

You’ll note that, according to the video of the police officer’s dashcam, it seems clear enough (though not all agree) that police exercised extreme brutality in dealing with Mr. Leone.  He is currently incarcerated for a number of felonies related to that incident.  Interestingly enough, no police officer involved in that same event has suffered any consequences of reprimand or worse to date.

As I looked at that situation, I decided to do some more research and there is really plenty available.  There are many videos on the ‘Net that highlight some of the shocking behavior of too many law enforcement officials across the United States.  Admittedly, many of the videos show only portions, leaving us unclear as to just exactly what prompted officers to respond as they did.  Unfortunately, even with those videos, it becomes all too clear that police who regularly use intimidation, sarcasm, swearing, and numerous forms of excessive force leave us arriving at no other conclusion than the fact that they (law enforcement) overreacted, creating numerous problems.

After watching too many videos to count and exploring the information found at places like, I have come to my own conclusions, which I’d like to share.  It would seem that many law enforcement officials today come from a military background.  What are they taught in the military?  They are taught that under NO circumstances are they allowed to disobey an order given to them by their commanding officer.  If an officer says “jump,” the proper response is “SIR, YES SIR!”  Don’t even bother asking “how high?”  Just respond in the affirmative and start jumping.  The order was given and it is to be obeyed.

This is the mindset of the military.  Why is that mindset taught?  When you have a platoon filled with individuals who understand that it is their job to simply jump when the CO gives that order, no thinking is required.  The goal of the military commanders is to create personnel who are trained to not think.  The job of those military personnel is to simply react.

All of the training that goes into creating a soldier can be codified into the idea that the military is creating men and women soldiers who simply do not think for themselves and carry out their orders, to the “t.”  It would not work well to have soldiers on the battlefield giving into their consciences.  It would not be good for morale if soldiers were allowed to ask questions of their commanding officers.  For instance, if a CO said “JUMP!” and a soldier responded with, “Sir, WHY Sir?!” it would be construed as insubordination.  The commander has issued a directive.  The proper response of the recipient of that directive is to simply carry through with the order, not to wonder why it was given, or what other possibilities might be included in that order.

This is the mindset of the military person who eventually leaves the military and pursues a career as a peace officer.  While these individuals are outwardly respectful (of those who command them), and are clearly able to comply with all orders given, these same individuals are not the best type of person to have driving around our cities upholding laws.

Now, I want to clearly state (as I have before in other articles) that most police officers and law enforcement officials are honest, filled with integrity, hard-working individuals who are there to keep the peace while protecting the citizens of their locale.  Yet, alarmingly, there is a growing number of law enforcement officials who are rogue.  They do what they want, when they want and to them, upholding the law of the land is not as important as simply being obeyed.

When a military person leaves the military after their tour of duty, they may have come from a place in the world where they were in the heat of the battle.  That battle has trained them to shoot first and ask any questions later.  In battle, murder is legalized and accepted as normal.  In fact, there can be no war without it.  So you have young men and women who went off to fight in the Iraqi war under Bush.  You have more men and women still fighting in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other areas of the world.  The rules in which you and I live and work do not apply to them.  Their world is a world built on survival and many have lost their limbs or their lives.

All who return are scarred.  Yet because they have military training, but may no longer be in the military, they turn to the only career choice here in the states that makes sense: law enforcement.  In my mind, there really is no connection at all.

These military men and women who return home and go into law enforcement come home with a mentality that they learned from being not only in the military, but in the heat of battle.  Not only were they used to obeying orders without question, but they shot and killed people on a whim.  They had to and I’m not faulting them for that.  I’m simply stating that this was what they did in order to remain alive themselves.  In other words, they had an enemy that they were under orders to kill.  Pretty simple, isn’t it?

So, our military learned how to obey orders.  They also learned that they were fighting against an enemy.  Thirdly, they transfer this same thinking to the streets of American cities.

In short, these military personnel – now as law enforcement officials – receive and fulfill orders wonderfully.  They do so without question.  They are eager and even enthusiastic about fulfilling their orders.  After all, they once used to kill people on a regular basis.  Policing the streets of the USA can’t be worse, can it?

The problem though is that when these same ex-military personnel strap on their guns and other weapons like Tazers and Mace, get into their cruisers for the purpose of patrolling the mean streets of many US cities, in their way of thinking, the people they meet on those streets are also enemy combatants.

Again, please let me be clear here.  I am not saying that every law enforcement person suffers from this type of aberrant thinking.  Most officers are excellent at what they do as they balance their desire to get the true criminals off the streets with their desire to help innocent people.  For those who are “marred” by the way they think because they were in the military (and even here, not all individuals are affected), it is extremely difficult for them to see the average citizen as anything other than the enemy.  In fact, I would hasten to add that there are videos of military personnel who came to the rescue of civilians who were being brutalized by law enforcement!  Certainly not all ex-military personnel turn out to be law enforcement officers with attitudes.

Yesterday, I spent some time viewing videos that had been posted on the ‘Net.  They involved interactions between law enforcement and average citizens.  The videos were appalling (and some of the videos were taken from dashcams of police cruisers).  Average citizens were being harassed, both verbally and some times physically.  Officers routinely used sarcasm to get a point across.  In some cases, veiled threats of physical violence were also issued by police officers who were having a very difficult time keeping their rising emotions in check.

I can’t link to all the videos here, but I have linked to a number of them that highlight the type of words and actions used by law enforcement officers who apparently believe that they can say anything they want to say and do anything they want to do to people in this country.  They are getting away with it left and right and it needs to stop.

There is no reason why police officers have to be rude, indignant, obnoxious, aggressive, or intimidating.  They should be the true model for the rest of us and if they cannot handle being that, then they need to look for another line of work.

Is America turning into a police state?  The answer is yes because our freedoms are being eroded faster than we can blink.  Roadblock/checkpoints are being set up and used within the United States by the Department of Homeland Security in which people are being asked to provide proof that they are here in this country legally.  There are many video examples of citizens being roughly treated because they simply do not want to have to put up with the shenanigans of the DHS.  We shouldn’t have to either.

If this current administration and DOJ can take the time to sue Arizona and other states who try to enforce immigration laws that the Federal government is supposed to do, but refuses to do, why is it okay for another department of this same Federal government to set up checkpoints inside the United States that simply wind up harassing people, most of whom are law-abiding citizens of this United States?  Most people will say nothing about this inconsistency.  Most do not seem to care because they operate under the false belief that these departments are simply making life “safer” for the rest of us.

No, what they are doing is getting us used to submitting to the yoke of serfdom and slavery that is being forcibly placed upon us by the United States government.  That is wrong.  Our 4th Amendment rights are being abrogated and most are oblivious to it.  They don’t care.  These same people will start shrieking their heads off when they are unceremoniously carted off to some FEMA camp, but by then it will be too late.

You know, I hear a lot of Christian friends lamenting the fact that this nation needs to “repent.”  I will agree that people need to repent.  But it seems these same individuals who believe strongly that this nation needs to repent care little that every day, people are being brutalized by the rogue cops, and violating civilian rights.  To me, there are two separate issues.  As a citizen of this country, I have been guaranteed certain unalienable rights and privileges.  That has nothing to do with whether or not I am a Christian.  I was born here and because I am a citizen, I have rights, whether there are rogue law enforcement officials who believe that they can violate them or not.  This has nothing to do with my being a Christian because these rights apply to everyone who is legally in this country, though I find it ironic that too often, illegal aliens receive better treatment that average citizens.

As a Christian, I am to obey the laws of this land so long as they do not expect or try to force me to go against the biblical mandate.  As a Christian, I am to respect those in authority over me.  At the same time, as a citizen of this United States, I have every right to enjoy the full benefits and rights afforded to me under the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  When those rights are simply removed from me, then I have the recourse to do something about it.

The apostle Paul understood the difference.  He was a Christian, but he was also a Roman citizen.  As such, he had no difficulty in appealing to Caesar in Acts 25:1-17.  Paul understood that because of the fact that he was a citizen of Rome, he had certain rights that he could avail himself of that non-citizens did not have.  He used those to his advantage.  Some would argue that he was merely doing that so that he could preach the gospel to Caesar.  That is certainly possible.  At the same time, there is nothing wrong with using the rights that are available to us in order to show that you approve the law and that you are a law-abiding Christian citizen.  The rights we have are there for our benefit and so that we will be treated fairly.  There is nothing wrong with availing ourselves of them when the need arises.  To avail yourself of the laws of this land is to simply show that you understand that laws govern the land.  You are submitting yourself to those laws.  This also brings glory to God.

Look at the videos and then do your own research.  We will have more on this subject next time as it relates to our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech and certain individuals who want to remove that right. We will also discuss the situation that is currently evolving with respect to the 2nd Amendment and the possibility that the leaders of this nation may well wind up giving at least some sovereignty to the UN when it comes to gun ownership.  If that happens, things will get worse in this country; much worse.

If you don’t become angered over the videos that show the demeanor of police officers who seem to always be on the verge of rage, then you have already given up.  Might as well turn yourself in right now and be done with it.

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  • 1. man offaith  |  July 21, 2012 at 9:22 AM

    Those is power and extreme riches and connected are marching Americans toward economic slavery, and total loss of rights. Does the words modern serfdom words that are prophetic? You can believe there is an agenda by the evil powerful people in this world. And the average citizen in America is not able to fight this evil alone. Yet, unless it happens to those we know or a witness to its hard to be involved. We are definitely living in perilous times ahead and the erosion of basic human rights.


    • 2. modres  |  July 21, 2012 at 12:30 PM

      I agree and biblically speaking, it seems this world destined to go there.

      The evil people are simply pawns in Satan’s game. He is the real power behind them as explained by Paul in Ephesians 6.


  • 3. Sherry  |  July 19, 2012 at 4:49 PM

    Disturbing. Many of these people are mentally ill that are attacked. Or they suffer from a malady that makes them unresponsive to what officers tell them to do. In my area thre have been deaths due to those tasers striking people with heart problems. Oh, and my state just made it illegal for anyone to videotape or record officers in the line of duty.


    • 4. modres  |  July 19, 2012 at 5:12 PM

      It IS disturbing, isn’t it?

      Your state cannot make it illegal to videotape what happens in public, though of course, they want you to think they can. Anyone who breaks that new “law” will wind up in jail trying to fight it which will cost more money than most people have, so they will not film police anymore. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Without the many videos out there, average citizens would not have fared as well as they have after they were arrested.

      It’s all part of our new, growing police state…


      • 5. Sherry  |  July 19, 2012 at 6:32 PM

        …with the help of our rogue politicians, starting at the top, if I may add.


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