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Is It All a Dream?

All of this unleashed a firestorm of criticism by the vaccinated toward the unvaxxed as seen in the video snippets above. Sadly, many of those vocally condemning the unvaxxed are now dead, because of severe adverse reactions, cancer or a “medical emergency” (a new term that has been normalized since the rollout of the CV jab). There are stories after stories on various Telegram channels (Died Suddenly News, COVID Vaccine News, COVID Vaccine Injuries, and others), highlighting one person after another – the very young to older – who have died from what are being called “turbo cancers,” strokes, or heart attacks.

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Revelation 18 Part 2

In this section, Babylon is destroyed and the kings of the earth (likely politicians, since the 7 remaining kings along with Antichrist turn on the “whore” of Babylon and destroy her). So the important people who gained fortunes from their involvement with Babylon “weep and mourn” over the loss. They are in anguish over the fact that their ability to enrich themselves is gone. That’s what they are grieved about. They bemoan the death of Babylon – such a “great” and “mighty city” that is now gone, in a heap of destruction.

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Rethinking Revelation 6 Part 1

My point is that it will take some time for Antichrist to gain traction and conquer enough people and even national heads through political intrigue (as Antiochus Epiphanes IV was able to do), before he will have enough power to confirm any covenant that will wind up being put in place between “the many” (Jewish people or Israel’s leaders), and Arabs who hate Jews. This won’t happen overnight. It will take time.

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Times of Trouble, May 29th

There are many examples of how God chose specific people in Scripture for specific purposes at specific times. You and I are here on this earth now because God has willed it. He has important work for you and me to accomplish. We do it by relying on His strength and direction and by remaining free of the world’s stain. As we trust Him, He opens doors for greater work. We cannot shrink from the times in which we currently live. Yes, it may be tiring and frustrating but God should guide us, not the world.

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Mysticism’s Trojan Horse

The unbiblical part of what Nouwen said is that they can come “whether they know about Jesus or not,” which is 100% incorrect. Ultimately, Nouwen’s false statement is based entirely in New Age tenets tenets. This has been part and parcel of the New Age since its inception and goes back to the mystery religion of Babel (Genesis 11). Jesus said very clearly, “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me the Son,” (John 14:6). The New Age argues that’s not what Jesus meant. They say we need to dig much deeper to uncover the actual meaning. No, Jesus spoke plainly and people wanted Him dead because of His claims. They did not misunderstand Him.

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Revelation 18 Part 1

While Ancient Babylon fell to Cyrus (539 BC), this fall did not fulfill Old Testament prophecies about Babylon completely (Isa 47:11 and Jer 51:18). John describes the upcoming fall of Babylon through the eyes of the onlookers on earth.

Since Babylon’s creation, with beginnings back to the Tower of Babel, it has risen to heights of idolatry and luxury, which will reach its pinnacle during the coming Great Tribulation. Then, it will BE the center for false worship and economic prosperity. It will also become the actual prison for demons against their will (v 2; Isa 13:21-22; 34:11-17; Jer 51:37) and implies there is something physical about it. However, when God destroys it, it will become utterly desolate.

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Just Avoid It

It’s so obvious but often so hard to see truth because people spend so much time trying to wade through how they feel about something. If it’s based on feelings, we do not need God’s Word. Spiritual Formation encourages that. Avoid Spiritual Formation at all costs.

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Strangely, I’m at peace over this and it probably has to do with the fact that things have progressed too far along to go back. We cannot overturn what God has said will occur and is going to allow. While we might not like it, we cannot overthrow it and why should we want to if God has determined it? It reminds me of the time Babylon’s Nebuchadnezzar conquered Judah/Jerusalem and took captives back to his Babylonian Kingdom (2 Kings 25). If you’ll recall, through mainly Jeremiah at the time, God specifically told those in Judah that they should not resist and should simply go to Babylon into captivity. They should also seek peace in Babylon during their captivity so that they would have peaceful lives while there. God promised to release them from that captivity after 70 years, which meant a new generation would go back to Judah. Interestingly enough, there were false prophets in Judah who said God would provide the victory over Nebuchadnezzar in a short time, not 70 years. There are many false prophets today who tell us good things about what’s coming (including a major revival). Ignore them. God will deal with them.

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Dearly Deluded

Decades ago, globalists were pretty quiet about what they were trying to accomplish. They worked quietly behind the scenes with their chosen politicians or CEOs of corporations. They’ve used predictive programming in Sci-Fi movies that put their plans in front of our faces. However, anyone who talked about it openly as a real scenario that would be put into place was considered a conspiracy theorist. Today, globalists themselves actively talk about it, even engaging with so-called hand picked journalists in interviews, revealing what they’re working toward. Recently, in a short video shared by Dr. Robert Malone, Klaus Schwab spoke of the need for absolute transparency with banking and how it will “integrate” with an individual’s personality. He also states that if we have nothing to hide, we’ll be fine. Isn’t that special? Never mind privacy. That’s going out the door. Digital IDs, CBDCs, 15-minute Cities, and all the rest will be put into place and drastically change your life and not for the better.

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Be Like Micaiah

It’s coming to a point where the attacks against Christians and the truth we espouse (by our lives or words), will put targets on our backs and we will be fair game for the godless. Do we shrink from telling the truth to “save” ourselves or do we continue to tell the truth in spite of consequences? It’s not easy. It can make us feel uncomfortable and physically unsafe, but we need to ask God to give us the conviction to state the truth all the time and to override our uncomfortable feelings about that. I don’t want to stand before Him one day knowing that I kept my mouth shut because I wanted to save myself from problems.

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