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Illegal Using SSN for Loans NOT GUILTY!

Here’s what I think. All those folks who believe in freedom of speech and expression – who support the Loveland Museum’s exhibit of Christ and sex – should simply give their SSN to illegal aliens to use as they wish. After all, maybe Felix Montes-Rodriguez should have claimed that using a stolen SSN was simply his way of exercising his rights of freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Had he done that, he may not have been convicted in the first place!

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Bows and Arrows and the Northern Invasion of Ezekiel 38-39

God alone will be glorified in the coming Northern Invasion. The lights will go out. The stage will be set and the curtain will rise. The characters will have their walk-ons, God will meet their assault with His own weapons of mass destruction and the curtain will go down. When the smoke clears, God will be seen standing between Israel and the armies that launched an attack to destroy her.

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Voting for a Change on November 2nd!

When Barack Obama ran for president, one of his slogans was “Change is Coming!” Well, we’ve seen the change he was referring to and even though over 70% of the current population wants him and his cronies out of office, he continues to blame Republicans and intimates that many within the Tea Party are racist and bigoted, in spite of no proof to back up his claims.

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The Christian and the Sermon on the Mount, Part 1

Jesus was not saying that when I became a Christian, I also became a doormat. He was saying that there are ways to react to the world that allow me to retain my dignity as the human being that God created.

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Islam’s World Agenda

The problem of radical Islam will not going away and in many ways, it is increasing its impact through the growth of the Islamic community. Of course, there is nothing wrong with growing a community, but unfortunately, Islam is not a religion of peace. In fact, it is not simply a religion. It is a system made up of religion, politics, and a military mindset. The object of Islam is to overcome and that is the reality the world faces.

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Does California Need Dr. Ami Bera?

Is Ami Bera qualified to be a voted in politician for the state of California?

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“I Like Jesus – But Cannot Stomach You”

The world needs to get their eyes of human beings, and look to Jesus. He is the one that every life will be compared to and it is His life that will decide our eternal abode. If you have received His salvation, you have received His righteousness. If you have not received His salvation, you have your own filthy righteousness on the witness stand. I’d rather have His, wouldn’t you?

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Christians, Sarcasm, and Anger

Sarcasm – used sparingly and gently – can have a good effect. All too often though, sarcasm has a negative effect. It does not promote discussion. It destroys it. In this, I will submit myself to Him who in the end will perfect me with the very same character that is found in God the Son, Jesus Christ. I long for that day!

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Digging Deeper in Saskatoon, Canada!

Digging Deeper was a great success and it has nothing to do with numbers of people in attendance. It has to do with the QUALITY and INTENT of those who attended. They love the Lord, they desire to serve Him and along with all of us speakers, yearn for His return. In the meantime, we are not sitting around on our rumpuses. We are working while we watch for the King’s return.

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Bill O’Reilly, the View, and Ignorance

If this world does not wake up, Islam will get what it is pushing to have. The idea that Islamic extremists can not only destroy two huge towers in NYC, along with the people inside and then push to have a mosque – a symbol of victory – built right alongside where the towers they destroyed once stood seems impossible to picture. Yet, it is happening in NYC and it will happen in other places in the United States.

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