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Cultural Marxism Makes People Not Guilty Though Guilty

Here’s the problem. Every reason for being tempted to leave without paying for the item was a form of Cultural Marxism based on emotional virtue. Yet, God’s Word is clear, isn’t it? I had not intended to steal the item and I could honestly say that me leaving the store with the unpaid item was not deliberately stealing because I had forgotten about it. I had not tried to surreptitiously hide the item so that I would not be charged with it. I wasn’t a thief.

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Following Deceiving Spirits in the Latter Days

I like the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:26-40). In that story, the bottom line is that the eunuch was on the side of the road reading a portion of God’s Word. The Holy Spirit brought Phillip to the eunuch for the purpose of explaining the Scriptures to the man. Phillip didn’t show him a sign. He didn’t perform wonders. He simply talked to the man about the meaning of the Scripture he was reading. God then opened the man’s eyes and he became a saved man!

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Christian: You Need to Remove Yourself from Babylon System

By having control over all these areas, Satan can control people in this realm. We can be brainwashed, just as many other societies and empires have done before us. The Roman Empire was well-known for its “bread and circuses” that kept people occupied with the basics foods and lots of entertainment. It kept people from thinking too much because their bellies were filled and the desire for entertainment was satiated.

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Dominion Theology, Reconstructionism, and America is Great Mantra

For all you folks who use the words “conservative” and “Christian” interchangeably, let me ask you one question: Where is your true citizenship? Are you an American first and Christian (or conservative) second, or are you a Christian first, conservative second, and American third?

America is not the new “Israel.” The promises given to Israel throughout Scripture do not now apply to the United States. I think it is high time that we Christians get back on track and understand where our loyalties should lie.

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Christian Belligerency in Political Arena Stems from Dominion Theology

I would bet the average conservative Christian is not even aware that Dominion Theology is what they are promoting either. Unfortunately, that appears to be the case, especially if we consider what the Bible teaches about life on earth as we move to the end of this age. It just seems right, doesn’t it? This is what Christians should do, right?

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Should Christians Avoid Political Issues and Politics in General? Part 1

There are a myriad of differences between the right and the left, conservatism and liberalism (or leftism). I’ve listed just a few. My biggest problem with using political ideologies to take sides is that it automatically creates “my team” and “my opponents.” Anyone who is not on “my team” is seen as “my opponent.” Because they are considered opponents, then all is fair in love and war, right? I can pounce on opponents when they fail or falter. I can even gloat about it, right? I can cheer when the left falls through sin or simply stupidity. That’s what Jesus would do, right? Hardly.

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Christian and Politics Bringing Out the Worst in You

Jesus did not demand change in society. He did not instruct His followers to demand change in society, even through peaceful means. Of course, Jews then were far more limited in Roman society than we are today in America. Yet, if we are going to be more concerned about overturning Roe v. Wade than fulfilling the Great Commission, I believe there is a problem. Why are we not that concerned for people’s salvation?

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Christianity or Politics? Can It Be Both?

Yet, in today’s American society, I wonder if too many Christians have as their primary goal, the “saving” or turning of society? The argument goes something like this: America began as a Christian nation. Over time, things began to change. Humanism snuck in and took control of too many venues to note here, but chief of which was the secular school system, the one started by John Dewey (Socialist). Because we have gone off course, we Christians have an obligation to return America to its founding roots.

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Why All the Feeling-Centered Feelings in Christendom? Part 2

I cannot help but wonder if I rely too much on my feelings too much at times? Again, this is not to say that Christians are to be devoid of emotions and feelings, but nowhere are we taught to use them as barometers of where we stand with God. For example, I previously wrote of a young woman who seemed to be a rising star in the political realm on several social network sites. She says she is conservative and a Christian. Yet, she also admits that she committed adultery with the same man on three separate occasions. When she finally did admit to this, she stated that she essentially has no regrets of what occurred. I’m hopeful that she doesn’t really mean that. But this is the problem with our emotions because they can convince us of things that are not biblical.

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Why All the Feeling-Centered Feelings in Christendom? Part 1

Happiness, relying on our feelings, pursuing God based on how He might make us feel – all of it – is simply a form of humanism or political correctness that has entered into the church. Our feelings don’t promote humility, true reverence for God and a hatred of sin (not ourselves, but sin). Feelings put our eyes squarely on ourselves. We need to move away from our reliance on them as arbiter of true because they have no capacity to reflect truth at all. Reliance on feelings simply makes us susceptible to error.

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