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Bestbuy Update!

The good news from Bestbuy is that they WILL be including the words “Christmas” and/or “Merry Christmas” in their advertising when they BEGIN their Christmas advertising campaign!

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Prophezine, Best Buy and More!

Not long ago, Best Buy adopted a policy to exclude the word “Christmas” in their advertisements

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The Happy PreTrib Rapturist and More!

I have begun writing another book tentatively titled “The Actual Deception Ushering in the End Times Apostasy” and thought I’d post the full cover here.  It’s a fun book, which will offer my rebuttal to the arrogance espoused by those who denigrate the PreTrib Rapturist.  I hope to have that available in about a month or so.















I know it’s a bit tough to make out all the detail.  You can see a slightly larger version of it here:

Also, here’s a cartoon I created that is going to be part of the book:


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The Poor, Misguided PreTrib Rapturist…(Sigh)

Get the word out about how ruinous the PreTrib Rapture is in all its wayward deception. In the meantime, do NOTHING to combat the actual deception that has invaded the visible Church, leaving apostasy in its wake. Good move. Actual lost souls will enter into eternity completely lost and you can go on combating the End Times apostasy of the PreTrib Rapture. Get a clue, people. Too many people remain lost because too many Christians are fighting the wrong fight! It is time to wake up, pick up our swords and fight the real enemy, not the PERCEIVED enemy.

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The Pre-Wrath What?

Having just received the latest Zion’s Fire, from Marv Rosenthal’s Zion’s Hope organization, I wondered how many pages I would have to turn before I came across some anti-PreTrib Rapture sentiment.

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And They Say The PreTrib Rapture is THE Deception!

What creates lazy and unspiritual Christians is listening to, and heed to seducing spirits, who preach another gospel. That other gospel is found within the New Age Movement, which has surrepticiously made its way into the visible Church.

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“Pro-Life” Abortion Doctor Killers

In either case, whether it is someone who says they know when Jesus will return, or whether they believe that allowing God only to take vengeance on Himself does not apply to them, what they are ultimately doing is calling God a liar.

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Fort Hood Terrorism?

If Allah is truly a god of love, then it is tragic that a large percentage of Muslims seem not to be aware of that, as evidenced by the atrocities they commit.

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