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Bizarro World: Changing America’s Constitutional Republic to a Democracy One Step at a Time, Part 3

One of Cuddy’s favorite topics appears to be the coming New World Order. He shows how many of the events that seem to occur out of nowhere are often events that have been meticulously planned by the PE to usher in the coming New World Order. It’s frightening, yet at the same time, liberating to know that there are extremely intelligent people who believe that one group of very powerful and wealthy individuals tends to control many aspects of society. In doing so, he also states without equivocation that this group is doing whatever it can to move the entire globe to a coalescence of unity and for one purpose. This group – the PE – believes that they were put on this earth to rule the rest of us. Armed with that belief, everything and anything they do is seen as bringing that goal to fruition. As such, everything is allowed. Murder, lies, threats, fraud – you name it – comes into play if it serves their purposes to bring about a one-world order.

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Is It Being Responsible to Encourage the City Council to Ignore the Rule of Law?

I wrote one letter that highlighted a number of times in the very first meeting where the new mayor and newly installed city council made the mistake of setting the charter aside. This is a symptom of the problem here in Hampton as it’s been going on for a while. Some don’t mind though because overall, they like the people on the city council and for them, these people can do no wrong, because they are likable.

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Bizarro World: Changing America’s Constitutional Republic to a Democracy One Step at a Time, Part 2

The main issue is the Constitution. Everything else is used as a means of misdirection to keep our eyes off that main goal. Once the Constitution goes down, then something else will replace it, allowing the government to not only be in control, but will act more as a dictatorship acts. The Global Elite has been working toward replacing the Constitution with something else entirely.

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Georgia Is Closed Because Snow is Falling, People Don’t Know How to Drive, and Everybody Tries to Go Home at the Same Time

At 11:30 am yesterday morning, my wife and I were in a whole foods type of store in Alpharetta, GA. Snow was coming down, but neither of us thought much of it except that it was pretty. Driving in it had not been a big deal and since I spent many years in New York State, I was accustomed to this type of weather. I knew what to do and what not to do. Having an all-wheel drive vehicle that could switch to 4-wheel drive also helped. However, even with that, a person needs to know how to drive in snow and what NOT to do when you hit what is known as “black ice” (named because you really can’t see it against the black asphalt).

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Bizarro World: Changing America’s Constitutional Republic to a Democracy One Step at a Time, Part 1

I would venture to say though that many may be completely unaware of an effort that resulted in what has become known as “Proposed Constitution for the Newstates of America.” This came into being because of the efforts (and funding) of a man known to many and by his last name only: Rockefeller. That family, since the beginnings, has endeavored to overthrow America’s sovereigty for the sake of the security of their own wealth. They, along with several other rich and powerful families throughout the world, fully believe that they are the true nobility, put here on this earth to rule the rest of us.

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Yes, It’s Treasonous, But Does It Really Matter If It Opposes Conservatives?

Ultimately, who determines what is hate language? It’s patently ridiculous, not even considering the fact that the First Amendment prohibits such laws from coming to fruition. In effect, those 13 Democrats in the House are attempting to create a law that will wind up abridging part of the First Amendment. The First Amendment itself states that this shall not be done. It doesn’t say that it shouldn’t be done or might not be done. It says (like the 2nd Amendment) shall not be done.

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All Things Global, Led by Globalists, Moving Us Toward Globalization

We are – as a global society – being led to the slaughter by individuals whose consciences have been seared because they have wholeheartedly given themselves over to become fully corrupted. They are now incorrigible and the only thing that will stem the tied is the supernatural act from a holy God.

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Feeling Totally Out of Place

I pointed out how quickly superficiality has overtaken society. In fact, I find that most people won’t talk about how bad the economy is getting or why it’s getting worse. They won’t discuss the problems in the Middle East or how the Bible speaks to these issues. It appears that most people – even many church goers – would rather talk about the normal things in life. They want to talk about football or basketball and many of them act as though things will go on as normal since that’s the way it’s always been.

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Who Puts Religious Duty Above Helping Save Someone’s Life?

This man – allegedly the lead nurse for that shift – was too busy praying to Allah, when he should have been helping an elderly woman who fell out of her bed and gashed her hip. Instead, the only thing he felt that was important enough to do was to pray and I doubt seriously that he prayed for Griffiths’ good health.

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Being Told By Target How to Keep Financial Information Safe is Ironic

Aren’t these huge corporations spending a lot of money to safeguard their customer’s financial data? One would think so, yet here is a case where hackers managed to get passed all the safeguards Target may have set up. Looks like they need to go to plan B, which would be hiring one or two of these hackers and paying them the big bucks to create a system that stays well ahead of hackers.

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