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How Should Christians Live in the World?

For now, what I’m saying is that in the world – which is again, Satan’s kingdom – I’m not sure we have a biblical leg to stand on when it comes to trying to change people without considering that they must be changed from within (through receiving salvation) before any real changes can occur. But when it comes to the life of the church, leaders should do everything possible to take care of problems and issues in the most loving way possible. This means never by accepting the sin of the person and simply allowing them to participate in activities that are for only those who have salvation and through commitment and surrender, endeavor to live (through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit) to please God.

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Christians and the Old Testament, Part 4

Also note that our friend thoroughly believes alien life does exist in the galaxy though I’m quite certain he’s never been visited by any or had conversations with them. In short, he’s taking this on faith, based on hearsay and alleged anecdotal evidence from science. In essence though, there has been nothing that has proven beyond doubt that aliens exist, but our friend – though he is repulsed by the notion of any god existing – simply accepts without proof aliens existing. How this connects with the scientific mind or process is beyond me, but I’m quite sure he has rationalized it enough to believe it without issue.

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Christians and the Old Testament, Part 2

But atheists, who often come across as extremely arrogant, don’t see it that way. Yet, I’ve shown in my last article that they don’t see it that way for a variety of reasons and certainly the fact that they do not at all consider context of Scripture says quite a bit regarding their absolute lack of research. Again though, as I mentioned last time, they’re not interested in that any way. They simply want to find some “zinger” they can fling at Christians like a monkey in its cage at the zoo.

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Christians and the Old Testament, Part 1

These laws assured God’s blessing on the nation. People often make the mistake of believing that salvation was gained for the average Israelite by following the laws of God. This simply isn’t true. Salvation was gained then the same way it is now – by believing God, which allows Him to credit our account with His righteousness. The laws were given so that the Israelite people would keep themselves set apart from the nations that surrounded them and were heavily involved in all types of idolatry. This rarely happened though.

God provided very strict rules/laws for Israel because of course, He knew how difficult the temptations would be to conform to surrounding nations. It certainly seemed as though God had no mercy on these nations when it came time to conquer them as they did through Joshua.

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What Happens When Perfect Peace Doesn’t Come?

I would submit that the ability to obtain and maintain God’s peace often rests on our shoulders, but not for the reason(s) you might think. Consider Job and the hellish experience he went through. Let’s not forget that this man – at the time of his physical and spiritual sufferings – had no clue as to why any of it was happening. We know that he experienced severe problems, including hallucinations, his teeth falling out, scabs and terrible blisters all over his body, not to mention that he virtually lost everything except his wife.

It is difficult to comprehend how Job was able to continue trusting God when things were so horrible. Can we agree that maybe – for at least part of the time he suffered – he was not at peace with either God or himself based on what he said?

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God’s Perfect Use of Imperfect People, Part 5

Today, most people live a sedentary lifestyle and eat junk for food. We are paying the price for it. There are things you can do to take charge of your physical and mental health. I hope this short series of articles has piqued your interest. I hope that it has provided some measure of hope.

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God’s Perfect Use of Imperfect People, Part 4

The other thing I noticed immediately from the DNA testing specifically is that I have an inability to process Folic Acid in its normal form. Unfortunately, our bodies need Folic Acid so what to do? My body specifically lacks the enzyme needed to turn Folic Acid into a form that my body can use so the only recourse for me is to take a form of Folic Acid that has already been what is called methylated. My body cannot methylate Folic Acid at all. The gene that is supposed to do this in me is abnormal. It is incapable of doing its job. I never knew that. Folic Acid then in its normal form can build up in my system and cause me some huge problems.

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God’s Perfect Use of Imperfect People, Part 3

But are all neurotransmitters alike? Do they all do the same thing? Nope and that’s where it even gets trickier. We need to distinguish between them by noting the role each plays in the brain function and then go from there. Is having a higher amount of Serotonin good? Yes, but at certain times it’s not. Same with Dopamine and the other two and we also need to find out about GABA, what it does and how it works as part of the picture.

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God’s Perfect Use of Imperfect People, Part 2

In short, for the nerve impulse to move without interruption along neuron to the synapse and then to another neuron to the next synapse, etc., the brain uses what scientists call neurotransmitters, which are chemicals in the brain that keep things moving, literally. A person who does not produce enough neurotransmitters in the neurons in their brain will have issues. They can be small issues to large issues depending upon how “out of range” their neurotransmitters are for them.

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God’s Perfect Use of Imperfect People, Part 1

Not only did Elijah flee, but after a day’s journey, he sat down in the desert and essentially asked God to kill him. “But he himself went a day’s journey into the wilderness, and came and sat down under a [f]juniper tree; and he requested for himself that he might die, and said, “It is enough; now, O Lord, take my life, for I am not better than my fathers,” (1 Kings 19:4). Why this change? Why did Elijah all of a sudden go from a tremendous high to a point where death seemed to be the only answer?

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