God’s Perfect Use of Imperfect People, Part 5

February 10, 2015 at 6:41 AM 2 comments

You don't need to settle for this...

You don’t need to settle for this…

In this short series of articles, we’ve been dealing with issues that affect many people and it doesn’t matter whether or not those people are saved or unsaved. Because of sin entering into this world, the entirety of God’s Creation became and remains fully corrupted. In fact, like the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, which says that things left to themselves go from order to disorder, our world, the animals, and all people are becoming more corrupt because of sin in the world and the fact that sin is constantly working against us.

Just because a person becomes a Christian does not mean that they will, from that point forward, be free of physical, emotional, physiological, or psychological problems. It would be nice, but it isn’t that easy. We continue to live in dying bodies or as Paul says “bodies of death” (Romans 7:24).

In reality, our salvation creates within us a new creation. The problem though is that we continue in this life with our existing bodies along with the sin nature that we were born with. God can and does want us to overcome as much as possible in this life. Something that means we overcome through our attitude, our faith in Christ. Other times He enables us to overcome physically.

Who would argue that if a Christian breaks his leg, God wants him to live with that broken leg for the rest of his natural life? That would be absurd to believe that. In fact, the body starts the process of healing shortly after the leg is broken in spite of the fact that the sin nature exists within us.

I believe this is also true in areas of emotion or psyche. We’ve talked about just a few things that can create emotional or psychological problems for the unsaved as well as the saved person. In my case, through genetic testing, I have an inability to process Folic Acid. In order for my body to do that, I have to supplement my food intake with a methylated form of Folic Acid known as Folate.

I also know that I have a tremendous sensitivity to at least 28 food items. If I avoid these things, I’m better off.

Are there other things I can do to help my system heal and act more like that of a “normal” person who doesn’t have these issues? Absolutely.

I’ve begun jogging and I jog over a mile every day. Has this helped? Yes, and combined with watching what I eat, taking certain supplements, and other things, I am getting a solid handle on my health. I have also undergirded all of this with prayer. I have begun earnestly asking God to heal me in areas where I am deficient. He may choose to do that by direct touch or He may direct me to certain supplements that can help my body do what it cannot do by itself.

We also talked about neurotransmitters and how they work in the brain to allow the brain (and the body) to function correctly. Are you aware that certain neurotransmitters – when they are NOT doing their job correctly – can allow the body to feel as though you are in constant pain? Did you know that the lack of proper neurotransmitter chemicals in your system could mimic aspects of old age? You feel like you are much older than you are, that you cannot do even simply exercises without pain, that you don’t want to even try because you lack the motivation?

Are you aware that certain neurotransmitters work to calm us and prepare us for sleep in the evening? Others help us wake up and face each day. Imagine what it must feel like when you feel “wired” as the night goes on or you are exhausted when you wake up. This often happens because neurotransmitters in your system are not doing the job they were meant to do. Because of that, your brain may have higher levels of cortisol at night when it’s actually supposed to be waning in preparation for sleep. Not you though. You’re ready to party or at least watch a few late night movies. When you finally DO fall asleep, your sleep is fitful, not restful and replenishing. You wake up tired and you are not emotionally ready to face the day.

If this describes you, then my suggestion would be to get on your knees and ask that God help you find an answer. Seek out a naturopathic doctor who can do some testing and suggest supplements that might work to overcome what your body seems unable to do naturally. In extreme cases, you may need anti-depressants.

We need to remember that though we are fearfully and wonderfully made, our bodies are corrupt, from our feet to our brains. Some fare better than others certainly, but when we get into the emotional, psyche, or physiological functions of a person, the “pain” that is often associated with those areas is difficult to identify. What we see are people who appear miserable or as though they are trying too hard to be pleasant. These people often unnerve us or simply make us feel uncomfortable because we cannot see the source of their pain, unlike the person with a broken leg, in which the source of their pain and discomfort is obvious.

I have come to believe that God wants us well, at least as well as we can be in this life. This does not mean we will never be sick or even develop cancer. What it means is that there are answers to the things that ail us and through diligent prayer and research, I believe God can lead us to solve many of these issues we experience.

If I eat foods with yeast in them, I know that I will become irritable, head-achy, annoyed, short-tempered, and more. I’ve experienced this much of my life, yet never understood why this was so. I love bread, pizza, cakes, etc., yet these things do me no good and actually work against me. I learned this from blood tests. Now I know that I should avoid these things if I don’t want to experience the symptoms I’ve just described.

Things like this can drive people crazy because they have no clue what ails them. They just think they are “weird.”

I believe God wants us healthy, while Satan of course, wants us dead. If he doesn’t have permission to kill us, he can certainly use the things that ail us to his advantage.

Many of the foods we eat today are so heavy-laden with preservatives and chemicals, it’s a wonder that more of us don’t have cancer or just plain bad health. Too many people don’t have any exercise regimen either, which only adds to the problem.

Do you think God wants us to be overweight, couch potatoes? Obviously, anything wrong with us will only become more exacerbated because of poor diet and lack of exercise.

Because God wants you as mentally and physically healthy as possible for your particular body.

Because God wants you as mentally and physically healthy as possible for your particular body.

Looking back at when I was a kid, I realize now that even though I had food allergies then (but didn’t know) and doctors were concerned about me becoming diabetic (loved sugar!), the one saving grace was the amount of exercise I did. I didn’t even see it as exercise. We played football or other running games. We rode our bicycles all the time.

When I was a kid, we did not know what it was to sit in front of TV for hours (or at a computer), snacking on junk foods. We played outside, enjoyed the fresh air, worked off energy.

Today, most people live a sedentary lifestyle and eat junk for food. We are paying the price for it. There are things you can do to take charge of your physical and mental health. I hope this short series of articles has piqued your interest. I hope that it has provided some measure of hope.

God wants you to be as healthy as possible and I believe He will help you get there, but there are things you must also be willing to do. May the Lord bless you in your health endeavors.

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  • 1. ranch  |  February 12, 2015 at 8:45 PM

    Fred, if you have not had a chance to come across these two books you might be interested in reading them: 1. GRAIN BRAIN David Permutter, MD (The surprising truth about wheat, carbs, and sugar – your brain’s silent killlers) Dr. Permutter is a board-certified neurologist.

    2. WHEAT BELLY TOTAL HEALTH Dr. William Davis The ultimate Grain Free Plan Dr. Davis is a cardiologist

    We will continue to pray for your well being. God bless, Willi


    • 2. modres  |  February 13, 2015 at 6:15 AM

      Thanks very much. I have not heard of those books but will definitely check into them. Thanks again.


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