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Genesis 41: 7 Years of Severe Famine

Instead of petitioning God for a different result – to not send seven years of severe famine – Joseph was given insight and wisdom in knowing how to handle the severe famine. In fact, Pharaoh quickly realized that Joseph was the guy who would make the right decisions and deal with the famine in the best way possible, if they were willing to do what Joseph recommended.

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News and Notes Update: January 28, 2021

Satan needs this world to become one. He needs to rule it and will do so through his upcoming “spiritual” son, Antichrist. This will attempt to prove to the world that he (Satan) is the true owner, the true god of this world. To that end, he gives the elites who are willing to serve him everything they could possibly long for and more. I’m quite sure in moments of solitude when they are by themselves (which is likely very rare), they have to deal with their own fears and insecurities.

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Focusing on the Future, Pt 11

For those interested, I’ve placed my latest video up dealing with video lessons on Focusing on the Future. In this episode (roughly 30 minutes), we wrap up discussion of the Rapture and we’ll then begin dealing with the Tribulation period.

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What’s Your Talent?

This means that EVERY Christian has some gift(s). Since it is clear to me that I have the gift of teaching, then I should absolutely use that to serve God. In fact, I’d better use it for that purpose. I can and have also preached, but that is not my main gift or calling, though teaching and preaching are certainly related.

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Replacement Theology Creates False Hopes

Notice Wood says “God is going to The One to bring about the Great Awakening AND the Great Reset…” I have no idea who he thinks “The One” is here. Is it Donald J. Trump? Is it Jesus? Who is he referring to? We simply don’t know. However, from the comments he received on this post, many people are in agreement with him and very excited and encouraged about what he has to say! To me, this marks the emergence of the “great falling away,” (Matthew 24:10-13; 1 Timothy 4:1-5; 2 Thessalonians 2:3), because so many seem not to know their Bibles and prefer teaching that tickles their ears (2 Timothy 3:1-5).

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Dominion Theology, Kingdom Now and The Ashtar Command

A growing body of people who identify as Christian are moving away from this, choosing instead to embrace everyone’s peculiar lifestyle, whatever they are or think they are and because of that, the Gospel is never preached to these people. Those Christians do not want to be seen as judgmental. Because of this, people are not being told of their need for Jesus.

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News and Notes: January 21, 2021

However, now that Biden is president, we have new information from the WHO. They tell us that the Ct# is essentially too high and because of it, too many cases are being identified without merit. Gosh, who knew? Many of us knew it but the time was not right until Joe Biden became president. Now, things can start rolling back so that there will be fewer false positives from the PCR tests.

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It Is Past Time

If we consider world history from the mid-1800’s to now and we focus solely on the rise of Communism, it is very easy to see how Communism made the inroads it has made. They did it by slowly taking over the institutions and with continued deception, fraud and murder. That is abundantly clear.

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What is Worship?

Truth is needed to be able to truly worship God and the Christian leaders who are not truthful are not actually worshiping God, but themselves. I could also point out many leaders who have wandered from the faith from a doctrinal perspective and taken many with them. We live in a day of growing deception and delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12; 2 Timothy 3:1-5). God will protect us if we do our part; seeking Him fully, worshiping Him truthfully and endeavoring to live our life for His glory.

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While Satan Builds His Final Kingdom

The world is being seriously played. Satan is working overtime and his followers are doing whatever they can to push the lies in order to gain control of the entire world. This is why the entire CV-19 was global and not just in the USA.

The only remedy here is to be and remain close to God. We must learn to trust Him in all things as Joseph in Genesis learned. Now is not the time to doubt Him. Now is the time to lean on Him.

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