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First Four Seals

This world is on the brink of global conflict. Biden continues calling for the overthrow of Putin. If world war actually does break out, we can conclude that there will be tremendous famine, disease and pestilence along with huge shortages of everything people have gotten used to having in life. I have no clue how this will end. I’m simply providing what I believe to be possible insight into the increasing global problems we will all likely face.

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Same Beast?

Obviously, this is a very weird-looking beast that John saw and he did the best he could in describing it. Of course students of the Bible should immediately note the similarities between Daniel 2 and Revelation 13. This shows us that the two beasts in these two books of Scripture are actually one and the same beasts. But unlike Daniel, John is not focusing on the first three beasts. He notes them signifying that it’s the same beast from Daniel, but then focuses on the aspects of the final or fourth beast that was to come and certainly, part of this beast was very much alive in John’s day.

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Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 Pt 7

I don’t believe there is any reason for us to be overcome with fear, though it can be tiring. We force ourselves to go on in spite of the fact that it appears globalists have the power right now and they are working hard to cement their position throughout the earth. Only God truly knows if they will be successful now or if He disallows it.

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Woodstock’s Woke Counter Culture

So what began as “peace, love, dope and rock and roll,” as a passionate expression of young people in the 60s and their desire to be free of war, grew into what is today. The violent Left appears to have taken charge over society. They are seemingly in every strata as well, pushing their lies and anger, demanding that all people play ball with them or be cast out of society. Many of those rebellious children of the 60s are CEOs of major corporations today.

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Revelation: Times of the Gentiles

This episode continues our Walk thru Revelation series, by taking time out to look into Daniel 2 and the four kingdoms highlighted there after King Nebuchadnezzar has his dream that troubled him. Daniel is called upon not only to interpret the dream, but to tell the king WHAT he dreamed!

The progression of kingdoms, starting with Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian Kingdom, ends with the physical return of Jesus destroying that final Gentile kingdom standing at the time.

These specific kingdoms are listed due to their connection to and dominance over Israel.

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Judas: A Successful Hypocrite

This growing dependence on feelings is really a snare that easily draws people away from actual truth. Because so many people tend to go by how they feel, they often become successful hypocrites, yet unable to see their hypocrisy. They fail to see that their feelings are taking them down the wrong path and end up being living contradictions. Content with who they are, they firmly believe they are not only not hypocrites but righteous. This perceived righteousness often creates within them a level of righteous indignation and even hostility toward those who do not agree with them.

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Sodom by the Sea and Other Abominations

A huge elephant hotel for families was created (see image), but it also contained a brothel. Sure, why not? Bring the family and dad has something to do when not with the family. Oy. Criminals of course attracted to Coney Island because of all the tourists. They were there to steal as many wallets and money as possible. The rides and games were often rigged in favor of the owners, not the public, but it seemed that most of the public was having so much fun that they didn’t really care if they got swindled out of money here or there.

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Walk thru Revelation: Last Generation Pt 3

I was cruising through a few videos this morning and noticed one person placed a comment something along the lines that Jesus is coming in 2024 and we can know this by looking at the signs. No, we cannot know this at all. When Jesus said no one knows the day or hour (Matthew 24:36), He wasn’t speaking in only terms of the exact day and the exact hour. He was literally saying that we cannot know when He’s going to return and furthermore, we should not even be concerned with it so that it becomes all-consuming. On the other hand, there is a specific crown in store for those who gladly look forward to the return of Jesus (2 Timothy 4:8).

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Brief Periods of Rest

Joshua led the Israelites to victory one after another against many kings and nations in the Promised Land. The cycle was interesting. Israel would fight and overcome, then fight and overcome, fight and overcome some more and then rest for a while. There might be a short or long time of no wars for Israel. Then they’d be back at it, fighting another enemy that God tasked them with conquering.

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Victory in Two (Easy then Hard) Steps

Do we neglect God by giving into the temptations of our flesh, which make us feel good for a few moments but remove us from fellowship with God? We need to be willing to seriously consider what we do, what we say, and what we think always reminding ourselves about our fear of (offending) the Lord.

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