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Study-Grow-Know Online Radio by FredDeRuvo | Blog Talk Radio

Study-Grow-Know Online Radio by FredDeRuvo | Blog Talk Radio.

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Divine Deception of Islam

Islam is an ideology (as opposed to a religion) because it incorporates every aspect of society. That is the goal of Islam, to indoctrinate and to enslave. There is no middle ground with Islam. People will submit to it or they will be destroyed by it.

[Divine Deception Article Redesign-13-FINAL-NOPIX.indd]

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Why the World Caters to Islam…

If you stop to consider the FACT that Islam is backed by some extremely wealthy foreign individuals and groups, it makes sense that Islam’s rise in America is based on the fact that this foreign money is pouring into the United States on a near non-stop basis.

How else could groups like CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) exist? Huge amounts of money are being poured into their coffers because there are too many Muslims who believe that Democracy, free speech, and all that goes with it needs to be eradicated.

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Hating Islam? No, Hating Evil…

It will never cease to amaze me how often I (and other conservatives) are charged with propagating hatred toward Islam. It usually stems from people who understood little to nothing about Islam.

There IS a difference between Muslims whom we would consider to be militant, radical, or jihadist, to those whom we would consider to be moderate or even peaceful. The difference is seen outwardly in how Muslims from each group acts toward those outside Islam.

The big problem though is created because it becomes difficult at best sometimes to determine the underlying motivation of each Muslim. Some who have been seen as moderate all of a sudden come under arrest for planning an attempted act of jihad.

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Active Christian Media and Me

Tonight we will be a guest on Stacy Harp’s “Active Christian Media” radio program.  Times are 6:00pm to 8:00pm West Coast time and if you’re on the other coast, time is 9:00pm to 11:00pm.

Join us because it’s a live call-in show.  You can find it by heading over to this URL:  Active Christian Media with Fred DeRuvo

We will be discussing The PreTrib Rapture as well as UFOs and aliens!

November 23, 2011 at 3:03 PM 1 comment

Michelle Obama and America’s “Damn” Flag

It’s difficult to know who hates our country more, Mrs. or Mr. Obama…Sure glad Mr. Obama set aside that “coil of rage” he carried for so long…

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Why is Target Catering to ISLAM While Putting Christians at the Back of the Line?

But here’s another story of how corporations are catering to Islam, while throwing Christians and Jews under the bus. From a friend on Facebook, I’ve learned that Target has no difficulty in catering to Muslims who refused to ring up products that contained pork or pepperoni. No worries at all. Target wanted to accommodate Muslims “employees despite the cost and hassle to the customer and the retailer. The practice held up lines and required double teams of cashiers to keep up with the Muslims do-and-don’t lists of scanning and ringing up items. And the practice is ongoing.” [1]

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Butterball Turkeys Have Gone Halal

Let’s discuss the situation with Butterball turkeys!

Today at 3:00 EST.

Click on the link for the show.

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How Do You Like YOUR Butterball Turkey?

So what other companies and corporations are going to go halal-compliant? What they need to realize is that they are making a decision to push certain groups of customers away.

The most asinine thing about this whole situation is that Muslims were not here in America when Thanksgiving took place. For the orthodox Muslim, Thanksgiving has no real meaning for them because these same orthodox Muslims see America as “the great Satan.”

We’ll see how this turns out, but until it changes – IF it changes – another producer of turkeys will get my business. That’s just the way it is…

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