Why is Target Catering to ISLAM While Putting Christians at the Back of the Line?

November 22, 2011 at 3:11 PM 2 comments

Yesterday I spoke about the situation at Butterball.  They chose to not only begin catering to Islam, but did so without labeling their product as “halal-compliant” which would give people the option of buying their product…or not.

If you go to a social network page for Butterball, you will see quite a few comments (if they have not already been deleted) about the situation and many of them are denigrating and castigating Christians for their “hate-mongering bigotry.”  This is due to the fact that many of us (Christians) do not believe what Butterball did was right.

A number of people believe that Butterball has opened its doors to “all faiths” by making their turkeys available to Muslims now.  The problem with that line of reasoning is that in essence, these people are dead wrong.

What Butterball has done is nothing short of discrimination.  They have chosen a path that essentially discriminates against orthodox Jews.  Orthodox Jews cannot – nor will – purchase and eat a turkey that has literally been sacrificed to an idol.  This is part of the process that takes place when making a product halal-compliant.  The animal is slaughtered facing Mecca and a prayer is said over the animal in the name of Allah.  How can an orthodox Jew be expected to eat that turkey?

The fact that Butterball chose to do this without warning anyone is the height of cowardice.  Who knows how many halal-compliant turkeys orthodox Jews have eaten?

But here’s another story of how corporations are catering to Islam, while throwing Christians and Jews under the bus.  From a friend on Facebook, I’ve learned that Target has no difficulty in catering to Muslims who refused to ring up products that contained pork or pepperoni.  No worries at all.  Target wanted to accommodate Muslims “employees despite the cost and hassle to the customer and the retailer. The practice held up lines and required double teams of cashiers to keep up with the Muslims do-and-don’t lists of scanning and ringing up items. And the practice is ongoing.” [1]

Can you believe this?  So now when you go through checkout lines at Target and you are purchasing something that has pork in it, the Muslim cashier calls for backup, steps aside, and another cashier comes to the rescue ringing up the “unclean” items.  WHY ARE SO MANY CATERING TO SO FEW?

But Target isn’t done yet.  A Christian man – who, by the way, informed Target of his religious beliefs PRIOR to being hired – was assured that his beliefs would be accommodated.  That was then.  This is now.

Turns out the Christian – Brian Bundy – was hired to work in the Pharmacy and prior to Target carrying the “morning after” pill, he was told that he could simply send customers to another pharmacy.  As I said, that was then, this is now.

Now, Target can prescribe the “morning after” pill to terminate pregnancies.  When Target began making this prescription available to customers, Brian refused to fill those prescriptions and reminded Target of the fact that he had informed them of his religious beliefs PRIOR to being hired.

Well, Brian was fired.  Target decided they couldn’t accommodate Brian and his “hate-mongering, bigoted” beliefs (my words, not theirs).  Target’s official reason:  “It’s bad for business. Customers won’t put up with it, and Target will lose money.” [2]

Wow, really?  So, it’s FINE to accommodate Muslims who cannot handle pork-related products.  No worries because that goes against their religious beliefs.  However, a Christian who does not believe that it is fine to fill a prescription for the “morning after” pill and believes so based on his religious beliefs Target canNOT accommodate.  Hmmm…

My question would be why couldn’t they simply get another pharmacist to come in and fill the prescription?  Is it because there is only one pharmacist at certain times?

I’m not surprised at this move because the Dayton Company (which owns Target, Mervyns, and a few others) has happily donated to Planned Parenthood for years.  They are pro-abortion.  That may not have anything to do with Target’s decision where Brian Bundy is concerned, but it would seem to me – and I’m not a lawyer – that discrimination is taking place at Target.

I may have to go to Target to buy some pork and deliberately look for a Muslim cashier, stand in her/his line and when they balk at ringing up my pork, I’ll put up a stink.  I won’t put up with it, Target!

[1] http://www.debbieschlussel.com/3178/targets-animal-farm-christians-less-equal-than-muslims-bulls-eye-retailer/

[2] Ibid

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Butterball Turkeys Have Gone Halal Michelle Obama and America’s “Damn” Flag


  • 1. Simon  |  November 26, 2011 at 1:37 AM

    I hear what you are saying. When I applied for jobs in London (living in the UK 2009), I was routinely required to fill out a questionaire to assist the employer to encourage affirmative action. There were special advantages for gays, blacks, other ethnic minorities, religious minorities, women and disabled etc. As I am a white, anglo-saxon, protestant male (‘WASP’), I did not fall within any of the ‘special classes’ that deserved attention. It used to infuriate me.


  • 2. julietsm  |  November 22, 2011 at 5:03 PM

    I was really surprised that so few of my FB friends were aware of this – I have been boycotting Target for quite some time now.
    As for Butterball, I am SHOCKED that Americans who have bought their turkeys year in and year out at Thanksgiving and Christmas (we always had a turkey and a ham for both holidays) are now being so callously treated.
    I plan to go and leave them a message. Good luck with your turkey business. Muslims only comprise – what? Two million Americans? (I am reluctant to call them Americans because a muslim cannot be a patriotic American but only stealth jihadis, here to impose sharia law over the long haul. With their enabler bringing in tens of thousands more all the time, which he says is in ‘the national interest’ that long haul is being shortened considerabley. The national interest? Really? There aren’t enough jobs for the people who were born here, and our country is BROKE BROKE BROKE while the usurper and his family take lavish vacations at exorbitant cost – and bringing MORE enemy combatants in is in the national interest?
    I guess he thinks HE IS AMERICA.
    Thanks for spreading the word about both Butterball AND Target. Two companies which we now have no choice but to BOYCOTT. I hope your readers are with me!


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