CV-19 and Future Events, Pt 1

August 18, 2021 at 3:54 PM 8 comments

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A few links for your research with no tacit approval of everything stated in each.

Many of us understand the CV-19 situation is really not about the virus at all. The virus is merely being used to gain total control over society. This is clear to many, though a seeming “majority” of vocal people have bought the lies, which enables the totalitarianism to increase.

This is the world the elite want and are working toward.

For instance, Australia’s leaders have increasingly and literally imprisoned people in their own homes. No travel is allowed into different areas of Australia without permission. Leaders have just vaccinated 24,000 children in an arena and parents are not allowed. So far, after the 24,000 were injected, at least two children have died. This tyranny will continue unless the people reject it.

On social networks, people complain of the unvaxxed they believe to be the group spreading the virus to the vaxxed. This makes absolutely no sense, scientifically, but works well to keep pressure on the unvaxxed. How could unvaxxed be spreading the virus to the vaxxed if the vaxxed are said to be “protected” by the vax and the unvaxxed show no symptoms? People believe asymptomatic is real when it isn’t according to many doctors and epidemiologists. However, Dr. Fauci says so, therefore it must be true, right? Actually, what some doctors and epidemiologists have been warning about since almost the beginning of the CV injections began – Cytokine Storm – is something that may well come to fruition.

A recent article – Alarming Study Confirms Vaxxers Will Face Catastrophic Antibody Dependent Enhancement (Cytokine Storm) Injuries and Deaths – highlights studies that indicate people who have received the CV injection(s) may end up paying the price with their lives. This is not new information, but info that has been censored and banned because it does not fit the accepted narrative.

As the article above notes, within the next 36 months or so, we may begin to see massive deaths of vaxxed people due to Cytokine Storm; creation of spike proteins with no “off” switch. This would happen once a vaxxed person comes in contact with another variant of CV, which could ultimately overcome the person’s immune system, causing death. All this because the person thought they were doing the “safe” thing by receiving the CV injection(s) in the first place. These deaths may well be blamed on the unvaxxed or a new “variant” for which boosters will be quickly created, when in reality, the vaxxed themselves may actually be creating the variants, which many believe is good reason to halt the CV vaccination program.

2 of 24,000 kids so far have died from Australia’s forced injection program.

According to Dr. Michael Yeadon, studies are also confirming that the spike protein is similar to a protein in the placenta and may well explain the amount of stillbirths happening now among vaxxed, pregnant women. He is warning child-bearing women not to get the CV injection.

Would the people that created the injections not be aware of these possibilities? I’ll let you decide, but if they are aware of potential problems and continue to urge, coerce and even blackmail people into getting these injections, isn’t the problem more than simply controlling the masses? Might it also include a depopulation program? Oh goodness, I’ve done it now, haven’t I? I’ve stepped over the acceptable boundary into the realm of conspiracy theory. Better dust off my tin foil hat.

The tragedy is that thousands of people have already been harmed by these injections and multiple thousands have died. While many assert no direct connection can be “proven” (apparently everyone must have had underlying health issues), they continue to march in lock step with the narrative that everyone must be injected to eradicate CV-19.

No virus can ever be eradicated once it enters society, mainly due to mutating making it impossible to create a general enough injection that would cover all variants. They can’t even do this with the flu but simply base this year’s flu vax on last year’s flu. Yet, this year’s flu is different from last year’s so what is the point? Is it to get people so accustomed to receiving vaccines they no longer bat an eye and simply accept them as normal? This could obviously and easily lead to the upcoming Mark of the Beast (Revelation 13).

But in spite of the information trying to get out there regarding the potential problems with the CV injection(s), people who have had the vax continue to blame the unvaxxed for the spread of CV and its soon-to-be many variants. This is not science. It is scientism, a worship of what only sounds like science, but is not science itself, just like “climate change.”

One lie says the unvaxxed are the problem. It’s really the vaxxed immune response based on the CV injection(s) that’s the problem.

In the past, no one believed the unvaxxed were responsible for the continuing spread of the flu. We never masked up or social distanced and certainly never shut down the economy because of the flu. While people point to the alleged 600,000+ who have died in the USA from CV, that number is extremely difficult to prove based on the number of times the CDC has changed it. Moreover, we are all aware (or should be), that many who died with CV (or some virus), are said to have died because of it as listed on death certificates. It’s perfect for generating fear.

However, while the elite would like to bank on CV to force that “great reset” that WEF founder Klaus Schwab and his acolytes are hoping for, I truly believe that CV-19 and all its variants will not do what one major event of the possible near future will do. Right now, the elite are working to bring about, mandatory vaccinations/boosters whenever required, universal basic income (UBI), no private ownership of land or homes, a social credit rating system for every person to determine standing in society and perks or losses of perks, absolute control over every person, their health, their whatever, and more.

If you are one who does not believe the above scenario is in the works, there’s absolutely nothing I can do for you. I’ll assume you’ve not read anything by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, the Rockefellers or anyone else who is trying to recreate a new society globally with them in full control as dictators.

Even so, the “great reset” has not fully happened yet, has it? In the USA and many places throughout the world, people are balking at all the mandates. Recently, at a six month medical check up, my doctor told me so many of his patients refuse the CV injection that he has stopped asking. This is a hopeful scenario. Meanwhile, we have “evangelicals” and the Pope attempting to shame people into getting the vax “out of love” for others. So I should be willing to inject an untried, unproven, chemical mRNA cocktail into my system that has no known as yet long term effects?

Some on above list have changed their policies.

CV-19 by itself will not create the global empire for the elite they hope for and working toward because too many people are refusing to buy into it. The awareness of the flaws of the CV narrative is growing. While the elite might be stupid enough to try force things here and there, I can only imagine what would happen in certain parts of the USA if they tried that, not to mention they’d have to have every law enforcement officer including sheriffs on the elite’s side. Does anyone think this will actually happen over a virus?

Future Events
But if CV itself is not going to be the catalyst that gives all into the hands of the waiting elite, what might that particular event be? Obviously, if the Bible is true, the final global kingdom of Daniel 2 is looming on the horizon. What the CV-19 virus cannot do, the Rapture will accomplish.

Consider that in a moment, the literal twinkling of an eye, millions of people will disappear instantly off the face of this earth. I’ve talked about that before and also referenced many within the New Age movement from George Van Tassel to Barbara Marciniak and others who have taught about a future event where aliens will hover above the earth just out of sight and evacuate from this earth. The evacuees are Christians (they refer to as “malcontents”), because we are allegedly the ones allegedly keeping things this planet from evolving to the next spiritual level.

Think of the results of millions of people gone in an instant as well as the destruction and mayhem that will result from it (people driving cars, trucks, flying planes, etc). The only ones remaining would be non-Christians. Would not the world seek to come together in utter unity to save themselves following this absolutely unexpected global event, creating a major paradigm shift throughout earthly society?

The Rapture will be the final catalyst to usher in the final global empire. The initial confusion and fear many will experience will give way to a full willing capitulation to governments. People remaining will want above all things for the government to take care of them. No one who remains behind will question government’s explanation of the “alien” invasion that swept millions of people to another planet where, it will be said, they will spiritually evolve at their own pace. Confusion will give way to celebration! This is exactly what New Age leaders have been teaching! The Rapture is the event that will allow Satan to gain complete/final dominion over the earth (with God’s permission).

Other people have also been teaching that the world can only advance so far toward the final global empire first spoken of in Daniel 2 because the Bride of Christ, the Church, is literally in the way, keeping that empire from fully materializing. The Holy Spirit, working currently through the Church, will no longer have the Church to work through once all authentic Christians are removed from the earth. The Holy Spirit will essentially take Himself out of the way once the Church is taken up in the Rapture.

The Church currently acts as a dam against the abject evil of Satan and his minions. While there is plenty of evil throughout this world, it has not yet gotten as evil as it will become during the final seven years of human history culminating in the Tribulation/Great Tribulation. Consider how universally evil society must have been during the times of Noah for God to have chosen to kill off everyone and everything except those who gained safety on the Ark. Things must have really been thoroughly evil then. We have not yet reached that point in today’s society, but how far away can we be?

The Bible highlights many prophecies (twenty of them are highlighted in this particular article – The Top 20 Signs in Eschatology and Convergence in Biblical Prophecies), and one of them is the Rapture, which is created solely to remove all authentic Christians from the face of this earth prior to God pouring out His wrath. While commentators disagree over the timing of the Rapture (Pre, Mid, or Post), or even whether or not it is a real event, it seems that the Bible clearly and efficiently denotes that event and clarifies that it will happen before the Tribulation begins.

What is not known is exactly when the Rapture will occur. We can know the order in which events will occur and the Rapture is slated to happen before the official start of the coming Tribulation. The problem of course, is that we do not know how bad, corrupt and evil society will become before this major Church event. For that reason, we need to draw close and stay close to God, who may not protect us from going through terrible trials (this side of the Tribulation), but will certainly protect us spiritually in the midst of those trials.

There are other reasons to think that the biblical series of events upcoming will usher in the new and final world order controlled by Satan through his spiritual son, Antichrist. I’ll be going over some of these in the next article so I hope you’ll join me for that. We’ll also continue our series on Jeremiah as well, which interestingly enough, speaks of the past as well as the future of the Millennial Kingdom over which Jesus Himself will rule.

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  • 4. Donna Thomas  |  August 19, 2021 at 10:34 PM

    What a wonderful article! Looking forward to the next installment. God bless you and your ministry.


    • 5. modres  |  August 20, 2021 at 7:59 AM

      Thank you, Donna.


  • 6. Maranatha Today  |  August 19, 2021 at 4:15 PM

    “The problem of course, is that we do not know how bad, corrupt and evil society will become before this major Church event. For that reason, we need to draw close and stay close to God, who may not protect us from going through terrible trials (this side of the Tribulation), but will certainly protect us spiritually in the midst of those trials.” Amen!

    “We’ll also continue our series on Jeremiah as well, which interestingly enough, speaks of the past as well as the future of the Millennial Kingdom over which Jesus Himself will rule.” Hallelujah! This is the future we keep our eyes on…praise God. Thanks for another great article.


    • 7. modres  |  August 19, 2021 at 4:55 PM

      Thx Maranatha


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