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Atheist Blamed for Being Attacked

You know, it never ceases to amaze me how the judicial system works. In a recent case, a Pennsylvanian director of American Atheist had dressed up as Zombie Muhammad in a Halloween parade. During the parade, he was accosted by a Muslim who proceeded to try to yank off his fake beard, then choked him.

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What’s Happening in Israel

We know there are some interesting and potentially volatile events taking place in the Middle East. Much of that deals directly or indirectly with Israel. The following news is reported by a person who – along with her husband – are missionaries to the people of Israel. She indicates from firsthand knowledge what it actually occurring.

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Pastor Yousef, the Qur’an, and the Enemies of Freedom

Pastor Yousef Nardarkhani sits in a jail in Iran awaiting his death penalty to be carried out. His crime? He is a Christian. The Iranian government believes that Yousef was once Muslim (though he denies it) and became a Christian. The penalty for leaving Islam (to become anything, including an agnostic or atheist) is ​death.

So, here we sit, waiting to see what happens. Nothing from the White House, though they were quick to condemn the military for burning the Qur’ans. Interestingly enough, it now appears as though the prisoners were using their Qur’ans to post notes to other prisoners. Islamic law maintains that if someone writes in a Qur’an, then it should be burned.

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Is Putin Gog of Ezekiel 38-39?

Joel Rosenberg asks just that question in a recent article he wrote on the happenings in the Middle East. The reason is due to the fact that Vladimir Putin – who is set to quite possibly become Russia’s president again – has stated that Israel had better ​not ​attack Iran.

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The Difficult Part of Prayer

The difficult part of prayer is in the not knowing. Anyone will tell you that. We know that we need to have faith. We know that we need to see through the darkness of not knowing, to faith believing that God will answer according to His will. We also know there is so much that we are unable to discern about prayer.

The Bible tells us much and if not studied thoroughly, we could end up with the wrong impression about prayer. By taking verses out of context, it is easy to arrive to a conclusion that says God will heal sickness every time. We can erroneously believe that God wants to bless me materially in this life. There are many conclusions we can draw about prayer that are far from its reality.

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I’m incredulous. I’m appalled. I am not surprised though.

Here is a video of Mr. Obama speaking directly to Black Americans.

I can only say that if it was a white president trying to gather the (white) troops to keep that president in office for a second term, the ACLU, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Ed Schultz and a host of other individuals known for their dramatic flare when it comes to charges of racism, would be up in arms.

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Christophobia is Alive and Well…

I was over at the Islamophobia Watch site and read through some of their articles that they believe details anti-Muslim sentiments. It’s really difficult to take it seriously because they are so ill-informed. In fact, for people in the know, what is presented there comes across as outright lies; lies that are designed to cause people to sympathize with the plight of the poor Muslim.

This is not to knock Muslims. It’s too knock Islam and I’ll say that right up front. I’ve read too many articles about how Muslims are allegedly mistreated and how people seem to be out to get them. The truth though is that much of the trouble that Muslims experience is due to their own cowardice and manipulation of the media.

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Jesus Founded a True Religion of Peace

I find it remarkable that Islam tends to pass itself off as a religion of peace, when in point of fact, Muhammad carried a sword and routinely entered into physical conflicts with others. If you want to see a religion of peace, then look no further than Christianity.

Jesus preached peace and carried NO weapon. He did not enter into any physical confrontation with anyone. When arrested, illegally tried, and convicted, He did not rebuke anyone, nor did He fight back.

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Does Mr. Obama Actually WANT a Second Term?

We are all aware of the situation with the mandatory birth control mandate included in the Obamacare package. This is what happens when legislation is passed without reading it, but I guess we can thank Nancy Pelosi for her memorable words regarding that.

The mandate is that religious organizations must provide contraception to people who work for them. Of course, this butts right up against the Roman Catholic Church as well as evangelicals whose organizations are self-insured.

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God’s Graciousness to Us

It is relatively easy (unfortunately) to read through parts of the Hebrew Bible (OT) and gloss over parts of it. The opening chapters of Leviticus are a case in point. At first glance, it appears to be one type of offering for sin after another. There is a good deal of repetition included in these chapters as well and it can be tedious to read through.

Today’s schedule had me reading Leviticus chapters 6-7 and after reading it, I couldn’t help but ask the question, “What does this have to do with me today?” This is often the case because we are egocentric. However, what I was trying to get at was why there was such detail associated with the various offerings for sin.

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