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Spirit of Antichrist Rising

The digitization of global society via 5G Internet/WiFi network is a major step in putting things in place that will ultimately allow the coming man of sin to not only gain control of this entire world, but will effectively be able to mold the way people think in real time.

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Revelation 5: Lamb Takes the Throne

What we are seeing in Revelation 5 is the transfer of power to Jesus because He was found worthy due to the fact that He overcame every obstacle placed before Him without ever succumbing to the temptation to sin. Once the enthronement of Jesus is established and completed, a new song is sung (v9). There is always celebration after a monarch has been installed to celebrate that occasion. How much more will we see all of Creation praising the Lord for the fact that He is the only rightful King? John sees all of Creation offering praise to God in Christ (v13). This looks ahead to the day when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess (Philippians 2:10-11). There will not be one creature who will not offer praise to our rightful God. Think of all the people today who choose to ignore, denigrate and even deny that God exists. These people will – of their own volition – offer praise to the Lord. Their mouths will not remain quiet. They will have no option.

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Perspective: Because He…

So where do we go from here? What does the Christian do to overcome the negativity, the bad news, the effects of Satan being allowed to control more and more of global society? There is only one thing I am aware of and I will admit I’m not great at putting it into practice…yet, but I am working on getting there.

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Growing Away

But the globalists got what they wanted because a very large percentage of church-goers stopped going and have never gone back. It has become the way for too many today. Our kids, unfortunately, are among them. Now, they would argue that they have small children who take naps during the time of church service and to disrupt their children’s routine is something they want to avoid. I get it. My wife gets it. In fact, since we raised our own children, we absolutely get it. However, we always found a way to be fairly consistent in attending church. The great falling away?

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It Will Worsen But God is Able

The more I consider what is happening, the more I am becoming certain that God will protect His own; those who are not just Christian in name, but Christian in thought, word and deed. As we humble ourselves and commit to His ways, I fully believe He will bless and bring things about in our lives that will help us through these difficult days ahead.

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Revelation: 70 Weeks and Rev 4

In a nutshell, the 70 weeks of Daniel 9:24-27 is really an extension or take-off on the 70 years that Daniel had been reading about in the writings of Jeremiah, where he predicted that Israel would be thrown out of their land and taken captive for that length of time. As Daniel read this passage from Jeremiah (Jeremiah 25:11-12; 29:10), he realized that the 70 year period was almost up and of course, he was very excited about that. This lead him to pray his heartfelt prayer in the first 19 verses of Daniel 9.

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Microaggression, Intersectionality and War in Urkraine

Microaggression is a term that means that whenever a white person interacts with a person of color, while their questions and even statements might seem straightforward, the truth (according to CRT), is that often these questions are filled with underlying “aggression,” hence the term “microaggression.” For instance, if a white person is talking with a person of color whom they’ve just met, the white person might ask, “Where are you from?” This innocuous question that has always been seen as simply one of the starting points to advancing conversation, is now seen as really implying “you don’t really belong here.”

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