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Courts and Their Flip-Flop Decisions…

This is one great reason alone why when Jesus returns physically to this planet, it will be His law that will take effect and He will be judge and jury. His decisions will be final. There will be no appeals. It’s certainly something to look forward to experiencing!

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Obama Calls for Spending Freeze and the Daily Kos

Though the left took the time to vilify Sarah Palin, TEA Partiers and others, they took no notice of Daily Kos or other leftwing political rags. The left is trying very hard to cover their own deceit, but they can’t cover it as well as they would like. Trying to shift blame on the right is all they can do and they can’t even do that well enough.

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Are You Islamophobic?

While many of us are asleep at the wheel, simply going through each of our days the same way we have always gone through them, radical Muslims are training in compounds within the borders of the United States. They are training for the coming war that they believe the Final Mahdi will lead them into in order that they will dispossess all who stand in the way of Islam.

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Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan for Health!

Rick Warren needs to get right with God, if he ever was right. The tragedy is that he is peddling something that too many are willing to buy. That does not make him right. Because he is not peddling the truth, it makes him dangerous.

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Dead Birds Were Poisoned by the Government

This is getting to be too much. Folks, we are on the brink of the very end of the end times, prior to the start of the Tribulation period, in which God will release His pent up wrath on this earth and all who dwell here. Hundreds of thousands – no make that hundreds of millions of people will die during the process.

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2nd Amendment Upheld – AB 962 Ruled Unconstitutional!

For now, the 2nd Amendment has been upheld, again. I cannot wait until Jesus returns to set all things straight. It will be at that point that guns will no longer be needed, not before.

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Matthew 24 – 25: Three Parables from Jesus

Are you saved? Have your eyes been opened to the identity of Jesus? Do you understand what He accomplished for you on Calvary’s cross? His brutal and bloody death was the sacrifice necessary so that we might be allowed to enter into direct relationship with Him. When Jesus died, then rose from the dead three days later, He literally sealed the deal, making a public spectacle of the powers of darkness because at that point, they became fully and actively defeated. Their fate is sure. The fate of those who believe from the heart that Jesus is Lord is also sure.

Romans 8 opens with the fact that those who have trusted in Christ for salvation are no longer under any sort of condemnation. This same chapter ends with the fact that nothing will ever separate us from God’s love. That is huge. There is nothing greater than knowing all of our sins – past, present, and future – are gone, literally cancelled. Coupled with that is the truth that because of our salvation, we will never, ever have to be separated from God.

Truly, these two blessings are too big, too great for us to comprehend here and now. We trust in those truths, but we will not fully understand them until we see Him face to face. May He come quickly!

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Jared Loughner’s Psychotropic Trips with Salvia Divinorum

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Inside North Korea – a Snapshot of a World Under the Antichrist

It is impossible for us know what goes on inside the dictatorship of Kim Il Jong, yet it is clear that he is in charge of that country and rules it with an iron fist. The decisions he makes behind closed doors are not available for the world to see, until after his decisions are carried out.

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The Left Has Its Share of Death Wishes Too…For Conservatives

Do we need to remind ourselves about Ed Schultz? How about Mike Malloy? Montel Williams? Should we delve into the past of Bill Maher to see how he rates? KeithOlberman, Chris Matthews and too many others to list here have all thrown their hats into the ring, with vitriolic verbiage that has done nothing except stoke the fires of indecency. Yet, these folks get free passes from the media? Why? Simply because the media is run by liberal elitists and they hate conservatives and conservativism. Socialism is more to their liking.

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