Dead Birds Were Poisoned by the Government

January 21, 2011 at 1:02 PM

About 300 birds dropped like flies to the ground near Yankton, South Dakota recently and it was looking like another bird mystery that was going to remain unsolved.  They interviewed one wildlife official and in between the “ums,” she noted that they originally thought the birds died because they had not migrated soon enough and simply “got cold.”

Turns out though, that the wildlife department got a call from the USDA and announced that they were the culprits!  Yep.  It appears as though the government stepped in and poisoned the two to three hundred starlings (because they wanted to thin the group).  However, the government also indicated that they were surprised that the birds flew that far away from where they had poisoned them.

You know what?  I personally believe this is a crock, a complete fabrication by our government to cover what they do not know.  You may disagree with me, but think about a few things before you do:

  1. obviously, no one in the area of the dead birds knew of the poisoning
  2. the government apparently did not think it was necessary to let anyone know ahead of time of their actions
  3. why wouldn’t the government have warned people so they could keep their pets inside?
  4. what poison was utilized?
  5. how was it administered?
  6. why were no other birds affected?

There are more questions, but those six will suffice for now.  The reality is that too many people are too willing to believe whatever our government tells them.  The point is that one would think that our government would be required to tell at least some elected official in a particular state that they are going to swoop in and poison some animals, don’t you think?  Sure, I know, the government does what it wants to do.  However, the fact that they did not warn anyone is suspicious already because if the government DID come in and poison animals – in this case, some birds that they believed were too many (really?  300?) – they overstepped their bounds…again.  They are supposed to acknowledge the governor or at least the mayor of the towns to be affected that some wildlife will be killed.  This makes sense.

The fact that they did not tell anyone is absolutely ridiculous.  What is even MORE ridiculous is the fact that they were only trying to cull around 300 birds from the flock!  Only 300?  Yet, they had to involve themselves in this clandestine operation without telling anyone?   Why, was national security on the table?

Look, with all due respect to our government and all the cover-ups that we have actually LEARNED the truth about (like Watergate, etc.), why are we to believe that all of a sudden, after thousands of birds and hundreds of thousands of fish are found dead, the government pops up and “admits” to killing 300 starlings?  What is even more amazing is that the government apparently had perfect aim this time, with only starlings being affected.  Now, it may come out that other birds were affected too, but so far, it’s only been starlings.

This to me is simply another case of the government believing that Americans are morons.  Certainly, those people who gullibly swallow whatever the government dishes out are either automatons, or simply do not think for themselves because they do not have the capacity to do so.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people who will not believe this story, myself included.  At this point, with what has been stated so far, it simply does not add up…at all.

We have seen weird weather, deaths among birds, fish, and cattle, but now the government says “we did it” when it comes to the deaths of a few starlings.  This is just such garbage that I can explain it no other way.

Now we can be assured that with new unexplained deaths, the government will be right there after the fact with an admission that they perpetrated the deaths.  I want them to tell me that before we see the dead animals, not afterwards.

This is getting to be too much.  Folks, we are on the brink of the very end of the end times, prior to the start of the Tribulation period, in which God will release His pent-up wrath on this earth and all who dwell here.  Hundreds of thousands – no make that hundreds of millions of people will die during the process. 

I am not afraid to die because Jesus has promised me a place in His Kingdom.  I know where I am heading.  Do you?  If not, may I humbly and urgently ask that you turn to God, humble yourself and plead with Him to open your eyes to the truth of Jesus.  Is He God and Savior?  Did He, as God, also become Man, live a sinless life, die a very bloody death on Calvary’s cross, then rise again three days later?  Did He do that?  If so, WHY did He do it?  Did He do it so that the way back to God the Father would be reopened?

Look, you can listen to the multitude of lies that exist today.  You can opt to embrace things that tickle the ears, the things that make you feel better.  In the end, you will have lost what is most precious – your soul.

Turn to God, receive the salvation that only exists in Jesus Christ and become born again.  Without it, you will never see eternal life.  Please do it now.

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