Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan for Health!

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Here’s a poem Rick Warren wrote regarding the Daniel Plan and the health quest that he wants people to join him on:

Lord, grant me the strength that I may not fall
into the clutches of cholesterol.

At polyunsaturates i’ll never mutter
for the road to hell is paved with butter.

Whip cream is cursed and jelly is awful
yes, satan is hiding in every waffle.

He appears to me as a cinnamon roll
eager to fatten and clog my soul.

So teach me the evils of hollandaise
of ribs and pasta and mayonnaise.

May I have the presence to realize
that evil lurks IN-N-OUT fries.

And crispy fried chicken from the south,
Lord if you love me, shut my mouth
–Rick Warren

I received an e-mail from Lighthouse Trails Research, which included an expose article about the Daniel Plan and the health seminar that was held at Saddleback Church (Rick Warren’s church) this past weekend (January 15, 2011).  I read the article and was just as amazed as the author of it when she pointed out that during the entire seminar, Jesus was not mentioned once.

Besides Rick Warren, the main speakers were Drs. Amen (who purports to be a Christian), Hyman (who is Jewish), and Oz (from TV) who claims Islam as his religion of choice.  These individuals spent the entire time talking up health and there is certainly nothing wrong with being healthy.  However, as the author of the article pointed out, much of what was discussed and presented to the audience is based on the U.N.’s Agenda 21. [1]

As the U.N. Web site states, “Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of action to be taken globally, nationally and locally by organizations of the United Nations System, Governments, and Major Groups in every area in which human impacts on the environment.” [2]

It has long been known by anyone who cares to know it that the global elite are tired of a population that seems out of control.  What they want is a world that is completely sustainable.  That means that there needs to be population control.

The idea of the Daniel Plan and healthy human beings actually works into their plan because healthy humans do not take from the resources this world has to offer, but actually wind up giving back.    Agenda 21 sees as its main goal, the lessening impact of humans on the environment.

Saddleback had its Daniel Plan kick-off last week and they want everyone to join the plan.  Why?  Well, I’m sure they want people to become healthy, but the thing that is sickening is that Jesus is left out of the equation completely.  It is not up to the Church of Jesus to make healthy individuals while ignoring their spiritual health!  Yet, this is exactly what this Daniel Plan does for people.  It pushes them to see God as Someone who wants people physically healthy and at the same time, completely ignores the spiritual aspect of people.

Long after I am dead, my spirit will live on…in perfect health.  Because I am a Christian – an authentic Christian – I will live eternally with God and will never suffer from any malady ever again.  I will never grow tired or fatigued, nor will I feel the need to sleep more than normal.  I will never experience a cold or the flu because I will be perfectly healthy.

Once I am dead, it will be way too late to deal with my spirit.  That is for this life.  I must make decisions about salvation now because after I die, it will be way too late for that.

I took the time to look up the Daniel Plan [3] and all I saw was an emphasis on health.  It seems no different from what NutriSystems, or Jenny Craig, or Weight Watchers does for people.  Even a connecting site called “Walk & Worship” emphasizes exercise in order to “enhance our walk with Christ.” [4]

Again, I want to clearly state that being healthy is a great goal.  However, it is not the most important goal.  Knowing Jesus is the most important goal!  Being saved is the most important goal for every person on this planet.

Rick Warren seemed to be on the cutting edge of introducing the Emergent Church to the visible church in a huge way.  He dumbed down Scripture so that the bite-sized pieces he gave to readers of his books, and listeners to his sermons impacted them the way he wanted them to be impacted.  Eschatology (the study of end times) went out the door as being “divisive.”  He regularly doled out Bible verses and ideas that were designed to affect the emotions and not the mind.

This is what the Emergent Church does and it does not matter if the thoughts are introduced by Warren or some other individual like Brian McLaren, Tony Campolo or someone else entirely.  The result is the same: a dumbed down version of Jesus that is palatable to everyone, with no one being offended because the Emergent Church has effectively removed Jesus’ deity, His sinlessness, His humanity, and most importantly, His mission.

Because of the Emergent Church, Jesus is simply a figure head.  He is no longer “CEO” of the Church, but simply an icon that people think of and pray to…when they need something.  The Emergent Church has stripped Jesus of His power, His might, and the rest of His attributes that they have found to be problematic.  Nothing is really sacred anymore.  It is all too familiar.

Look at Warren’s poem at the top of this blog.  Warren’s God is a joke.  Obviously, to Rick Warren, God is only there for our needs and wants.  He is only there to urge us onto victory…over calories.  Do you see how insidious Warren’s attitude is toward Satan?  He doesn’t believe in Satan anymore than he believes Jesus is going to physically return to this earth one day.

To Warren, Satan is a medieval character with pitchfork and horns.  He doesn’t really exist except in the mind of the superstitious.  Everything about Rick Warren and what he teaches sends the same message.  The message is that we all need to grow past the things we’ve held dear and recognize that what we have believed for so long – orthodox Christianity, biblical veracity and inerrancy, the deity of Christ, the Trinity, the physical return of Jesus – is all in the past and that is where it should be kept.

Warren, Amen, Hyman, and Oz would have us believe that the most important thing God wants for us is to be healthy.  Unfortunately, these men are dead wrong and everything they are doing will impact people spiritually, whether they believe so or not.  The problem is that they prefer to not believe that people will lose quite a bit by giving up their desire to know God to begin focusing on the physical.

What Rick Warren is doing is unconscionable.  He is acting the part of the person who seems not to know God and is keeping others from knowing Him too.  With this latest endeavor, Warren, et al, are drawing people away from Christ further than they were before.  He is doing nothing to engender a true sense of spirituality in people.  He is doing nothing to point people to Jesus.

All Warren is doing is fleecing people in the name of God, something he has been doing for quite some time.  He is telling them that the most important thing they can do is worry about their physical health.  In point of fact, it is our spiritual health that needs overhauling.  We need a new life in exchange for our current life.  We need a new birth.  We need to enter into a true relationship with Jesus first and begin to grow because of that.

I cannot say this enough.  I believe that being healthy is important.  I believe Americans eat too much junk and do not exercise enough.  However, I am absolutely opposed to the idea that it is the church’s responsibility to fulfill the agenda of the United Nations by getting people to believe that sustainability is what God wants us to focus on.

This earth will pass away (cf. Luke 21:33) and it does not matter one iota what we do with it.  It will pass away at the very moment God has foreordained it to occur.  Yes, we are to be good stewards of what God has given us.  Yes, we are to eat and drink in moderation.  Yes, we are to do what we can to preserve our resources, but God has given this earth to us to use.  He expects us to utilize the resources that are contained within this planet.

The problem with Rick Warren’s emphasis on health via the Daniel Plan is that it reduces God to our weight counselor.  In fact, what Rick Warren and those like him are guilty of is reducing Christianity to an ideology that is merely designed to make our world a better place.  This is not the purpose of Christianity.  The purpose of Christianity is to not only overcome the world (which it has already done in the spiritual realm), but to initiate a rebirth in each and every person so that no one will die apart from knowing God.

Unfortunately, we know from Scripture that many people will die without knowing Christ and because of it, will spend an eternity without God.  It will not matter at that point that they lost a few pounds through the Daniel Plan and gained a bit more energy because of it.  Hell is hell and whether a person enters hell overweight or not, it is still hell.

Rick Warren needs to get right with God, if he ever was right.  The tragedy is that he is peddling something that too many are willing to buy.  That does not make him right.  Because he is not peddling the truth, it makes him dangerous.

[1] http://www.un.org/esa/dsd/agenda21/

[2] Ibid

[3] http://www.saddleback.com/thedanielplan/

[4] http://www.walkandworship.com/

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