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Are Globalists Winning?

Globalists may appear to be winning, but their end will come when our Lord returns physically to this planet to judge the nations and establish His Millennial Kingdom. Our job is to watch, work and pray while we wait for that glorious event.

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Two Sides, Same Coin?

The next several verses are a bit confusing to many. I’ve met some Christians who believe this section teaches that Christians should strive for and can reach a state of sinless perfection here in this life. This is absolutely not true and I believe when viewing things in their context (taking into consideration the teaching of the entire Bible), it is very difficult if not impossible to come away with this belief. Other Christians throw up their hands in frustration asking, well who can actually live the Christian life?!

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Trying to Thwart God

So these enemies of Nehemiah (and also of God), tried three times to harm Nehemiah or destroy his reputation. Yet, in each situation, he was not deterred because of his faith in God. That faith provided the opportunity for him to have clarity of thought, wisdom and discernment. Interestingly enough, there appears to be a mass psychosis occurring throughout the world, built on lies. These lies are designed to get people to respond in a certain way, often against better judgment.

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Is It a Waste of Time?

As much as I hate the current system because of the many inherent flaws, it’s the only system we’ve got. If those in power choose to do nothing to correct the problems, then we will continue to experience voter fraud, even though the Left laughs and says, voter fraud doesn’t exist. However, they will find and point out a GOP person who has been arrested for it, while deliberately ignoring anyone on the Left arrested. Anyone who cheats, regardless of party affiliation, should be arrested and charged. If our votes are not secure, we have nothing. Each person will have to make their own decision.

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Revelation 7: Interlude

Revelation 7 is the slight pause before the Seventh Seal opens (Revelation 8). During this time, God seals 144,000 Jewish evangelists and multitudes are saved, who either die naturally or are martyred for their faith in Jesus.

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My Priorities are a Changing

Get rid of the things that lack eternal significance. Focus on those things that matter. Work on ensuring that your testimony in Christ is what it should be. I fully realize how difficult that is, honestly, I do. That simply means we need to increase our efforts to work out our salvation with fear and trembling (Philippians 2:12-13).

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Life Is Bittersweet

As I look to the horizon, seeing as far as I can see (which isn’t that far), I realize that life has seriously changed and not for the better and will continue on that path. We are experiencing extremely high fuel prices, which of course, affects everything else and the result is serious inflation. The folks in DC appear to be doing absolutely nothing to help the situation at all, but seem intent on allowing things to worsen. Who knows where it will end? Since I am not a prophet, I certainly have no way of knowing. God has not clued me on on the end result of this situation.

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Hopeful or Hopeless?

So, while on one hand, it is fairly easy to become discouraged and feel somewhat hopeless about what is happening in the world, it is very clear that God is still moving, working in hearts and calling people to Him for eternal salvation. Evil cannot override God’s will. This is really what it’s all about. It’s not about politics and by focusing too much on that area, nothing will rob you of the hope that you have in Christ faster. His ways are not our ways. His timing is all His own. He is either sovereign all the time or He is not sovereign at all.

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Less Than 8 Years and Counting…

Agenda 2030 is in the works. What is it? Everyone has an opinion and of course, conservatives who see the agenda as something that grants greatest control to globalists by removing freedoms for individuals are normally seen as “conspiracy theorists.” Those who support Agenda 2030 simply play the whole thing off as guidelines to promote a more sustainable world, which they support. This of course includes the reuse of the earth’s resources instead of wasting things. Frankly, I don’t know many people who ignore the fact that at least some form of conservation and recycling is important. We should be careful how they use the earth’s resources and not abuse.

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Revelation 6: First Six Seals

The world is marching toward God’s judgment and that will not be averted. I wish it was, but if we consider that God’s righteous judgment not only judges all things evil, but gives people an opportunity to come to Him in repentance, then it is worth it in the short and long run.

Revelation 6 opens the seven-sealed scroll and we begin to the see its contents from the very beginning of the Tribulation. As each seal is opened, more of God’s judgment pours out onto an unsuspecting world that wants nothing to do with God.

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