Are Globalists Winning?

May 27, 2022 at 1:01 PM 2 comments

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The short answer for the title of this article is “Yes,” they appear to be winning, at least for now. However, in the long run, we know they will not win and will be thoroughly defeated by our Lord when He physically returns to this earth when He ends the Tribulation/Great Tribulation. So as we just celebrated Memorial Day, when we should be remembering many of the military service people who gave their all for freedom and this country, we are distracted by globalists and their tyranny that leads to more deaths and less freedom. As Pastor Chuck Baldwin notes in the above video, this is the “war machine” that is often supported by Christians. Please take the time to listen to his message.

I read an article the other day from Leo Hohmann via Grandma Geri who noted a number of things about the elites and what they’re telling us from the comfort of their mountain top resort in Davos. Hohmann also notes that he believes these globalists have entered into the kill phase of their “great reset.”

First, nothing they’re saying, if it comes to fruition, will be good for the average person. Second, their arrogance is on display proven by the fact that they routinely announce to the world their intentions, thinking nothing to stop them. Jesus will stop them, ultimately (Revelation 19).

However, as Hohmann also notes, these people have recognized that they need to prepare for an “angrier” world that may well rise up against them. I agree that people can only be pushed so far and many will snap, reacting violently to oppression. Globalists would be idiots if they did not expect that because there are too many in the world who have had enough. So what is the globalists’ solution to this? Is a “culling” of the population in the works?

Historically, wars have always brought major deaths, pestilence, disease and food shortages, while making those involved in the industrial war machine very wealthy. But as I’ve said before, deaths or casualties from wars don’t reduce the kind of numbers that globalists apparently want to see reduced. So, in order to help that along, why not have three or four major problems all at once? In fact, Australia, with its extremely high vax rate, is now reporting “…7,152,007 infections and 8,374 coronavirus-related deaths reported in the country since the pandemic began.” They’re talking about new mask mandates and lock-downs. No one is putting together the possibility that increased infections and even deaths are the potential result of the CV jab itself? California, with a daily death rate of 9 people (or 0.00002%), continues its emergency powers usage to control people.

Meanwhile, a study called “Together,” has decided that Ivermectin does not work to combat CV19. However, several medical people including Dr. Pierre Kory, have done their best to call out the study because people involved in the “Together” study are also closely aligned with Big Pharma, creating a huge conflict of interest. The link brings you to Kory’s third installment on this subject. What is tragic is how quickly mainstream media jumps on this study as proof that Ivermectin is not valuable in the early fight against CV. Kory points out the flaws in the study. More people will continue to die because of a lack of repurposed over-the-counter drugs that should be tried. Obviously, the vax itself is not efficacious, so now Pfizer is pushing Paxlovid and Igor Chudov discusses the ramifications of this drug and the recurring problem of CV19 that he believes will appear as “constant waves of COVID.”

Meanwhile, they’re trying to explain away all the cases of myocarditis, heart attacks and blood clots with a newly discovered “substance.” This supposedly is triggering respiratory and heart diseases and also contributing to global warming. It gets a bit ridiculous after awhile. Why are such healthy athletes being disproportionately affected while people like me (who are not vaxxed), are not?

So what CV19 began with its lock-downs, mandates and social distancing has evolved into food and other supply chain shortages with more on the way. Biden has helped this immeasurably by canceling the Keystone Pipeline and other oil leases, which prohibits drilling for oil in certain areas of the USA. While proponents of Biden’s executive orders are happy and state that the Keystone Pipeline wasn’t even finished yet, etc., the truth is that the Keystone Pipeline was always considered to be part of the potential supply in demand that was helping to keep oil prices low based on future prospects. Now that it’s gone, along with most of Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, the USA has gone from energy independence to foreign oil dependent overnight.

Environmentalists claim this is all good because it will force people to move to “sustainable” methods like bikes or electric vehicles. The problem of course is that there is no real infrastructure for electric vehicles that still rely on fossil fuels to charge and run. I find it fascinating that not that many months ago, California officials asked residents to not charge their electric vehicles because of concerns that the power grid could not handle it. It’s not sustainable when you cannot charge your car. Australia is seriously moving ahead to go “green,” which will ultimately create major failure to their economy.

These people are godless and deciding how we will be allowed to live, what we can eat and drink, and where we can work or travel to. Their hubris energizes them the same way Satan’s hubris energizes him. The gods of these globalists are literally their stomachs (Philippians 3:19) or put another way, they love themselves and their families only. They want only the best for themselves and to that end, they believe they need to use technocracy to achieve their globalist dreams. Twenty or thirty years ago, the idea of a final one world global government that would oversee everything and every person was far-fetched and the type of stuff written about in science fiction and then often made into a movie.

However, because of today’s technology – cell phones, the Internet, GPS, electronic cashless debit cards and more – society has fast become slaves to the beast system that is being built now. It is simply a matter of time before the noose tightens to the point where there will be few alternatives to their growing beast system. Quite honestly, I do not believe the average person (including many Christians), is truly aware of what’s coming down the pike. We may be looking at the following reality as the summer rolls into the fall.

  • more pandemics/illnesses
  • lock-downs
  • new mandates for
    • vaccines
    • social distancing
    • masks
  • higher inflation to major recession
  • major food shortages
  • gas shortages and potential rationing

Because there are roughly 30% or more of the population that won’t comply with globalists, those globalists need to do something to help achieve their dreams. Hohmann believes part of the solution lies in eliminating much of the global population and that includes the USA. Whether that’s an offshoot or by design, it’s hard to know.

I personally believe that we’ve started seeing the results of the vaccine roll out and I expect that to increase exponentially over the next 6 months to a year. I’m not simply pulling this out of my hat. This all goes back to what doctors like Tenpenney, Malone, and others have warned us about for months. The mRNA vaccine, which remains experimental and dangerous, has taken thousands of lives. I’m aware that some say there’s no way for me to prove that assertion, I’d argue that there’s no way for them to prove their assertion of the opposite. My wife and I both know many who have had the vax and are constantly sick with one thing or another because of it. We also know a growing number of people who have simply died “suddenly” and they’re not necessarily older folks either.

Added to this, the world is going to experience tremendous famine. I find it fascinating that when someone like Lara Logan tweets out her concerns, people come along to express how “disappointed” they are with her and that she must have gone off the deep end. They aren’t willing to consider that Logan and many other people may be 100% correct. I’m sure many who criticize her are simply bots on social media used to create a specific narrative.

Gas prices have already gone over $6 in parts of the USA and will go higher. I still remember paying under $2/gallon when Trump was president. The supply chain only works because of the trucking industry.

Beyond all of this, Big Pharma has come up with ways to insert microchips into us for tracking and social credit scoring purposes, according to Martin Armstrong. Pfizer has created a way to insert chips into pills and they appear almost gleeful about this new technology (technocracy). To them, we are just cattle, to be branded, corralled and used for their benefit.

The goal is to kill or break us, quite frankly. Yes, I know how depressing that can sound, but what other options are there for globalists? If they want to succeed, they cannot leave things to chance. They have to take control of all aspects of society in order to usher in their “great reset.”

Technocracy is the way for them to do that because the technology that exists today gives them the means to take and maintain control over virtually every aspect of society. As I said, this could not have happened thirty years or so ago, but with the advent of the Internet, Wi-Fi, cell phones, GPS, cashless means of purchasing things, etc., we’ve literally walked right into what appeared to be very convenient for us. It was convenient, but it was also a convenient way for them to trap and ultimately control us.

I don’t want to keep going on and on about this, because harping on this can be a bit depressing. However, what’s important here is that Christians need to do several things. First, we need to walk closely with our Lord and Savior, learning to daily depend on Him for strength, wisdom and discernment as we have absolutely no clue what later today, much less tomorrow will bring. Second, we should absolutely do what we can to make preparations for what is coming. Third, we should always focus on the hope that we have in Jesus and in the fact that He will return and set things right, through judgment prior to the setting up of His Millennial Kingdom (Matthew 25:31-46; Revelation 19:1-21).

When I say that we should prepare, I’m simply saying that we should use whatever we can do so that we have extra necessities on hand. Not everyone will be able to do the same thing, but everyone can prepare to some degree. I believe God will bless our efforts. He will also never leave or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:6; Matthew 28:20b; Hebrews 13:5; see also Romans 8).

I wish I knew exactly how this was all going to play out, but it’s probably good that I don’t if I consider how exhausting and overwhelming it was for people like Daniel when God revealed specifics about the future to him (Daniel 10). It is enough to know that, as the angel told Daniel in Daniel 12:9-10, that “…the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.” (v10b)

All of this may not seem like good news, but this is a real potential. The coming days and months will try our faith. I don’t see how that can be avoided. What will make it even more difficult is for those who do not see it coming and do not prepare for it.

Don’t forget folks, God laughs at these globalists who lead mankind in raging against God (Psalm 2). He has all things under His absolute sovereignty and will not fail to establish His goals and purposes for His Creation. What can mankind or Satan do to thwart God?

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