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Looks Like Even the Left is Angry at Mr. Obama

Blacks as well are moving away from the Obama camp. The only ones who appear to be with him are Democratic politicians like Maxine Waters and others. These folks are obviously very frustrated with Mr. Obama, yet instead of criticizing him for his lack of efforts and successes, they are directing their ire at the Tea Party and whites in general. Everything for these people is becoming connected to race. I believe that they believe if they fight hard for Mr. Obama’s re-election, they will be rewarded then for their service to him now. It’s going to back fire.

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33 – The Occult, Numerology, and the Coming New World Order

Numerology and the Occult.

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The U.S. Needs to Support Israel

As Christians, we can pray for rain, we can pray that the U.N. will not take our guns away, we can pray that joblessness in America will decrease and gas prices will go down. But all of these requests merely address symptoms of the overall problem. That overall problem has to do with the fact that our current president hates Israel and wants to see her fall. He has plenty of aides and advisers who side with him.

This is not good for our country. As long as we have a president who stands against Israel, not only will those symptoms remain, but I believe they will become far worse.

We need a president who supports Israel. Herman Cain is one such candidate. Rick Perry is another. Any other takers?

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Playing the Race Card – Chris Matthews Style!

Most recently, ever-myopic Chris Matthews moderated one of his nearly entire shows to discuss what he believes is, wait for it…white racist attitudes toward Mr. Obama. The plain fact of the matter is that due to the fact that Mr. Obama’s approval rating is exceedingly low and not only are whites, but blacks are also moving away from Mr. Obama, the only thing Matthews knows how to do is try to play the race card against whites.

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Atheists on the Prowl Because They Have Nothing Better to Do

What I also found interesting is that most of these atheists did not appreciate that opportunity to thoughtfully engage in discussions regarding differences of opinion between groups. In fact, a number of atheists on that board were pretty intolerant of people who were religious in nature. For me, the question was why are they here? They spent hardly any time at all in the atheist section and that was fine, since no one expected them to simply segregate themselves to that section. They – like all others – were more than welcome to go into other areas for discussion.

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Coming Northern Invasion Attempt of Israel

Will all of this happen because of the events that will possibly occur next month, in September? Again, I’m not sure. I’m simply looking at the world and how it currently sees Israel, as well as how it supports the Palestinian effort to become a state (while ignoring the constant threats against Israel) and I say that there is a possibility that this Northern Invasion spoken of in Ezekiel 38-39 could happen as a direct result.

Certainly, the Northern Invasion will happen at some point. We simply need to be aware of the times and not be taken by surprise when it does happen. But, it is coming.

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President of Mexico Berates U.S.

But for Calderon to blame the United States for the drug problems in Mexico while at the same time, joining the Federal Gov’t’s suit against Arizona seems to be hypocritical at best. He blames the U.S. “saying it is not doing enough to reduce the country’s high demand for illicit drugs or to stop the illegal trafficking of U.S. weapons into Mexico.”[1]

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Obama’s Race-Based Spoils System by Pat Buchanan

Obama plays the race card in Washington, DC.

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The Race Card, Mr. Obama, and the Upcoming MLK Speech

I hope you will consider the source of these racial implications and allegations. I hope you will see through the deception. If you truly want to vote for Mr. Obama because you believe he has accomplished something and needs a second term to complete what he started, then that is one thing. However, if you believe the hype of “white guilt,” and that is the only reason you are going to vote for the man, then you really need to stop and reconsider. I am not going to tell you how to vote. I’m simply asking that you know the reason why you are going to vote and for whom.

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When is a Jew Not a Jew?

So, when is a Jew not a Jew? When he is a Muslim, pretending to be a Jew for the sole purpose of harvesting souls for Islam. While it might be a new low that I have not come across before, it is not surprising that radical Islamists would stoop to this level. After all, there are many passages in the Qur’an that teach that lying, stealing, and even murdering is perfectly fine, as long as it is done in the name of Allah.

Jesus said that Satan was a murderer from the beginning and when he speaks, he lies because that is his native language. Do you see a connection here between Satan and what is taught in the Qur’an? If not, then it simply means you have not read the Qur’an for yourself. I would suggest that you do before another day goes by.

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