Looks Like Even the Left is Angry at Mr. Obama

August 30, 2011 at 12:58 PM

It is amazing that even those on the Left are expressing their anger, dissatisfaction, and frustration with Mr. Obama’s decisions of late.  Dick Morris has stated that Latinos, who originally supported Mr. Obama during his first election, are leaving him in droves. [1]  People are simply not stupid.  They see the writing on the wall.  They see the failures that have been prevalent during Mr. Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office and they want something terribly different.

Blacks as well are moving away from the Obama camp.  The only ones who appear to be with him are Democratic politicians like Maxine Waters and others.  These folks are obviously very frustrated with Mr. Obama, yet instead of criticizing him for his lack of efforts and successes, they are directing their ire at the Tea Party and whites in general.  Everything for these people is becoming connected to race.  I believe that they believe if they fight hard for Mr. Obama’s re-election, they will be rewarded then for their service to him now.  It’s going to back fire.

I was reading an article by Juan Williams titled, “The Rage on the Left Is Just Beginning.”  In it, he pointed out how even well-known liberal news bureaus are publishing articles taking Mr. Obama to task for his terrible efforts and the fact that seemingly at every turn, he has not been a strong leader at all.

Williams notes that writer for the New York Times has criticized Mr. Obama’s posture during the debt ceiling debacle.  “Left-wing columnist Maureen Dowd has written several columns dripping with contempt for Obama since he struck a deal with Republicans to cut spending but chose not to increase taxes in order to lower our nation’s debt.” [2]

Williams also points out that “Professor Drew Westen, in an essay in the New York Times magazines, writes that the Democrat in the White House is failing to respond to right-wing bullying instigated by the rich who have created the “greatest levels of economic inequality and the there greatest levels of corporate influence on politics since the Depression…” [3]

In spite of polls that clearly point out Mr. Obama’s failure to address the tax situation by insisting that the rich should be taxed more, he dropped the ball.  It’s not just Republicans who are upset with Mr. Obama.  According to Williams, “Leading congressional Democrats are so furious with the deal the president struck with Republicans on the debt that they now regularly speak of the once esteemed president as a “disappointment” and “mistake.” [4]

I’m reading and hearing a good bit of rumbling from people in Washington who are clearly frustrated with Mr. Obama’s lack of insight and involvement in the economic situation this country faces.  Because of that, it is likely he can expect an even greater backlash in the coming months.

How will Team Obama and media lap-dogs handle this?  They’ve already begun showing us how and that is through the use of race-baiting.  They will accuse anyone of being racist who does not continue to support Mr. Obama.  It will not matter if you are Latino, Black, Asian, or Caucasian.  You will be branded a racist if you choose to vote for someone other than the incumbent in the next presidential race.

It makes you wonder though what the reaction will be if it comes to the point of the Democratic Party finding their own challenger to Mr. Obama.  What then?  Will they also be called racists?  Certainly the claims will be shouted from rooftops but that won’t make it correct.

We have seen Black members of Congress begin to “call out” other Black members who are abandoning Mr. Obama.  Racist innuendo is routinely being peppered into conversations and speeches.  What’s can we expect when the polling places actually open, New Black Panther members blocking all of them, trying to keep whites from entering so that a “black man [will] win the election no matter what”?  If that happens and AG Eric Holder is still sitting where he sits now, we can be assured that charges will be dropped and the case against those individuals will be erased, just as it was against the two New Black Panther members in Philly.  These guys had been arrested, tried, and convicted and were simply awaiting sentencing.  All of a sudden, the DOJ decides that there was no merit to the case and it needs to be eradicated literally.

I’m not sure that Team Obama will have much of a leg to stand on when all is said and done and just about everyone has abandoned him for someone else.  Is everyone racist?  Well, according to Jesse Jackson, Blacks can’t be because they don’t have the means or the social standing, whatever that means.  That leaves Whites, Latinos, and Asians.  Generally speaking, most accusations of racism are applied to Whites.

As the campaign rhetoric heats up, we can be assured that we will continue to see more people on the Left (and Right) begin to outwardly oppose Mr. Obama.  According to one nameless person, Mr. Obama actually considered not running again, but was convinced that this was not a good idea.  It’s too bad too, because that would have been the only decision that Mr. Obama would have made with which I would have agreed.

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[2] http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2011/08/19/rage-on-left-is-just-beginning/?intcmp=obnetwork

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