The Unrealized Dangers of Astral Projection

June 15, 2011 at 7:23 PM 96 comments

We’ve all heard the phrases, astral projection or out of body experience.  When we hear it, we think of individuals who go into something like a trance and their consciousness separates physically from their body, yet it still connected through what is termed the silver cord.  In that situation, the silver cord is the only thing that keeps a person’s conscious awareness connected to their physical body.  To sever or destroy that silver cord means to kill the person’s physical body.

As I have begun to study this area called astral projection (and also known as an out of body experience, or OOBE), I cannot help but realize the dangers and full evil potential of the spiritual entities that wait just on the other side of our own physical dimension for opportunities that we may provide them, either intentionally or unintentionally.  However, to actively participate in what is known as astral projection, in nearly all respects, a person must want to go there.  This is not always the case, but in order for astral projection to occur, something must be generated so that a combination of brain waves together will cause this separation, or altered state of consciousness.

I was recently listening to a broadcast by Russ Dizdar where he related his understanding of astral projection and the dangers of it.  He discussed the craze of astral sex and how he has led many people out of that dangerous situation.  He also talked of many of the resources both on the Internet and in books that have helped him realize just how involved with this area so many people have become.

One Web site states, “Using brainwave technology it was found that a certain combination of alpha and theta harmonics caused the immediate transference of consciousness away from the physical body.” [1]   There are even places on the Internet where audio CDs can be purchased that create this type of separation after listening to the audio for twenty minutes or so through headphones.

People involved in this practice of astral projection often speak of the amazing things they see and experience.  They also describe their bodies almost as if they were like a type of Jell-O, yet able to control that astral body’s movements with practice.  There are many instances of people sharing examples of what happens to them during these times of out-of-body experiences and even astral projection sex that can and often happens.

Many to most of these people are not aware of the types of entities and beings they are dealing with in that disconnected state of mind.  What I think we fail to realize is that we exist presently within three dimensions (four, if you count time as one of those dimensions).  It seems to me that since the fall of humanity, God has made it so that we are sequestered to these dimensions, yet we want to experience more.  We are not supposed to try to leave these dimensions for any other dimensions that exist.

The truth of the matter is that any dimension beyond the dimensions in which we currently live obviously without question, are dimensions where spiritual entities and beings exist.  Their own home base is obviously outside of my four dimensions, though they can obviously come into and leave my dimensions as they will.  They can and do affect the lives of people in the here and now.

Think about it for a moment.  In the Bible, we know that certain prophets and apostles were actually allowed to leave their bodies for short periods of time, allowing them to see and to some extent even experience the events of the future.  We read of some of these events throughout Ezekiel or the book of Revelation, and though Ezekiel or John speak of seeing something “in the Spirit,” it is clear that God was the one who – for that specific purpose – allowed them to leave their bodies through a vision or something similar, in order for one purpose – to learn what would happen in the future from their point in time.  God did this so that generations to come would know what God had planned.  As these prophecies spoken of by Ezekiel, John, and others came to pass, it also becomes clear that the veracity of the Bible is once again, upheld.

In 2 Thessalonians 2, Paul speaks of how the final world dictator known as the man of sin (or the Antichrist), will become known, mostly due to the fact that the world itself will have become so perverse in the last days.  Paul tells us that this man of sin, “whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders, and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved,” (2 Thessalonians 2:9-10; emphasis added).  These counterfeit signs and miracles along with the constant and consistent rise in today’s moral perversions and addictions that do nothing but darken human understanding, are going to be clearly part of the End Times deception that he references.

Consider the exponential growth of interest in astral projection in the past few decades.  Sexual activity within the realm of astral projection, or out-of-body experiences, has also grown with it.  The reason for this is because it is often seen as literally having safe sex!  Think about it.  If a person enters into an out-of-body state through astral projection and meets beings or entities while there who start to have sex with that human person, what can happen?  Can the person become pregnant (if a woman)?  Can a sexually transmitted disease spread from the spiritual entity to the human being?

From my own study of the material that exists on astral projection and sex during that state, pregnancy seems to be impossible.  One person put it bluntly, “You can’t get pregnant by having astral sex any more than by not having sex at all.” [2]  So the draw for people to enter into an out-of-body experience seems to rest, to some degree, in the sexual encounters they embrace during those astral events.  The dangers seem non-existent, but are they?

We all know that Genesis 6 tells us of the Nephilim that were created due to the fact that the fathers of those Nephilim we call fallen angels found some way to impregnate human women.  We also believe that this was done purely by Satan to destroy the human strain of DNA.  If the human strain of DNA was fully destroyed, there would be no chance that God would be able to enter humanity as a human being Himself (while retaining His full deity) in order to become the atonement for sinful humanity, thereby being able to offer salvation to the fallen race of human beings.

Both Peter and Jude allude to the fact that these particular angels (the fathers of the Nephilim) were chained in darkness by God because of their crimes of not keeping their “first estate.”  Jude tells us, “And angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode, He has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day.” (Jude 6).  Obviously, Jude cannot be referring to all angels who literally fell from grace by following Satan in his rebellion against God.  If so, all fallen angels would have been locked up.  Jude is speaking of specific angels who did something so horrendous that caused God to lock those specific angels away until their judgment so that they could not perpetrate that same type of terribly evil sin against humanity again.

If you believe that Genesis 6 refers to the line of Seth, or some other human lineage, that’s up to you.  Debating with me about it isn’t going to bring anyone any closer to the actual truth.  If I’m wrong, then I submit myself to the Lord who will straighten me out on that score.  I’ll let you do the same.

So if this was the case then during the time of Genesis 6, what is the deal now with all the talk about sexual relations in the spiritual realm, during astral projection?  What is the purpose of that?  I believe that unlike the incidence of Genesis 6, in which God saw how terribly evil the entirety of humanity had become, except for Noah and his immediate family, today’s demons are more interested in controlling humanity through direct intervention, than impregnating human women.

It is quite possible that the fallen angels who found a way to have sexual intercourse with human women (and interestingly, the very book quoted by Jude [and Peter] above called, The Book of Enoch, calls these beings The Watchers), were different from the other angels in heaven, which is why Jesus could rightly and accurately state that the angels in heaven are neither married or given in marriage (cf. Matthew 22:30; Mark 12:25).  The Watchers and the angels who fell are no longer in heaven.  They may have started there, but no longer exist there.  When Jesus made the statement He made, the fallen angels had long ago fallen from their original state in heaven.  Specifically, if The Book of Enoch has any authenticity to it (and certainly both Peter and Jude believed it did), these Watchers seemed to be a completely different bunch of angelic beings from Gabriel, Michael and the others.  Then again, we do not know a great deal about angels in the first place, do we?

In today’s world, based on 2 Thessalonians 2, it seems clear that demons and Satan want more than anything, to have control over humanity.  That’s a given.  Getting human women pregnant isn’t really that fruitful.  Sure, if it could happen today with demons (the spirits of the Nephilim whose physical bodies died in the flood), the result would be some hybrid that will have far greater powers and abilities than any human, yet, still have less power and abilities than their spiritual fathers.  They would also be inferior to the original Nephilim as well.

Paul confirms that during these last days (like all times since Creation), prior to the revelation of the man of sin, the activities of Satan are seen within his power to deceive.  Satan has always deceived and he deceives in many ways. In all of those ways, he deceives through wickedness.  I think Paul is also stating that compared to any other time in human history, this period of time leading immediately up to the Tribulation will include some of the worst and most powerful deceptions known to humanity.

Consider the false signs and especially the wonders that happen because of Satan’s power with human beings now.  Astral projection, whether it’s true or whether it is simply an extremely strong delusion is difficult to know.  However, there is a far greater abundance of people literally clamoring after these types of things because of what they seem to gain from their involvement in it!  At the very least, it caters to the Self-centeredness of the world today!

Imagine going into an altered state of consciousness that allows a person to visit past lives, or experience remote image viewing (when a person is in one place, but can see things that happen far away).  During this event, a sexual encounter is experienced.  The people that tell of having these experiences speak of the intensity that overshadows anything like it in this physical realm.  In other words, these people talk of emotions, urges, and feelings that are so intense, they are difficult to explain.  It is as if their astral body has become electrically charged and because of that, all experiences, including sexual activity become tremendously magnified.

So, we have a much larger number of people seeking out and even experiencing these types of events and can easily become addicted to them.  Because of this growing addiction, they will seek them out more and more simply because of the quality of the experience itself, along with the belief that no harm can actually come from them.

One individual named “Sapphire” attests to the fact that for over 15 years, she has experienced astral projection daily and has enjoyed many sexual experiences within that realm of altered consciousness.  Another woman, in describing her first instance of astral projection, noted that while in her altered state, she first had sex with one entity, which was then followed by more encounters with numerous beings, at the same time.  This is nothing more than group sex, yet since it is done in another dimension via astral projection people see nothing wrong with it.  While it is real, in essence, it is not real, as far as our dimensions are concerned.  It is like dreaming, yet dreaming vividly.

At one point, after this woman had sex with multiple spiritual entities, she started coming back to her home.  She began to “wake up” after she got home and as she did, she felt the presence of another entity.  She realized that she was not yet fully awake from her astral projection.  All of a sudden, she was on the couch, having sex with yet another being.  This is the way she describes it.  “Next thing I knew I was on my couch, making love again, but I could only see bits of ceiling and the room as I tried to swing that tunnel vision toward the being I was with. His head was on my chest and I touched his hair and thought, “It’s G [my husband at the time].” I felt like it was G, and therefore felt fine making love to him, but then I had the thought that it was a trick, and whoever it was was just making me think it was G so I’d make love to him. (I wasn’t really too concerned with who it was, but was happy to think it was my husband).” [3]

So the woman describes literally being raped by numerous entities from other dimensions, arriving back home to her couch and then being raped again by still a different entity who seemed to pretend to be her husband.  She then notes that she began thinking it was a trick to simply make her believe it was her husband, but she obviously realized it was not.  However, she continued to believe that it was her husband though because thinking that way made her feel better about having sex.

So think of it.  If people are involving themselves in greater numbers of out-of-body experiences, they will very likely become extremely addicted to these sexual events.  If you consider the fact that people – by and large – cannot get enough sexual stimulation in this life, whether through movies, magazines, Internet porn sites, and the like, this then is just one more facet that creates an allegedly far greater sexual response than simply having physical sex with another human being in this realm!

People who have addictions find them extremely difficult to break.  I myself have one and it has to do with sugar.  I find myself eating candy, cookies, ice cream, or cake simply because those items are there, not necessarily because I want to eat them.  I have tried many things to eliminate the cravings (including not buying them!) and I have had some success, but the way some people love bread, I continue to love sweets.

Imagine if I could go to a place where everything was sweeter and far more satisfying to my mouth and stomach than the sweets that I eat in this realm.  It reminds me of Edmund in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, who meets the White Witch and is tempted with Turkish Delight.  He loves it and not getting enough of it makes him ornery.  We all have weaknesses and when they are not fulfilled, we too, can become ornery.

In Genesis 6, I toy with the belief that Satan went to the leader of the Watchers (Book of Enoch), and tempted him to lust after human women.  That leader took the bait and went back to the other Watchers and, as their leader, tempted them to join him in his sin.  They did and from that horrible union of women and fallen angels, the Nephilim were born.  Why did Satan tempt them to commit this terrible evil?  As stated, to destroy the human genome so that Jesus would not be born.

Today, we have Satan and demons finding ways to cash in on the weaknesses and pleasures of human beings.  Sexual relations in the proper context are fine.  However, because of this deceptive manipulation, people are entering into a new frontier of uncharted sexual territory combined with demonic evil.  It is leaving these people guilt-free while giving them levels of tremendous pleasure that they have not experienced before in this dimension.

In today’s world – the last days of human history prior to the Tribulation – Satan does not need to actual impregnate human women, so they can give birth to hybrids.  What’s the point of that?  He doesn’t need to destroy the human genome again.  He already tried that and like everything else he does, he failed.

So why are Satan and his demonic minions involved in deceitfully engaging human beings (both women and men) in things like astral projection and astral sex?  Simply because it opens the doors to the demonic realm that are extremely difficult to close and it is done so by the human being, willingly.

The person who opens that door is “rewarded” with sexual involvement that makes what they have in this realm pale in comparison in most cases.  I also believe that this is simply another way that Satan tries desperately to imitate God.  Let me explain.

We know that the Holy Spirit works in and through the Church.  Each member of the authentic Church is indwelt by the Holy Spirit.  We are empowered to overcome sin and He also works within us to change us to the image of Jesus, God the Son.  For the authentic Christian who lives to serve the only wise God, our Savior, the benefits are fully realized in the next life, however, while here in this life and within our four dimensions, we still gain quite a lot.  We learn what joy is, not just happiness.  We begin to comprehend what God’s love is all about and we come to terms with what it means to be fully forgiven.  We begin to see the scope of salvation as it presents itself to us for all eternity.  There are so many things that come with being an authentic believer in Jesus, words cannot describe them all.

Once the Church is gone, to a large degree, the Holy Spirit’s work in this world will be severely curtailed, at least initially, until He starts building things up again through the 144,000 of Revelation and their evangelistic assault on this earth; Satan’s temporary kingdom.

Without the Holy Spirit, the Christian’s work would amount to nothing.  Because of the Holy Spirit working in and through each Christian, lives are eternally changed and God is fully magnified.

Satan works the same way, except on an evil scale.  He wants and needs to work in and through people in order to fully accomplish his goals.  As things ramp up toward the end and the Church is taken out of the way, the doors will be thrust open by Satan and his hordes to fully extend his evil to the world and it will be done largely through the people they have come to control.

Those who have opened the door to what appears to be harmless sexual activity in another dimension, will find themselves overpowered by demons who have merely used sex as the carrot that gave them access to the heart of the individual.  Can you imagine a world in which millions of people, through one form or another, have willingly volunteered to enjoy what seemed to be “harmless sin” (an oxymoron) for a season, only to realize later that they unknowingly gave Satan full permission to use them however he wishes to do so?

What seems to so many, to be so innocuous, is willingly opening the door to  untold levels of evil that will force their way into this world and will quickly create the environment and atmosphere that will ultimately cater to and deliver the man of sin described in 2 Thessalonians 2 to the world.  People who open the door to other dimensions do so to their own (and the world’s) tremendous peril.  Satan and his demons not only look for, but work to create open doors through which they can march in order to gain control.

The person who believes that they control the situation during astral projection is fully deceived.  They are led away by the pleasure they encounter and that becomes the magnet for them to return, willingly submitting themselves to experiences that we are not supposed to experience!  In this case, it is what is known as Incubus/Succubus, which is the physical intermingling human and demonic.  This world is heading toward destruction simply because it is playing with dynamite that for now seems pleasurable, but the consequences for many will be nothing short of eternal death.





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  • 1. Lala  |  January 6, 2013 at 12:08 PM

    To all of the ignorant people here, who are insinuating that those with astral projects/paralysis/related subconscious turmoil – who decided to share their personal experiences, should feel as if they have a lack of belief, or are not fully fulfilled with the Spirit of God, or are going through these experiences due to SELF imposed issues- ONLY you know what your beliefs are. You know the good inside your own heart, let nobody here pessimistically judge or discard the good in your heart. Aslong as you stay optimistic, and use the word, your blessings and your intuition as a guide, ignore the pretentious members here who dictate what their interpretation is. An opinion is fine but some of the authoritative, religious hierarchy within a post where people should be helping others’ is offensive. Pay attention to those who support, listen to and offer progressive, genuine, heartfelt and concerned advice. Not somebody dismissing, scapegoating or shunning you. That in itself is ANTI BIBLICAL. The fact that you are here, admitting an issue or a struggle and working on a solution for your well being- is a great thing. Some people will use the word of God to facilitate the fact that they love to hear their own voices. I hope everyone experiencing these issues gets through and over them. God bless those of you going through it.


    • 2. modres  |  January 6, 2013 at 12:22 PM

      Lala, you are wrong on so many counts, it’s difficult to number them. You know nothing of Scripture, yet you profess to know the truth of it. The Bible tells us that no one is good – no, not one, yet you are saying the exact opposite – that we have good within us.

      Beliefs – no matter how strong they are – do not mean that a person is on the right road. It is only when those beliefs agree with Scripture that the right road is found.

      I think I’ve just about had it with all the asinine comments left by people like yourself. No more. Yours is the last one and I will allow no more comments connected to this article whether they agree with the Bible or not.

      You are your highest authority, not God, and certainly not the Bible. As such, you are open to error and you are proving that you are living in error.

      I’ve tried to point out the evil associated with astral projection AS REVEALED in Scripture. You and a number of others have chosen to reject that reasoning because in the end, you LOVE the EXPERIENCE associated with astral projection. That’s it. That’s the bottom line. You are chasing an experience, not God.

      And by the way, you are being just as “pretentious” in the expression of your beliefs as you accuse others of being. The big difference is that those of us who disagree with you do so based entirely on Scripture, not on how something FEELS. We have the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ to stand on whereas you have the ineptitude and irrationality of feelings as your guide.

      I pray that the Lord will bring you to your senses one day.


  • 3. B  |  January 5, 2013 at 1:47 AM

    Thanks for the article and all the time you spend in answering these comments.. After reading most of the comments, im guessing a lot of them are shills and dis-info agents intentionally arguing with you and trying to dis-credit scripture. I have experienced sleep paralysis and 3 black entities floated into the room and i left my body in fear.. also other super-natural experiences when i was dabbling in the occult and new age.. i had to get prayed for in the name of Jesus and was given deliverance by a pastor who specialises in that “field” and they left me alone after that. Jesus Bless Brother.


    • 4. modres  |  January 5, 2013 at 6:56 AM

      Amen. Thanks for writing.


  • 5. shelley  |  November 2, 2012 at 3:55 PM

    I have heard that people can have sex with other people through astral traveling, well If your a spirit filled christian and have no clue whats happening is it less likely that if covered by the blood of Jesus that this cannot really happen to you.? I truley believe that it’s a deception and that these people are really having sex with demonic entities and are not aware of it. I really need some feed back on this because I have a friend in the church who loves the Lord but believes that people in the church are doing this to other people in the church and I really concerned about her. I just cant see a person filled with the spirit of God even being allowed to astral sex with other people or beings.


  • 6. Concerned  |  October 26, 2012 at 12:24 PM

    Interesting reading all the debate 🙂 I’m concerned about this topic as a christian myself and because my husband (who claims to be christian still) has gotten very into astral travel…he claims there is no astral sex but he says he doesn’t want to stop…he even wants to leave the marriage because he wants to be with someone that I guess doesn’t make him feel bad about him doing this. I don’t want to lose my husband…but we are clashing forces right now and don’t know how to handle it without him wanting to take the easy way out…this doesn’t even seem like him he has been a different kind of person since starting this…what concerns me is if it was so great and helping him with his relationship with God…then why does he think its a good idea to divorce and leave his wife and kids? it does not add up to me. In that regard I can say it must not be of God because God does not like divorce…at the same time, all I can do is believe and pray that God will knock some sense into him and make him realize this and that he’s making a mistake.


    • 7. modres  |  October 26, 2012 at 1:55 PM

      I will be in prayer for you, Concerned. I hope that God opens your husband’s eyes soon. God bless you.


  • 8. M.Sylo  |  October 24, 2012 at 5:44 PM

    I heard of astral projections (and even creepier astral sex), and I was immensely curious about it. In a way it did bring me closer to God, although not in the same sense most people commenting would think. I have never done it, merely read people experience about it. What caught me as suspicious was when a married man clearly stated he feels no guilt of astral sex because he “left his spouse behind while ascending”. From then I knew something was merely afoot. I researched further into it, and became even more… turned away.

    It was when a voice in my head (perhaps my conscience, perhaps maybe even Jesus) made me google “astral sex Christian opinion”, and it has brought be straight here; something to this day I believe was divine intervention.

    Anyways… it has strengthened my faith in God; Jesus Christ my savior, just knowing that it is easy to be fooled by the dark presence that lurks hungrily awaiting to snatch us as we are weakened. I have taken everything you said with a grain of salt (even your bit about the Nephilims, I went to my Bible to read more into), and I must say I believe astral projection is something people should be wary of.

    I shall pray for both our continued progression on the path the Lord has set before us, that we may not stray, and I shall pray for those who have fallen off course (perhaps they may see sense).

    God Bless.


    • 9. modres  |  October 24, 2012 at 6:08 PM

      Good, I think. You said “I have taken everything you said with a grain of salt” which generally means that you view my comments with skeptism. Hopefully, that’s not the case. 🙂 I AM very glad that you went to the Bible though. Way to go!

      Thank you for writing and may God bless you as well.


    • 10. shelley  |  November 2, 2012 at 4:57 PM

      ,For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty throuigh God to the pulling down of strongholds. 2 corinthians 10:4. One of our weapons is intercessory prayer, also we must be careful what we say, call your husband back to sonship with the Father and keep claiming it. Keep yourself covered by the blood of Jesus and children if any and continue in prayer and remind the devil that your husband belongs to Christ and not him and he cannot have him, If it looks bad at first don’t stop praying for him because your prayers are working. Pray for strength and keep trusting in the Lord till you get a word from him. Of course don’t ever stop trusting him for he is our only source of help in some of the most impossible times. The Lord will deal with him and bring him back to repentance. May the Lords favor be with you.


  • 11. Robert Murphy  |  October 22, 2012 at 11:38 PM

    Thanks, you gave me the answer I pretty much expected. I will stop the researching of these evil arts. I have been told pretty much what you said by other Christians. Some things the human mind isn’t meant to understand in full. My mother allays tells me to pray before bed and ask the Lord to bless you dreams and keep you safe. After reading your forum, things can happen in sleep state, it makes sense to pray before sleeping. Thanks for you help.


    • 12. modres  |  October 23, 2012 at 9:37 AM

      Glad the Lord spoke to you. I will continue to pray for you, Robert. God bless.


  • 13. Robert Murphy  |  October 22, 2012 at 3:14 PM

    Modres, I have received Christ as my personal savior. I was raised in the Church since I was about 5 years old. I backslid for a good stretch of about age 14-36. I never stopped believing or praying, I had just made the decision to experience the world with drinking and parting, woman and so on.

    The Lord allowed some pretty devastating things to happen to me in order to come back to him, two which lead to the ER in which I was pretty much going to die. This last one made me reevaluate my life, a drunken motorcycle accident. My mother is very strong in Jesus and a pillar of her church and has never stopped praying for me. This is what has always kept the Lord’s protective hedge around me and not allowed the enemy to completely destroy me. Well I am back now, haven’t had a drink since 5/2011 and feel my relationship with Jesus is stronger than ever.

    I am very interested in ancient knowledge and love to read about how it all works and try and incorporate all that with how the laws of the universe work and the Bible. The Bible clearly defines what not to practice and I have never dabbled in any black arts or practice any kind of ritual. I enjoy reading on how it all works and the author of the material that I am reading is not promoting this is any way. I prefer it to even be from a Christian perspective. When I do watch videos on exorcisms or begin to read things that go a little more in depth, I will stop and pray and ask Jesus for protection and not give any permission to any entity to enter my life.

    I had read about Astral projection, Occult, Illuminati, Lucifarianism, Demons, Pornography and various forms of opening demonic gateways, knowing and unknowingly. I have had conversations with people and been able to help them by identifying root cause for things that have happened or are happening in their life. Most of the time it is something they have willfully done to cause this oppression and I always offer Jesus as the solution.

    Like you, first question I ask are you SAVED, if not, get saved. Second you need to revoke the permission given to that specific demon, by renouncing it in the name of Jesus Christ and asking Jesus to forgive you for anything you might have done to open the door and plead the Blood of Jesus over you and your property and animals.

    My mother is very conservative and tell me not read so much on the evil aspect of these practices. I will never physically done a ritual, but I like knowing how it all works. I have a pretty good picture of how it all links together and would never put my faith in anything other than Jesus.

    I have these recurring dreams of me battling these ugly demons and rebuking them in the name of the Lord. I have won every battle and awake terrified. I am in complete horror when faced by these demons but I walk toward them saying, in the name of Jesus, I rebuke you. I tell them “I ain’t scared of you”, “your scum”, and engage them in these verbal fights. It is always a different one.

    One time I fell asleep on the couch and awoke to my brother standing there looking at me saying, “what the hell were you dreaming about”. I heard you calling somebody a “bum” and telling them you weren’t scared of em and to leave and never come back, commanding them in the name of Jesus Christ. My brother was grinning and asked me, did you win? I told him, always. He thinks it because of all this research I do on the occult and forbidden knowledge. Do you think reading about all this stuff is bad for the Christian?


    • 14. modres  |  October 22, 2012 at 5:35 PM

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for writing and sharing. Congratulations on being sober since May of 2011! Amen to that!

      I’ll be happy to offer my opinion on things, since you asked. Just bear in mind that this is my opinion. Feel free to ignore it.

      I agree with your mother. It seems as though – unless I’m missing something – you are doing what you can to find out about things in the spiritual realm out of curiosity. If that’s the case, then I would not do that. I wrote a couple of books dealing with these subjects and what I have found is that the oppression that I felt was palpable. When I wrote “Behind Enemy Lines,” I had to do some research in the occult and demonic. Looking back, I realize how dark it seemed. That may seem weird to some people, nonetheless, that’s what happened.

      We are curious about the way the universe works and the types of things that occur in the spiritual dimensions. We are curious about Satan, his power, his intelligence, and even what he looks like. Does he look like a being with red skin, a forked tail, and carrying a pitchfork? I seriously doubt it. I believe though that he is thoroughly malevolent because he is evil personified.

      Do we need to KNOW more about Satan and evil than what we learn in Scripture? I don’t really think we do. I have used various books in my research (depending upon the book or article I’m writing) that delve into the occult or New Age and I have tried to be really careful because it is very easy to be drawn into the ideas that are put forth in these books and often the authors make them appear as if they’re fine, though some danger can be associated with it.

      Does God want us to be directly involved in fighting demons – either real or in our dreams? I don’t really think so and the fact that you take them on personally in a way tells me that you may be going way beyond what the Bible seems to indicate.

      In the book of Jude, we see a very tiny snippet of information about Satan, Moses, and Michael the Archangel. Apparently, according to Jude, after Moses died, Satan wanted Moses’ body. We are not told why he wanted it, just that he wanted it. But God had given the command to Michael to bury Moses’ body so that it would not be found. Jude tells us, “But Michael the archangel, when he disputed with the devil and argued about the body of Moses, did not dare pronounce against him a railing judgment, but said, “The Lord rebuke you!” (Jude 9). The whole situation ended when Michael rebuked Satan.

      Do you see what happened there? Michael the Archangel – who even on his worst day has incomparably great power compared to you and me – did not enter into a verbal disagreement or argument with Satan. He simply rebuked Satan and the Lord did the rest.

      You say in your dreams, you rebuke the demons. Then you go onto fight them. That’s not what happens biblically with respect to Christians and demons. I don’t see an example of a Christian entering into any type of physical or verbal brawl with demons. There are many examples where a person rebukes a demon or demons in the Lord’s Name and that ends the altercation. It does not go beyond that. There ARE examples of UNSAVED people getting the stuffing knocked out of them by other human beings who were possessed by demons and that is because they had no protection from the Lord since they were unsaved.

      I personally believe, based on what you’re telling me and what we know in Scripture, that demons are having a field day with you. They are creating situations in which you are entering into battles (verbal, physical, or otherwise) and even though you win, they are still getting the best of you because you wake up frightened and likely exhausted. Do you see this anywhere in the New Testament? I don’t see it at all.

      Frankly, I think you are being played big time. It likely stems from your curiosity about the spiritual realm and because you are reading books by people who may or not be Christian, their view is seriously tainted in my opinion, because they are not getting their knowledge from the Bible, but from these spirit beings who tell lies as a matter of course.

      Ask yourself – what possible purpose is there in you being involved in fighting demons in your dreams? What possible reason could God be putting you through this (if it is from Him) especially since this type of thing is not seen in the Bible? What are you gaining? How are you growing closer to God in Christ? How has this caused you to be a better witness or evangelist for Jesus?

      I would stop reading these books and focus on reading the Bible. If the main reason you are reading them is because you “like knowing how it all works,” then what you’re actually doing is trusting that what you are reading is the truth, when in fact, it’s very likely you are reading lies.

      The Bible does not answer all of our questions on the spiritual realm. In fact, it barely allows us to peak behind the curtain. Yet, there are many authors who say they have experienced this, that, or the other thing. Like many people who have come here to respond to my article on astral projection, they think they know because of their experience or because they have tapped into some level of higher existence and learning from some ascended master. I believe these ascended masters are nothing more than demons and their job is to destroy. They will do that any way they can, but the main way they do it is through lying. They can create any scenario they want to create and how can anyone prove that they are simply making it up? We do that by rejecting what they present because of the truth of Scripture.

      These people who dabble with astral projection think that there is SOME truth in the Bible, but it is not the ONLY truth. They believe they can gain truth from these spirit guides as well, or via astral projection or soul travel. They simply believe what they experience because it FEELS real. If it FEELS real, it must BE real, right?

      If I were you, I would actively reject the experience of your dreams. You can start by confessing that you should probably not be reading the material you’re reading because whether you think so or not, you are actually putting MORE faith in the books you are reading than in God’s Word. Because of that, you have opened yourself up to the dangers associated with demonic spirits who want nothing more than to take you down.

      I truly believe that our sight into the spiritual realm is severely and deliberately limited by God. I don’t think we can fully appreciate or understand what kinds of things happen in that realm. Because of our fallen state (even those of us who are redeemed in Jesus), we cannot possibly grasp what goes on in other dimensions. I honestly believe that being in this dimension as we are offers some measure of protection for us, though Satan and demons have great sway here, but the Bible says that Satan is the prince of the power of the air, so imagine going into HIS (Satan’s) domain or territory. It’s not wise and as I have stated before, I truly believe that this is why when a Christian dies, angels actually escort that individual’s soul to heaven.

      It’s a very dangerous realm and there is enough danger in this physical life on a daily basis to deal with, that we do not need to spend time trying to figure out (beyond what God’s Word tells us) how it all works in the spiritual dimension.

      Sorry for the long answer, but you asked for my opinion and I wanted to cover as many bases as possible. I’ll be praying for you, Robert. God bless.


  • 15. langat86  |  October 22, 2012 at 7:50 AM

    Modres, I am really impressed with your objective analysis of astral projection and your unwavering support for the sanctity of God’s word. I really feel sorry for many believers who question the authority of God’s infallible word.

    Many have wondered from the faith in the name of seeking Truth from the Occult, which is a trap the enemy uses to lure people into sin. Jesus says, “I am the Way the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through me’ How I wish we all seek Jesus diligently and set our eyes on Him.

    I am inspired by Paul’s words- “For I resolved to know nothing while I was with you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.” 1 Corinthians 2:2, Thanks


  • 16. Darius  |  October 18, 2012 at 3:51 PM

    Don’t get me wrong, i fully understand your goal, but still open your mind modres. Good Judgement or discernment was given to us by God. I dont quote bible scriptures because i feel no need (no offense) to prove to a man like I what my relationship with God is. He knows. Modres Thank you i hope that you pray for me and i will pray for you. Our truth have been contorted do you believe in the saying the older the book the more the truth there is. Well i don’t plan to say that your wrong. Your intention is beautiful, but you have to let God work with you before you go out. And let me just say this. God gives us all free will. We are all born extremely different. From the amount of grains in our hair to the spirals in our fingers. We are not Suppose to do the same thing the same way. My argument runs parallel with ecclesiastics in the bible. There is a time for everything. And in revelation, i believe it speaks of times like these. The very things that were meant for love and piece and growth got tainted. Simply put, everything that is occurring now from the small to major, every single detail is not put into scripture. I could quote scriptures all day, but you would find something to counter it. Do you know why?? Because the bible contradicts itself in many ways. And in the wrong hands, for some who know it, the bible can and will and has run people away from God.
    You say that you don’t have to burn in fire to know that it is not good for you. Well in the same breathe i dont need to know every single word of the bible for God to be in my heart. I have found myself being able to sight from the bible through experiences that i know that God has given me. My point is God works in mysterious ways. But truthfully this will not end… the Answer is the bible has been wrong on accounts, our experiences have been wrong on accounts, Science many things. You have to look at the bible in a spiritial sense, as well as mental, as well as physical. But Modres if you truly care for me and the people on here and want to help i thank you for that, but there’s no need to go any further because in the end we will all know the truth will we not??


    • 17. modres  |  October 18, 2012 at 5:46 PM

      You don’t need to prove your relationship to me at all, Darius. The reason I quote Scripture is to INFORM. Using Scripture wisely is a form of DISCERNMENT and Jesus often quoted many portions of Scripture, but Deuteronomy appears to be one of His favorite books to quote from. Paul, and numerous other writers of the books of the New Testament also often quote Scripture. In fact, the book of Revelation is filled with quotes and references to many books from the Hebrew Bible.

      If the Bible is good enough for Jesus to quote from it, then it’s good enough for me. As Paul tells us, “All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness,” (2 Timothy 3:16). In other words, there is tremendous value in being familiar with and even knowing what Scripture teaches us about many different things.

      If you choose not to view the Bible as infallible, that’s certainly up to you. In that case, then I certainly understand WHY you seem to disregard it, or at the very least, not place a high enough value on it. You seem to indicate that you believe it has been distorted. Again, that’s your choice. As for me, the God I worship is fully capable of writing and protecting a book that He wants us to benefit from and even learn of His plan of salvation.

      Unlike yourself, I have never found an error in Scripture. What I HAVE found are what people say are errors, but after careful research and study, the problem evaporates. In other words, it’s normally due to a lack of study and understanding that people say the Bible has errors in it. I have spent a good amount of time reading New Age books and even books purportedly written by “ascended masters” and they say essentially what you say about the Bible; that it is tainted, or that we have misunderstood things, or that Jesus’ words have been completely misconstrued. It has always been ironic to me that people will believe these beings from other dimensions though they offer no proof of anything. This is the main point in why I have endeavored to write about astral projection and other topics related to the New Age and the occult.

      You’re right – this wouldn’t end and we could continue talking about it until Jesus returns.

      If we do what you are saying you do – interpret biblical truth by our experience – we would find it very difficult to realize God’s truth. Experiences are so vulnerable to being misunderstood as they are and by counting on them to teach us truth, I believe we open ourselves to deception. Experience and the words of “ascended masters” become the teachers, instead of the infinite truth of God’s Word. To me, it’s tragic.

      I know you feel sad for me, that I am not as “enlightened” as you. No worries, but thanks for your concern. Yes, I agree…we will all learn the truth in the end.


  • 18. Darius  |  October 18, 2012 at 10:16 AM

    I Love the comments from Pam and Confidential and alot of people here. I am writing this because i was compelled to and something touched my spirit to do so not to butt in on the argument, but let me first start by saying, Everything has its place. There is a time for everything and every one is different, and our experiences will be different. Ms. Pam was right! Peace, Love, and Compassion and all is good and of good. But Modres has a really valid point as well.

    I understand why people are leaving and not commenting back because this is an exact replica of what’s happening in the churches and in religion today. Modres you remind me alot of my father. I understand that you have good intent. People are mistaking may be mistaking your intent because of your word choice. I can see that you really want to help. But, just as my father did, you are bashing and saying that only your way is right. Honestly, logically, and spiritually, both sides can be proven and valid. And i too have experienced demonic encounters, but i too faced them. And like many people here said, it came random. Alot of events in my life led to me experiencing this type of stuff. I have been close to God for a long time. I have a relationship with him and i have went through the whole phase of “what is real?? Where do i Go?? If God is here with me why is there so much bad happening around me? But God Showed Me that i should be the light for me and the people around me. After going through a series of negative or difficult experiences i grew in ways that were unimaginable. Everything in the world is Objective. The Key is to question. As said in proverbs, seek and find knowledge comes to those who want it. This is a big step in becoming pure and with God. Everything that happens happens for a reason.

    For the people who are going through these things with astral projection, God chose for them to be able to experience it for a reason. A reason some may not know at the moment, but for a divine reason that is special to them and their own spirituality and relationship with God.

    The key is to learn about alot and then use your heart to understand. Wisdom and understanding are the keys to life. This shouldn’t be an argument. God has chosen people to do and experience things that you do not understand at this point, and its not meant for you to understand yet until you open your mind. You have ran upon the topic of astral projection and it is for a reason. But i believe you are blocking the life -changing blessings by not allowing yourself to experience it or to understand it. Maybe you learned about it because God’s wants to use you in some way. IF this is so you will never understand or be able to trully get that blessing because your mind is too closed. And im sorry Modres you have very False Judgement. That is judgement that you are placing whether on their experiences or not because you simply can not say if God is using these people in ways that he wouldn’t use “You” The key is to let GOD show you the way. The truth is God put everything here for a reason. And was for us to discover for keys to the truth. You have to learn knowledge and understanding. You remind me of my dad. A man with much knowledge, but low levels of understanding or compassion. If you do have an open-mind, opening your heart is the next step. I pray that God is able to use you to yours and his full potential. I pray that everybody who God has Granted to see these experiences really learn the benefit of it and use them in the correct manner. And for Pam, Confidential, Many others, and even you Modres, your words were very inspirational. And as i read this page my inner self got confirmation for the truth. Modres i believe you have even greater potential than you have now you have to open your mind.. If i was able to help anyone I thank God for your time and his ability to use us. I hope that everyone can take pieces from this forum that are beneficial. We should help each other on traveling our OWN paths through Compassion, Love and Understanding. That is the way that is pure and forever giving.


    • 19. modres  |  October 18, 2012 at 10:34 AM

      HI Darius,

      I have tried to present my comments as my opinion and have stated that several times. People will be offended simply because I believe and state that what they are doing is wrong. I base those beliefs not on my heart or emotion, but what I believe the Word of God states.

      As I have stated on numerous occasions here, people can and will do what they want but I cannot condone what they do. This does NOT mean I hate them or am bashing them. It simply means I disagree with them.

      Everyone who has come here to post (including you) has NOT referenced anything from Scripture to support their claims that astral projection is fine by God’s standards. They have always resorted to referring to their personal experience and the way it makes them feel. If you stop to think about it, we can do this with anything. A person falls in love with someone, so they enter into a physical relationship with them even though the Bible clearly notes that it is wrong outside of marriage. The people continue going their own way believing that their emotion or heart tells them that it’s okay.

      You say I have a FALSE JUDGMENT, yet you never point to Scripture. You have judged me with nothing except your own opinion. I do not take umbrage at that at all; I simply point out what you have done. My “judgment” of astral projection is based on Scripture. If I am wrong about it from a scriptural perspective, then I invite you to show me – from Scripture – where I am wrong and how I have misjudged.

      Compassion, love, understanding – all of these things are wonderful. However, these same things without any biblical knowledge often leads people down the wrong path. Jesus often told people point blank where they were wrong. He didn’t mince words. He was direct. Would you say He was unloving or failed to have compassion? I believe it was His compassion and love that prompted Him to do what He could to rescue them from the path they were traveling on.

      I do not see from the Bible how astral projection can be a good thing at all. I think I’ve done everything I can to explain my position, but because people do not want to hear my opinion, they will naturally conclude – as you have done – that I am being judgmental. That’s fine. They have that right to conclude that even if I fully disagree that this has been my intent.

      We have friends who are lesbians living together in relationship. They know that while we disagree with their lifestyle, we fully accept and appreciate THEM as people. In fact, one of the woman essentially told my wife that she is aware that we do not agree with her lifestyle but she so much appreciates how much we love and accept them. We have NEVER preached to her about her lifestyle. We simply accept them as people. If she asked me, I would tell her, but apparently, she understands that though we do not agree with them, we still love them.

      The idea that by me putting forth my opinion about astral projection is the same as judging someone is really not accurate. I DO understand completely how people arrive at this viewpoint and it is more likely to do with the fact that people do not like to be told that something they do, enjoy and/or appreciate is wrong. I can come to no other conclusion than this after researching it from Scripture. I also understand that many people do not consider the Bible to be their final authority. For them, it is the experience itself that is the final authority. In my biblical opinion, this is the worst thing we can do because we are guaranteed to go off onto the wrong path.

      As I have stated on several occasions, I cannot stop people from pursuing astral projection. I can and do pray for the ones who have come by here and left posts. I pray for their safety and I pray that God will open their eyes to the truth.

      Forgive me, but everything you have stated is so New Age. You don’t mention Jesus. You do not refer to the Bible. Because I do, you think I lack compassion. Words can be deceiving because you don’t see my heart, you don’t understand how I wish people like yourself could see what I believe to be error. This is because I have compassion for people, not due to some lack of it.

      At any rate Darius, thank you for your comments. I wish you all the best and will pray for you.


  • 20. Vivi  |  August 17, 2012 at 11:28 PM

    Well, this has certainly been an intersting night…
    First of all, I agree, there are definite dangers of astral projections: Lower-plane beings waiting to suck your energy dry, frightening experiences, and the possibility of whatever self control you may retain slipping from your grasp…
    That being said, I don’t think astral projection is necessarily a thing of evil or malice. In my opinion, it is a way to explore new worlds, battle the exterior manifestation of your interior fears and weaknesses, and become closer to the Infinite (aka God, Yahweh, Lord Shiva, Mother Hera, what have you.).
    I see no problem with taking a walk through the worlds, but if the original poster finds the idea of astral projection unappealing, too dangerous, or sareligious, that is fine. Everyone has a right to their own opinion.
    However, no body has the right to make judgement calls or essentially force their beliefs on another person. The original poster is being narrow-minded, petty, and frankly, quite embarrassing to the rest of us.
    Listen, if you are a firm believer in the Bible and practice Christianity, then all the power to you, but you have absolutely no authority to start doling out advice to the unwilling, or to force your opinion upon another person. It is insulting and ultimately wrong- even the Bible says so. And, believe me, I know the Bible. I studied Sacred Writings in college- I know my Bible, Torah, and Koran very well, and I know how metaphorical, poetic messages can be misread as infalliable historical records. They are not. And if someone has a different interpretation of a certain scripture and an alternative way of connecting with God, or whatever we may call the higher powers at work, we must respect that.
    If you are overly concerned about people losing their souls or going against God with astral projecting, then you must learn to let that go. You do not have any control over these peoples’ actions, likes, and dislikes. Keep to yourself- If astral projecting is not for you, then by all means, keep your feet firmly planted in this empirical earth. Do not, however, insult these people by blasting them with scripture, a claim to higher authority, and insensitivity to what they experienced. Thank you.


    • 21. modres  |  August 18, 2012 at 8:42 AM

      You know, I have to say a few things here. First, it never ceases to amaze me how many people will come to MY blog and tell me what I can and cannot say! I have EVERY right to make a “judgment call” on what I see as something that is inherently anti-biblical.

      Second, I am NOT forcing my beliefs on anyone. I am PRESENTING my beliefs. There is a huge difference. I’m sorry you fail to understand that difference. Neither you nor anyone else is being forced to accept my beliefs. There are areas of this world where Islam (as a for instance) is being forced on people. Rejecting it often means imprisonment and/or death. How am I forcing you or anyone to accept my beliefs? I’m not. I have absolutely no power or authority to do that at all.

      I wrote an article for my blog. You came to my blog and read it. You disagree with my opinions. That should be the end of it, but instead, you have decided to play god and tell me what I can and cannot do while at the same time informing me that I have no right to tell others and that I need to keep things to myself. To top it off, you accuse me of insulting people who disagree with me simply by sharing my opinion. If you or anyone else is insulted, it’s really your problem, isn’t it? That stems from placing a high value on what I have written. You did that. I didn’t.

      Third, you say you “know the Bible” and that you have “studied Sacred Writings in college.” Beyond this, you say you “know [the] Bible, Torah, and Koran very well, and I know how metaphorical, poetic messages can be misread as infalliable (sic) historical records. They are not.” In my opinion, your comments are pure garbage, born of arrogance. Whether you “know” the Bible or any other sacred book is moot. Do you KNOW the supernatural AUTHOR of the Bible? Do you HAVE eternal life as defined by Jesus Himself throughout the New Testament Gospels?

      Beyond this, you say you know the Qur’an. Okay, then why don’t you take a few moments to comment on all of the verses within the Qur’an that are related to physical jihad against Islam’s enemies. You want to say those are merely “metaphorical” or “poetic messages” that people have misunderstood? If so, then there are plenty of actual Muslims who would deign to disagree with you and call for your death because you insult Allah with your thinking. Wake UP!

      Look, your entire set of comments does exactly what you say I should not be doing. You say I should “keep it to [myself].” You’re certainly not doing that, are you? Is that what Jesus did? Is that what Paul the apostle did? Is that what other apostles and writers of the New Testament did? You say you “know” the Bible, but it appears that your knowledge is severely flawed.

      You are dictating to me – that I should not “insult these people by blasting them with scripture, a claim to higher authority, and insensitivity to what they experienced.” Come on, get REAL! Experience is not the arbiter of truth. People are deceived daily by their so-called experiences. There is either ONE truth, or there is NO truth. My intention is not to insult, but to introduce people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Paul said it best in 1 Corinthians 1:18 with the words, “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

      According to Paul, the entire scope of the salvation message (culminating in the death of Jesus Christ as a propitiation for our sins) is absolute foolishness to people like yourself; people who are PERISHING. Jesus died for our sins because we are incapable of it ourselves. His death provides salvation for us. Yet people laugh at that. They balk at it because it is too fantastic and simplistic to believe. You’d prefer your experiences gained from astral projection.

      What type of Christian would I be if I allowed people to walk or run into a burning building without trying to warn them? Even atheist Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) would vehemently disagree with you. After one of his shows, a Christian came up and presented him with a Gideon Bible. Instead of being obnoxious about it, here’s what he said:

      It was really wonderful. I believe he knew that I was an atheist, but he was not defensive, and he looked me right in the eyes…and then gave me this Bible. I’ve always said that I don’t respect people who don’t proselytize. I don’t respect that at all. If you believe that there’s a Heaven and Hell, and people could be going to Hell, or not getting eternal life, or whatever, and you think that, ‘Well, it’s not really worth telling them this because it would make it socially awkward…’ How much do you have to hate somebody to believe that everlasting life is possible and not tell them that? I mean if I believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that a truck was coming at you, and you didn’t believe it, and that truck was bearing down on you, there is a certain point where I tackle you – and this is more important than that…He cared enough about me to proselytize and give me a Bible, (emphasis added).”

      The truth is that BEING a Christian means CARING for the lost of this world. Caring for people means TELLING them about Jesus Christ and the only salvation that is available. Astral projection is clearly a ploy of the enemy of our souls to disengage us from God through a myriad of ethereal experiences. Again, Paul says that Satan transforms himself into an angel of light (cf. 2 Corinthians 11:14). Why? For the sole purpose of deceiving people. He wants to keep as many people as possible as far away from salvation as possible, so he creates these illusions (like astral projection) that folks like yourself become hugely enamored with, always returning for more. He has sidetracked you, keeping you from dealing with the eternal issue of your soul.

      I will not “let it go” because Jesus did not “let it go.” You say you “know the Bible,” yet it is clear that you really do NOT know the Bible. Certainly, you have no real clue as to what it costs those during Jesus’ day to BE a Christian. In fact, even today, Christians are losing their lives in martyrdom because of other groups who see Christians and Christianity as being the problem, when in point of fact, like you, they cannot see the truth in the message we bring. Why is that? Paul tells us that people like you are perishing because you simply have no love for the truth (2 Thessalonians 2:10).

      Take the time to really consider what you are telling me to do and then compare your dictates with Scriptural dictates. To whom should I obey?


      • 22. baoanguy  |  September 23, 2012 at 7:57 AM


        You are AWESOME. Tell them the truth. They’ll hate you for it. Many times they always do – regardless of how understanding you are they’ll always so say you’re judging them because God’s judging them through his words. People want to be their own gods and have their own truth. None of these people are born again and if some are they are definitely apostate. Probably a bunch of witches. These zombies are literally the walking dead – worshippers of demons/fallen angels. If the dont want listen block them like you did Emma. They’re very irritating.

        You’re blog rocks. Glad I ran across it.


      • 23. modres  |  September 23, 2012 at 9:42 AM

        Thanks. All glory to God, hopefully. 🙂


      • 24. Vivi  |  September 23, 2012 at 9:54 AM

        Say what you will, but extremists make me laugh ;P


      • 25. modres  |  September 23, 2012 at 11:22 AM

        That’s fine. I doubt seriously that you laugh at Islamic extremists though, so you must simply be referring to the specific “extremist” that warns people about the dangers of astral projection and other spiritual endeavors that no one bothers to take the time to check out.


      • 26. Vivi  |  September 23, 2012 at 11:29 AM

        Don’t worry, I laugh at ALL you extremists 😉


      • 27. modres  |  September 23, 2012 at 12:11 PM

        It’s your life to throw away and you appear to be happy doing just that. Ignorance can be bliss, until reality kicks in at least.


      • 28. Vivi  |  September 23, 2012 at 4:11 PM

        Look, I’m sorry if I’ve hurt your feelings- Yes, it is your blog, and yes, you can blog about whatever you want. And there certainly have been some posters that have been belligerent right off the bat, which is really not cool; however, I just found your responses patronizing, that’s all.


      • 29. modres  |  September 23, 2012 at 5:57 PM

        You didn’t hurt my feelings at all. There is no need to apologize.

        Sorry if you found my responses patronizing, but that cannot apply to all of my responses, as you seem to imply. I thought in numerous situations, I went overboard to try to help people understand that I was not judging THEM (as they continued to insist), but was in fact judging – in this case – the process of astral projection itself.

        I will admit to not being afraid to be sarcastic at times as well and I’ve tried to reel that in.

        It’s very difficult – as I’m sure you can guess – to have any type of real back and forth on a blog. They’re really not meant for that. Even with actual discussion forums (which this is not), people are constantly misunderstanding someone else, feelings are hurt, and most importantly, people often say anonymously what they would NEVER say to a person’s face. Being relatively anonymous on the Internet makes it very easy to say things that would never be stated in real life. In that sense, the Internet has allowed society to become very rude and abrasive toward one another and it has tragically, even filtered over into the real world.

        I do the best I can, given that nearly everyone who posts a comment is anonymous and frankly, I don’t know if they’re “trolling,” or if they are sincere. Sometimes, atheists come out of the woodwork with a site like mine that is dedicated to theology or discussion of biblical Christianity. They come only to mock and ridicule. It only bothers me when it becomes a complete waste of time with people who like to “hit and run” with their comments. Initially, your comment appeared to be of that nature, but I thought better of it so I allowed it to be posted.

        How can anyone truly know anyone else from merely reading a few articles or comments? It’s next to impossible.

        I’ve written over 800 articles here and have 32 published books. Even if you read all the articles and all my books, you would still not really know me or my personality. You would simply know what I have said, based on what I believe to be true.

        Take care. All the best to you in life.


    • 30. Vivi  |  September 23, 2012 at 3:33 PM

      You’re absolutely correct! It IS my life, and I can do whatever I please with MY life. You never irritated me because of your opinion, Modres. Everyone has a right to express their own opinion. My problem with you is the fact that you disrespect people with a differing opinion and you try to force them to agree with you. It won’t happen. I will never understand your opinion, just as you will never understand mine, and that’s okay. But you’re being aggressive about it, and that’s rather unpleasant. But hey, it’s been an interesting theological debate, despite your appalling debate etiquette. Anyway, I’m done. Have fun crusading your way through the Internet.


      • 31. modres  |  September 23, 2012 at 3:52 PM

        I cannot force anyone to agree with me. If that’s what you’ve gotten out of this, then you are simply way off base. How could I POSSIBLY force ANYONE to agree with me? I simply respond to their comments with comments of my own and my comments are obviously in disagreement with them because they disagree with me, with a number of them being fairly arrogant about it as well. If you take umbrage at that, it’s really your problem, isn’t it?

        If I could actually FORCE people to change their views, I would force everyone to become an authentic Christian. Not even God does that.

        You came to my blog with a few one-liners that you meant as “zingers.” Yet, you accuse ME of being aggressive about my opinion. You read ALL 71 comments related to this one article? If so, how could you have possibly missed the numbers of times I apologized for not being clear or for sounding as if I was judging when I was not, etc.?

        How am I being aggressive? I am curtailing MY opinion to MY blog. I am not protesting outside the doors of New Age events that occur in society. I am not going door-to-door hounding people about the dangers of astral projection. I am not even going to other blogs that present a positive opinion of astral projection, entering into debates with them. This is where I make my comments. YOU – along with everyone else who responded to my article on astral projection came to ME on MY blog. NO ONE had to comment at all, but some, like yourself, chose to do so. You are annoyed that I responded back and didn’t acquiesce or capitulate to their/your side of the fence.

        Do you understand what is at STAKE here? We are talking about your LIFE in eternity. Does that not concern you? It concerns me a great deal, so you’ll have to pardon my unwillingness to take this entire subject lightly.

        I am simply presenting my biblical opinion of it and if you will take the time to notice, many posters who have responded to my initial article come here with an arrogant attitude. They start their comments off with things like “this whole article is a load of garbage,” etc. How does that engender discussion? It doesn’t.

        If NO ONE reads my blog, my comments and beliefs would be the same. No one is being forced to read my blog, to comment on my blog, nor are they somehow being “forced” to agree with me.

        Your comments are simply absurd and you’ve given me much more power than I actually have. I understand your opinion better than you think I do because I was not always a Christian and there was a time in my life when I dabbled with astral projection and other things of that nature.

        I only wish you and I could have had a decent theological “discussion” (not “debate”), but blogs in general are not the best mode for that. Face-to-face is far better because then a person’s words can be taken as they are meant.

        As it is, it is relatively easy to misunderstand a person’s printed words and the give and take of an actual discussion is missing.

        I’m not “crusading [my] way through the Internet.” I’m simply posting my articles based on my biblical beliefs on ONE page somewhere on the world wide web. Somehow, people are finding their way HERE.


      • 32. kane777  |  October 14, 2012 at 8:37 PM

        I’m 16 and although I’ve never astral projected before I think I may have had an experience that was pretty close. I’ve been wondering wether to pursue it further or not and I’m getting different opinions from different people. I’ve read this entire blog and I don’t want to be judged or criticised (or my words). I just want some opinions on the dangers of astral projection. I am aware of the demonic beings on the astral plane and ive pretty much gathered that i should avoid them and i have no intentions of engaging in astral sex, though that was one of my initial motives to attempt it. Both sides of this blog seem to agree that the sex part is bad so that’s a definite no-no. Ive met a few people who astral project. (or at least say they do) but these people are the best and happiest people i know. The pastor of my church is an astral projector and he always has the right advice and he has even saved me from the influence of drugs and sex and thieving. I was a reck and I was spiraling off course and then my foster parents forced me to go to church. I met my pastor who I didn’t really like at first. He approached me one day after a praise and he asked that we could speak in private. I thought that it was weird and I didn’t want to but I followed him into one of the back rooms. He got right to the point. He told me that he could astral project and that there were beings on the astral plane who guided him and helped him help others. I didn’t believe him and I asked if he could prove it. I went home that night and I prepared a test in which my pastor would have to tell me how many cards I would put on my nightstand. I forget the number now but when my pastor called the next morning and told me I was kinda blown outta my mind. He told Me that there were what he believed to be angels who asked him to help me. Anyhow over the course of the next couple weeks i came to terms about things in my life that really troubled me. I have memories that I’ve never told people about and that my pastor couldnt POSSIBLY know without somekind of spiritual assistance I’ve thought a lot about astral projection and all the good its done me even though I’ve never done it. I read earlier that you wrote why don’t people ask these (spirit guides) for imformation on how to cure diseases and feed everybody. I asked my pastor this recently and he says that people do ask and they ARE developing cures and ways to feed people. He told me that its just rare for someone with a scientific mind who can understand all that stuff to astral project. I asked him why he can’t just relay information to people like he did with me and he said that a friend of his tried and that people just don’t accept astral projection. So that’s what I want to do. I’m pursuing medicine and I also want to learn to astral project so I can gain hidden information to help me. Now I’m now going to just leap blindly into the unknown in hopes of pleasures and stuff I am only doing this to try and help other people. If I sense anything malevolent behind my spirit guides intent then I would just stop. That said I just want to know if theres anyway to sense malevolence in a being in the astral plane. I don’t want to create some kind of cure that would harm people. (i am legend for example) but I would appreciate any tips or opinions anyone could give me before I attempt astral projection. I would also like to hear what modres has to say.


      • 33. modres  |  October 15, 2012 at 9:30 AM

        Thanks for writing. You seem like a very mature 16-year-old. Kudos.

        First, I would like to emphasize again that I am NOT judging PEOPLE regarding the issue of astral projection. I am simply presenting my OPINION of it and what I believe are the dangers associated with it. In spite of this, people still continue to believe I am judging THEM for their desire to participate in astral projection, which I fully believe will only harm them. I’m not. At the same time, I cannot provide anyone with support for wanting to do something that I believe is error and against Scripture.

        If I saw you running into a burning house, I would do everything I could to stop you because I believe you would be in serious danger of being harmed or killed. My attempts to stop you may APPEAR judgmental to you, but in reality I am simply trying to stop you from doing something that I fully believe will bring you nothing but harm. You, and others like you, believe that with some cautions in place, you are safe, so you pursue astral projection. You certainly have the right to do that and I have the right to disagree with you.

        Here is where I am coming from…

        I believe BEFORE the fall of humanity, life on this earth plane was quite different. I do NOT believe for instance, that entropy or the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics existed. Everything was harmonious. We also know from science that there are at least 10 different dimensions, but science tells us we can only experience four of them: length, width, height, and time. I fully believe that BEFORE humanity fell through sin, we were able to experience all of the dimensions. Unfortunately, AFTER the fall, our bodies were no longer able to experience all of the dimensions, so many of the dimensions that STILL exist are off-limits to us because we are incapable of experiencing them in our present state. Satan and his cohorts come along and tempt us to experience them in spite of the fact that with our bodies the way they are currently, we are not able to do so. Satan does this by employing the SPIRITUAL aspect of things, making it appear as real as possible so that we are duped into thinking that this is what we were meant to do.

        You say you asked your pastor about why these spiritual beings have not revealed to us the cure for cancers or the common cold, or how to feed everyone on earth. You say he received an answer that says the science is just way too complicated for us to understand at this point. I fully believe that your pastor has been lied to about these things and he would have absolutely no way to check on the veracity of what he’s been told. He has the choice to accept it or reject it and he has chosen to accept it though nothing by way of any type of proof has been provided.

        However, with the gains that science has made and with the brilliant minds of people like Stephen Hawking and numerous others, I find it extremely difficult to believe that the cures for cancer or the common cold are so scientifically beyond our ability to grasp that it would be pointless to tell us. That makes no sense at all.

        Every book I have ever read involving UFOs, aliens, and astral projection all have a very common element. These beings are more prone to tell us what we got “wrong” about the Bible and Jesus Christ than any other subject. That is mysterious to me. So, we did not get it wrong about Ghandi, or Muhammad, or Buddha, or any other religious leader or written work? We only got it wrong about the Bible and Jesus? Makes absolutely no sense at all and that itself makes things very suspect. Then, if you consider the variety of various stories and concepts out there in the spiritual realm about Jesus and the Bible, we quickly learn that some of these beings are directly contradicting other beings in the spiritual realm. Who is telling the truth? Most people don’t seem to care because the overall message is that Jesus was not who the Bible says He is and His followers got it wrong.

        Do you ever wonder why the “knowledge” that people gain as they astrally project is so common, so nebulous, so NEW AGE? There is nothing that anyone has learned from astral projection that they cannot learn simply be reading the books and articles written by well known authors within the New Age. It all boils down to “we are gods” and we simply need to “self-actualize” so that we release our inner deity. It’s all the same when it comes down to it. Astral projection allows a person to EXPERIENCE something that to them, seems so real it is difficult to deny. I’ve read of people soaring through the many layers of the universe and feeling sensations that they’ve never felt before. They speak of things too wonderful to share. The problem is that those experiences – apart from making them feel special – do absolutely nothing for them or anyone else. It is an EXPERIENCE that I believe is fully created by demons. It is designed for one purpose – to pull people away from God, the truth of His Word, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. The experiences are designed to feel so wonderful that like a powerful drug, people want more and more of it. They think they are learning the mysteries of the universe, but in reality, they are simply exciting their neural pathways and like drugs, it makes them FEEL wonderful. That – in and of itself – does absolutely nothing for them or anyone else. In fact, I believe that they arrive to conclusions that are completely contradictory to Scripture and they begin to lose any type of true sacrificial love for people. They begin to think that everything will work itself out in the end. Their testimony for Jesus (if they are Christians) becomes thoroughly watered down and while they may feel completely relaxed and even “love” the world, the fact that they feel no need to preach the gospel to people tells me that the experience has done its work.

        The reason astral projection sounds so cool is because people believe they actually leave their bodies and travel through the universe. Who would not want to do that? I firmly believe it is a scheme of the enemy of our souls to get our eyes off of God and onto ourselves. Our “self” loves to be catered to and astral projection is very “soulish” in that our souls (ego) react well to it because we think we are learning the secrets of the universe. You add to this the FEELINGS that go along with astral projection and it is very difficult for the average individual to step away from it. It caters to our PRIDE because it makes us FEEL as though we are gaining knowledge that others are not and because of that, it feeds our ego. Why bother reading the Bible when a person can “experience” the universe?

        The message of the cross is the exact opposite. We don’t do things for ourselves. We EMPTY ourselves of our own selfishness in order that God in Christ can work in and through us to draw the lost of this world to Him.

        I see no evidence of astral projection in the Bible. Moreover, I see no evidence that Jesus Himself practiced it. If it was this important, wouldn’t there be something in the Bible that would clearly show us that either Jesus, Paul, or someone else practiced astral projection? Yes, people can allegorize any of the times that people “left” their bodies in visions and I know that there are those who teach this today. But the problem is that these people in Scripture did not look for these experiences. These visions were simply shared with them by God, normally to pass onto others and they became part of the canon of Scripture. Looking at any book in the Hebrew Bible (Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezekiel, Hosea, etc.) or some in the NT (Revelation), it is very clear that God precipitated those visions for HIS purposes, not for the enjoyment of the individual who participated.

        I fully believe that anyone who practices astral projection is ALWAYS being guided by malevolent forces. Paul says that Satan can and does transform himself into an angel of light (cf. 2 Corinthians 11:14). Do you really believe we are smart enough combat the lies of the enemy on our own? We don’t even know everything about him in the first place.

        I cannot in good conscience, support your decision to try astral projection. I believe it will harm you spiritually and possibly even physically, no matter how inviting and safe it seems to you to be. Do you understand that we CANNOT know the truth about the spiritual realm and the beings we see there, except for what we learn in God’s Word? It is impossible, which is WHY I believe it is fully off-limits to us. We simply do not have the capacity to discern it. Satan is the most intelligent, beautiful creature God ever created. He retains that intelligence now. You think you’re a match for him? We are nothing. If we move beyond our circle of safety, we are doomed.

        Jesus said that Satan is the god of this age. We are also told that Satan is the god of the air (cf. 2 Corinthians 4:4). I believe when a person tries astral projection, they enter directly into Satan’s domain. It’s SATAN’S domain and he controls what happens there. I also believe this is exactly why when a Christian dies, they are ESCORTED to heaven by angels so that nothing happens to our spirit (cf. Luke 16:19-22). If not for the fact that angels carry true believers, we would be open to the attacks of the enemy in that spiritual realm.

        Astral projection – I believe – is venturing into territory we should not be in and we go there without escort and without a safety net. I also believe that true Christians WILL participate in a type of astral projection when we receive our new bodies after we die. At that point, neither entropy of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics will have any effect on us and we will be able to once again, experience all the dimensions that God has for us. Satan wants us to take a short cut by using something like astral projection which is completely paganistic/New Age in origin. Satan controls the situation, the event, and what a person experiences during that event. Of course, he is going to make it as palatable as possible so that people want more.

        Satan did the same thing with Adam and Eve, wanting them to go BEYOND what God had for them and he also made it very palatable. They chose Satan’s path and fell. It seems pretty clear to me that astral projection is nothing more than a very cheap imitation of what God ultimately has for authentic Christians, if we are willing to wait, resist the devil, and receive what God has for us in the next life.

        Do what you feel you need to do, but I hope you understand that I cannot support it, nor can I allow people to post here who are going to give you pointers about astral projection. I’m sorry. God bless you and may He make it clear to you the truth about astral projection. If you are determined to try astral projection, then might I suggest that you pray that God will close EVERY door to astral projection if it is not of Him so that you cannot experience any of it?


  • 34. veljko  |  August 5, 2012 at 3:51 PM

    There’s nothing wrong with practicing the astral projection.


    • 35. modres  |  August 5, 2012 at 6:19 PM

      Well, let’s see…do I go by the Bible or YOU as my final authority? Hmmmm… 🙂

      Seriously, your best bet would be to disavow it. I hope you’ll consider that and turn to Jesus for His salvation. With His salvation, you don’t need astral projection because astral projection is a tool the enemy of your soul uses to keep you from God, even though it may actually appear that you are drawing closer to God. Give my words some consideration, will you?

      If you don’t believe me, then at least contact someone who was heavily involved in astral projection before he became a Christian. His name is Michael Frisbee and you can contact him here:

      He has plenty of experience in that area. Drop him a line, will you?


  • 36. Emma  |  June 12, 2012 at 4:29 AM

    proof that everything in the Christian religion and in the bible has been STOLEN from other religions that predated it from all around the world. Christianity is a tool for removing spiritual/occult knowledge from the populace so this power can be kept in the hands of a few to manipulate and enslave the masses.
    To really understand the Bible and see the truth, one must be very well educated in the occult. The mass mind is very powerful. When one studies long enough and acquires advanced knowledge of the occult, the truth is utterly shocking. The entire Judeo/Christian Bible is a hoax of catastrophic proportions with a very clear objective using subliminal means and the channeled psychic energy of believers.

    Whenever Christianity or its cohorts took control of a country or region, the ancient spiritual texts and records were removed and/or destroyed and those who had spiritual knowledge were mass murdered by the Inquisition. This took out of circulation the very knowledge those in power have used and still use to manipulate the ignorant population using spiritual/occult power. The Bible is one of the most powerful subliminal tools used by a select few to enslave the masses. Most people are unaware of this because they lack knowledge regarding the occult, thought power, and psychic energy. The powers that be work to reinforce the belief that the occult, powers of the mind and spirit are nonsense or just plain bunk.

    Destroying the ancient records allowed an alternative invented “history” to be written which has disconnected humanity from its true origins. Controlling history is important because if one manipulates how people see what we call the past, this influences the present and the future.

    The entire Bible is an extremely powerful subliminal tool full of occult numbers, messages, allegories, and stolen material, which has been corrupted from ancient religions. In addition, this book has been infused with psychic energy and power to instill fear and to make it believable. When one’s eyes are opened and one has the necessary knowledge, the *spell* will no longer be effective. The entire underlying theme of the Judeo/Christian Bible is the establishment of the fictitious history of the Jewish people in the mass mind. What the mass mind believes has power and the energy to make manifest in reality as thoughts are energy

    There are vacuum-sealed vaults in the Vatican library containing thousands upon thousands of ancient esoteric books from around the world that have been stolen and hoarded over the years and kept out of public circulation. The Catholic Church, which is the root of the Christian religion, is controlled by a secret society that has abused occult power to enslave the masses. The end goal is the total enslavement of humanity, which they have worked towards relentlessly and ruthlessly.

    All of this has directly affected each and every one of us. Humanity has suffered unnecessarily because of the denial of this knowledge. People have been coerced over the centuries into paying for their own damnation to the tune of billions and billions of dollars to keep this lie prospering and continuing strong. The survival and prosperity of this vicious hoax on humanity requires only ONE thing- A LACK OF KNOWLEDGE!

    Contrary to what most people have been indoctrinated with, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are relatively new religions. Humanity goes back tens of thousands of years. These three have worked relentlessly to keep us from spiritual/occult knowledge and using this power, of which all of us have.

    These so-called “religions” are built upon murder, torture, and lies and the only way any lie of this magnitude can survive is to create more and more lies and destroy the peoples who know the truth. Christianity is nothing more than a program. There is nothing religious or spiritual about it. Millions of people suffer depression, hopelessness, and confusion about life. The soul needs light and very few know this or actively practice the power meditation that will literally “save” their own souls. Because of a lack of knowledge and ignorance of the occult, Humanity as a whole has been placed under a powerful spell using occult power and indoctrinated not to question, concerning these three so-called “religions.” This has been reinforced by centuries of Christians being duped into supplying their psychic energy and souls to be channeled into perpetuating this lie, which in the end, will only benefit a select few.


    • 37. modres  |  June 12, 2012 at 9:14 AM

      Hi Emma,

      Just wanted you to know that you will no longer be allowed to post here at all. It is clear that you have simply cut and pasted your entire diatribe and worse, you have not credited your source. It’s called plagiarism.

      When you compare what you “wrote” here to what you wrote a few days ago, it’s clear you either “got educated” or learned how to cut and paste.

      Here is one source where the information you printed could have been taken:

      Everything you copied and pasted can easily be negated. The real problem though is that people like you are not interested in truth at all. You’re interested in your own agenda.

      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out and don’t waste your time posting here in the future. Your comments will not be allowed.


  • 38. Emma  |  June 7, 2012 at 5:07 PM

    modres they’ll shall not judge if people want to astral project and they believe in there hearts that it is right and that there is no harm being done, it is not up to you to say that they are wrong nor right. I even find it hard myself to not judge people, but you have to over come it. Like how I thought you were a typical “bible basher’ but I shall not judge you because I am nor god, or have any right to judge those I do not know… actually I should not judge at all I have no right to. but here’s my opinion …. the bible has a few truths in it. I think man kind is evil, look at what we do to the planet, and the religious wars don’t get me started on that. Every religious person I have met has been judgmental and ignorant. People who are religious have something to hide, confess your sins god will forgive you, you only read it in FEAR that you’ll go to hell. If you really were so kind, and nice hearted, you’d accept people for who they are and for there beliefs. Not telling people that they are not religious enough that is why they are getting these experiences. The bible is a guide, I believe, you use it to choose what sort of belief or what path you may want to follow. Not follow it for word for word. Your just a scared little human being frightened on growing, and learning experiencing what god wants us to do, god wants us to grow as a person. I pray for you and your weaknesses.


    • 39. modres  |  June 7, 2012 at 5:26 PM

      Hi Emma,

      You are absolutely entitled to the opinion you have expressed. However, I choose to believe that the Bible is the Word of God, just as Jesus is the Logos.

      What you are doing is making the mistaken judgment that I am actually judging PEOPLE when I am really judging an EXPERIENCE based on the truth taught in Scripture.

      I would ask you to get your life right before God so that you can receive the only salvation that is available and that is through Jesus Christ.

      Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me,” (John 14:6).

      Paul tells us in Romans “if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation,” (Romans 10:9-10).

      We are not talking about “religion” here. We are talking about entering into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

      You are right – man IS evil. We are in constant rebellion against God and the fact that we have trashed His planet is simply one strong indication of it.

      You are also right about the religious wars. They should not be, but the tragedy is that they exist.

      Hell is a real place, Emma. Jesus spoke more about hell than any other topic. He was quite clear about it.

      I’m not “a scared little human being.” Jesus says perfect love casts out all fear (1 John 4:18). If Jesus lives in our heart, there is no reason for fear.

      I want people to realize the dangers of being involved with things that the Bible warns us against. I fear for THEM because they really don’t know what they’re fooling with.

      I hope you will realize your need for Jesus.

      Thanks for writing, Emma.


  • 40. PK  |  June 2, 2012 at 10:00 PM

    I projected only once but had the feelings leading up to the actual projection many times ( buzzing in ears, high pitch ringing, flashing lights behind my eyelids etc etc) When I was out it was absolutely amazing. I hovered above my bed not able to move I diddn’t sense anything bad and diddnt think there was anything wrong with what I was doing. I think we as human beings are evolving and eventually more and more people will find astral projection as normal as dreaming. If you’re a good, honest loving person how can doing something as natural as astral projection be wrong. I needed no cd’s to project and never used any tools found on the internet. Just simply rythmatic breathing, engerizing my chakras and the will to astral project is all that was needed. Don’t fear the unknown embrace it. Imagine if our ancestors feared fire and never again lit a flame, or imagine our ancestors fearing the sea and never building ships. We are who we’re not afraid to explore new things.


    • 41. modres  |  June 3, 2012 at 11:53 AM

      Hi PK,

      I don’t fear the unknown at all. I fear being disobedient to God and astral-projection smacks of entering into a forbidden area; an area prohibited by God.

      Yes, the New Age teaches that we are evolving and will one day evolve into the next spiritual plane. Are you aware though that within the New Age, it also teaches that before this next spiritual (re)evolution can occur, there must be a purging of people from this planet? It is taught – going back to George Van Tassel and followed by “Tuella” and others that at some point in the future, upwards of 20 million people will be taken OFF this planet by aliens. Once that occurs, then not only people, but the earth itself will be able to evolve to the next level. The people who are taken off the planet are considered to be the “malcontents” because apparently they (we) are holding the planet back from evolving to the next stage.

      Astral projection is prohibited for all the reasons I’ve already listed. I care more about being obedient to the Creator than trying to enjoy the season of sin for a time. God does not want us to go where demons are leading you and millions of others. It is off limits. I’m sorry you cannot see that.


  • 42. nuttysweet  |  May 25, 2012 at 2:29 AM

    I just wanted to leave a special message for Pam and the moderator. Have you ever wondered that both of you can be right? First of all, there are selected few on earth who have special abilities to discern the spiritual realm. These are called psychics. Everyone of us has psychic abilities, some more than others. I can tell Pam is truly psychically gifted. Now, if you’re a psychic does that mean you’re saved? No. Many psychics can wind up doing evil as much as good, dabbling in black magic or whatnot. What’s most important is the question that all humans should ask themselves.

    How does God save men?

    That’s the ticket here. Because the salvation program God applies is the same with every human being, whether your psychically in tuned or not. So how does God save men, Pam?

    It’s not by sending you into an astral plane through astral projection or receiving a vision through a dream, no matter how great that might. It’s not by you looking at a sign or some miracle and suddenly your eyes are lifted and you finally see. NO.

    God saves you by applying the word of God to your heart and transforming you into a creature of the light, turning you into a child of God, the elect, the saved, the bride of Christ.

    “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.”

    Now, who are those who are saved? Unfortunately, that’s God’s decision. He is the ultimate being who decides who lives and who dies.

    “Jacob I loved and Essau I hated.”

    In other words, there really is no free-will. You can pray all you want and accept Christ as your savior, but if you’re not written in the book of life–if you haven’t been drawn to the word–you are nothing but dead bones in a tomb and will remain that way.

    “For many will be called, but only a few chosen.” — Matthew


    • 43. Pam  |  June 4, 2012 at 1:04 AM

      This comment is for Mathew…you asked me how do men get saved? All I can recount was my own experience. However, because of my religious background, I didn’t know what was happening at the time. All I knew was that so many bad things had happened to me in such a short amt of time (within 2 yrs) that I just wept & cried out to God to rescue me. I remember sobbing & I asked Jesus himself to stand in front of me. I BELIEVED he was there & I got down on the ground, put my face to the ground & repented….even for sins I had forgotten & reached out with my hands & grabbed onto invisable ankles & prayed & wept outloud & ask that my tears be as Holy Water to wash his feet like Mary & my hair be as hers. I swore at that moment I would not let go of his ankles until he released my chains of bondage & that instead He would be my Master & because I Love him, I choose not to go out free. I just kept praying, repenting, sobbing & I just begged over & over to write my name in the book of life. I had confessed that I’d made such bad choices for my life that I wanted Him to run my life for me. This went on for 2 complete hours & I am so stubborn, he knew I wasnt letting go of his ankles & wouldnt stop until I knew my complete heart was there for Him to see, sin & all! God made me a little tenacious for a reason. That was an EXPERIENCE & EMOTION I relied on & I dont regret one single moment. After that day, my life began to change. (I didn’t say for the better), but I became thirsty for wisdom & find very much comfort now in the bible more but not only that, I’m now able to cope with negativity in a whole different light. It is an everyday growing process but it really hurts my heart to see even ppl on here that are all brothers & sisters of Christ that could actually be learning from one another, be so divided. Isn’t THAT what the enemy wants? Unfortunately on this blog, he has succeeded.
      “Whatsoever you do unto the least of my bretheren, you do unto me”.


      • 44. modres  |  June 4, 2012 at 1:11 PM

        Hi Pam,

        I think Matthew was asking a question that he actually took the time to answer in his post. It is not that he does not understand salvation. He was simply presenting the question and then provided the answer.

        Regarding your situation, the problem is that you seem to be placing a high emphasis on your personal experience and your emotion. I don’t want to discount that at all. I’m glad He released you from your bondage, but your emphasis on your experience is a bit troubling – sorry. You DO understand that Jesus is ALWAYS here, correct? In fact, He dwells within us through the Holy Spirit, whether we FEEL as though He does or not.

        There certainly is division here but that is not necessarily bad because discussion CAN clear things away so that truth stands alone and falsehoods fall away. You’ll recall that the apostle Paul stood against Peter and rebuked him to his face because Peter was teaching error? You can read about this in Galatians 2:11-14. On another occasion, Jesus rebuked Peter saying, “Get thee behind me, Satan” because Peter was unfortunately at that moment, being used of Satan to tempt Jesus to avoid the cross (cf. Matthew 16:23; Mark 8:33).

        If we truly love people, we want them to know the truth, right? Sometimes, this may appear as though division is created, but it could also simply be the process that God uses to whittle away the dross so that people can have a right opinion about what is taught in Scripture.

        In the book of Revelation, Jesus takes the time to critique and castigate individual churches because of their failures. This is one of the reasons we have overseers, or pastors, deacons, and elders over us in the local body. Once error begins to creep into a Christian’s life, it will ruin their testimony and stop their growth in Christ.

        I firmly and fully believe that the Bible is very clear about things like astral-projection. I believe these are areas that are closed to Christians; completely off-limits. I am trying to warn people about what the Bible says. People can agree or disagree and as you can see, many have disagreed with me because they value their experience over and above the authority of Scripture.

        The truth of Scripture will create controversy all by itself. It is how we handle that controversy that either brings glory to God or not. Dissension in and of itself is not necessarily a bad thing. I’m simply very concerned about people who say they are Christian and who routinely involve themselves in astral-projection, which is thoroughly occultic in nature.


    • 45. Pam  |  June 4, 2012 at 2:46 PM

      Dear Modres,
      Thank you for your response, but I did not see at the time that Matthew was asking how men got saved but how I got saved. I guess I read that wrong and accounted my own situation. However, I do not believe he was asking a rhetorical question. I thought perhaps my own path of how I came to know Christ might be an inspiration to others. As you see it, it is not.
      Your comment regarding Galatians 2:11-14 are actually incorrect. It was not that he was preaching the “incorrect” gospel, it was that he began to draw back & separate himself from the gentiles because he was afraid of those who belonged to the circumcision group. It gives an account of how the Jewish/Gentile question was splitting the early church. Peter and James, sympathetic to Jewish Christians, acted hypocritically in their treatment of Gentiles until Paul confronted them publicly. Acts 15 gives a more detailed account of the disagreements & how they were resolved.

      Yes, I DO know that Jesus is everywhere and that by the blood of Jesus Christ I am set free & will live an eternal life. I do not have to live under the old covenant of Moses. Jesus’ coming to earth abolished this once and for all so that ALL sins; past, present & future ARE forgiven. Once a person realizes that, he learns that any and EVERY negative emotion comes straight from the devil. The devil wants to cause fear and confusion. If I have no fear, no condemnation in Christ Jesus, the devil has absolutely NO power. Even though we are sinners, through Christ, God the Father sees us as Him, we are Perfect & one with him and he’s one with us to those who believe & seek him. If you believe you have to continuously repent for your sins, you are living under the old covenant & are still in bondage. A person who lives under no condemnation actually sins less & WANTS to seek & please Christ. This is a fact and I’m living proof of it.

      What is the LAST verse of the old testament?

      See, I will send you the prophet Elijah before the great & dreadful day of the LORD comes. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come & strike the land with a curse. (This is the wrathful, mighty God speaking to men because of their stupidity & curse that was sent to the earth because of the fall of Adam & Satan. He was foretelling that he was going to send his Son to save mens’ wicked ways).

      What is the LAST verse of the new testament?

      The grace of the Lord Jesus be with God’s people. Amen.
      (God is speaking about a new covenant of grace & peace as his Son’s death became our Salvation and the debt was PAID! At the cross, Jesus cried out “It Is Finished”!

      False teachers & their destruction-
      2 Peter 2:10
      Bold & arrogant, these men are not afraid to slander celestial beings, yet even angels, although they are stronger & more powerful, do not bring slanderous accusations against such beings in the presence of the Lord. But these men blaspheme in matters they do not understand. They are like brute beasts, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught & destroyed & like beasts they too shall perish.

      1 John 2:26
      I am writing these things to you about those who are trying to lead you astray. As for you, the anointing you receive from Him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as anointing teaches you about all things & as that anointing is real, not counterfeit- just as IT (the anointing) has taught you, remain in Him.

      Let me part with one last thing to ponder…
      Please believe with all your heart that God wants you to know that his top priority for ea & every one of you is this:
      3 John 2-4
      Beloved, I wish ABOVE ALL THINGS that thou mayest prosper & be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

      Above All Things, means even above evangelism, above everything! One thing we need to establish in our hearts is this is a priority to God. We hear voices outside that call themselves Christians, but then they come against prosperity & healing- they say healing is past, but we know that if we look at the bible, this is Gods desire. If healing is a work of the devil, remember, Jesus went around healing the sick. So what are these people saying? No, the bible says that God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit & with power who went about doing good (experiences) & all those who were oppressed of the devil. Some people believe these teachings are of the New Age “Health & Wealth” gospel. This is not the gospel. The gospel is called the gospel of “Grace & Peace”, but when you BELIEVE (experience) the gospel, you will also be granted with these gifts of prosperity. Don’t apologize for prosperity or any gift given to you from God. If it’s there, it’s there for a reason. “Just as your soul prospers”. You must prosper your soul first (by reading the word, meditating on it & then living it out). All these things are like a tri-pod. You take away one leg & the tripod falls. If you don’t have all three of these you will be like FOOLS and squander away what you are given. Some people who claim to have everything together such as a formal education, material items, success, etc. can have behind doors, just as many problems if not more than the average man that has NOTHING. These people especially have impatience, resentment, unkindness, lack of empathy & compassion, anger, selfishness & EGO. Are these “Proper Teachers” a good example to people who are hurting? No, not really. They are only turning more people away from mainstream church because of what is in their hearts. You can tell what is inside a persons heart by his ACTIONS.

      I can see BOTH sides to this blog and some comments are meant to be a stab at someone else’s path. There is not allot of “learning” I fear happening here. As the saying goes…
      “You can gather more bees with honey than with vinegar”. It’s how people go about getting their point across that is abusive & hurtful. The world is hurting, people are hurting and are becoming increasingly divided. Everyone in this world thinks they are “RIGHT”-about everything! Have you ever thought you were absolutely SURE you were right & then you turned out to be wrong? That’s embarrassing, isn’t it? But, did you learn a lesson from it? My “EXPERIENCES” teach me valuable lessons, so no, I don’t apologize for them or the way I feel. If the Holy Spirit is speaking to me then why would I dismiss that experience? I think EVERYBODY has something to offer someone for potential spiritual growth. Please know that God is interested in those with natural (or given) gifts of Love, Compassion, Empathy, Kindness, Humbleness, etc. These people usually have these fruits either naturally or through trials or testings. Most likely, these people are the ones who endure persecution after persecution and rejection. They are often uneducated (in the world) and nieve in thinking that everyone has a spark within them that is inherently good, until the world & man teaches them otherwise. These people are often condemned by others for the way they decide to live their life-usually alone because they cannot trust man or the church in the least because their hearts have been so trampled on & battered. These are the people who go to God in their own way & in their own time-regardless of the pressures they receive from even well meaning people…so, they “go it alone” with just God & let Him direct their steps instead of man. (notice, I did not say the bible…often times, these are the people who read the bible very often & pray & fast & meditate and yes, cry out to God). God allows these people who are especially broken & dismissed by others to go through these things for their own good. God is meticulously molding this person into something wonderful in the end.
      Just as a potter molds & spins the clay-it gets dizzy & doesn’t understand. Then the potter puts the molded clay into a furnace to refine it. The clay thinks it will die & calls out to the furnace to be opened…but the potter just smiles and says, “not yet”. The he hardened, shaped clay is put onto a shelf (a season) to cool off & it thinks it’s sufferings are over. The potter then takes the clay from the shelf & begins to paint the pot & it sputters & spits from the fumes & says, please paint, stop!…I surely will die!. The potter says nothing but puts the painted pot into an even hotter furnace than before & the pot finally sees the potter from outside the furnace door & screams, Potter-remove me (forgive me), please…I can’t take it any longer! The potter looks in, smiles and just says…”not yet”. Finally the furnace cools & the potter takes the pot out & places a mirror in front of him. The pot says, how did I become so BEAUTIFUL & how did you paint the wondrous marbling on me that also appears almost as cracks but is now marble? The potter says, your marble stripes represent my stripes as I created you in my own image. The cracks represent your own brokenness, now turned to beauty & perfection. The potter says; I had to mold you into my image & that means you had to also endure your own stripes. You died in that furnace, but you did not know that I loved you so much that I turned it off when you chose to cry out to me for my help. I continued to let the fumes & furnace choke you so in the end when you chose me, you could be a beautiful example to others who are also suffering. Now, you are expensive…see? You are here up on the highest shelf. I have made you majestic as you can see & everyone comes to you through your experiences & my words to you…Now, it’s your turn to help those pieces of clay. Don’t worry about what to say as my hand has now touched, painted & formed you. When they marvel at your beauty & want to know how they too may become beautiful, remind them that their potter works his wonders best through “cracked pots”.

      Everyone has their own cracks….Love them with compassion & peace.

      Thanks for reading.


      • 46. modres  |  June 4, 2012 at 4:11 PM

        Hi Pam,

        Thanks for writing. I wish I could understand more clearly why you have written some of the things you have written. For instance, I’m not sure if you are referring to me as a “false teacher” since you referenced Peter and 1 John, but just left it hanging out there. I don’t believe I’m a false teacher. At the same time, I will quickly admit that I do not know everything about God’s Word and there is always room for growth.

        I can assure you that I do not believe I have to constantly repent. At the same time, I believe that I have an obligation to confess my sins when they occur and the quicker I do that, the quicker my relationship with Jesus is fully restored. We will never arrive at a level of living sinlessly in this life because the sin nature will be with us until we die.

        Regarding Galatians, it’s actually you who is in error. The problem was that the Judaizers were trying to FORCE new Gentile Christians to direct their obedience to the Law through circumcision in order to become “saved” which they believed only occurred through the nation of Israel. In effect, they were ADDING to salvation, so yes, they were most definitely teaching an incorrect gospel. The entire letter to the Galatians clarifies the fact that our salvation is through faith and not is not found in the Law of Moses.

        These Judaizers expected new converts to Christianity to observe all the ordinances of the Mosaic Law as prerequisites for salvation, just as Jews up to the time of Christ did (and orthodox Jews still do today). Paul was clarifying that the Law could not save at all. The Law merely pointed out sin and impending judgment, but offered no corrective measure whatsoever. Peter, fearing “those from the circumcision” (the Jews) began to pull away from the new converts to Christianity and sided with the Judaizers. Because of this, the question of how one must be saved, came into focus, with the Judaizers on one side and Paul on the other. Paul was appalled at how quickly these new Gentile Christians were “so quickly deserting Him who called you by the grace of Christ, for a different gospel; which is really not another; only there are some who are disturbing you and want to distort the gospel of Christ,” (Galatians 1:6-7). Notice he specifically calls it a “different” gospel and says that the Judaizers were attempting to “distort the gospel of Christ.”

        Christians are completely free from the law as a means of salvation. This was galling to the Judaizers who believed that the Mosaic Law was everything.

        The Judaizers had a problem with Paul because they accused him of preaching a deviant gospel, one that BYPASSED the Law of Moses.

        By withdrawing from the Gentile believers, in order to fellowship with the Judaizers, Peter looked as though he was supporting their doctrine and because of that, he was seen as disagreeing with the gospel that Paul taught (by grace are you saved through faith, Ephesians 2). In effect, Paul wrote Galatians to counteract the doctrinal mistakes of the Judaizers. These are the same men who followed Paul from place to place creating huge problems for him. You can see their tactics throughout the book of Acts.

        Regarding your reference to 3 John 1, I believe John was saying that he wanted Gaius’ physical state (mainly his health) to be in as good a shape as his spiritual health. You seem to think that John was wanting Gaius to become monetarily prosperous, yet that is not the tone of the letter, nor is it in the context itself.

        I do not believe that the Bible teaches a “name it, claim it” kind of faith. I do not believe that God wants us to prosper financially. None of the apostles did and neither did Jesus, yet we are to believe that that was then, and this is now?

        I never said God stopped healing. I believe He still heals today. I do not believe that God uses so-called “faith-healers” to get the job done.

        You said, “These people are often condemned by others for the way they decide to live their life-usually alone because they cannot trust man or the church in the least because their hearts have been so trampled on & battered. These are the people who go to God in their own way & in their own time-regardless of the pressures they receive from even well meaning people…so, they “go it alone” with just God & let Him direct their steps instead of man. (notice, I did not say the bible…often times, these are the people who read the bible very often & pray & fast & meditate and yes, cry out to God). God allows these people who are especially broken & dismissed by others to go through these things for their own good. God is meticulously molding this person into something wonderful in the end.”

        This is tragic. God never expects or wants any of His children to “go it alone.” In fact, the writer of Hebrews warns that we should not give up on coming together for fellowship (Hebrews 10:25). We are all part of the same Body and people like John the Baptist were special situations, where God raised a man of God to become a prophet to the nation of Israel for a specific period of time. Because of that, they were often LEFT alone by others, however, most of them had disciples and others who looked to them for advice and admonishment.

        All of us have been hurt by others and even other Christians. This does not give us the right to reject the local church for fellowship. If you have a difficulty with one local church, then find another one. God will direct you.

        I personally, have come up against severe judgment against me for perceived failures from one particular body of local believers. While it took me time to get over it and submit myself and the situation to God, my wife and I persevered to find another church where God’s love and graciousness was evident. Satan wanted to pull us away from fellowship, but we refused to give into him and trusted God. We wanted to obey Him more than our desire to cater to our own hurts.

        Please take care of yourself and if you have not found a group of solid Christians for fellowship, I would encourage you to do that.

        I think we’re done here. May the Lord be with you.


    • 47. Pam  |  June 4, 2012 at 6:34 PM

      Ok Modres, you are completely right about everything, I am completely wrong. You are much more intelligent than I. I do realize my intelligence & salvation is only meager in comparison. You will surely assend to the levels of Heaven & I now realize I have no hope for salvation because I’m wicked & experience things like a freak. Since you do not believe in financial prosperity, I’m assuming you give all your money to poor, wretched people like me. I will gladly give you an address to send checks to as I’m currently diabled. You have made me realize Iam not worthy of being saved because my entire belief system is in the toilet. Funny, I heard two sermons on Galatians that agreed with what I wrote & also my study bible, but I digress as I’m no where near your level of maturity. I have been told by Priests & counselors alike that I am gifted but I do suppose I could be demon possessed. Thank you for making me feel completely & utterly stupid. I was only trying to be compassionate towards hurting people. Your job is complete. Do you want to see Gods sarcasm? Try reading Job chapter 38-39. When you can answer all of these questions, let me know so I can come worship you. Yeah, we are done! Thanks for helping alot of people come to a greater understanding of why they dont like to fellowship. Id rather be alone than be crapped on my some type A personality dictator that made me feel angry instead of complete peace I had before you spewed forth this blog which you know NOTHING about. Im getting off this site before a house falls on me…& my little dog too!


  • 48. Artefix  |  May 6, 2012 at 11:54 AM

    Although I have tried to do it on a few occasions when I was still in high school, I have never been able to astral project. A part of me still wants to experiment with it, but I shove it aside. The main problem I have with the whole new age movement is the concept of there being different truths. How is this possible? How can you protect yourself my imagining a white light around yourself. To me it is like closing your eyes and imagining that the sun is pink and then believing that the sun has turned pink just because you imagined it. If you astral project, how can you really trust what you see when the whole system seems to have such a fluid point of view on reality. None of it makes sense to me, to be quite honest.

    Another thing that bothers me about these “Ascended Masters” is the fact that they all seem to say different things. It’s all just a confusing mess if you ask me.

    I know for a fact that spirits exist and have seen a few. I also know that they can disguise themselves as I have experienced seeing a spirit and then seeing what it really looked like (the two where very different). It all seems a bit dangerous.

    You must experiment with the spiritual, but experiment with the Word of God. Some christians are quick to experiment with new age doctrines, but have never done it with the bible scriptures. Instead of looking for apparent conflicts, maybe you should rather try and understand why the different scriptures in the different places appear to be contradictory. And yes, scriptures do get misquoted a lot, but this is also why you must study. A good example of a scripture that get’s misquoted is “submit your plan to the Lord and he will bless it.” Later I learned that the full scripture is actually to the point of “submit your plan to the Lord and he will align your thoughts with his thoughts and your motives with his motives and then you will surely succeed”

    Things get twisted a lot and there is a lot of confusion, but God is still God and there is still just one ultimate truth. Sometimes you just have to look a bit to find it.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that the bible does say that we are gods, but quite frankly it doesn’t seem to do much good does it. I believe there is another scripture that says that we must cast down our crowns before him and that is exactly what we must do.

    “Wisdom comes through prayer”


  • 49. Kristy  |  April 28, 2012 at 10:16 PM

    After reading the first argument on here, I thought of something.
    Modres, to me it would make no sense to say that the person that experienced all those heavenly things during astral projection was just Satan tricking her. If it was Satan, he’d probably want to trick her into not believing in God anymore, but these experiences she has been having make her believe in God even more, which therefore would be working against the goals of Satan. Just my opinion.

    Also, when Ana went to Hell during astral projection and actually saw the Devil Himself, it was probably got testing her faith. She asked God for help away from that place, meaning she didn’t like it there and wanted nothing to do with Satan and was not tempted, and she prayed to God so she could leave that place and go someplace better, also therefore meaning she proved she trusted God to save her.


    • 50. modres  |  April 29, 2012 at 9:53 AM

      Hi Kristy,

      Thanks for your thoughts. The problem though is that your argument does not necessarily follow. Often – as is showcased in Scripture throughout – only one error is to not believe in God. Another equally bad error is to attribute to God things that do not belong to Him in the first place.

      In this day and age, people have become enamored with their experience, over insight into the Word. In too many cases, their experience actually TRUMPS God’s Word. This was one of the problems that Paul addressed in his letter to the Colossians. “Let no one keep defrauding you of your prize by delighting in self-abasement and the worship of the angels, taking his stand on visions he has seen, inflated without cause by his fleshly mind, and not holding fast to the head, from whom the entire body, being supplied and held together by the joints and ligaments, grows with a growth which is from God,” ( Colossians 2:18-19; emphasis added).

      This is becoming the norm today. People either choose to deliberately seek after visions and what they would term spiritual experiences, or they find themselves simply caught up in them through no fault of their own and refuse to reject them.

      We have books written by people who say they have spent time in hell and in heaven. We are expected to believe that they really went to these places. Yet, what is amazing is that they are completely unnecessary because the Bible already tells us that both heaven and hell exist. Why do we need people to come along and say “Yep, I went there, so I know it exists!”? Either we take God’s Word for it or we don’t. Having someone come alongside us trying to provide veracity for Scriptures through their experience is ridiculous.

      If we look at the parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus (cf. Luke 16:19-31), there are a number of morals to that story. One of the best is included for us in the text itself. It says this: “‘No, father Abraham, but if someone goes to them from the dead, they will repent!’ But he said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be persuaded even if someone rises from the dead‘.”

      The above interplay betweeen Abraham and the rich man shows us that the rich man wanted Lazarus to rise from the dead and warn his (the rich man) family about hell. The answer is clear. Abraham said that they had Moses and the prophets and they had every chance to see the truth. These people would not even be convinced if someone rose from the dead and told them what was on the other side of this life.

      The obvious reference is to the future death and resurrection of Jesus. How many people do not believe that He rose from the dead? How many people today do not even believe that the historical figure of Jesus actually lived, but was merely a composite creation of people to create a new religion called “Christianity”?

      The Bible is clear. It is truth. We do not need experiences beyond His Word to verify the Bible. We take it on faith or we don’t.

      There is a burgeoning group of people who PREFER their experience over against the truth of the Bible. They believe that God speaks to them routinely through these “visions” and experiences. Paul tells us in Colossians that these visions are the result of their own inflated egos, born of their flesh. Satan works wonders with our flesh and sin nature.

      Paul also tells us that Satan often comes as an angel of light for one purpose: to deceive (cf. 2 Corinthians 11:14). He WANTS to deceive and will use whatever means necessary to do so. It’s not that we believe in God or disbelieve in Him. It’s how we view Jesus and His redemptive purposes that makes the difference.

      Let’s face it, Satan and his angels KNOW that God exists. They believe the Bible and likely know it better than any human being. They still do not, nor will have salvation even though they know the truth.

      Astral projection is simply another form of leaving this dimension for other dimensions. This we are forbidden to do as long as we remain alive. I’ve already provided Scripture to others that prove that.


  • 51. denisse  |  April 20, 2012 at 10:03 PM

    you are one special thing here lol u seriously are stubborn hun. what u have to understand here is that not everyone has control overwhat happens to them. i have been going trough this for over 3 yeas it just comes and goes as it pleases. some ppl just like me have no control over this which is somthing u cannot understand bcuz u have never been through it. u like to criticize ppl with out u ur self understanding exactly what astral projection is and u will never understand it until u experince it and trust this is something u will never wanna experince with out wanting it to happen. i am only 19 and had no idea of what it was happening until i research it and hope to find the reason why all this stuff happen. you need to be more open minded about stuff hun cuz insted of helping ppl you are just arguing and trying to make everyone believe what u think its right. you SHOULD look at the big picture here not only what u think its right it ur own little world.


    • 52. modres  |  April 21, 2012 at 7:07 AM

      First of all, this is not Twitter or texting. Your lack of capitals and proper English make your comments difficult to read. Save the abbreviations for those other places.

      Second, I do not need to experience being burned alive to know that it is not a good thing.

      Third, I am not critical of PEOPLE. I am critical of those things which are used by powers and principalities in heavenly places to take our eyes off of God and lead us down a path toward apostasy.

      Whether or not people “like [you] have no control over” that is irrelevant. You’re building your life on EXPERIENCE, yet there are certain things that are prohibited by God and whether those things happen seemingly beyond someone’s control or not does not remove the culpability.

      Did part of your “research” include the Bible? Are you aware that necromancy and experiencing the things that you reference are not to be observed by the Christian?

      The average “Christian” today seeks after experience rather than a deeper understanding of God’s love and forgiveness. We are to take that understanding and use it to spread the gospel. What are you doing with your experience? How many people have you introduced to the Lord because of it? Do you actually know God better because of it, or are you simply enamored with the experience itself?

      You can easily turn the tide on this astral projection phenomenon and reject it, but because you are unaware of what God’s Word says, you don’t. You LIKE the idea and because you believe you are not in control, you are therefore not responsible. This is wrong.

      While the Bible does not explicitly come out and speak against “astral projection,” there are guidelines in Scripture that are clear. Here are three Scripture references which offer guidelines: Deuteronomy 18:10,11, Leviticus 19:31 and Isaiah 8:19,20.

      Beyond this, the larger problem is that people who tend to look to astral projection or even what is happening in some parts of the Charismatic movement now – leaving your body and being allegedly transported to heaven and back – place great emphasis on the experience itself.

      Because of this, people like yourself wind up placing their faith in these experiences instead of God and His Word.

      People like yourself absolutely amaze me. You place such faith in your experience and not once have you listed any Scripture that supports the experience itself. The reason? First, you don’t KNOW Scripture, and second, you PREFER the experience. You like it. This is no way to base your relationship with God, anymore than you would (hopefully) base a friendship or romance on experience. Experiences come and go and they are not meant to be the arbiter of truth in our lives. Only God’s Word does that.

      Instead of attacking me personally, I would prefer that you search the Scriptures. If you find that I am wrong, then I am wrong and you can go your merry way. If you find that I am right, then you have an obligation to cease, desist, and voluntarily REJECT what happens to you in the areas of astral projection. It’s truly as simple as that. If you are wrong in your beliefs, then the only Person who can help you out of it is God Himself. Obviously, if astral projection is wrong, God will guide you out of it and protect you from it in the future. He will give you the strength to overcome it.


  • 53. j  |  April 6, 2012 at 2:01 PM

    we will all get called up one day, and when i get there i dont want God to ask me why i did this or did not do that, i don’t want my answer to be well he said or she said it were right or wrong, this is not going to surffice with God. i will be answering because i got it wrong all by my self and paying my price or either saying hopefully i made it because of my Lords love for me, Jesus Christ. so please stop attacking peoples experiance and saying between the lines its not of God, instead of attacking try to understand instead of been ignorant of the tests some people face, because not evryone astral projects at free will, they are victims been victimised for by others for there tests that has been put for them.thats how it is to some of them. you yourself must get tested. evryone does, He will test evry heart of man, yes evry single one. Scripture says this as you will no, so dont condemn those whom are struggling. i am glad now i came on this site, because a man who knows the truth and fully understands through others eyes also would not rip apart what people are tryiing to say or not recieve the help in any understanding they have come here for, but to only get condemned and judged about what they are saying. its not why they came, it seems maybe you should open your eyes and start fasting to see if its the right thing you should be doing, which is judging and assuming we all must be dreaming


    • 54. modres  |  April 6, 2012 at 2:09 PM

      I say what I say based on the authority of Scripture. You say what you say based on the authority of your experiences.

      There is only one way to heaven and that is through Jesus. He said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me,” (John 14:6).

      I’m not attacking people’s experiences…and even if I was, that should not bother you since you seem determined to continue on the course that you’ve chosen.

      All I’m doing is warning people as to what I see as something that is dangerous and problematic. If you reject what I say, then you reject it; it’s up to you.

      Thank you for writing, but I think we’re done here.


  • 55. j  |  April 6, 2012 at 1:45 PM

    i never said i thought i was saved, not once far from it, sorry you read it that way, i said about evry1 else thinking it, and your missing what i said, it was not a dream, i was not in a dream state, i sat on my bed to take of my shoes to get ready for bed when i saw the women in a brides dress enter my room,the fact that i was removing my shoes means its a sign of peace as this is what the feet mean and look into whatever im doing or what signs i see when i have experiances and i search for the truth or falseness in it, i never came accross the churches in revelations untill i had seen her and this was what brought revelations to my attention, what i saw was very very real. it is unfair to say or judge that what i saw was not of God, i feel truely blessed i caught a glimpse of what most haven’t, not because im worthy, or special because i am not, but i seeked only for God, and was willing to see his work and also when i saw this i was in the middle of a fast of wanting to know more of God, it is not enough that we just read, sometimes we are allowed to lift our heads from the text to see some of Gods work in action, he wants us to see as it is testimony to the truth. of what is written that what scripture says is truth, also scripture rewritten so many times do not hold the orignal text so we dont understand how it was meant to be understood, when i have experiances that i feel was from God i certainly was not astral projecting as this occured 5 yrs ago, i have not projected for 20 yrs. also 7 months ago i watch a pure blue flame appears in the corner of my ceiling and spread into a pure blue fire covering the whole of my ceiling for about 30 seconds and then disappear as quick as it reappered and no there is nothing wrong with my electrics, so you see i do have experiances and see, when i fast, read and deeply seek. its unfair to say what i have seen is false from you, as i know all i thought about was God at those times i was fasting for his knoweledge, without those experiances i would not understand the affliction of the true church, or that they were 7 churches spoken of in revelations to do with the bride of Jesus, (bride is the church), i would not have understood revelations on this topic had i not seen her, i asked for guidence and it was shown to me, hence the 7 scars upon her cheeks, which is the affliction of the 7 churches, in this fire 7 months ago i saw, my 18 yr old daughter had also witness yes it scared us at first till we really thought bout it. i would like to think that as i was fastin and searching for my Gods love that he had listened to me. i have also told many people in churches what i saw and they have never said to me it was not of God, by you saying that and assuming and taking out of contexts others experiance of seeking Gods truth has made you a contradicting dictator in which your view is the only right way, and thats having the God Complex i im afraid,and having the god complex is bad it seems that you may have become tunnelled vision.its not right that when people say what they experiance, you say its is falsness when they seek with all thier heart. i am not saying also that its right or wrong to astral project but like i said my experiances 20 yrs ago did not attract any negative bad energy or entities, i am always searching for more of Gods love, and maybe its bout time people stopped debating over Gods word and and do what we were supose to be doin which is love and charity, instead people or to busy dictating that there way is the right way instead of asking God which is there right path, which is what i will do when i fast,if i want to know more of God i ask Him, not a dictator who claims they know the truth, they more than likely dont and Jesus has said in scripture, dont trust no man. i know his word, i believe that word and if no falsness is found in my experiances then also yes i believe that to be the truth. what i saw was a spectacular moment and i only wish others could stop the brainwashing of what they say is right or wrong the dictating and debates over his word to see that pure love of God for themselves. shame really.i never said also as you said i said that there is nothing wrong with projecting, i didnt what i said was it did not feel wrong to me, and it depends on that persons heart and intentions that depicts weather it is wrong or not, just like these new bibles are taken out of the true context of what was orignally written, you have took out of context evrything i have said. wake up people because it the last call, also the last call for the bride meaning the 144000, which mainly consists of children. i am thankfull of my experiance or i would still not understand book of revelations 7 churches bride of Christ, the true church or about the 144000 or the 7 stars or 7 lampstands. my eyes are open, wide open. and believe me the true church is not of any of these mainstream churches or glorified houses. or smooth wise tongues that know scriptures. my latest dream by the way was about mainstream church and when someone asked me why i didnt visit church anymore i told them because the churches of today were not of God, they said they are in which they showed me a sign to prove it and sent an eagle, but when i really looked again, it was not an eagle but an owl, an owl by the way is very wise bird, but it also represents decietfullness, lies and is a bad omen. so you see yes i do get get shown the right way eventually to my path, and i may not be where i should be, but thank God im not where i used to be, when i was igranant and tunel visioned to the importance of really seeking for the Truth and knowledge of God, read all you want i say to people, that only gets us to know about God, and im sorry but i want more, I want to know Him, there is a difference . experiance is just as vital as the reading the reading is a guide for us the experiances are the tests the reading is so we hope we pass them tests whatever they may be.


    • 56. modres  |  April 6, 2012 at 2:14 PM

      Okay, so you have your belief system. I could go through it and discount much of what you say, but for what purpose? I do not wish to debate you or argue with you.

      God’s Church is doing wonderfully well, thank you very much. If you believe that there is no truth in today’s churches, then that’s what you believe.

      I wish you did not ramble as much as you do as it would be far easier to comprehend what you are saying.

      I think you know what you believe so you are responsible for it. There is nothing I can say that will convince you of anything and because of that, I’m really not sure why you continue to talk AT me.

      I wish you would not take bits and pieces of Scripture out of context and create doctrine of them.

      But the bottom line is this: you and I do not agree, so why are we continuing this? It doesn’t make any sense. I said I would pray for you and you said you didn’t need my prayers or want them.

      You believe you are correct, so that point is duly noted. I believe you are in fully incorrect, but again, there is nothing I can say to you that will help you understand this.

      Take care.


  • 57. j  |  April 5, 2012 at 6:40 PM

    i believe to have a personal relationship with Jesus through my life, i have had many bad experiances and seen things that should not be in church and so i believe i need not listen to someone preach to me his word as i find that one day most churches may just be in for such a shock and people who thought they knew jesus or were thinking they are already saved as i dont think they really realise what they follow, as i have seen many a false people in them, he tells me in my heart and mind, my heart and mind may not be as one yet, but that is where i hear him, i do not trust any man even if they say they are of the holy cloth, as i already know, which is to trust no one, not any man, from 7 yrs old ive known him to be in my life all my life. i only ever visited people i never knew in this life but had known them in my heart, and they were wonderful.also i had an experiance 5 years ago, i was sitting in my room getting ready for bed, a women, a bride i will say walked into my room, and yes i was fully awake, she was wearing the most beautiful dress i’d ever seen, and i could not see her face as she was so full of light, my whole room lit up as though i switched on the light and the light beamed out from the ends of her hair and her skin was full of light that it was bursting light from her fingertips, she came close to me right up to my face level with mine, and for just a moment, the light flickered on her face, and when that light flickered, i saw her just for a moment, and she was beautiful, she also had 7 scars upon her cheeks, and as i gasped for breath she was gone. i have read the bible and i do know what it says, and i believe i saw the bride of christ, the afflictions upon her are the afflictions upon the true church of God, in revelations this book speaks of the seven churches, the bride of jesus is the true church, the true information of Gods word has been scattered or excluded i believe, my trust is only in Jesus, i feel very blessed to have seen such beauti standing in my room that she bent down to show herself to me. round about this time i had alot of other experiances, i was an insomniac and barely slept 1 hr per night and fasting at the time, i went from a size 14 to a size 6 by the time i stopped fasting , and was awake, but i would feel that electricity pulse through my body and have the same effects as though i were about to astral project, but i wasnt astral projecting as i were awake and i was most certainly still in my body, i hadnt left it, yet it happened, and so now i only trust in God and those feelings i felt wich were simular to when you feel an obe were spiritual feelings, God has never denied us spiritual growth as it helps us become closer to him, he wants that personal relationship with evryone, i love God with all my heart, and when i astral projected years ago it was always in search of a people of love,and trust where there is no falsness, i never came across any negative or entities that want my soul to sin because its not what i projected out when i obe. i dont like religeon i must admit as i feel they are most of them not following the true God even though they think they are, it has become so manmade and there rewritten bibles, they have smooth tongues and wise words and yes they can sound so holy, but there god they preach is a jealous god, there god can destroy a nation of peoples, there god will punish, well my GOD is of pure love, my God has never destroyed, my GOD does not turn his face away, my God has shown me through my life and brought me to where i am today, i dont know if it is right to go back to astral projection or wrong but it never felt wrong when i was doin it untill church peole told me it was, but i do no that i will wait and listen to what my heart and mind speaks to me and not what others say is wrong or not wrong, no offence but i find more about God when i search inside my self for Him,in my heart than when someone is dictating to me about him, and yes ill read the bible sometimes, sometimes ill just listen and fast for the answer but all i no is i dont find any of God in any of those churches i have been through my life. God is in the heart of evry man they just have to open it up and see, i think about God evry day as evry day he is always on my mind. i love reading revelations especially about the 7 churches and what He speaks to them in these scriptures, best we realise the truth befor He calls us up, rather than not no the truth when we could have an look silly when He calls us up, i dont want to be called up and be asked why you listen to men and there tongues and say because that person said or that one said, this will not surfice with God, i want to say because i got it wrong by myself or i got it right thankfully because God has shown me,our bodies are prisons in this world only the heart and mind can go through, our bodies stay here, yes we need these veichles for this life but one day we also wont need them. when i astral projected years ago i did not visit people i knew in this life or loved dead people, i visited people id known in my heart forever, for eternity, how could i have stopped goin there i sometimes think to my self i believe when we tune our bodies to vibration its not wrong but the choices you make while in this mode can be wrong when used for the self and not seeking for the truth, its what is in ones heart and intentions that make it wrong or not. anyway im not in any rush and havent started fasting for the answer yet. and on the above about churches im not popping at evry one as there are some genuine people in them, but if only they knew what was really preachin to them i think. its for them i pray that they see the truth


    • 58. modres  |  April 5, 2012 at 6:59 PM

      When we look to EXPERIENCES for truth, we are in danger of missing it all. When I have dreams, I don’t come away from those dreams believing that Jesus has just spoken to me regardless of how religious the dream may have seemed.

      If people would spend more time seeking the truth found in His Word, we would likely rely far less on “dreams and visions” and certainly not astral projections.

      If you have already made up your mind about astral projection and the alleged truth you receive from them, then it’s pointless to have any discussion.

      If you believe you’re saved, then who am I to tell you anything else?

      If you are convinced that astral projection poses no dangers and it is from God, then there is nothing I can tell you that will dissuade you from thinking that way.

      We live – exist – within certain dimensions. There are four of them that we can experience – length, width, height and time. These are dimensions that we can experience, yet science tells us that there may be as many as eleven that we are unable to experience.

      There are reasons that God prohibits us from attempting to go into other dimensions. We are simply not permitted to do certain things, regardless of how important or real they may appear.

      I wish you the best and I will pray for you. That’s the best I can do as it seems as though you have already made up your mind about astral projection. You have convinced yourself that nothing is wrong with astral projection. I’m not going to debate the issue with you.

      I pray only that God will open your eyes to the truth.


  • 59. j  |  April 4, 2012 at 5:19 AM

    such an intersting read and views of opinions, i think sum of the opinions are making a valuble point, i wouldnt like to be pulled into an argument though through opinions of my own, as that seems to have happened here on this blog, but i will say i belive heart and soul in jesus christ, but i do not follow religeon or read out of context bibles that have been rewritten so many times. God has been there all my life, i was aware of this from 7 yrs old, i believe that the heart and mind go on forever and when the heart and mind become one, then we will see, they must become in line with each other, yes we will go through many experiances while been tested, as we will undoubtly be tested time and time again, its all part of educating ourselves and being spiritually aware of the spiritual relm wheather people believe it or not it is real, some tests we wont like, some we will, but in the ends its up to each individual to have a personal experiance through life with jesus and yes i agree that sometimes we will also go through spiritual experiences also, mentioned on your blog. all i can think is that nothing is by accident, i also believe the true church of jesus is not in the mainstream churches you see today, i can go to church and not feel one bit of presence of God, and when they laid hands on me i could feel them putting pressure on my forehead so i rocked,and because i did not fall they put more pressure on my forehead then in the end i just felt obligated to fall to the ground, but i never felt anythin, but i have felt God many times during my life, and its certainly not been in church but in my very own company when i have spoken with him through the heart by prayer, sadley i dont do enough of this as i should, but all i know is that my life is where it is now because of my faith in him , yes i have astrally projected many times, 20years ago, then church told me it was wrong, so i stopped now after 20 years i am thinking maybe i should let this happen, as i must admitt i was only ever in places of light wen i travelled and yes astral sex is a very real danger you should avoid but i had more spiritual growth in astral projection and evry one i met had a wounderfull personality and heart, yes i also had scary experiances too but whenever i did project i was always aware that someone was with me while i travelled and made sure i was not in danger, almost like they were educating me and although i cannot recall the person, i always remember them as a body of pure light, always by my side teachin me of goodness. i will be goin back to this hopefully as i have not travelled for a very long time now, but how could it be wrong, when spiritually i was fed, isnt that what this is about, about knowing heart and mind the truth so we could be free, the body is the prison that stops us evovling through fears, and i feel religeon has become like a cancer of the mind for which there is no cure because it has become man made, i believe the true words of god was excluded on purpose from the bible, the people who rewrite the bible are hiding the real truth from people so they have power and so now people may have to be spiritually fed instead to the truth, yes i believe in jesus, and i believe if you ask him to show you the way personally from the heart he will show you, and so i will prey and ask to see weather i should be back on that path of spiritual awareness and knoweledge or not, and see what happens. but for people who astral project now, please stick to planes where it is light. there has to b a balance in everything, dark planes, light planes, good, evil, CHRIST and antichrist, either way we will not know if we are not tested, tests are to see how far we have evovled in our hearts and how were cumming along, only the heart and mind can go through in the end if any of us make it past the tests, the body dies and stays here, heart and mind is part of the soul, the soul is the truth. having said all this i do understand fully both points which is why i shall ask him for personal guidance on this on what i should do, because reading both points, on the coments i now do feel im at a crossroads, on which is right to do or not right to do.


    • 60. modres  |  April 5, 2012 at 7:04 AM

      I’m not sure why you would want to start astrally projecting again. You say the church told you it was wrong years ago so you stopped. It didn’t just become “right,” so now it’s okay.

      When you say you “felt God many time,” I’d have to ask, how do you know it has been God? Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians 11:14 that Satan transforms himself into an angel of light.

      If we judge things by how they make us feel, we will be sidetracked every time.

      Paul explains a situation that happened to him where he was taken up to the third heaven (2 Corinthians 12). He really did not know if it was an out-of-body experience, or a vision, but he saw and heard things that he was not allowed to relay to anyone. Paul spoke of only ONE such occurrence. You would think that if astral-projection was something that legitimate Christians could be involved in, it would have happened more than once.

      The way some Christians tell it today, they routinely are involved in astral projection and they apparently learn a great many things. The problem I have found with these issues is that they often learn things that are anti-Christian, or anti-Bible, but that doesn’t seem to bother them at all.

      Regarding Paul’s “boast” of having some out-of-body experience, it is part of the chapter in which he “boasts” of a lot of things, but in the end, none of those things amount to anything compared to SALVATION.

      If Christians spent more time reading His Word and getting to know Him through it, we would be far more consistent in our walk with Him as Christians. We would not be given to emotionalism and experiences.

      Satan is always trying to add something to the mix when the thing we need is to simply get to know our God and He has revealed Himself through His Word. Yes, compared to roaming the universe through astral-projection, reading and studying His Word is fairly mundane, yet this is how He has chosen to reveal Himself.

      Any experience that seems to take precedence over His Word is an experience that should be rejected.

      Here is a very good, thorough answer related to out-of-body experiences that goes into more detail from Ron Rhodes:


  • 61. Jay  |  March 25, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    Wow…You are still missing the point….these people dont do it willingly…no, they suffer! Its easy to know one is in the lions den and easy to say “I know you’re in the lions den but dont get bitten!” You must understand we dont WANT or ENJOY being yanked from our bodies into other realms…wow, its like saying “Dont have nightmares.” Its not controllable unless one practices it, I do not nor do many of the others that have posted here…


    • 62. modres  |  March 25, 2012 at 2:16 PM

      You have SOMEHOW opened yourself up to the spiritual realm and specifically that area which focuses you into being astrally projected. How did you do that? I have no idea. It sounds like you are not aware of it either. Maybe you played with a Ouija board or Tarot cards at some point in your life. Maybe it has to do with the fact that you do not view His Word as the final authority. If His Word is not the final authority, then YOU are the final authority, my friend. If that’s the case, then Satan has a field day…

      You could trust His Word. You could throw yourself on His authority. You could renounce whatever it is that has got you caught up in the entire world of astral projection, but you believe you are nothing but a victim. That may well be, Jay, but somehow, somewhere the door to that realm opened up and God wants it closed just as much as you do.

      There are examples of people being possessed with demons in the NT and even though we do not know HOW they came to be possessed, what IS clear is that Jesus healed them of their problem. Whatever door Satan or his minions can use to worm their way into someone’s life, they will do it.

      How did you get IN the lion’s den, Jay? Something put you there, knowingly or unknowingly. If you cannot remember, then ask God to show you so that you can shut that door tightly. You don’t think He will? You want to know so you can close that door. God wants that door closed as well.

      Here’s something you can try the next time you begin to have an out-of-body experience or feel as though you are getting ready to embark on an astrally-projected journey. Simply STAND YOUR GROUND and claim the blood of Jesus Christ! Rebuke the powers that are attempting to get you involved in astral projection.

      As a Christian, you have the power and authority to REBUKE the enemy in the Name of Jesus. The enemy MUST listen and obey – it is that simple. Remember the 70 disciples that Jesus sent out (Luke 10)? They came back amazed that even demons had to obey them in the Name of Jesus. These demons will try to get you to believe that you must continue to be the victim. Even though you FEEL like the victim, you are NOT the victim, but through Christ, you are the VICTOR.

      There have been examples of people who were on the verge of being abducted by aliens and when they REBUKED the aliens in the Name of Jesus, the abduction immediately STOPPED. It went no further. There were repeated attempts and they did the same thing with the same results. Eventually, the attempted abductions stopped altogether.

      When you are on the verge of experiencing another event of astral projection, as SOON as you realize what is happening, REBUKE the demons who are trying to make it happen. It is that simple, but you MUST understand and believe that the Name of Jesus is far above all other Names and that God actually has the ability to render those astral projections null and void.

      If you do not WILLINGLY practice astral projection, but it simply HAPPENS to you, then you CAN take control of it by invoking the Name of Jesus. You say you are a Christian – fine, that’s wonderful! Then you have the authority over every power and principality through Christ because greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.

      I HAVE run up against demons, Jay. I KNOW for a fact that they HAVE to listen and obey a person who is IN Christ. We see examples of this throughout the New Testament.

      You are not your own. You have been bought with a price. Therefore you are under new ownership. Because He owns you and lives within you through the indwelling Holy Spirit, then He is the One who overcomes the darkness that is coming against you, Jay. But you need to invoke the Name of Christ and I would suggest doing it aloud.

      Even if an instance of astral-projection occurs while you are sleeping, you will undoubtedly come to a point during the event where you REALIZE what is happening. It is at that point that you should call out to Jesus for deliverance.

      Jay, EVERY Christian has weaknesses. Every Christian has problem areas and EVERY problem area needs to be placed at the feet of Jesus and overcome by the power of His blood. Some people have problems with pornography. Others with alcohol or drugs. Still others have a problem with terrible thoughts that seem to come in and out of the mind at will. Part of this is simply the manifestations of the sin nature, which we continue to have until the day of our ultimate redemption. Part of it is due to the doors that have been opened to the dark realm, even if we cannot remember what those doors were…

      Your problem with unwanted astral projections can only be solved through the power and the blood of Jesus. That’s the only solution I know of, Jay.

      If what I’m saying doesn’t seem to apply in your situation, then I would strongly urge you to contact Russ Dizdar who has a good deal of experience with things like this. Here is his website: and here is his Facebook page:

      I don’t have direct contact information for him, but you should be able to get some relief through him and if you “friend” him on Facebook, you can send him a message.

      Now I have a better idea of how to pray for you so I will be doing that. Forgive me if I have misunderstood you and your situation…


  • 63. Jay  |  March 25, 2012 at 1:37 AM

    Hi, I read over half of this blog and got so angry that I could not finish it. We must all realize this: God works in mysterious ways. He can change His mind on things and can use sinful people to speak a good message to a prophet. He can use anyone in anyway. I am a Christian…No…I am a CHILD OF GOD. The word christian means at its purist form “savior like.” I have experienced angels and demons, both in astral and in reality. I have experienced many spirits and none of it willed. I am saved and have been baptized and have received the Holy Ghost. If one feels he must teach the Word one must not be contradictory. Man kind has in fact twisted the Bible so much that its scary, they did this to suit it for their own likings. I bet you dont even know Gods name. Did you know God isnt a name but its a title, as well as Lord? In most places in the Bible where you see those titles at one time was the name of God, Yahweh. Do you realize this name was taken out of the Bible thousands of times??? True story, thats how much man kind has twisted the words. Sadly I dont know any “holy rollers” that even know this. Also take this into consideration…There is no J in the hebrew alphabet yet we praise the name of Jesus and pray to Jahova, which is another name for Yahweh. He can take any soul at any time and show them what he feels they need to see, even if it seems improper to most so called Christians. This world is so blind, it makes me sick. Humanity is suppose to be humbled yes, before the Lord of hosts, this is true but think about this, did God not give us his breathe of life? Does He not exist within us? Yet we are suppose to be so weak, crying and whining for God to change everything for us, sometimes God wants us to learn on our own, sometimes his footsteps go astray from us and in this time we undergo trials and tribulations. When one is haunted all his life by visions he cannot control and is told that his experiences are evil and he is wrong for having them, it makes me wonder…where is the compassion of God that is suppose to dwell within the hearts of the prophets, where is the compassion? Where is the understanding? You will disagree with this hardcore im sure but im sick of biting my tongue. My step dad thought I was a freak because I always left my body and experienced things not on my own free will, he thought I was a freak because he never had it happen to him. If you never astraled or had astral sex or any other experience, why then are you doing this blog. You have much understanding of the Word of God but you lack completely the knowledge to understand what we go through. I pray that you find understanding and compassion.


    • 64. modres  |  March 25, 2012 at 6:43 AM

      You know for all your bluster, your anger is severely misplaced. I wish people like yourself had more of a desire to know the truth, but instead, you delight yourself in chasing after things that wind up merely itching your ears.

      You say mankind has messed up the Bible. It is clear that you have not done any real research. Moreover, without realizing it, you have denigrated and castigated God as if He was completely incapable of guarding His Word to ensure that it says what He wants it to say.

      People like yourself really have no clue and it is I who will pray for you. Instead of grasping after experiences that mean nothing, why not take the time to get to know Him through His Word.

      Your appreciation for and desire to live within New Age thought is going to be your undoing.

      I pray that YOU find understanding. My compassion is exercised in the very time it took to write about astral projection in the first place. There is no such example of this type of New Age interplay within His Word, yet you have fallen for it. You’ve given yourself every reason to believe what you believe and disregard the Bible as being the final Word of God to mankind.

      I will pray that your eyes will be englightened to the truth of Scripture and to the truth of who God is and how He works among us.

      I don’t NEED to have ever “astraled or had astral sex” anymore than I need to go out and rob a bank, yet I can still speak of the evil of it. You make little sense. Astral sex is forbidden. Why? Because ADULTERY and FORNICATION are forbidden.

      Take the time to read 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and see if that describes you and too many people like you…


      • 65. Jay  |  March 25, 2012 at 12:04 PM

        Did I ever say I had astral sex…NO….I said that because statement because you are posting a blog about it but it is something you never experienced. I read my Bible, I go to church, I have many of the gifts of the spirit and you dont even know me yet you are jumping to the conclusion that im some heathen with no morality or something. Let me tell you this, you’re missing the point over and over so let me put it in big bold letters for you…WE DO NOT PARTAKE IN THESE HORRIFIC THINGS ON PURPOSE THEREFORE WE ARE NOT CHASING AFTER A FALSE DOCTRINE AND EVIDENTLY IT IS YOU WHO ISNT DOING YOU’RE RESEARCH!!! And yes sir, I have found within both mine and my fathers research who is a pastor have you know that man kind has indeed altered the Bible. Why do you think there are so many different versions of the Bible, that right there shows mans alteration of Gods Word.


      • 66. modres  |  March 25, 2012 at 1:13 PM

        Look Jay, you are doing the EXACT same thing to me that you are accusing me of doing to you. You don’t know me either yet you have judged me by ONE article I have written. I never said or implied that you were a heathen or immoral. You said I should not be commenting on astral projection or astral sex because I haven’t experienced them. This is such a lame argument from you, which is why I said what I said about robbing a bank.

        The reason there are different versions of the Bible is a simply enough question to answer.

        There are so many manuscripts (partial and full) of Scripture that the total far surpasses ANY document of antiquity. The proof is in the pudding because the older the manuscript, the more proof is seen of just exactly what the Bible states. So you have found one person who says the Bible was altered? Whoopee. There is SO much evidence that supports the veracity of the Bible, but you are likely not interested in that because you would be forced to change your world view, especially where the Bible is concerned.

        The many versions are due – in part – to the TYPE of translation that is being made available. Some versions are word-for-word translations, while others are thought-for-thought translations. Still others are paraphrases.

        Do your own research Jay and stop believing what fits you and what you like to hear. I simply do not have the time to educate you on matters that you are not interested in being educated on. You feel you need no education in fact. It would be a complete waste of my time to continue this discussion.

        I will say this…it does not matter whether you partake of anything on purpose on accidentally. You are accountable for your thoughts and your actions. Because you see value in astral projection (which is completely absent from Scripture), you have opened yourself up to the spiritual realm in a way that not only does NOT benefit you, but opens you up to a myriad of dangers. All I’m doing is trying to warn people. If you believe my warning is without merit, then you have your answer. There is little point in attempting to debate me over the issue.

        You have discounted the veracity of God’s Word because you believe that God is fully incapable of sustaining it, ergo He is powerless. What kind of God do you worship? Apparently not one who has much power to accomplish much. Yet, you can travel the universe via astral projection, for what purpose…to learn the mysteries? I have been studying the New Age for years and much of it is from the mouths of the people who have been and continue to be involved in it.

        2 Timothy 4:3 says it all, Jay: “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires…” You are unfortunately there, my friend, because you have placed EXPERIENCE above TRUTH.

        We’re done here, Jay. I will pray that the Lord opens your eyes AND your father’s because you are living quite dangerously. Thanks for writing.


  • 67. Winston  |  March 15, 2012 at 6:23 AM

    Wow! This has been interesting to read as I have learned a few things between the exchanges of dialog. First, I must ask for the beleivers in Jesus Christ to pray for me. I need to strenghten my relationship with God, and after reading this article, I know see the importance of reading my Bible daily, Praying daily, and Growing closer to the Lord. There are too many temptations out there in the world that are catching people off gaurd and taking them straight to hell in which they are now burning in regret. I decide to search for some answers because I wanted to be free from sin. I found myself watching a lot of online phonography after it was introduced to me by a female friend and it has caused a world of trouble for me since. I have been trying to break this addiction, but I know I am powerless without the aid of Jesus Christ in my life. I am not here to debate anybody beleive, because I know for a fact that Judgement is rserved for God and God alone. I just want to make it to heaven and be free from sin to hear “Well Done” at the end of me my life. I have been living in sin too long and I know that I need the Grace and Mercy of God to do a Miracle for me one more time which is to set me free from sin and give me a stronger desire to worship and serve him. If you beleive in Christ and know that the will of God is for no soul to perish, then I ask in humilty as a brother struggling with his vices, to pray for me, and ask God to have mercy on my soul. I will stick to my commitment of prayer and work towards reading the Bible on a daily basis. I am tired off being used by the Devil. I belong to Christ and was brought with a price, but the Devil is trying to claim me as one of his own. I am not his and I don’t belong to him. I may have fallen short again a million and one times, but I still beleive in the purpose of Jesus Christ dieying for my sins on the hills of Calvary. Pray for me, and I will pray for you in advance that God will have mercy on your souls as well. Thank you! Oh, please ask God as well to break ever curse and demonic attachedments from over and off my life. Keep the faith, and keep striving.


    • 68. modres  |  March 15, 2012 at 6:29 AM

      Thanks for writing and please know that I am praying for you.


  • 69. Erica  |  February 1, 2012 at 3:58 AM

    Thank you for your reply.

    I was born a Christian.

    The last days I have followed your advice and prayed to God (and also the Universe) in the name of Jesus. I have also said “I demand you to depart in the name of Jesus Christ.” (It worked for a person who send in a ghost story to

    Thanks to a friend I found prayers for protection at

    At it says “…persistent, consistent prayer is needed more times than not.”

    So far, prayer hasn’t given any results though. Maybe I am not praying persistently and consistently enough, (or with enough belief that it will work). Unless I can learn how to defend myself psychically (hadn’t heard about psychic self-defence until now), I may need the help of a psychic, priest, spiritual healer or someone else to solve this.


    • 70. modres  |  February 1, 2012 at 8:43 AM

      I think the problem lies in your second sentence. No one is born a Christian. It is a conscious decision to BECOME a Christian. You probably mean you were born into a household where Christianity was practiced.

      Unless you are truly born again, your prayers will have no effect.

      Read John chapter 3, then read Romans 10.

      When a person becomes a Christian, the Holy Spirit takes up residence in their life. He is the One who offers protection from the enemy of our souls. You must be born again. You must recognize that you are a sinner and that nothing you can do will save you. You must also understand that Jesus lived a sinless life and died for you (and me). His death cancels out our sin IF we believe that He is who He says He is – God the Son. You must also believed that He rose again on the 3rd day.

      Please get back to me, all right?


  • 71. Erica  |  January 25, 2012 at 6:31 AM

    Since December 22 last year I have experienced sensations as if someone was giving me oral sex, since Dec 24 it turned to sex and anal sex, since Jan 4 I’ve felt a weight on my body, an energy, like the body of a being, thrusting into me and moving back and forth above me. Spooky. Before I thought my body somehow made itself feel these sensations. At night, while awake during the thrusting motions, I’ve felt as if I’ve sunk into another “consciousness” for several seconds, heard a loud windy noise (painful for the ears) and different sounds (once someone singing, another time classical music, a lady yelling in Japanese, chanting voices, a girl screaming). Since Jan 12 sharp painful sticks (like a needle) on different spots on my body, followed by longer cuts. This has happened in the evening, at night, in the morning and on and off throughout the day.

    After the spooky incident I have sometimes given into the pleasure, I now realize that is foolish as I don’t know what it is. Ignoring it or crying/begging doesn’t help. Praying, sending love, and surrounding myself with white light haven’t helped so far. Yesterday night I saw bits of red electricity (2-4 cm wide) flying above me in the room, felt like it landed near and on my face, tickled. When waking up at night I felt intense pain in my arms, occasional sticks, and a thrusting motion. I focused on light and love while thinking “No”. The other night I felt two hands grab mine (didn’t sense any loving energy) and think I saw a glimpse of a face (wear glasses or contacts daytime so my vision isn’t that good at night).

    As I write this I feel pressure on my back, tickling and the thrusting motion on and off. What would you recommend?

    Can this be a human being doing an astral projection to my location? Or is it a spirit, demon, incubus…?

    I welcome any thoughts or advice from anyone.



    • 72. modres  |  January 25, 2012 at 7:02 AM

      What you’re experiencing seems clear enough to be demonic in origin. What I would recommend is that you first ask the question “Am I a Christian?” If you are not a Christian, these events will continue. You need the protection of Jesus and the indwelling Holy Spirit.

      The only power that can save you from these incidents is the power that comes from Jesus Himself, who is Lord over all.

      In order to know whether or not you are a Christian, you must deal with the question of who you believe Jesus is. If you believe that as God the Son, He came and lived a perfect life free of sin, then offered Himself as a substitute for your sin, died, and rose again, then you are close to being “born again,” (John 3).

      Paul tells us in Romans 10:9-10 “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

      Somehow or another, you have opened the door to dimensions that we are not allowed to investigate. The door needs to be closed tightly and never opened again. I would call out to Jesus, confess that you have likely dabbled in something that is off-limits, ask Him to save you from yourself and from those entities which mean you harm.

      You need to understand that there are many things we do not know about spiritual realms and experience is not an adequate teacher. When God says to avoid certain things, He does it for a reason.

      Claim the precious blood of Jesus the next time something like this happens. Ask God to protect you in Jesus and if you will resist these beings (asking for His strength to do so), they will flee from you.

      Keep me posted please.


  • 73. marie  |  January 8, 2012 at 1:40 PM

    appreciate your writing on astral projection,

    since i was very young have had this happen, then it stopped for a decade, it recently started again and brought back the same strange feeling plus a very big scare last night,

    never had anything sexual happen in astral plane,was able to fly through and past things, after that happened last night/early morning felt i was lucid/awake,

    then the head of my bed bed went down like something huge was on it by headboard, then starting w/ a low growl i heard the words “i want you” uttered at me (i guess) i screamed for my mom, no one the next morning said they had heard me,i was frozen w/ fear in bed till it was light out, also my mom is in a different country right now so it was odd, am very spiritual and believe in God, just not very hip on organized religion ,

    never had fear of anything “satanic”, this was pretty traumatizing. .
    and seems to fit the bill.

    since been researching after last night this is not at all a rare occurrence.


    • 74. modres  |  January 8, 2012 at 4:28 PM

      Interesting. From my own study, it’s not a rare experience. In fact, there are a number of books out there that deal with the subject.

      I’m glad you believe in God, but that will not provide you with the protection you need. Somehow, some way, demons have found their way into your life and have chosen astral projection as a means of enticing and entrapping you.

      What you need is a relationship with Jesus – not organized religion. A relationship with Him begins when we come to know and believe who He is as outlined in Romans 10:9-10:

      “if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord, and believe in your heart that (C)God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved; 10 for with the heart a person believes, resulting in righteousness, and with the mouth he confesses, resulting in salvation.”

      You cannot confess what you do not believe so it starts there. If you find it difficult to believe that Jesus – as God – lived a sinless life, died a criminal’s death (yet without sinning) so that He could pay the price for our sin, and that after death, He was raised from the dead, then you are close to entering into a relationship with Him.

      It is not so much a “sinner’s prayer,” but an attitude that oversees our entire life. Pray to God that He will provide you with the belief to see the truth. Once you begin to see it, ask Him to help you embrace it. That is what provides eternal life because it is at that point the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within you and He is the One who offers His protection against the attacks of the enemy of our souls.

      If you would be interested, I would like to send you a couple of books free of charge. Just email your address to me at


      • 75. marie  |  January 9, 2012 at 3:00 PM

        thank you, will send address.


    • 76. Confidential  |  January 8, 2012 at 7:38 PM

      I would like to offer you some personal advice….since this “scary incident” happened only once & most likely you remembered it bc you were in a half-waking, luciud state, this does NOT mean are being haunted by demons on a regular basis. Most likely you were frightened bc you couldn’t CONTROL the situation. When you sensed fear, IT fed off that. In a real “now time” bind….pray & ask for protection before you go to sleep. Keep a bible, opened, next to your bed. Try to remember that they are emotion based & although scary, if you bully them & show their motives to them in the same way, this normally confuses them & they flee. Use the name of Jesus also & request intercession of angels to protect you in a pinch if you get scared. It may be a temporary fix but ask & pray nightly. If they know they can get to you once, they may try again. Don’t open that door by showing any type of fear. If you are afraid, immediately begin to pray. Hope this helps.


      • 77. marie  |  January 9, 2012 at 3:09 PM

        thank you for advice,
        found bible today and will do that,
        felt whatever that was it fed off of fear and confusion,


      • 78. modres  |  January 9, 2012 at 9:18 PM

        It not only feeds OFF of fear, but CREATES more of the same.


  • 79. Gissele  |  December 24, 2011 at 9:46 AM

    christianity doesn’t care about your spiritual wellfare so no religion has any power over astral projection because this is an ability that everyone has besides that i find this post offensiveon so many levels.


    • 80. modres  |  December 24, 2011 at 11:02 AM

      It’s clear you have never read the New Testament. Had you done so you would have understood that Jesus DOES care about our spiritual welfare, which is why He incarnated as a human being (while remaining clearly God), lived a sinless life, died a sinner’s death (without having sinned at all), then rose again.

      It is astonishing how so many view Christianity as the “enemy” when it is actually the ONLY religious ideology that promises salvation. Nothing else does that; not Islam, not Buddhism, not any esoteric ideology – nothing.

      I’m sorry that you find my post offensive, but it doesn’t surprise me.

      Jesus cared/cares a great deal for you. He saw you as He hung upon the cross, dying an extremely painful death in order that the Law (which mankind has no ability to uphold) would be fulfilled in all areas. He loves you, yet you mock Him. He died for you, yet you reject Him. He wants you to be with Him when you die, yet you say you know better.

      Folks like yourself are infinitely more concerned about doing the things that make you FEEL good, or excite the senses. Christianity is a relationship with Jesus, the Founder of our faith. He suffered throughout His life because He knew that by it, He would be “perfected” in patience, love, and strength.

      The only thing your astral activities do for you is puff you up, giving you the false notion that you are somehow mightier than you are, or that you are your own god. Who needs anyone else then? Yet, you have no control over your life. You cannot determine when and in what manner you will die. You do not know if you will be in a car accident today, or if you will be hit by a car or something falling out of a building as you walk.

      You are not god. You are only being led to BELIEVE that you are god.

      “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Proverbs 1:7

      “How long will you who are simple love your simple ways? How long will mockers delight in mockery and fools hate knowledge?” Proverbs 1:22

      “For we did not follow cleverly devised tales when we made known to you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but we were eyewitnesses of His majesty. For when He received honor and glory from God the Father, such an utterance as this was made to Him by the Majestic Glory, “This is My beloved Son with whom I am well-pleased” and we ourselves heard this utterance made from heaven when we were with Him on the holy mountain.” 2 Peter 1:16-18

      “Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying, “Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.” 2 Peter 3:3


      • 81. Confidential  |  December 24, 2011 at 10:15 PM

        I don’t think you can automatically assume this last commentator hasn’t read thofe new testament. I believe they were talking about Christianity as a religion, not Jesus himself. Why is it that you protest every comment made on your blog? If you don’t want this to be a forum of discussion on the subject at hand, then why post the topic. You are criticizing astral projection when you yourself haven’t ever seemed to experience, which btw IS a quite natural occurence that happens to everyone while they sleep, although the majority of people do not remember their experience upon waking. Some just happen to. Id love to see this commentary stay on the subject of the topic, which IS astral projection, not verses from the bible or one persons specific set of beliefs…..just saying.


      • 82. modres  |  December 25, 2011 at 6:18 AM

        Certainly it’s possible that the previous poster was referring to Christendom.

        I don’t protest “every” comment here and if you would take the time to read ALL the posts, you would know that.

        I have stated this before. This blog (containing ALL the articles I write) is here for one MAIN purpose: to process and exhibit MY opinion. It’s not here for discussion or debate. I’m sorry that you believe that a blog should be here for debate.

        The problem is that when folks like Gissele leave their comments, it seems to be clear that THEY are not interested in discussion either, but simply castigating.

        Gissele came here to my blog and made sweeping generalizations as if they were FACT; none of which she can prove. She did not come here to ask a question. She came here to essentially “hit and run.” That’s not grounds for discussion.

        For me, you have to understand that the Bible speaks to all things that govern my life. While I certainly do not live that perfectly, I do my best to lean on him.

        Astral projection is – as far as I can tell – completely off limits for the Christian. It’s really that simple. I don’t need to light myself on fire to know that it would not be beneficial for me to do so…

        By the way, if more people approached me and this blog as you have done, it would be a great deal easier for me to respond to them in kind. You obviously have a good approach to this entire “blog” thing. You did not come here with insults and denigration and for that, I appreciate you.

        Thank you.


  • 83. lmao  |  December 8, 2011 at 4:30 AM

    modres, when you die good luck acsending through the realms because you are most likely going to be trapped in your “heaven” until someone helps you out. But then again, ignorance is bliss right? The bible is to be interpreted it thousands of years old and holds many half truths in the way it is written and taught.


    • 84. modres  |  December 8, 2011 at 6:47 AM

      Gosh “LMAO” (what a funny moniker, eh?), you’re so hilarious! Of course, the Bible only holds half-truths and Kronos and the multitude of “ascended masters” hold the REAL truth!

      Has it ever occurred to you that though these entities SAY they are far above us intellectually and scientifically that NOT ONCE have they ever told us how to cure the common cold, AIDS, cancer, or any other illness? Though they say they want to help us, they have never told us how to use our resources more wisely so that we can feed all people, or how to extend our lives.

      What they DO tell us is that the Bible has been “misinterpreted.” Some of these “ascended masters” say that Jesus never lived. Others tell us that He did live but holograms were inserted into His life at certain points. Well, which is it?

      The more “testimony” I read from these “ascended masters,” the more I believe they are nothing but demons in disguise. It is absolutely fascinating how the only thing they really condemn is the Bible and Jesus. Absolutely fascinating. They have nothing to say about Confucius, Buddha, or any of the other religious leaders. It’s only Jesus and the Bible we got wrong.

      It’s not a matter of luck. It has everything to do with faith; faith in the Person of Jesus Christ who lived a sinless life, died a painful death and took on the sins of humanity though He Himself was sinless. Oh, and He did this so that YOU might have eternal life. However, you willingly reject it in favor of some esoteric theology that makes no sense and is filled with contradictions.

      What is the most amazing thing that you don’t see is that the New Age lie is the same lie that Satan used in the Garden with Eve and Adam – “you shall be as gods.” Do you see the connection? No, I didn’t think so.

      You unfortunately believe you have the truth, but all you have is the word of some “ascended master” that you have never even asked him to prove his identity to you. You take that entity’s word for it, but reject the Bible. In your case, ignorance leads to eternal death.


  • 85. Confidential  |  December 5, 2011 at 10:59 AM

    First of all, you contradict yourself in several scenarios above & don’t make much sense in several of your overall views. Several examples are below:

    You say: “I’m not judging YOU at all”…..AND THEN…..”I’m sorry, but I truly believe that you are allowing yourself to be carried off down a path AWAY from God. It will not belong before the entities in other dimensions begin planting the idea that you are a god unto yourself” AND…”Do you have any idea how many people involved in the New Age movement experience the SAME type of experiences you do and they have no religious background, nor do they (like you) put too much faith (if any) in God’s Word”
    REALLY?…That’s not judgmental? Wow! Now I think I’m a GOD and you know HOW MUCH faith I put in God’s word? Clearly, those are both judgmental statements in which you are putting in your own two cents where they do not belong. Thus, that is a LIE & you have slandered me. I am not one to judge, but then again, you may want to think about repenting on that one.

    You say: “You explain that you have seen Jesus in literally sinful situations (drunk). How could that be? Jesus would never have been drunk in this life”…..
    That’s right! We are not talking about THIS life, are we? Are we not speaking of the next?…The esoteric realm? (btw, you misread my whole experience there & twisted it’s meaning, see below).

    You say: “Throughout the bible we are warned about avoiding all types of spiritism”- Then, ponder this, how if not “through spirit”, can you have a relationship with God? Yes, God clearly does say not to go to any counselor such as a medium, etc. but you act as if I’m GOING to Satan! You are NOT seeing the bigger picture here. What do you think prophets were involved in? Enoch was show in a vision during a dream of how creation came to be & even numbered the stars that even the angels were not privy to. Thus, aren’t you taking specific passages out of the bible to suit your own purpose?

    You say: “The BIBLE” is our light for our path” – Really? I thought Jesus Christ was the light for our path?…but then again, maybe the bible in your opinion has more power than Christ. I digress.

    You say: “You seem to have absolutely no faith in his word”. – You are under the impression that HIS WORD is ONLY the bible! Does not God speak through many things? People, circumstances, the heart? Do you really think that KNOWING the bible & understanding it makes you an automatic candidate to go to Heaven? Trust me, the devil knows “the word” better than you and I combined! If you know anything about the creation of Lucifer, you know he was the 1st of the archangels created and was MADE TO BE the angel of song, praise & worship. KNOWING the word doesn’t, in my opinion, save your soul. Yes, I believe you should use it as an instrument or manual to run your life to achieve salvation, but just as a car has an owners manual in the glove box does not make you a safe driver! The only thing that can make you a good driver is practice. Here on earth, we call this: life & experiencing, evolving & growing. Just as God made each of our lives unique, so did he our salvation. Just because you pray a prayer, in my opinion, doesn’t make you saved. You MUST follow it up with deeds. A prayer & acceptance can be a beginning point to salvation and knowing that your blood bought right & inheritance to achieve that salvation is the beginning, but in the same token you can’t say okay, I prayed this “magical” two second prayer, I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior, go murder someone, repent & KEEP SINNING! Yes, we ALL fall short of the glory of God and DO sin, but DEEDS keep us from continuing to sin. Do you see the larger picture here? Too many people are so caught up in religious doctrine that they forget to actually “look outside the box” and realize oh yeah, umm…I guess I can’t go around and be a serial killer & say I’m sorry all my life & go to heaven. New Age or what you seem to define me as (personally, I define me as a Child of God…but whatever), are people who DO think outside of the box. JESUS made people think outside of the box! Now your next comment may be Oh my Gosh…she now thinks she’s Jesus! No, I’m saying “Don’t conform to society” and try thinking for YOURSELF, not just what the bible says. Are you a robot? No, you can reason, you can discern so use that God given wisdom. Do you even realize HOW MANY discrepancies & contradictions the bible even has? If you must insist on taking everything literally…let’s look at just a few:

    War or Peace?
    EXO 15:3 The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.
    ROM 15:33 Now the God of peace be with you all. Amen.

    Is Jesus equal to or lesser than?
    JOH 10:30 I and my Father are one.
    JOH 14:28 Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I.

    Is it folly to be wise or not?
    PRO 4:7 Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.
    ECC 1:18 For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.
    1CO 1:19: “For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing the understanding of the prudent.”

    Righteous live?
    PSA 92:12: “The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree.”
    ISA 57:1: “The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart.”

    These are just to name a few so who gets to decide what the REAL truth is? YOU! That’s right…..Bingo! God gives you discernment. God gives you the power to decide that? Oh yes…now think of that! THATS thinking outside of the box my friend! Do you not think that God can’t grant someone the SAME discernment regarding the Spiritual realms? Yes, of course he can or are you so closed-minded that because you can’t conceive it, it doesn’t make it so? In my opinion, that is called belief & faith.

    The next thing you took “literally” was my experience smelling alcohol on the begger. Let’s just take a step back here & say for your sake this was NOT Jesus. Okay, maybe it was an Angel, I don’t know. TO ME he seemed to represent Jesus. In this instance, I judged him and was sent directly back to my body. Now let’s think about this. What you are not getting here (that I did) was that because I judged him unfairly the lesson they were trying to teach me was that Christ even made homeless, drunk, beggars who are worthy of salvation. No one better than another. It doesn’t matter what you do, what you look like, how much money you make or what education you have. Everyone has the same shot! Get it? Also, was there not wine in the bible that people used for celebratory purposes and giving of thanks & sacrifices? If you don’t think so, please refer to the book of Esther as she asks the King to spare the Jews & she creates a great feast. You may say….”now you’re blowing the bible out of context”. NO!…according to what you say the bible is RIGHT all right & men can’t think for themselves. See? I can take passages from the bible to turn them into ludicrous meanings to suit my purpose also. This is what a lot of “religious” people seem to do. I’ve never understood why to be frankly honest.

    Next, as a literal statement you took what I said “Sometimes you have to go through fire to get salvation”. Number 1, did I imply I was stating scripture? Obviously to you, you could not discern that NO, I was not. In simple terms, I was using an analogy, meaning basically any man who be in Christ WILL have to undergo judgement & persecution by others in order to stay on the narrow path of salvation.

    Your quote: ” I’m thinking you love these events & because of that, you really don’t want to give them up at all”. Here you go “thinking (and judging)” again. I think you quite possibly think too much! Do you think I liked it when a spirit grabbed me? Do you think I liked being haunted by evil entities in the beginning? Did you not read that I have prayed for them to stop? Do you think it’s cool to be literally taken to Hell? That’s like saying to a woman that she likes to be raped! Do I embrace the Heavenly realms? Oh you better believe it! Have you ever awoke seeing bits of Heaven & it’s splendor & LOVE and wept because of the beauty & happiness? No! You haven’t, so please don’t comment on my own personal experiences with God.

    Another thing you don’t seem to get is that during an astral projection, you cannot just calmly say “Jesus, stop this right now”! Number one, you can’t ORDER God around and number two if you are in a heavenly place your natural “instinct” there is to find God because you simply don’t want to be away from him. It is like breathing air. You just want to get closer to him! The thought of being delivered from there CANT come to mind unless you are in an evil area. Have you ever seen or felt any realm of Heaven? It is PURE love & happiness. Only kindness. Satan is NOT allowed in these holy areas. It’s like mixing oil & water. Its simply impossible. Trust me, when you are in a dark area, you WILL feel confused & fearful. The things with my projections is that I do not try to induce them. I can’t start them, nor stop them, nor pray them away. Believe me, I’ve tried. It’s like you telling me: Go! automatically wake up during surgery under anesthesia! If I could I would but as an analogy, you get the point.

    People really need to stop playing religious games and really learn what love is & the way that God wants us to live & each one of us forget about what everybody else is doing. You say your biggest concern for me is whether or not I HAVE salvation. My biggest concern is why YOU are concerned about my salvation? Shouldn’t that be between me & my maker? You are not going to get me into Heaven, I am!

    1 COR 1:11- For it has been clear to me, my bretheren, by those of Chloe’s household, that there are contentions, wrangling’s & factions among you. He goes on to speak: What I mean by this is that each one of you says I belong to Paul, or I belong to Apollos, or I belong to Peter, or I belong to Christ.

    It’s no different than saying: Well, I’m Baptist, I’m Catholic, I’m Jewish, I’m Buddhist. One person thinking they have ALL THE TRUTH & everybody else in the world is wrong is just plain dumb!
    You feeling you have to get your point across so BIBLICALLY that you have to belittle their own beliefs because they do not correspond with yours? When you do that, you’re actually exceedingly insulting and “being little”. In this whole correspondence, you have freely given your opinion & have judged my intentions, my heart, my acts, my past religion and now even my own salvation! Sometimes you can tell who is the most spiritually mature by the one who says you know what?…I think I’m right but I could be wrong & it’s certainly not worth arguing over. Make a decision that if you’re in conflict about your beliefs with somebody & you’re so sure that you’re right, but proving you’re right is starting to cause strife, then just give it go God & if you need to be proven to be in the right, let God vindicate & take care of that. But for me, I will be a maker & maintainer of peace. I do urge you to do the same.


    • 86. modres  |  December 5, 2011 at 12:44 PM

      Hi Pam,

      I’m sorry you took my words as an affront. I’m really NOT judging YOU. I’m judging your WORDS.

      You are captain of your own life. I fully disagree with what you are experiencing, because it is not biblical, but have at it. You don’t need my approval or disapproval.

      I wish you had a far better grounding in His Word, but it seems that you are just not interested in that because you prefer your experiences.

      As you have said, He speaks to you without you ever having to go to His Word.

      I wish you read the book of Galatians where Paul takes GREAT pains to point out the error of those in that congregation. He is forceful and when you quote 1 Cor 1:11, are you aware of the context? He is NOT talking about biblical truths there like salvation so much as he is talking about people arguing over minutiae, like which hymnal to use, or which version of the Bible is better – that kind of thing. You would NEVER hear Paul saying “Hey, salvation is something different to each person – no worries!”

      The reason I am concerned about your salvation is simply because nothing you have said indicates to me that YOU believe you have it. It is a free gift. Why are you trying to earn it through these manifold esoteric experiences?

      I am NOT in any way attempting to belittle YOU or your BELIEFS. All I am doing is voicing concern.

      You know, when you read Acts 17, the people there heard the apostle Paul preach. They took what he said and then they did something that was extremely beneficial to them. They compared what Paul said to what is taught in Scripture. Once they did that, they realized that what Paul had taught was TRUTH.

      Please note that these people – the Bereans – went BACK to the Bible. You don’t do that. The Bereans did not compare Paul’s teachings to their esoteric experiences. They compared what he taught to God’s Word. On the other hand, YOU are trying to determine TRUTH from esoteric dreams, visions, and astral projection.

      EVERY time Jesus was tempted, what was Jesus’ response? He did not refer to some esoteric experience. He QUOTED Scripture. If quoting Scripture was something that Jesus did as a defense against temptation, don’t you think it’s a good idea that we should also strive to know His Word as well?

      Please remember, YOU came to my site here and offered YOUR comments. I did not come to YOU. Since I believe what you are experiencing is WRONG, then I am obligated to point that out. If you believe I am condemning you, I’m sorry you feel that way, because I am not.

      This is the same argument that the homosexual community uses when Christians simply point out what the Bible says about homosexuality being wrong; a sin. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been called a “hater” because I have simply referred to what God says about the subject. I don’t hate homosexuals at all, no more than I hate myself for my own sin, or for the sin of prostitutes.

      Who knows, but maybe the Lord is trying to tell you something through my comments. If He isn’t, then He isn’t, but I would appreciate it if you would TRY to understand where I am coming from. I am not judging you at all. I’m simply comparing YOUR experiences to SCRIPTURE and Scripture tells me that what you are doing is a form of mysticism that is also considered to be idolatrous. Because of that, it is wrong.

      I realize you fully disagree with me but at least disagree with me on the grounds of something other than your emotional reaction to what I am saying.

      That’s the problem with esoteric experiences. They play with our emotions and they tend to control us after a while.

      Years ago, I was involved in the Charismatic movement. Looking back, I realize that I was becoming geared to living in the emotional realm (meaning, my emotions GUIDED me and my outlook on life), rather than my God-given intellect and His Word.

      I still have emotions and I react to things; death of a family member, loss of a pet, etc., but my emotions do not pull me around.

      If you STOPPED having these esoteric experiences, my bet would be that you would go into some great depression because you would be tempted to think that God is upset with you or that He doesn’t love you anymore. This would be in spite of the truth of His Word that says NOTHING can separate us from His love (Romans 8). That would matter little because your EMOTIONS would be telling you something else and you would listen to them, rather than by faith, simply believing His Word.

      Please remember that YOU came here to MY blog and commented. I did NOT seek you out. Maybe there was a reason for that?


      • 87. Confidential  |  December 6, 2011 at 2:51 PM

        Yes, I did come to your site & actually supported the topic of this which was astral sex. Somehow, you seemed to want to get into an esoteric/biblical battle…which I won’t continue. I’ve explained my experiences only mostly regarding these projections & you are under the impression I have not read the bible. I read almost daily. Maybe I came here to give you knowledge?…who knows. If somebody grows from it, great! If not then maybe future readers will benefit from the blog. I just don’t want to go around life thinking I have all the truth, because I don’t! Christ does & as long as we love him & others & are evolving towards him, then I don’t condemn anybody. If somehow Satan is trying to harm me through these experiences & I interpret them according to what love is (ie: the beggar vision), am I not beating the devil at his own game because I’m learning a virtuous msg? Must God not be pleased at that? If I have faith that God ultimately controls my circumstances in my life, even if I pray continually to be delivered from it…..that he is allowing it for a reason? God hasn’t given me anything I can’t handle yet. If satan is using tactics against me & I’m turning them around to glorify God & learn very important lessons to evolve TOWARDS him & not away, then maybe that is MY PATH (not yours) to Heaven. I simply don’t know & to be honest, God sometimes just has his own good plan that we can’t explain. I do read the bible, I am Christian, but I am not religious. I think alot of religious people, in my opinion, are phony. They “act” holy, but underneath have their own agendas. People can be mean, cruel & force their beliefs on you without even realizing it & turn the bible around to meet their needs. (ie: tithing). Churches say you must tithe, but no where in the bible is that a law or commandment. Just like the discrepancies & contradictions of scripture I listed above, you did not refute….because they ARE contradictions that cannot be denied. How do bible readers explain those away? Did God make mistakes writing the bible? No!…most likely scholars did! God did not sit down with a pen & write it. It was God inspired. So, what makes you think that other books left out of the bible were also not God inspired? Did God CHOOSE which books to put in & leave out?….no, MAN did! Man is not God! How did these books come to pass? Wasn’t the book of Revelation & it’s contents seen in a dream? A vision?…then by all accounts, according to you, that should be demonic! This is what I mean when I say people have to do some thinking of their own to find what God is speaking to them through many things, mostly the heart. I’ve kinda always lived by a rule thats never steered me wrong: “if it doesn’t make sense, it probably means it’s not true”


      • 88. modres  |  December 6, 2011 at 3:23 PM

        I appreciate your candor and I also appreciate your willingness to agree to disagree.

        I do not have the time to refute your allegations and what point would it serve? You would dismiss them.

        You think man chose the books that went into our Bible. I believe God is fully sovereign and He guided things so that what He wanted in His Word would be there – it’s really that simple. You place way too much emphasis on what man supposedly did as if God was not/is not involved in the process.

        Read the book of Job. Satan is very limited and God is fully sovereign. Man does not override God’s intents and purposes.

        I’m really sorry that you believe that God had no real hand in writing the Bible (“God did not sit down with a pen & write it. It was God inspired.“). Yes, it WAS/IS inspired, which literally means “God-breathed.” Both John and Peter attest to the fact that prophets of old and the men who wrote Scripture wrote it as they were moved along by the Holy Spirit. Obviously, God USED human beings to actually put pen to paper but this does NOT mean that God was absent from the process or that He was unable to commit His exact thoughts in word through those human authors.

        The reason I don’t think the other books were intended to be in the Bible is due mainly to their extremely dubious origin and the fact that much of what they teach goes against what Jesus Himself taught.

        Regarding the book of Revelation, there is no indication that it was a dream or a vision. It seems clear enough from chapter four that John was LITERALLY taken TO heaven. This was not an out-of-body experience, but a BODILY experience. The same thing happened to Ezekiel, Enoch, and Elijah, as well as Paul the apostle.

        You say the Bible does not teach a tithe. Of COURSE it teaches a tithe which was given to the nation of Israel. The Christian is supposed to realize that ALL that he/she has is God’s and to give Him back only 10% is the LEAST we can do. Are we obligated to tithe as the Israelites were to tithe? No.

        You said, “I just don’t want to go around life thinking I have all the truth, because I don’t!” Right, but you immediately throw out anything I say to you solely because you don’t LIKE what I say. Are you teachable by others or only by Jesus?

        If you look through the New Testament alone, you’ll note that even the apostle Paul was accountable to others. You do not seem to be. You seem to be on your own path and the only Person you’re willing to listen to is Jesus. The problem is that you SEEM to not understand some of the most basic doctrines of Scripture and more than that, you fail to realize that as Paul said, Satan comes as an angel of light. If this is the case, how do you think you will recognize Satan for Satan if he comes to you as an angel of light?

        I also take issue with your statement, “Just like the discrepancies & contradictions of scripture I listed above, you did not refute….because they ARE contradictions that cannot be denied.”

        Well, I have actually NEVER found an honest-to-goodness contradiction or discrepancy in Scripture. What at first may appear to be one turns out not to be when one takes the time to study it.

        I’m really sorry you’re so angry, Pam. If you look back over my comments and try to understand them the way I meant them, you would (possibly) see value in them. You’ve chosen instead to react defensively and in anger.

        As I have stated, I meant no harm and I certainly did not wish to agitate you. Beyond all of this, I have not judged you. I have judged your situation based on what you are telling me. There is a huge difference. I am not at all interested in getting into any esoteric/biblical battle with you. At the same time, there is no way I could let your comments stand because I believe you are in error.

        At any rate, thanks for the discussion and for your willingness to agree to disagree.

        The Lord be with you. Take care.


  • 89. Confidential  |  December 2, 2011 at 9:56 PM

    Hello all!
    I have read the above posts & have to tell you that I started having spontaneous astral projections approx 10-15 years ago & it was not something I liked or wanted in the beginning. It was frightening, dark & hellish. I would rarely end up here (ie: my bedroom-like most people), but what I consider to be “where dead people would go”. I learned quickly that dark entities fed off fear & makes them more powerful. Once I began to stand up to them, I was often “granted” to go to higher levels. in MY experiences I would almost always fly. Hard to learn but it DOES feel cool, to be perfectly honest. The scary places are completely black or dimly lit & you feel as if “you” are being haunted. You are ALONE & left to fend for yourself. Everything is emotion there. The dark entities in my experiences have no real facial features, they are more like black shadows. When this started happening to me I prayed for it to go away, but they continued. It even got to the point that I one time sat up (I thought I was awake) in my bed and a mans arms began to shake me wildly. At first instinct, I pulled back in fear & he shook me all the more and then I stopped fighting. He stopped. I could feel the veins on his hands, his arms and the hair on his arms. It was evident that he was an older man (and mean). As soon as I reached out with kindness to embrace him he dissipated right before me. I could feel each molecule of energy of him leave. I quickly learned that if I can’t control “these” experiences, I must stand up to them. (by the way, I slept with the lights on for a week with that experience) then gradually I was allowed to go UP. These first few levels aren’t AS frightening but there are real souls there. Not only do you speak with your mind (telepathically), they can make you feel their emotions. Most everybody in this region thought I was dead like them. One woman made me feel the pain of her death (yes you CAN feel real pain, pleasure, cold, warmth). I was also clocked straight in the face by a baseball bat from a male entity I did not see coming. (worst pain of my life feeling your entire face shatter). Yes scary and real! Not lucid, not dreamy, but REAL. It’s a real dimension, but not ALL bad. I noticed after awhile I would be in areas with what seemed to now be hundreds, if not thousands of people. Everybody is hustling & bustling going somewhere, doing something. I would compare it to almost looking like a large airplane terminal. This is where everybody has their job to do. I would go around to people asking “where is this”! Please, please tell me more. A lot of them you could tell “wanted” to give you information but were not “allowed”. I would beg & beg them and these places were very kind & loving. Everything is very fast and I remember speaking to this black man (I had to practically wrestle him down) to speak slowly. He would “think” so fast, I could not keep up with him. I’d say please, please, speak slowly….where is this place? Just then as in a normal conversation, my glance was side-tracked by some other people & he said to me very slowly, okay listen….I can’t talk to you if you concentrate on something else. Concentrate on ME only so you can hear my mind. Once you lose focus, & focus on someone else’s conversation, you will automatically be “tuned” into THEM. If you fly above the crowd, you will only hear what sounds like chatter that is indecipherable. Some people will interact with you, some will not. Mostly what you “want” to do is only explore. Almost everybody in this area are adults and not older than about 30-35 as they appear. The only encounters I’ve had where people appear older is what I consider the “teaching” areas. I call them elders and they are wise and appear older, even grey. They stay at the front of the room and there are pulpits. One time I interrupted a teaching session and I didn’t know it and I didn’t know where I was. I floated above and everybody patiently waited and smiled at me while I “stopped” the instruction and floated above them. I went to sit in the front row. That was the only time I was politely told….no, this is reserved for the elders. She only smiled & I got so embarrassed but they didn’t care one bit. When I sat to listen to the lecture, I was immediately transported to another area. Trust me, they will not allow you to go where you aren’t supposed to be. In these areas I felt protected and safe, but it had not always been that way. I saw magnificent things like huge, gigantic, majestic doors with carved wood & what appeared to look like some strange hieroglyphics. One time I went to speak & I spoke in Spanish! (I do not speak Spanish….and to this day I do not know what I said!). As things progressed, I noticed a change in my visits. At times I would be allowed to go into places and people would just “examine me” to see what I would do, where I would go. I was given the freedom to explore more and at this point I had gotten good at flying and my favorite things was going “through” things! If you go through a door lets say, you do “see” the wood grain. If you go through a window, things get blurry. If you go through another person (yes, I did this by accident, you see what looks like almost red bubbles and hear static) I was allowed to one time see the “future” of items that in our time would be one day put into an antique shop. I got to see some visions of “inventions” people are conjuring up here on earth and it was as if they were testing me. Then I was going through a real rough time in my life with my employment and had a projection. I was taken to an area where my “chart” was. My chart included everything in my life from beginning to end and they held it out only so I could look at it on the outside, but nobody could open it. Not me or them. The only thing they could do was prophesied over it & “ask me”…has such & such happened to you in your life or this or that? (to make sure they had the right chart) I answered yes, yes & then I made the mistake….I EXAGGERATED about something and found out it is absolutely “impossible” to lie there. (ummm, they can read your thoughts…duh!) It was embarrassing, but again, they didn’t judge me. I asked them if I could change a course in my chart regarding my employment and they had to go higher up to have that done but took my petition. (it was granted btw 🙂 And then I was “tested”. I got so used to the good places, I forgot the lower ones and here is where the astral sex comes in. I can tell you for a FACT is DOES happen and I have participated in it. It feels as real as real can get and both men & women will try to have sex with you. They also can change what they look like to be appealing to you. It feels good and you WILL get caught up in it unless you just simply have a will of steel. It is a very tempting place because they make it “appear” okay. It can be a one-on one thing or almost what you’d see in a big porn, orgie session. THEN….I had a man come up to me and he looked at me and changed his face to look like a celebrity that I thought was attractive and then sternly WARNED ME!!!! Be careful, this is a FALSE REALITY! I couldn’t believe it. Now I have learned the “good places from the bad”. Trust me, God doesn’t want you to engage in sex with people who change their identity to lure you in. The bad places are cunning. They are not wholesome, nurturing, kind or happy. The good places are ALWAYS happy, kind, full of light and even much, much more colorful. The grasses are the greenest you’ve ever seen and if you float up to a pine tree and you are cold, the needles will glow GOLD and warm you! I have recently been “saved” (or what I consider to call it; to have my name written in the book of life…grew up strict Catholic so they don’t really go by this doctrine. I have my OWN doctrine now. It’s only what I call TRUTH). Anyways, the devil came right away in one of these projections recently and I was the most frightened I’d ever been. I felt like I was in Hell and Satan & his minions were taking me there. The only thing I could think to do was say Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ! As SOON as I called out to God…..I was released at ONCE! You better believe this initial post, because it’s true. Do NOT engage in sex with these entities. I have not heard of a lot of people that have been as lucky as I have been to be warned & shown certain things but just be careful because what you may be witnessing is a false reality. Not one meant for good.


    • 90. modres  |  December 3, 2011 at 8:30 AM


      I appreciate your post but I’m also very concerned for you. The reality is that the OT is filled with numerous passages that forbid our talking with or connecting with people who are dead. In essence, what you are doing is going into another dimension that is off-limits to us as long as we are alive.

      The only exceptions to that is when God Himself calls a person into that realm and He does so for a specific purpose. This was the case with every prophet who saw things beyond this life, whether it was Ezekiel, Elijah, Elisha, Enoch, the apostles Paul, John, or Peter, or anyone else.

      King Saul fell from grace because he chose to look into that area by seeking out the witch of Endor. Whether he actually wound up speaking with the deceased Samuel is up for debate, but the reality is that he did what he was not allowed to do.

      If I were you, I would REJECT through the authority of Jesus Christ anything connected to that realm simply because my understanding of the Bible tells me that things are off-limits to us there.

      I believe that what you are seeing and what you are experiencing is fully demonic, even though at least some of it appears to be “good” and “wholesome” to you. I’m sure you disagree with me, but I would ask you to do this the next time an astral projection event begins. Immediately pray to Jesus and in His Name that the event STOPS.

      While you have wisely decided that having sex with beings while in another dimension is wrong (just as ALL sexual encounters with people outside of the bonds of matrimony are wrong), the truth is that you have no clue whether or not the entire astral projection event is wrong. What APPEARS to be very real to you may simply be a very realistic waking dream that may seem real in every way.

      If what you are experiencing is FAKE, then the question is why would any entity try to conjure up something that is fake, yet this detailed and realistic? There is only one answer: it is to distract us from the reality of who God is and the only salvation that is available in and through Him.

      If you step back for a moment, ask yourself: do these events BENEFIT me in any way, shape, or form? Moreover, do they glorify God?

      The answer is NO. They are created as a complete distraction for you (and many other people) because you come to think that these events are real, therefore you begin to doubt the veracity of Scripture. It is as if a big “con” was being perpetrated on you where your view of “reality” is adjusted to fall in line with what you are experiencing. Since at least some of the things you are experiencing are prohibited by Scripture (and you may or may not know this), then you begin to think that you have misunderstood Scripture and there must be another way of interpreting it since your experience is telling you something else.

      In the end, there is absolutely NO reason why anyone would have experiences like this, unless God is the one who initiates it and according to Scripture, the ONLY times He initiated something like this is to reveal something about Himself and His Word to humanity. So what does Satan do? He comes along with his demonic minions and creates artificial realities that people experience and because they feel so real, it is difficult to ignore or explain them away.

      It is the exact same thing that occurs with respect to UFOs and aliens. I do not doubt that something has happened to people who claim to have been abducted. However, there have been cases where the events were immediately stopped when the individual claimed the blood of Jesus and prayed fervently for the event to stop. As soon as they did, the beings disappeared and the event ceased.

      It is also important to understand that not once did you see anything that might be described as heaven. Where was Jesus? How about angelic beings? How about demons?

      You say you grew up strict Catholic but now are “saved” and you have your own doctrine now. No idea what that is, but all I can tell you is that what you are experiencing is not biblical.

      I would encourage you to do some research on your own. You are being tricked and even though the trickery is exceedingly real, it is nonetheless a trick. Do NOT participate any longer!


      • 91. Pam  |  December 4, 2011 at 9:19 AM

        hi & thank you for your response. I acknowledge your concern & although you don’t know the extent of my travels, I actually have seen Jesus in several of my experiences, although at the beginning, he would disguise himself as a depressed being in the corner or a homeless drunk. I went up to the homeless drunk & smelled alcohol on his breath & judged him & accordinely & was immediately sent back to my body. I have seen the whole of jesus sitting in front of me & he never spoke to me. He sat on the ground as if drawing in the sand. I’ve also seen the majestic hand & arm of God himself & the bright light above that is whiter than ANY light & brighter than you can imagine. I cannot believe these rhelms would be satanic because they simply cannot go where there IS light…period! I have asked God & prayed many a time to delivery these things & unless you yourself have had these travels, you would know its impossible to control them. I do not TRY to achieve these travels, they are spontaneous. Likewise, you cannot say there “force me back to my body”…at least for me anyways. I guess you can judge me for something I simply can’t control but my heart is pure. I have done no man wrong & listen to sermons & grow & evolve with ALL works of literature. Not only does the bible hold sacred documents, but there were so many scholars & writings left out of the bible by the popes of the time & people even burned at the stake for believing they could have a personal relationship with God. I’m sorry, but I have an intimate relationship with God and even if I pray for descernment & knowledge, he will speak back to me in analogies & parables. I’m radical in my thoughts & beliefs & I don’t apologize for that if the outcome is my ultimate salvation. I don’t tell anybody how their “way” of becoming closer to Him is wrong nor right, as long as it bringing them closer to a personal relationship with God. I can read the bible all day but unless I have love in my heart, it produces no salvation. Only I can plant that seed of righteousness, nobody for me. I am nothing special. I have no formal education, am humble & come to God as an infant (because thats basically what I am…i am not even worthy of his thought), yet he loves me when I hate myself & simply don’t understand WHY. I don’t understand WHY I’ve seen what I have, yet I do! I only say “let your will be done…as I am your soldier, youre slave”. Even if I have to endure spiritual things I don’t particularly like or understand, I will…for HIM. God roams too & fro across the earth looking for people to glorify him, not judge. Why are you so certain God isn’t using this experience in me that was meant for harm, to turn for good? Don’t you think God is more powerful than your worldly knowledge, when we here on earth know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compared to his magnificence? I humble myself before him in homage & he speaks wisdom to me without reading a bible verse to get it! I only must believe in faith HE knows whats in store for me. Sometimes you have to go through the fire, to get salvation & thats exactly what I plan to do. You don’t know my journey or my heart or salvation. “God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise”.


      • 92. modres  |  December 4, 2011 at 2:26 PM


        First up – I’m not judging YOU at all. I’m merely holding your experiences up to Scripture – that’s it. Throughout the Bible, we are warned about avoiding all types of spiritism.

        Ultimately, the Bible is the light for our path and anything that is opposed to Scripture should be avoided. Otherwise, what is Scripture for?

        Do you KNOW what salvation IS? Can you explain it biblically in one or two sentences?

        You ask me whether I think God is “powerful than your worldly knowledge”? The answer is an unequivocal OF COURSE HE IS since He is infinite and I’m not. However, this does not negate the truth of His Word. You are arguing that though God is more powerful than my worldly knowledge, you seem to have absolutely no faith in His Word. You seem to believe that because books were left out (and for good reason) somehow God was not involved in the process.

        You explain that you have seen Jesus in literally sinful situations (drunk). How could that be? Jesus would never have been drunk in this life because the Bible prohibits it (not drinking; just being DRUNK), yet to you this is fine because somehow Jesus wanted to hide Himself from you?

        You have to go through the fire to “get salvation?” Where is that in Scripture?

        I’m thinking you love these events and because of that, you really don’t want to give them up at all. However, I would ask that at the very start of the next one, PLEASE call out to Jesus and ask Him to stop it them if they are not FROM Him. Surely, you would be willing to do that?

        The Bible clearly distinguishes the truth of salvation from man-made systems, or even those cleverly disguised by the enemy of our souls. My biggest concern for you is whether or not you HAVE salvation, which is a free gift, not of ourselves, so that we cannot boast. You seem to be saying that you have to somehow earn it – a leftover theology from your days as a Roman Catholic. Why on EARTH would you have to “go through the fire” if Jesus already experienced the Father’s wrath while He hung on Calvary’s cross?

        Your salvation seems to be built on your experiences, which have nothing to do with biblical salvation. Paul tells us that Satan can appear to us as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). Do you have any idea how many people involved in the New Age movement experience the SAME type of experiences you do and they have no religious background, nor do they (like you) put too much faith (if any) in God’s Word.

        You have become enamored by your experiences and you may have gotten to a point of believing that whether they are right or wrong does not matter because of the esoteric knowledge you seem to be learning. It’s like the old song making the statement, “if loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

        This is what you appear to be doing. You have so convinced yourself that this is the way God words that even though it’s NOT in His Word and He has given us numerous passages where He clearly prohibits this type of involvement with the spiritual realm, that to you, that’s all that matters.

        This statement you make here is probably the scariest: “I humble myself before him in homage & he speaks wisdom to me without reading a bible verse to get it!”

        Wow, then you have absolutely NO reason to read His Word, yet we are told that we should actually STUDY it to show ourselves approved by Him. It is in studying His Word that we become able to rightly divide it.

        I’m sorry, but I truly believe that you are allowing yourself to be carried off down a path AWAY from God. It will not belong before the entities in other dimensions begin planting the idea that you are a god unto yourself.

        You also say, “people even burned at the stake for believing they could have a personal relationship with God.”

        I know of no one who was burned at the stake for believing they could have a personal relationship with God. As a matter of fact, ALL authentic Christians have a personal relationship with God.

        People were burned at the stake for deigning to translate the Bible into the common language so everyone could read it. They were burned at the stake for their unwillingness to RECANT their faith in Jesus. They were burned at the stake for not seeing the Roman Catholic Church as the mediator between God and man, when in reality that Mediator is Jesus.

        I don’t know what to tell you, but I hope one day the Lord will open your eyes to path that you have chosen; a path that is taking you FROM God, not TO Him.


  • 93. Ana  |  August 11, 2011 at 8:19 PM

    I’ve been experiencing and trying to cope with this ”phenomenon” since I was 4yrs old. The episodes have gotten worse over the years… dark shadows, growling, hot breath on my neck, the feeling of something or someone pouncing on my bed. A couple of months ago it happened every night for a few weeks straight and haven’t been able to sleep in my room since… Although, it can and has happened in other rooms and houses. It just seems to happen more frequently in my own room. I’ve even experienced sex with an invisible entity, UNWILLED.

    Upon researching over the years I’ve come across several explanations, but have always been convinced it was more than just a “sleep disorder” and more of something spiritual. I just came across this post upon googling the newest term I came across recently, “astral catalepsy”. I feel very strongly that this may be the most accurate explaination as to what’s REALLY happening. I’d really like to read more of your views on this. Do you have anything more to add? I’d like to learn as much as possible.

    BTW.. My relationship with God isn’t as strong as it should be, but I like to think I have one. Please help! Ty!


    • 94. modres  |  August 11, 2011 at 8:56 PM

      Hi Ana, while I’m not an expert on the situation, you mention a few things that stand out. If you have experienced this in the past and you also admit that your relationship with the Lord is not as strong as it could be, then the one thing you could start doing is improving that relationship. Rather than take the time to research what’s been happening – and I think it is likely demonic activity – I would suggest strengthening your relationship with God would correct the problem. I would spend some time confessing your situation to the Lord, not that you are to blame for it. I’m simply saying that if you know your relationship is not where it should be, THAT’S what you confess and then ask Him to help strengthen your relationship with Him.

      Read the Word every day. I would suggest reading a Psalm and Proverb every day and then think about what you’ve just read. Other books like Jude, Titus and the gospels (especially John) are great places to start in the New Testament. Ask the Lord to guide you every day. Each day, commit yourself to Him all over again, asking that only His will be accomplished in your life. In order to strengthen your relationship with Him, you do not need to delve into the dark side, so to speak. Suffice it to say that what you’re experiencing is very likely demonic. It is what is termed incubus/succubus, which is when demons have sexual relations with human beings. What do you need to know beyond that? It is evil and wrong and while it is not something you necessarily perpetrated or WANT to happen, only the Lord can set you free from it and He’ll do it as you rely on the power of His Name and His presence. Prayer is the key.

      I would suggest spending more time in prayer and the one thing that should make a difference immediately is the next time you start to sense that an entity is present and wanting to take advantage of you sexually, I would pray – out loud – in the Name of Jesus that the entity would LEAVE. Rely on God and He will bring you through this. It may be that the entity will not give up easily – you said this has been happening since you were four years old. In that case, things are pretty entrenched and even if you claim the Name of Jesus and the entity leaves, the same (or another) entity might return later. You’ll have to take the same approach each time.

      The whole thing is kind of like experiencing temptation. You resist temptation in His power, but sometime later, another temptation comes along and you have to resist that one as well, also in His power. It will likely take some time to build up the faith that comes from a strong relationship with God, but in the immediate future, if this happens again, then immediately pray aloud that God will protect you. Simply say, “Lord Jesus, please protect me from this entity. Please Lord, tell this entity to LEAVE, in YOUR NAME! I thank you, Jesus!” or something similar.

      I will pray for you Ana, and please keep me informed. Remember, please READ His Word every day, and PRAY which is nothing more than talking with Him so that you can learn to discern what His will is for your life. Lord bless you. If you are not involved in church, then I will pray that the Lord will direct you to a good one in your area. Fellowship with other saints is important.


  • 95. Roach  |  June 18, 2011 at 8:04 AM

    I feel sorry for people who take this post seriously. Its a load of fearful crap. Christian dogma has no place in Astral education. If you have fear in your heart you are not ready to go on an astral plane because your own fears will project themselves. If you are a being of love and compassion you have no fear. you become impervious to imaginary evil entities because you know they are products of fear and are as real as smoke and shadow. Read any pertinent information about astral projection from educated non-dogmatic sources instead of this ignorant compilation and you will find similar truths. If you insist on having christian values inserted into your astral education, sorry but there are more ancient and wise cultures who have been studying this sort of thing for longer than christianity has existed.


    • 96. modres  |  June 18, 2011 at 4:21 PM

      Hi Roach,

      No need to extend your sympathy to anyone. Nothing I said above was motivated by fear because perfect love casts out all fear. Perfect love is found in Jesus, not in some out-of-body, altered state astral projection. I say what I say because I love people and want them to find true salvation, not some inept and completely inferior experience that passes itself off as “love,” or some supposed salient form of “salvation” found outside of Jesus.

      Thank you for admitting that Christian dogma and astral education do not mix. In fact, they are diametrically opposed to one another. However, this does not mean that the truth of Scripture cannot shed light on the error of New Age mysticism. Astral education teaches that you are a god and you have the ability to create whatever reality you choose. Christianity teaches that humanity is corrupt and easily deceived. The way out of that deception is through Jesus and the only real salvation available to humanity. It is not that I am inserting my Christian values into astral education or teaching. I am simply comparing the teachings of the two and I find Astral education severely lacking.

      While you denigrate my “Christian dogma,” the fact of the matter is that you have absolutely no proof that what you or anyone else experiences in the astral plane is what it may seem to be. The only thing you can go by is how it makes you FEEL. Unfortunately, feelings can be extremely unpredictable leaving them a very poor barometer of truth. You assume that I have NOT read books by people like “Sapphire” and others.

      Your comments really make very little logical sense, though you obviously believe that you are being fully logical. What I am doing is basing any and all experiences on Scripture, using that as my highest authority. What you are doing is basing any and all experiences on what you believe about those experiences, using that as your highest authority. In other words, YOU are your highest authority. Though you may defer to those who have written about and/or studied the metaphysical, you are still going on their word.

      I do not need to light myself on fire to know that it would be extremely painful. I do not need to jump off a building to know that I would severely hurt or kill myself. I do not need to experience astral projection to know that there are things you cannot know, regarding its truthfulness or not. It really has absolutely nothing to do with fear at all, except as a possible byproduct if you are in error about what you experience during times of astral projection. It has everything to do with knowledge and what is truth.

      How do you know for instance, that you are not being deceived at every turn? Apart from Scripture, you can’t know that because you base your conclusions about astral projection on the way it makes you feel as you experience it. Yet, the more I study astral projection and other metaphysical areas (from those who have experienced it), the thing that I find most fascinating is that there is no real reason for participating in astral projection except to “enlighten” Self. This is another way of simply feeding or catering to Self. Consider the person that I wrote about who had sex with multiple partners. At one point, she believed she was being “tricked” into thinking that she was actually having sex with her husband and she realized that she was not. However, she chose to believe that it was in fact, her husband, because it made her feel better about having sexual relations with a being whose identity remained secret. In the end, she did not even receive any answers to her original questions.

      As I have said to others who are thoroughly steeped in New Age dogma and take issue at what I blog about, it is impossible to prove the identity of the beings you meet in the spiritual realm/dimension through feelings. The fact that they – because of their superiority over human beings – can easily hide their true identity should be alarming to folks who participate in astral projection or astral sex, but it isn’t.

      Let’s say for a moment the Bible is correct. Let’s also say, based on that, for anyone to reach the eternal state of paradise after this life, salvation must be embraced in this life; the very salvation that is extended to us from Jesus. If the Bible is true, then does it not make sense that an entity originally known as Lucifer who seeks to KEEP people from knowing about and receiving that salvation would do anything within his power to make that happen, including creating a world in which people believe that they travel throughout the universe, meet other beings, enjoy remote image viewing and all the rest?

      It is really a matter of choice, isn’t it? You have chosen your path based on your own interests and how those interests have led to your experiences, and how those experiences make you feel. However, you are ultimately catering to Self. Jesus – regardless of how often He is misquoted and/or misrepresented by proponents of New Age dogma – teaches just the opposite. We are to move away from Self, not cater to it. There is nothing good in Self at all.

      It is I who feel sorry for you. If what I’m saying is true – the Bible is correct and you are wrong – the unfortunate part of this entire thing is that if you reject this (alleged) biblical truth and die without ever having received salvation, you will spend an eternity wishing above all things that you had turned your back on the very things you cannot prove and embraced actual truth.

      You may wish to contact Russ Dizdar, who has had been involved (for many years) in helping people like yourself leave the path you’re one, which is essentially the broad way that leads to death. Before you simply reject out of hand everything I’m saying, at least give yourself the opportunity to know whether or not what you are involved in is truth or is something based on deceit.

      You did not find my site by accident – there are no accidents in life. I believe God directed you to it to read exactly what you read. Certainly, those beings that you may meet while in an altered state of consciousness do not want you to even consider that what I’m saying may be truth.

      By the way, I would like to suggest one thing to you, if you don’t mind. The next time you enter into an altered state and you begin to see or meet entities, ask them – in the Name of Jesus Christ – to reveal their true name and identities to you. If I am wrong and you are correct, you have absolutely nothing to lose or be concerned about. If I am correct and you are wrong, then they will be forced to tell you WHO they are and WHY they are doing what they are doing. This has nothing to do with fear at all and everything to do with truth. Those beings – if they are misrepresenting themselves – are the ones who will fear, mark my words.

      I hope you are open-minded enough to go that route because it may go a long way in helping you discern the truth of your experiences. Apart from that, all you have is your own idea or belief about what is true. Either way, I hope you will get back to me. Thanks for writing and I not only wish you the best, but I am praying that the Lord will open the eyes of your heart to see and embrace the truth.


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