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Arrested for Reading the Bible…in America

Not long ago, a reverend was arrested outside a DMV for reading the Bible…out loud. The DMV was not open yet and there were some who were waiting to head into the facility once it did. In the meantime, Mark Mackey opened his Bible and began reading.

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Everything We Learned About Trayvon Martin…

Let me say that the situation surrounding Martin’s death is tragic. I’m sure it could have been avoided, if Zimmerman had not bothered with Martin at all. Unfortunately, to try this thing in the newspaper and on the Internet is absolutely wrong and reprehensible.

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The Growing Footprint of Evil

We are facing a world which is growing in its abject hatred of Christians. We must rely on God’s grace, strength, and love to help us stand against it. There are too many people who need salvation and if authentic Christians shrink from spreading the gospel, who will do it?

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Islam: the Religion of Peace Strikes Again

It was recently reported that an American who was studying Arabic and teaching English in Yemen was brutally gunned down by Al Qaeda. Why? “It was God’s gift for the mujahedeen to kill the American Joel Shrum who was actively proselytizing under the cover of teaching in Taiz.” [1]

Between this and the terrorist of Toulouse France who gunned down four Jewish individuals as a statement for his religion, we see that in spite of what liberals and moderate Muslims would have us believe, Islam is far from a being a religion of peace. In fact, it appears to be marked as a death cult than anything else.

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ABC Owes Christian Women Apology for “GCB”

There’s been a lot of talk about apologies in the news of late. What can and cannot be said of women in today’s society.

Well, let me enter in a new request – that ABC television network apologize to every Christian woman in the country.

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My latest book “Chrislam” is now available through via purchase or as a free PDF download.

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