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Hate-Crime, the Qur’an and the Bible

You know, it is difficult to remain silent when I see things or read about things that appear to give a huge edge to Islam, while ignoring the things that many within this country – America – hold near and dear. I have written articles here about the fact that I do not believe this country was created with any type of God-given or promised covenant, between man and Creator. Having said that, I also believe that though this country was not founded on some sort of preconceived covenant with God, it was founded upon many of the principles that are contained in the Bible.

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Misuse of “Freedom of Expression”

It’s interesting, but in the past few months, several incidents have occurred in which the “artists” were claiming Freedom of Expression to commit crimes. In one, a graffiti artist defaced a wall of a Chick-fil-A building in southern California over the issue of Dan Cathay’s Freedom of Speech. The individual who painted or literally tagged his message on the wall of a Chick-fil-A apparently honestly believed he had the right to do what he did, even though he was defacing property he did not own.

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The Blaze Presents “The Project”

In 2001, an inconspicuous manifesto now known as “The Project” was recovered during a raid in Switzerland: A manifesto that turned out to be a Muslim roadmap for infiltrating and defeating the West. Today, files containing evidence from the largest terror financing trial in U.S. history, which include details about “The Project”, are being withheld by the Department of Justice.

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The Push Toward Socialism

In my previous blog article, I wrote about the alleged designs that the global elite (if they exist) has for this world. First, is it unreasonable or even illogical to believe that one group of extremely wealthy and powerful people (some who are Jews and some who are Gentiles) do whatever they can to force the world to play their game? I don’t think it’s either unreasonable or illogical. This does not mean that I buy into each and every conspiracy story. Too many of them actually defy the laws of logic in the first place.

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Why Does the Global Elite Allow Radical Islam?

The title of this particular article is a question that I have been asking myself for quite some time. Of course, I’m assuming by my title that there actually is a global elite that at the very least, tries their best to direct the agencies of humanity, directing things to a preconceived end.

In fact, with the way politics happens to be, complete with all of its corruption and seeming blindness and nonsense, one almost has to conclude that Satan has created one particular strong group of individuals who – while remaining secretly and quietly in the deep background – work to control the overall direction in which the world moves. The more I consider it, the more I have to ask, how could it be otherwise?

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Future Does Not Belong to Those Who Slander…Islam

Recently, Mr. Obama stood before the United Nations, giving a speech, that for all practical purposes could have been a speech that at least attempted to halt the onslaught of radical governments like Iran’s. It could have been used to tighten the noose around (or even place the noose!) the necks of radical Islamists bent on destruction of anyone who is not fighting with them for world caliphate. Mr. Obama’s speech could have been one in which American ideals were upheld and reinforced for the entire world to note.

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Christian: Are You Salt AND Light?

Just back from a great morning worship service and we had a guest speaker who presented a wonderful and timely message on what it means to be a Christian, including the responsibilities we have not only to God in Christ, but to the lost of this world. Let me paraphrase the message.

We live in a world of increasing antagonism toward authentic Christianity. This is obvious, or should be to those who take their commitment to Jesus seriously. To those who compromise who they are, they might not even notice this growing antagonism, or they will assume that those “legalistic” Christians are getting what they deserve.

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Does Mr. Obama Care About Christians?

This may seem like an unnecessary question or at least one with an obvious answer, but I am reminded that there are people who continue to believe that Mr. Obama is a Christian because he has said he is one. Since he said he is, then it must be true. They point to the fact that he spent 20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s “church” so that should end the discussion.

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Should Christians Vote in this Next Election?

There is an awful lot of rhetoric and division out there these days with one camp claiming that in this upcoming election, voting for either individual is a vote for the enemy of our souls. They liken Romney to Obama because they see them both as being godless, at least as far as evangelical Christianity is concerned. To that extent, they are right, in my opinion. Neither of them is what I would call an authentic Christian. Certainly, I do not know their hearts, but I am basing my opinion solely based on what they say and what they do.

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Not Enough “Love” and Not Literal Enough?

There are two things I want to talk about in this blog: being loving and being literal.

Not long ago on a social network, someone posted a picture of a group of atheists protesting and one of them was holding up a sign that said something like “If Jesus Returns, Kill Him Again!” As you might expect, numerous people said they would pray for the man and some sadly reminded all of us that individuals like that will spend an eternity apart from God. You know, the run of the mill type of comments that are posted in response to this type of absurdity.

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