Does Mr. Obama Care About Christians?

September 21, 2012 at 12:29 PM 5 comments

This may seem like an unnecessary question or at least one with an obvious answer, but I am reminded that there are people who continue to believe that Mr. Obama is a Christian because he has said he is one.  Since he said he is, then it must be true.  They point to the fact that he spent 20 years in Jeremiah Wright’s “church” so that should end the discussion.  Of course, it doesn’t matter to these people that Jeremiah Wright is a racist through and through and preaches a type of Liberation Theology that is neither biblical or doctrinally correct, but simply provides a reason to be racist.  How is that Christianity?

There are many people today who attend churches.  They read the Bible, they pray, some even teach Sunday School classes.  They are part of the worship and attend regularly.  For all practical purposes, it would be assumed that they are, in fact, actual Christians.

If we believed that though, we would be easily duped.  Jesus tells us that no sooner did the Church come into existence, then the enemy was right there to sow discord by deliberately planting “tares” into the situation.  Let’s look at it.

In Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-43, Jesus takes the time to tell a story about a farmer who had planted wheat.  No sooner had the farmer planted wheat when an enemy of the farmer came in and sowed tares among the wheat.

When the farmer found out what had happened, his workers asked him if they should go through the fields and remove the tares.  The farmer responded by stating that if they did that, they might accidentally pull up and destroy viable wheat plants.  Because of that, the farmer said that they should leave everything until the harvest at which time the differences between the tares and the authentic wheat would be extremely obvious, making them very easy to separate without destroying any of the wheat.

The field in the parable is the world and among the world, God in Christ plants wheat – or authentic Christians.  This officially began in Acts 2, with the inception or birth of the true Church.

However, Satan wasted no time in trying to corrupt the true Church and endeavored to do so by planting tares right alongside the wheat.  It was his hope that either the tares would choke out the wheat completely, making the wheat ineffective or not viable, or that the farmer would confuse the tares with the wheat and pull up at least some of the wheat while trying to get rid of the tares.  This would at the very least make his wheat crop less valuable.

The farmer’s decision to wait until the harvest tells us a number of things that people tend to either forget or never knew.  By leaving the tares until the harvest, it becomes clear (or should) that the tares remain and have a negative impact on the way that wheat field looks to the casual observer.

The farmer and his workers realize that as the crops grow, it will become easier to distinguish between the authentic wheat and the tares.  In its early stages, tares look too much like wheat and can be mistaken for such.  However, as both plants gain height, the differences become very easy to see.

However, a person walking by that field might be tempted to think that it is nothing but an overgrown field.  It appears to be worthless because of the presence of the tares.  No one focuses on the wheat because of the fact that the tares exist right alongside the wheat.  What farmer would deliberately allow tares to grow in the same field as he had planted wheat?  It makes no sense.

Because of the way things look, the average person sees nothing special in that field.  It is overrun with weeds.  Obviously, the farmer is doing nothing with it and will likely at some point turn the crops back into the ground and start all over.  In doing so, he will lose everything in the field.

Little does the average person realize that the farmer has a plan.  The plan is to allow both crops to flourish and to simply separate them at harvest.  This plan is the way the farmer goes about his business.  Again though, to the world, the field looks like a waste; with product that cannot be salvaged.

This is the church today and the way it appears to most people in the world.  They do not see the individual stalks of wheat.  They see wheat mixed with tares and to them, that fact makes the entire field valueless.  Not so, says God.

So again, just because people attend church, read the Bible, pray, or any numbers of things in the physical buildings that we call “churches,” it does not mean that those people are in fact, authentic Christians, or “wheat.”  They could well be tares.

What I find fascinating is that the farmer realizes that as the two plants grow, it will become easier to tell the two plants apart.  Therefore, he realizes that by waiting for the harvest, no problem in determining the authentic wheat will exist.  It will be a piece of cake for his workers!

Obviously then, Jesus is telling us that as we approach the end of this age, prior to His physical return, the differences between those who simply say they are Christian and those who in actuality are Christian will become even more obvious.

Previously, in Matthew 7, Jesus announced that it would be relatively easy to know who His true followers are because of the fruit they bear in their lives.  Now, this is not to say that all true Christians will always and only bear good fruit.  We know this does not happen in nature.  Go to a fruit orchard sometime and just take some time to look at the fruit on the trees.  Every once in a while, you will notice a piece of bad fruit.  Does that mean the entire crop from that tree, or the tree itself is bad?  No, because a piece of bad fruit occasionally does not indicate a bad tree.  It’s an anomaly, not a consistency.  Obviously, fruit farmers know and understand this too.

By the same token, when we see people who say they are Christians, we are allowed to judge their testimony by their actions and words.  We cannot see their hearts obviously, so it is difficult to make declarative statements about a person.  However, if we note that a person who states without equivocation that he is a Christian, but has a life that does not measure up, at the very least, we know that something is wrong, don’t we?  That would be fair to say.

If a person – over the course of their life – does nothing that ties in with Jesus’ teachings, then it becomes even safer to conclude that maybe, just maybe the reality of Jesus is lost on them.  Maybe they are not authentic Christians at all.

People are bothered when I comment on the possibility that maybe – just maybe Mr. Obama is not the Christian he says he is and they tell me about it.  That’s fine.  They are entitled to their opinions.

The problem though is that it appears to me at every turn that Mr. Obama is a Christian in name only.  He seems to have a propensity and desire to want to come to the aid of Muslims and that’s about it.  It is become very noticeable by many.

We are all aware of the situation in the Middle East and parts of Northern Africa in which Muslims exploded with rage allegedly over a short video which portrayed Muhammad in a bad light.  It just so happens that this particular video has been around for a while, but it was not until this past September 11th that the desire to turn anger into road rage really boiled over within parts of the Islamic community.  That’s too coincidental.

Now, nearly a week later, the Obama administration – after apologizing to Muslims and trying to force YouTube to remove the video in question – finally admitted that maybe the movie didn’t have anything to do with it, but maybe it was simply a very well pre-planned terrorist attack.  This is what they are admitting here in America.

Unfortunately, they are still showing an apology video (with Mr. Obama and Hillary Clinton) on the airwaves in Pakistan.  So which is it?  Why the duplicity?  Why the lies?  Is Mr. Obama a Christian?

If we caught a church official having an affair, or stealing money from the offering, or simply lying to cover himself, would we not at the very least (and rightly so) question his morality and commitment to Christ?  Of course we would and in fact, the world at large would join in voicing their loud displeasure, punctuating their rage with words like “hypocrisy!” and more.  That does not seem to happen with respect to Mr. Obama.

Yet, while Mr. Obama is busy bowing and offering apologies for a short movie (that again, has been around for some time), he does no such thing where Christians’ feelings or sensibilities are concerned.

The art exhibit “Piss Christ” is going to be put on display in Manhattan.  In it, the artist has a crucifix of Christ immersed in the artist’s urine.  That is highly offensive to me.  Moreover, it is blasphemous.

As a Christian, while this type of “art” saddens me, it does not move me to violence as Muslims are so moved when offended.  At the same time, it is something that should not be ignored.

What is Mr. Obama doing?  He says he is a Christian, yet he appears not to notice these things, while he is hyper-alert to the potential grievances perceived by Muslims throughout the world.  What is the deal?

Does Mr. Obama only care about Muslims sensibilities?  Does he not care when people do things that denigrate the very God – Jesus Christ – that he says he not only believes in, but follows?

I cannot think of a time during his presidency when Mr. Obama has come out to stand in the gap for Christians, but I can think of plenty of times when he has done so for Muslims.  Am I saying that he should not be standing up for Muslims?  Not at all.  However, if he is going to stand up for one particular group, should he not stand up for all groups?  After all, is he the president of the United States of America or does he simply represent Muslims only?

With the number of Muslims he has appointed as Czars throughout his administration, the amount of money he continues to pour into countries like Egypt, the fact that he has released people from Gitmo that may well be involved in more terrorist attacks against the United States, and the fact that he is seriously considering handing over the “blind sheik” to foreign governments tells me that Muslims are on his mind…a lot.

From the very beginning of his presidency, Mr. Obama has bowed before leaders of other nations.  What Christian bows before anyone, much less leaders of Islamic countries?

What Christian publicly states that if the winds change, he will stand with Muslims?  Why not Christians?

Why has he been working so hard to make life easier for Muslims, while not even concerned about any other group?

It seems clear to me and many others that Mr. Obama at the very least is not concerned for Christians.  He has quoted the Qur’an many times since becoming president.  He has held high the alleged successes and achievements of Muslims.  In short, everything he does and says seems to be focused on Muslims and Islam.

During his time in Indonesia, he enjoyed studying the Qur’an more than anything.  He has stated that there is nothing more beautiful than hearing the early morning prayers of Muslims in Arabic.  What Christian says these things?

And now we see Mr. Obama, once again pandering to Muslims while finally admitting to Americans that what happened in the Middle East was actually a terrorist attack.  This, while continuing to apologize to Muslims behind our backs.

Some might argue that Mr. Obama is simply trying to appease Muslims.  The problem is that by now he should realize that they see appeasement as weakness and do more to take advantage of it.  He really thinks that his “apology tour” is going to bring peace to the Middle East?  It’s not working and it won’t work.  Yet, he continues.

Meanwhile, here at home, Christians continue to be on the receiving end of the world’s jabs, denigrations, and castigation.  What do we hear from the White House?  Crickets.

Jesus said you will know them by their fruit.  The reality is that Mr. Obama has been and continues to do all he can to placate the Islamic community, to the exclusion of everyone else.  This in and of itself is not Christianity in action.  Jesus talked to the woman of Samaria, the rich young ruler, thieves, killers, tax collectors, and more.  He was no respecter of persons.  He provided equal time to all people, regardless of their background, education, ethnicity, or culture.

How can someone who says he is a Christian do the opposite?

It is funny how we can watch some “faith healer” work his occult magic on the tube.  We hear their boastful claims and we see their antics.  They use the Name of Jesus often as if He is their personal bodyguard and puppet.  Most of us have no problem recognizing them for what they are – false teachers.

We see and hear pastors of “mega” churches today teaching their flock doctrines that are born in hell and we have no problem recognizing them for who they are – sons of the devil.  They teach and preach lies to people who want nothing more than to have their ears tickled.  We condemn their message.

Oh I realize there are many who would disagree with me about some of these faith healers and mega-church pastors.  They preach the truth, I would be told.  They have a message that is opening doors to the blind.  Unfortunately, I will respectfully continue to disagree with them and reject the message I hear.

When it comes to Mr. Obama, it cannot be both ways.  He cannot be saying that he is a Christian and continues to pander to Muslims, to the exclusion of Christians.  This cannot be, but this is what exists.

I quoted previously Usama Dakdok, who presents eleven reasons why he firmly believes Mr. Obama is not only not a Christian, but is, in fact, a Muslim.  His reasons are frank and straightforward.  As someone who grew up in Egypt, spending most of his life around Muslims, he understands the Muslim mindset and he also understands that most of the world’s Muslims see Mr. Obama as one of them.  Could he be wrong?  Click on the link below and determine for yourself.

Being a Christian is not something you simply “put on.”  You don’t “practice” Christianity like you practice Yoga.  In all faiths – except Christianity – you enter into a system or a set of beliefs that you follow.  With Christianity, it is far deeper than that and though Satan has been attempting to counterfeit Christianity since its inception, he hasn’t been able to come close.

Christianity is something that occurs within a person.  According to John 3, a person becomes born again.  There are two births; one through water when a human being is first born, and the second is the spiritual birth that occurs when one puts their faith in Jesus for salvation.

This is the new birth and as I have stated before, a person who is “born again” or “born from above” cannot be unborn again.  It is impossible.

Coupled with this new birth is the fact that the Holy Spirit takes up residence within the heart of the person.  From there, He begins to shape and mold that person so that they begin to replicate the character of Jesus.  This is a process that occurs over the remaining years of that person’s life, but it begins from the moment of salvation – or being born again.

It is reasonable to expect there to be changes in the life of that individual from that day forward.  Yes, there will be struggles, just as Jesus struggled in the Garden of Gethsemane on the night He was betrayed.  Becoming a Christian does not mean that the Christian instantly becomes perfect.  Mistakes will be made.

However, like the occasional bad piece of fruit on the fruit tree, the longer a person has been a Christian, the fewer the bad pieces of fruit.  Along with this, we see that love, patience, humility, and all the rest of the attributes that Paul outlines for us in 1 Corinthians 13 are being created within each Christian.  That takes time too.

Overall though, a Christian should be more clearly seen as a Christian with each passing day, or month, or year.  This is the work of the Holy Spirit and there is no other faith which boast having this type of inner Helper.

So what is Mr. Obama?  At the very least, he seems to have a very sincere weak spot for Muslims.  He shows them favoritism repeatedly.  Is this something a Christian should do?  Certainly, if the president of the United States is going to go out of his way to attempt to placate Muslims for things that allegedly have offended them, then he is obligated to stand in the gap for all groups within the United States who are offended.

If the art exhibit in question was showing Muhammad sitting in the artist’s urine, does anyone believe that this would go unnoticed either by Muslims or this administration?  You can’t be that naive.

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  • 1. Charles Huss  |  September 23, 2012 at 1:45 PM

    I have known plenty of people who go to church on Sunday but then go about the rest of the week focusing on their own selfish, personal gain. It is no streatch to believe Obama is one of those people.

  • 2. Simon  |  September 22, 2012 at 3:29 AM

    How do we define a Christian? Whose word do we take? Is Jeremiah Wright a Christian, even if he is holds racist views? What is the ‘true Church’ as you describe it?

    Didn’t Jesus say there would be weeds growing with the wheat – and it is Jesus’ job, not ours, to pull it out at the eschaton? Why then do we spend time trying to judge others as to whether they are really Christians or not?

    Obama might be a particularly poor Christian, but doesn’t that pretty much sum up most of America and most of the Western World? In most of ‘Christendom’ Church attendance is at about 1-2%, yet some 60% or more describe themselves as ‘Christian’ – so are they?

    Yes Obama may well have a weak spot for Muslims. Maybe that is because he did partly grow up in a Muslim country, so he isn’t blinded by misconceptions or stereotypes about them. He may even have muslim friends!

    • 3. modres  |  September 22, 2012 at 4:57 AM

      So let me get this straight…

      Jesus determines who is and who is not a “weed.” But Simon can determine whether or not people are Christians as you stated in your previous comment that Mr. Obama IS a Christian?

      Why do we “judge” people? Your entire set of comments is one huge contradiction, Simon.

      I pointed out in my article that Jesus Himself said we would know them by their FRUIT. That gives us permission to use the measuring stick He provided in determining who is and who is not part of His Church.

      However, you decide that I’m judging if I question Mr. Obama’s Christianity. That does not equate and frankly, if you did not have a severe soft spot for Mr. Obama, you wouldn’t care at all.

      Is Joel Osteen a Christian? Is Rick Warren? Is Benny Hinn? Is Kenneth Copeland?

      Are we allowed to question their Christianity considering they teach and preach heretical, unbilbical doctrines?

      What about the fact that millions of Muslims throughout the world believe Mr. Obama to be a Muslim? Are THEY wrong? They would know, wouldn’t they?

      Moreover, did you actually go to the link I provided from Usama Dakdok to read his eleven reasons why he believes Mr. Obama is not only NOT a Christian, but is in actuality a Muslim?

      My other point in the article is that AS PRESIDENT, Mr. Obama should have a soft spot for NO ONE. He is there to represent ALL Americans, yet it is abundantly clear that he has soft spots for radicals, Marxists, Communists, and Socialists…along with Muslims.

      What about Judas? Was he a “Christian,” but then walked away? Was he never truly a Christian?

      What about people like yourself who are part of cults? Are YOU a Christian?

      The idea that you equate judging people with simply looking at the fruit they produce is absurd and anti-biblical. You obviously disagree with Jesus Himself, as well as Paul and other writers of the NT.

      You have obviously JUDGED that Mr. Obama IS a Christian, but that is okay according to you, since you have judged him FAVORABLY. What if you’re wrong? You are still guilty of judging him.

      Misconceptions about Muslims. I’m afraid that YOU are the one who has misconceptions about Muslims, Simon. You should know better considering what too many radical Muslims have done and are doing to your corner of the world.

      By the way, the entire portent of my article was to ask the question as to whether or not Mr. Obama CARED about Christians, not necessarily whether he is actually a Christian. The answer to BOTH questions is rather obvious.

      Simon…take this in the way it is meant, all right? Your last two comments are essentially digs directed at me. It is obvious that you and I have little to no common ground, yet you continue to return here to post your snide comments for the sole purpose of tearing me down.

      You have made your final comment here on this blog, Simon. Any future comments you leave here will be automatically sent to the dumpster without being read. You will be wasting your time.

      I pray that the Lord will one day open your eyes to your own arrogance and blindness.

  • 4. Simon  |  September 22, 2012 at 3:23 AM

    Yes because he is one.

    • 5. modres  |  September 22, 2012 at 4:46 AM

      According to Simon? Fascinating.

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