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False Teachers and Prophets, Part 4

Pelagianism, inclusivism and Limited Theism are three errors that continue within Christendom. Even though I’ve only mentioned three people who believe in one or more of those things, there are many others. Discernment is needed by Christians instead of simply following after these people whole heartedly.

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News and Notes Update: September 28, 2020

My suggestion if it holds any merit for you is this: do not become emotionally involved in what’s happening now. Put your eyes on Jesus and trust Him to accomplish what He has determined He will accomplish. As for me and my wife, we do not wear masks, we do not worry about CV-19. We are not going to be emotionally captured and held prisoner by either political party or the antics that continue to happen in DC. It’s ridiculous, time-consuming, and seriously not beneficial for us.

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Psalm 37: Delight Yourself in the Lord

In essence, we are to live the Christian life whether we feel like it or not, or whether it’s convenient or not. I just read about two Christian pastors in Iran who have been sentenced to death because they refused to convert to Islam. For them, they cannot recant Jesus. They cannot turn their backs on God because they know the truth. They have no other choice and God is in control of their lives. God will also bless them mightily even if that means they are put to death as martyrs for refusing to deny Jesus.

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News and Notes Update: September 24, 2020

Pray fervently, dedicating yourself to asking the Lord to intervene. If He does not, then clearly the government will seek to gain more power over the people, which will impact our lives by infringing on our rights as guaranteed by the Constitution. Moreover, if the violence continues, more people will be harmed.

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Psalm 37: Do Not Fret

A green herb refers to a healthy, growing herb, one that is useful for seasoning food. My wife has several potted herb plants on our front porch. Every once in a while, as she’s cooking, she’ll go out front with her cooking scissors and cut off a small section of one of the herbs, which she then adds to the dish she’s making.

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False Teachers and Prophets, Part 3

But before I get into anymore examples of people alive today and who might be guilty of teaching heresy, I’d like to go back to someone who many continue to revere as a great man, a wonderful preacher and a fantastic Bible expositor and evangelist. This one man has done quite a bit of damage and it was during the 1800’s that he lived. The problem is that people during my lifetime, some of whom are still alive, lionize that man, in spite of the fact that his theology was literally perverse and his methods of soul-winning were not based in Scripture, but on humanistic philosophy. This particular person was pivotal in modern church history, unfortunately.

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Rest in the Lord

Psalm 37 is telling us to calm ourselves before God. This only happens when we focus on Him, His attributes, His power, His omniscience, and His glory. While we are focusing on Him, we are learning to wait for Him to do what He plans on doing. We should not worry at all, though of course, this is difficult. Why? It is difficult because we get caught up in day to day living and the problems associated with that. But by redirecting our focus on God, those problems will fade.

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End Game?

Ultimately, a person would not even know these biosensors are inside their bodies. They take up virtually no room at all and since they could be implanted via a vaccine, no one would notice them as they went into the body.

What I’m NOT saying is that the coming CV-19 vax is the “mark of the beast” as noted in Revelation 17. I’m not saying that. What I am saying is that this is the type of system that could very well be used by the Antichrist in the future to implement the “mark of the beast.”

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News and Notes Update: September 14, 2020

What we are seeing of course are the results of Marxism that has swept society. The call to defund police is part of the Marxist campaign that has worked in other countries like Venezuela and of course, decades ago under Hitler’s regime. Defunding the police is necessary for Marxists to gain even more power than they currently have in society now. Many elected officials either refuse to condemn Marxist violence or urge them on by making statements such as “Chickens have come home to roost.” Several police departments like Austin, TX have been defunded.

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Technocracy: China

Technocracy is happening in Europe and Asia, as well as Canada and other parts of the world like Mexico. America may well be the last to fall to technocratic rule, but it will fall, according to Scripture.

Marxism is one of the main ideologies used to destroy any country. Technocracy is used to rebuild that country after Marxism overcomes it. Living under technocracy is like living under Marxism on steroids.

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