News and Notes Update: September 28, 2020

September 28, 2020 at 11:40 AM 6 comments

I’ve got a number of posts I want to get to but I thought I’d provide an update about things that are happening in the world that you may benefit from knowing.

Grace Community Church Update
First up, John MacArthur’s Grace Church in Los Angeles County has been given a reprieve until at least January of 2021. The reason for that has to do with the fact that a judge ruled in favor of Grace Community Church and MacArthur and against Los Angeles County regarding contempt charges sought by the county for Grace Community Church’s failure to kowtow to Gov. Newsom’s executive order.

Lawyers for Grace Community Church successfully argued that before contempt charges could be sustained, they wanted “…a full-blown trial on the merits of their lawsuit challenging Gavin Newsom’s shutdown orders, proposing that ‘a final determination on the constitutionality of the orders must occur before the county could seek contempt against MacArthur for merely holding church‘.” [1]

The issue at stake of course, has to do with the First Amendment itself and whether or not any government – local, state or federal – has the right to literally set aside any portion of the Constitution under the guise of a “health crisis”? One of Grace Community Church’s attorneys – Jenna Ellison – stated with respect to the judge’s decision:

This is significant because no person can or should be held in contempt of a constitutionally invalid order. Los Angeles County continues to presume that its order is valid, with utter disregard for First Amendment protections. It’s tyranny to even suggest that a government action cannot be challenged and must be obeyed without question. This case goes to the heart of what our founders designed for the purpose of legitimate government—not to be above the rule of law. Pastor MacArthur is simply holding church, which is clearly his constitutionally protected right in this country.

It is clear to thinking individuals that this CV-19 pandemic is being used by government to limit and even eradicate freedom of religion as practiced by churches in America. The question is does the government have the right to do that? It would clearly appear that they do not, yet this fact has not and will not stop the tyrannical infringements by government. The remainder of the article is linked below.

The Wuhan Virus Charade
While it appears that many (too many, in fact), in America firmly continue to believe that Coronavirus-19 is truly a pandemic that has the capacity to destroy millions of lives, the reality may be closer to the fact that the lockdowns and social distancing are far more problematic than the health problems associated with CV-19. Think about what we’ve been told.

  • the virus would causes the deaths of millions of people in America
  • hospitals would be overwhelmed
  • that we would need hundreds of thousands of ventilators
  • wearing masks though said to be “largely symbolic” (Fauci), can “help” if everyone wears one
  • we are being told people who refuse to wear masks are “narcissistic” and worse
  • shutting down economy was only way to “flatten the curve”
  • “Flatten the curve” became “slow the spread” which has become “zero deaths needed”
  • those infected and cured can turn around and become infected again immediately
  • the numbers keep changing regarding cases and deaths
  • the media continues to emphasize the number of cases but not the reduction in deaths

The above are merely a sampling of the kinds of things we’ve been told. The reality is that this appears to have been a major fear campaign designed to force people in “lockstep” with government wishes. The article linked to [2] explains it in detail. By the way, the person who wrote this article is apparently connected to Dr. Anthony Fauci and the author was apparently just fired after discovering who he was and his close proximity to Fauci. Note the article itself only lists “streiff”) as the author, but there is nothing more about him.

Feel free to read the article yourself and continue to research all of this. This is the most brilliant virus known to humanity, apparently. It can determine if a person is at a bar and just drinking or eating and drinking. It can tell if you’re entering a restaurant and not wearing a mask, but as soon as you sit down, you’re apparently safe from virus transmission. A pub in England has a sign that warns of how to effectively stop the spread of CV-19, which includes “No handshaking, high fiving or extended eye contact with anyone not on your table.”

What kind of stupidity is that, where the implication is that if you stare at someone else and they make eye contact with you, you could both contract CV-19? This is the type of stupidity that people are being forced to live under.

Information is now coming out that quite possibly, the antics of China, where video showed people literally collapsing on the streets, may have been staged in order to attempt to prove to the world that the dreaded CV-19 virus was far worse than anything that came before it and the world had better take cover!

It is interesting with China. This particular country (and we’ve talked about China being the world’s first successful “technocracy” in another series on this blog), is the biggest polluter of air and water, has the worst civil rights and humanitarian violations of any nation, yet they constantly get a pass. The vaunted UN never says a bad word against China. In fact, China was just invited to be part of a UN panel on civil rights, so go figure.

What’s the problem? The problem is that China was recreated by the Trilateral Commission to be the world’s first technocracy that allows the elite to do whatever they want to do in China. No type of experimentation is off-limits there. No amount of pollution is forbidden or limited. China is a technocrat’s dream and it’s what they want for the entire world. But head over to that series to find out more.

More on Vaccinations
I’d like to stress that I am not necessarily anti-vax as some folks are anti-vax. I will also state that I do not believe anti-vaxxers arrived to their conclusions by flipping a coin. They often do quite a bit of research into the subject and there is a growing body of evidence that more than suggests vaccines are not the answer that many in the medical community would like us to believe. If you doubt this, then I suggest reading through this online book entitled, “Forty-five years of registration statistics, proving vaccination to be both useless and dangerous.

The book is from 1889 and deals with things like the small pox mortality and vaccinations. One of the main premises of the book is that small pox had not been mitigated by vaccines. It essentially went away due to the natural way a virus wanes and that is often through the development of herd immunity.

It’s a worthwhile book to read through because of all the facts presented. If you’re interested, simply click on the link above and then you’ll have the option of downloading it to your computer in a variety of electronic formats.

Dr. Oz was recently cut short in an interview when he pointed out that this season’s flu shot may make people who receive it far more susceptible to contracting CV-19. It was an interesting exchange. I’m hearing that from a number of medical professionals. There is corroborating evidence that this is true. [3]

Trump’s New SCOTUS Pick
By now, you’ve heard the news regarding President Trump’s new SCOTUS pick, to replace the seat vacated through death of Ginsburg. The Left is going bonkers over it because Trump isn’t willing to wait until after the election. Obama waited but of course, he was on the end of his second term. In all likelihood, Trump will be re-elected, though I firmly believe it will be a thoroughly contested and ugly election due to all the mail-in balloting taking place.

Regardless, Trump has picked Amy Barrett, who incidentally, was already confirmed by the Senate (with pretty much the very same people then as now), in 2017 to become a federal judge. So, she has been a federal judge for about three years since her confirmation.

The Left is trying to figure out every which way to create problems and difficulties for Barrett’s confirmation, which is asinine if we consider the fact that they already previously confirmed her for a federal judgeship. I also note the Left is starting to contend her nomination by saying she only has three years of being on the federal bench. They conveniently forget that Elena Kagen had ZERO years on a federal bench and she was quickly confirmed by the Senate. I’ve never seen anyone like Kagen be so quickly confirmed by the Senate and almost makes it appear to be a sort of “payback” by Obama for services rendered, whatever those services might have been. Could it have been shoring up votes to legalize same-sex unions? It would not surprise me.

However, the argument that Barrett has only three years as a federal judge has no merit when compared with Kagen’s zero years of experience. The Left freaks out but the facts are usually against them.

They are also going after Barrett for “racism” because she adopted several children from Haiti. What’s the problem with that, one might ask? Apparently, it has to do with white colonialism where the birth parents are essentially locked out of the picture by white adoptive parents. I guess sexual harassment accusers won’t necessarily work against Barrett so they have to use other things.

I’m not crazy about Amy Barrett for a number of reasons, all of which are highlighted in this particular thread by Lawyer Robert Barnes. Take the time to read it and see what you think. As for me, it appears that she may not be a true Constitutionalist. So why is the Left acting like they are acting now? For several potential reasons. First, they are doing so because Trump made the nomination. Second, if Barrett is as bad as Barnes indicates (and he includes numerous links to support his accusations), then this could all be show by the Left when in reality, Barrett may end up issuing decisions that favor the Left more than the Right. Ask yourself how Gorsuch and Kavanaugh have worked out so far with respect to upholding the Constitution.

Ilhan’s Continued Woes
Project Veritas just revealed documented video evidence that shows campaign workers for Rep. Ilhan heavily involved in ballot harvesting fraud. Is that how she was recently just re-elected so handily? Go to the link and see and hear for yourself. The system is broken and I don’t see anyone in DC doing anything about it. Because of things like ballot harvesting, we, the people’s voice is being silenced.

My suggestion if it holds any merit for you is this: do not become emotionally involved in what’s happening now. Put your eyes on Jesus and trust Him to accomplish what He has determined He will accomplish. As for me and my wife, we do not wear masks, we do not worry about CV-19. We are not going to be emotionally captured and held prisoner by either political party or the antics that continue to happen in DC. It’s ridiculous, time-consuming, and seriously not beneficial for us.

We may be back later today with another post in our “False Teachers and Prophets” series.






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Psalm 37: Delight Yourself in the Lord False Teachers and Prophets, Part 4


  • 1. Lynn  |  September 28, 2020 at 1:24 PM

    Thanks for the response. I don’t know much about J Cahn but the fact that he’s affiliated with NAR is enough. Hubs and I watched his message from this Saturday with mixed feelings.

    Yes we live in a blue state with many kool aid drinking mask nazis. Silliness.


    • 2. modres  |  September 28, 2020 at 1:29 PM

      He sells a lot of books.

      I’m sorry for you. When we traveled to California this past July/August, it was beautiful to see but the masks were ridiculous. We wore them simply because we didn’t want to be fined and give more money to California unnecessarily. I’m sorry for you and I’m continuing to pray that God will deal a huge blow to those who are infringing on our rights, if it is His will to do so at this juncture.

      Lord bless you and yours.


  • 3. Lynn  |  September 28, 2020 at 12:13 PM

    I would love to hear your thoughts on “the return,” which culminated on the DC mall yesterday. Jonathan cahn spoke.

    Also how do you manage to not wear masks anywhere without being denied service? It’s not so easy where I live!


    • 4. modres  |  September 28, 2020 at 1:13 PM

      Hi Lynn,

      Not sure you’ll like what I have to say about Jonathan Cahn, but you can click on this link to see the articles I’ve previously written about him. In short, because he is part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement, I tend to discount his efficacy. His first book, “The Harbinger,” was really a stretch in my view, but I know others do not agree with me. So I would simply encourage you to do more research on him from a variety of resources. (copy and paste into browser search window)

      In my state, there is no official mask mandate. Our governor has refused to issue one because he said it would be impossible to enforce. Initially, stores were very quick to pounce on people not wearing masks, but no one says “boo” now if a person chooses to not wear one.

      That said, I was visiting relatives in TN this past weekend and we went to a McKay’s bookstore. My wife and I were not wearing masks and I was essentially “banned” for life for not wearing one. I’m okay with that because while I’ve gotten a few things from McKay’s (used books, DVDs, etc.), the reality seems to be that in many instances, they are more expensive for used items than if you were to buy them new at Walmart. It’s not great loss for me.

      The stores around here are also becoming far more relaxed around here. You no longer see “arrows” on the floor, both doors are open whereas before one main door was only “entrance” traffic while the other main door was only “exit” traffic.

      I’m hopeful that my state will follow what Gov. DeSantis has just done in Florida by fully opening everything up and making it illegal for people to be tossed out of stores or fined for not wearing masks.

      If you happen to live in a blue state, don’t expect this to happen any time soon. My heart goes out to you if that’s the case.


  • 5. Maranatha Today  |  September 28, 2020 at 12:10 PM

    “My suggestion if it holds any merit for you is this: do not become emotionally involved in what’s happening now. *Put your eyes on Jesus and trust Him to accomplish what He has determined He will accomplish*. As for me and my wife, we do not wear masks, we do not worry about CV-19. We are not going to be emotionally captured and held prisoner by either political party or the antics that continue to happen in DC. It’s ridiculous, time-consuming, and seriously not beneficial for us.””

    Excellent article Modres…thanks so much. Such true words! This recap helps keep one seeing how things are progressing in this Plandemic!

    They really are pushing hard for people to take the flu shot, going as far as to offer $10 gift card at my local Publix to take it! They are desperate and that should set alarm bells going in peoples heads! We’ve been sounding the alarm against this, hopefully people will take this serious!

    Sadly the pastor of Fellowship Bible Chapel, Ohio, passed due to Corona on Friday – double pneumonia and other complications – but they did use a ventilator and many from the church tried to warn the family against it. Sad days we’re in. May he rest in perfect peace.

    Look forward to any other articles. Blessings to you and your wife.

    On Mon, Sep 28, 2020, 11:40 AM Study – Grow – Know wrote:

    > modres posted: “I’ve got a number of posts I want to get to but I thought > I’d provide an update about things that are happening in the world that you > may benefit from knowing. Grace Community Church Update First up, John > MacArthur’s Grace Church in Los Angeles County” >


    • 6. modres  |  September 28, 2020 at 1:20 PM

      Hi Maranantha,

      I’m sorry to hear about the pastor from Fellowship Bible Chapel. I’m doubting they used Hydroxychloroquine? Countries that have been using that have shown a 75% lower death rate, while several states in USA have banned its use (though quietly removed that ban). The ventilator seems to make things worse as I’ve read from numerous medical professionals. My prayers will go out for his family and friends. What is most troubling is that though my doctor can prescribe HQC is I needed it, she also said that I might have a hard time finding a pharmacy to fill it. That is unbelievable to me that governments will ban a product that has been around for 50+ years and its efficacy is known.

      Yes, we see “get the flu shot!” all over the place. At Kroger for a while, you could earn 400 or more points toward gas if you got it. They’re trying way too hard. Way too hard.

      I’m hopeful that my state here will follow Florida’s pattern where the governor there fully opened the state. It needs to happen even though the media will be chomping at the bit to highlight potential increases in “cases” of CV-19, while ignoring lower level of hospitalizations and deaths. It’s all about cases because that rising number intensifies the fear in many people.

      Thanks again and blessings to you and yours.


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