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What is Worship?

Truth is needed to be able to truly worship God and the Christian leaders who are not truthful are not actually worshiping God, but themselves. I could also point out many leaders who have wandered from the faith from a doctrinal perspective and taken many with them. We live in a day of growing deception and delusion (2 Thessalonians 2:9-12; 2 Timothy 3:1-5). God will protect us if we do our part; seeking Him fully, worshiping Him truthfully and endeavoring to live our life for His glory.

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While Satan Builds His Final Kingdom

The world is being seriously played. Satan is working overtime and his followers are doing whatever they can to push the lies in order to gain control of the entire world. This is why the entire CV-19 was global and not just in the USA.

The only remedy here is to be and remain close to God. We must learn to trust Him in all things as Joseph in Genesis learned. Now is not the time to doubt Him. Now is the time to lean on Him.

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News and Notes Update: January 8, 2021

All of this will segue into a system of socialism whereby people are simply presented with a “paycheck” regardless of what they do or how many hours they work. Under socialism, there is truly no incentive. When we went to Europe a number of years ago, I made it a point to talk with people who were living under Socialism. They said there was no way they could get ahead. The system worked against them and these were people who owned their own businesses and wanted to get ahead to provide for their families. No matter what they did or how hard they worked, it simply couldn’t be done. That system is coming to America and Leftists will applaud it.

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Has Babylon Fallen?

All countries and nations must be absorbed into the coming one-world government so that Satan can try his best to raise up a human army of millions/billions to fight against God when He returns physically in victory. What Satan has been doing from the shadows for millennia will be brought out into the open where the entire world (and Creation itself), will see it all played out as God has decreed.

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Catherine Austin Fitts Explains It All

To globalists we are nothing, but things to be used by them to make their lives better. This actually goes all the way back to the Garden of Eden and the reason WHY Satan did what he did in tempting Eve. It was his desire to USE Eve so that she (and Adam, and eventually the entire human race), would act as Satan’s slaves to do what he wanted done. And what does Satan want done? He wants the entire world to rise up against God to OVERTHROW God so that he (Satan), will be the only “king” to rule the world.

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Technocracy: Closing Society and Churches Via Invisible Enemies

And of course, the way you do that is with the healthcare crisis. Because the question is if a few people want to control the many, how do you herd the sheep into the slaughterhouse without them realizing and resisting? So the perfect thing is invisible enemies. So we had the war on terrorism…invisible terrorism…and now a virus that’s perfect because it’s invisible. You can’t prove that it doesn’t exist because it’s invisible…”

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Real Picture Emerging

If you do not believe governments and others in power are not lying to us, there is little I can do for you except pray that God will open your eyes. But if the government IS lying to us, there must be a reason, right? It has to do with the fact that Satan is building his final world kingdom and doing so through human beings he calls his own and who are sold out to him either knowingly or unknowingly.

Because of this, I fully believe Christians have the duty to peacefully resist his coming rule. In doing so, we become lights to those living in darkness. It takes guts to actually do that, to resist the state powers, but it can and should be done.

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News and Notes Update: December 30, 2020

On some occasions, Jesus ignored the behavior of Judas. On others, He called Judas out. Paul did the same with people who tried to derail him. The truth is that we can only fight the good fight when we understand from where it emanates. If we focus solely on human beings, we are missing much of it because human beings are simply the puppets that Satan uses for his ends.

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Should Christians Resist Tyranny?

Jesus resisted peacefully. At times, He got into heated exchanges with the religious leaders. On at least one occasion He had some very pointed words for a political leader of His day (cf. Luke 13:32). You’ll no doubt recall the numerous times the religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus and set about to do just that. Jesus’ resistance to their leadership was not sinful or wrong. It was necessary.

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News and Notes Update: December 23, 2020

The world is just a different place today and even though we’d like to look ahead and believe that 2021 will be better, there’s no guarantee. None at all. The only guarantee we have is that God is still on the throne. He controls all things either directly or indirectly because His will is going to be accomplished as it has since the beginning.

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