In Non-Essentials, Unity?

With respect to anything we might label “non-essentials” of the faith, do these really exist, especially if Jesus was so careful to fulfill all aspects of the Law? I’d encourage all to search the Scriptures. God’s Word is either the final authority for all things pertaining to life and godliness or it is not.

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Perilous Times are Here: Lovers of Self

Christians have a responsibility and our responsibility is to God. In short, Christians have one job in spite of what is happening in society at any point in time. Our job is to preach Christ and Him crucified! The only real healing and justice that can happen in society is when it happens with one person at a time and that is only through Christ and the salvation that only He provides! There is NO other way and this is why in society there are many checks and balances with lower courts to higher courts to eventually the Supreme Court. Even there, true justice might not occur, but it has a far better chance of happening than if there was only one court and one group of judges.

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What About Social Distancing and Masks?

The United States is moving rapidly toward a new era, one that is not welcoming or conducive to truth or the rule of law. Anarchists want anarchy and anything that will ultimately overthrow the current system of law and order. Politicians appear to be on the side of the anarchists because they do nothing. This whole thing is a farce and most of us realize it. The difficulty that exists is how to combine efforts and take charge? I’m not sure that’s possible because there aren’t any real leaders that I see. Without real leaders, nothing other than tweeting can happen.

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2 Thessalonians: Holding Up Under Hard Times

I recall one particular situation where as I was walking home from school, I was approached and blocked by a larger student, who was getting in my face and being unkind to say the least. I’ve always had the ability to say what I thought even when it wasn’t necessarily the wisest thing to do. Instead of backing down, I stood up as tall as I could and with a bit of false bravado, I refused to be bullied. I balled up my fists and stuck out my chin to him as I refused to cower outwardly. Surprisingly, instead of beating me, he eventually simply walked away with a snarl.

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Sermon Audio & YouTube Channel

I wanted to point out that I have now begun uploading VIDEO teaching lessons to my page over at Sermon Audio, instead of just the previous AUDIO messages. I’m currently involved in presenting Sunday morning lessons on 2 Thessalonians at my church and so I’m recording those on video and uploading them there.

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Perilous Times are Here

It is remarkable that today, people in Congress can actually speak in favor of socialism (which simply leads to Communism), and few take them to task over it. It is becoming the accepted mark of anyone who wants to appear to be “courageous” or “woke.” But what does Marxism actually stand for and is there a chance that it has taken over major aspects of American society? It would seem so but in order to make an accurate assessment, it would be helpful to look at some of the main goals of Marxism. Are those goals helping to create the “perilous times” that Paul spoke of almost 2,000 years ago?

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2 Thessalonians: Introduction

Though these things are often unpleasant, God allows these for our growth and His glory – the spread of the Gospel. It may be extremely difficult for us – depending upon our personalities – to willingly place ourselves under persecution God allows to come to us. Yet Paul echoes Jesus in saying we are blessed! God WILL reward our willing acceptance of what He allows to come our way. He will reward us NOW with greater faith and the ability to persevere. He will reward us LATER with a full rest from all afflictions/persecutions.

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Lawlessness: the Vehicle Ushering in Final Empire

As lawlessness increases, we know that things are building to a new order, the final empire. The goal of lawlessness is not simply to be lawless. The goal is to overturn and overrule. It puts so much internal pressure on the current system that something has to give. That something is usually the system itself, which is replaced with something else.

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Foundational Crisis in America, Part 2

What we are seeing throughout the USA today is the controlled demolition of America, allowed by God in order that His purposes will come to fruition. The lawlessness or apostasy that Paul speaks of in 2 Thessalonians 2 is leading conclusively to the coming final Gentile Empire first highlighted in the book of Daniel, chapter two. This particular empire is yet future but the Bible has a great deal to say about it and the man who will ultimately rule over it; the Antichrist. We are foolish if we think we can overcome what is happening in society. Instead, we should be much more focused on two things: 1) the Lord’s eventual return, and 2) evangelizing the lost while it is still “day.”

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Foundational Crisis in America, Part 1

The Antichrist will be the embodiment of Satan in human form; with all lying wonders The undergirding plank of this growing iniquity are lies that appear to be truth. This is the only thing that Satan has going for him; lying. He lied at the beginning when he first tempted Eve and Adam and he lied throughout history leading to Jesus. He lied to Jesus who understood that Satan was lying and He resisted Satan in the power of God’s Spirit.

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