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What is Repentance Unto Salvation?

What is repentance? What is it supposed to be “feel” like if feelings play any part? What is supposed to prompt a person to do? Is repentance and “once for all” issue that happens prior to embracing salvation? Is repentance something that Christians should exercise throughout their lives?

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Short Takes: Must Christians Always Obey Government?

Just a few thoughts on Romans 13 and whether or not Christians must always obey the governmental authorities. I find it fascinating that so many pastors and commentators today think that Paul’s words stand alone without any sort of context. Yet, if we look at numerous incidents from the life of Jesus, Paul and Peter, it appears that maybe Paul’s words in Romans 13:1-4 as well as Peter’s in 1 Peter 2 are far more nuanced than we might think.

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Discerning the Times: Cancel Culture Continues

Christians need to mentally and emotionally prepare for the coming deluge of political persecution coming our way. We will have two choices. We can either cave to the ever-changing demands of the “progressive” Left or we can decide ahead of time that we will serve God and not honor the anti-God whims of man. It’s that simple. Use discretion and ask for wisdom. That wisdom comes from His Word, so if Christians are not reading His Word daily, how can we expect to gain insight and wisdom into life’s situations? It’s impossible.

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God’s Coming Great Reset, Pt 4

Satan’s real goal is to use the cabal as a fake target that will appear to be defeated by Antichrist, who will hit a grand slam with the people of this world by overcoming the cabal. The world will see Antichrist as the “second coming of Jesus” at that point, who, with force took out the cabal. No wonder they’ll all praise Antichrist and follow him anywhere even willingly taking the “mark” to show their love for and loyalty to him.

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Short Takes: Cancel Culture of Acts 21

In Acts 21, we read where Paul was falsely accused and without a trial, was attacked and beaten by the cancel mob wanted him dead. This wasn’t the first time this happened to Paul. In Asia Minor, a group of cancel culture Judaizers followed him from place to place stirring up the madness, anger and threats of cancellation against Paul in the hopes that he would be stoned to death.

God always intervened. God always protected Paul and kept him from actual death (even though on at least one occasion he was beaten and left for dead; Acts 14:19-28), until the appointed day of Paul’s actual death when God took Paul home to heaven.

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Stand Firm Against Cancel Culture

One of the biggest defeats that can be handed to the Left is to simply not fear them. Throughout both testaments of the Bible, we constantly read where leaders of Israel and leaders of the Church admonished people to “not fear,” but to “wait on the Lord for His strength.” Both Paul and Peter confirm to us that the Christian’s correct response to all forms of persecution are to “not fear” and to “stand firm.”

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Short Takes Feb 12: What’s in It?

What are macrophages?

What do the different types of macrophages in the human body accomplish?

What does the mRNA vaccine do to these macrophages?

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God’s Coming Great Reset, Pt 2

In the coming days, we will increasingly be funneled into the coming world order. It may seem that we are overwhelmed on all sides. But like Joshua and Caleb, we must resist the temptation to think that God has forgotten us and cannot deliver us. What’s important now is that we do not deny God or His ability to keep us from stumbling. If we simply focus on the situations around us, the temptation will be great. If we instead continually seek to see Him and His provision, I believe God will respond to our faith accordingly by granting discernment and wisdom.

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Why Was Moses So Humble?

Moses was truly humble because there is only one time that the Scriptures highlight where Moses relied on himself to handle the situation (after he was chosen by God). Just one time and it is found in the second instance of getting water from the rock (an image of Jesus our Rock). The first instance is found in Exodus 17:1-16. There, the people are upset (what’s new?), and Moses strikes the rock after God tells him to do that and water flows from the rock. God mercifully responded to the complaints of the people.

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Short Takes Feb 9, 2021

Our first Short Takes video where we keep it right around 6 minutes and highlight a few very important topics for today!

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