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Our Spiritual Riches in Christ

Do we as Christians, understand what we have in Christ? My contention is that we generally do not. While we understand that we have eternal life with Jesus in the afterlife, we often fail to comprehend the full measure of blessings we have in this life spiritually. Those blessings are for our benefit, in order to grow in Christ, to live in a way that is fully dependent on Him for all we have and all we are in the now.

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Why Are We Surprised?

In order to survive the increasing technocratic control of global society, we must become more self-sufficient just like our ancestors were, which will allow us to resist the controllers. We must also force ourselves to give situations to God and trust Him for His outcome. As far as I know, that’s the only way to give yourself a buffer and distance yourself from the system of Babylon that is currently being erected in earnest right now.

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Catastrophic Contagion Next?

We are experiencing a huge uptick in “sudden deaths” all over the world, children as young as 6 (and in some cases, even younger), to twenty-something year-olds and middle aged people. These include athletes and others generally in good to excellent health. They’re dropping like flies and the government-appointed experts ignore all the deaths or shill journalists write articles on how too much exercise, particles in the air, too much laughter and more can now cause heart attacks. Yet these things have never been a problem before this. What changed? Must be the “climate.”

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An Eternity of Regrets

I cannot imagine it. Living here one moment then being caught away through death into eternity where the truth is unavoidably clear and present. There is no trying to squeeze out from under it. No chance of pushing it away. It is stark and foreboding in its consistency and presence for all who await their judgment. It will not be denied as was so seemingly easy for so many to do in this life.

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Revelation 13: Beasts Out of the Sea/Earth

In Revelation 13, John is given information about: The Antichrist and The False Prophet. These two agents of Satan are used by him to create the final phase of the final one-world kingdom that will become established throughout the earth during the final seven year Tribulation. It seems the reason John was given this information is so that believers living during that coming day will understand who these men are when they appear. All of this continues the activity of Satan from Revelation 12.

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Love, Loyalty and Perseverance!

My wife took this photo of Scooby sitting on/near my feet, leaning against me and gazing up at me. The people who don’t understand dogs are missing a great deal in my opinion, but I do understand that some folks are simply not pet people. It’s always amazing to me how many people will give our older dog Buster, a wide berth. They immediately think he’s a Rottweiler as if Rottweiler’s will attack you just as soon as look at you. Buster can have the most placid look on his face, with his ears rounded, tongue lolling out with a “smile” on his face and tail wagging furiously to let people know he’s friendly, but still, many become nervous at such a large dog (he’s 75 pounds). What can you do? Not much anymore than you can force someone to learn and understand a foreign language.

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Digital Imprisonment

But we need also to realize something else that is even more troubling. In order for Klaus’ world domination plan (“great reset”), to work, while everyone was actively fearing potential death from a virus, work continued on the foundation of the whole scheme. That scheme furthers world domination because it is the actual physical (yet unseen for the most part), beast system that is rising from its demonic foundation.

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