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Great Reset or Great Delusion?

Paul speaks of the Great Delusion, while today’s globalists speak of the Great Reset. Are they one and the same?

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Wicked Will Be Broken

The root problem for Sodom was the same problem that permeates society today as the author of the article points out and of which I have discussed at length previously. There was no fear of God for those living in Sodom as there is no fear of God for the intellectually dishonest and godless of today. The one thing they do greatly fear though is COVID-19 and dying from it, which has caused them to see unvaxxed and unmasked people as the problem for society. For these folks, being vaxxed is everyone’s “duty” and those who do not fall in line to roll up their sleeves and take one for society do not deserve to continue to be part of it.

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Psalm 37: The Lord Laughs

King Ahab is a perfect example of the way evil people see the righteous. They hate us with a bold, nearly uncontrollable hatred. They gnash their teeth at us because they have aligned themselves against God and in doing so, have partnered with Satan and his demons and that is how those supernatural beings react to the righteous. It is a deep, deep hatred and if they had their way, they would not only set upon us and destroy our physical lives, but they would drag us to hell with them. Fortunately, they can only do the first part if God allows and they will never be able to fulfill the second part. When we die, we die in victory, immediately to be in our Lord’s Presence forever and ever.

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May He Confuse and Confound

My prayer is that God will, once again, confuse and confound the globalists, if it is His will to do so. If God would interrupt their plans, they would have to start again in some other way. Will God do this? I have no idea at all, but I notice that when I pray this way, I am not angry. I am concentrating on what God may do, if He chooses. More and more people are waking up to the truth of what is happening and rejecting the lies. This is becoming a global movement with thousands protesting and resisting the move by globalists and their agents to gain full control over global society.

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Psalm 37: Do Not Fret?

So what is your focus? Is it focus on evil people and the evil they create or is it instead to focus on God, His love, His, justice, His promises and His sovereignty? That is our choice and what we do with that choice determines whether we live in freedom and praise or overwhelming fear, anger, and defeat in this life.

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Cheating God

Note that there were Israelites who heard God’s complaints and knew He was right. Because of their fear (of offending) the Lord, they humbled themselves and turned their backs on corrupt practices. They heard what God said, meaning they agreed with Him and took it to heart. In essence, they repented of their previous attitudes and chose to have a renewed attitude. To help them remember, they wrote a book of remembrance and they took the time to meditate on His Words.

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To date, my wife and I know of nearly 10 people personally who have died after taking the jab. The latest one just died this week, October 6. He was in fairly good health for his age and took the vax earlier this year. By April, he began having severe problems with an increase in specific proteins in his blood. Doctors of course were “baffled.” They didn’t really know what to do though they knew what the problem was and what it was doing. This is because doctors have for too long been trained to treat symptoms not the actual problem that creates the symptoms. So another soul is dead, gone into eternity and people around him still don’t get it. Apparently, shortly before he died, he started feeling better, even started driving again and interacting with other people (he and his wife literally hid inside their home for over a year in abject fear of CV). Then, he took a serious turn for the worse. I don’t know if he was hospitalized, but apparently he went downhill very quickly.

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Government Mandates Pt 3

Antichrist will be fully empowered by Satan, which will give him the ability to use marvelous signs and wonders and deception to deceive the masses. The difference between then and now is that many of us understand what is coming and we see shades of it happening now. Because we see what’s coming, we are on our guard and aware of the possibility that what is happening now with respect to the CV19 situation, things could quickly move to the point of no return where people throughout society (including within the USA), will be little more than cattle, shuffled here and directed there.

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