Wicked Will Be Broken

October 28, 2021 at 2:15 PM 3 comments

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The Lord makes many promises in Psalm 37 and we’ve already noted a few in previous articles. What is beneficial about Psalm 37, as with many portions of Scripture, is that God takes the time to repeat Himself in varying ways so that we cannot lose sight of the point and so we will learn to not doubt His intentions.

14 The wicked draw the sword
and bend the bow
to bring down the poor and needy,
to slay those whose ways are upright.
15 But their swords will pierce their own hearts,
and their bows will be broken.
16 Better the little that the righteous have
than the wealth of many wicked;
17 for the power of the wicked will be broken,
but the Lord upholds the righteous.

It is very clear to anyone paying attention who can still think for themselves that we now live in a divided society. Family, friends and even strangers are pitted against one another over the great divide created by the vaccine mandate related to CV-19. I personally don’t care if people opt for the vax or simply don’t get it. It’s completely up to them. I try to encourage people to do the research and make an informed decision though, but ultimately the decision is up to them or at least, should be.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, it’s apparently not up to each individual. It’s up to governments, employers and society itself to decide that all should get the vax, whether they want it or not, whether they have religious convictions or medical reasons that warn them away from the shot. By and large, these reasons are becoming more and more limited and even denied as a growing number of people in society are being forced to vax up. This is in spite of the fact the vax does not reduce the number of “cases,” harm or even deaths and in fact, actually increases those things. None of that seems to matter to the pushers of this vax so I can only assume there is something else in play here.

At every turn, those who refuse to submit to the vax are being pushed to the edge of society. Hospitals and medical clinics are now beginning to refuse service to unvaxxed. This began in Europe but has recently come to the USA. Leaders within Christendom apparently think this is fine as anyone who wants to avoid the jab is considered to be hypocritical at best, or into “conspiracy theories,” according to them. I’m truly amazed at the number of Christian leaders who have come out to support the vax in spite of the fact that there are many godless people in charge of making these mandates at the government level as well as the CEOs of many of the pharmaceutical companies, who push for it because it means billions and billions of dollars for them. I’m really tired of hearing “pharmaceutical companies only want to help so why would they deliberately harm or kill their customers?” or some such nonsense like that. Pharmaceutical companies are in business to sell products and make money. While certainly, some of the products they produce do good, that cannot be said about this current mRNA vax that has not been rigorously tested and never successfully used in human beings before.

Noam Chomsky, philosopher and somewhat of a self-admitted intellectual, argues, “…the unvaccinated should remove themselves from the community for the safety of others and make arrangements to get food without coming into contact with others.” This is one person of many who shares this viewpoint. Chomsky is a wolf in sheep’s clothing; a soft-speaking intellectual who is really advocating the murder of those who do not vax up. Sure, we should stay out of society and have all our food delivered? But I thought masks worked? I thought social distancing worked? I thought washing my hands until the skin peels off works?

I was reading an article yesterday that was so well-written I wanted to include reference to it in this article (and a huge thanks to the reader who sent it to me!). It is about the corruption of Sodom and Gomorrah. We are all well aware of the fact that these twin cities were steeped in corruption and mired in sexual immorality. However, were you aware that a general hatred of the poor and downtrodden also existed there, according to rabbinic sources? What is fascinating is the way the author of the article brings this information out and explains exactly how it occurred.

This week we read about Sodom, which seems to be the role model for much of the ‘enlightened’ world today. The people of Sodom were not savages in the jungle; they were wealthy and sophisticated. Naturally, they only wanted to live among ‘elites’ such as themselves. To prevent undesirables from spoiling their refined ecosystem, the people of Sodom legalized persecuting them. Giving charity to a poor person or shelter to a traveler were strictly prohibited. This was for the greater good, of course, to protect the wealth of the city. [1]

The author sources her information from The Talmud and continues by stating:

The Talmud (Sanhedrin 109B) relates that a girl from Sodom took pity on a poor person and smuggled him bread. The people of Sodom were dismayed that the poor person wasn’t dying of starvation. They conducted an investigation and caught the girl. For the horrible crime of feeding a hungry pauper they lathered her body with honey and placed her on the wall of the city, where she was stung and eaten by bees until she died.

Sadly, this is where we are today with the intellectual “elites” driving the bus toward societal division and chaos. The world is being divided and the vaxxed are encouraged to disdain and blame the unvaxxed for societal ills, wishing ultimately for our deaths. It’s classic strategy used by elites to create a war between classes and cultures. We non-elites are the enemy and will continue to be until they have taken full control. At that point, guess what? The elites will start fighting among themselves and that is exactly how the Antichrist rises to power, according to the Bible (Revelation 6).

The root problem for Sodom was the same problem that permeates society today as the author of the article points out and of which I have discussed at length previously. There was no fear of God for those living in Sodom as there is no fear of God for the intellectually dishonest and godless of today. The one thing they do greatly fear though is COVID-19 and dying from it, which has caused them to see unvaxxed and unmasked people as the problem for society. For these folks, being vaxxed is everyone’s “duty” and those who do not fall in line to roll up their sleeves and take one for society do not deserve to continue to be part of it.

More from the article.

There is only one force that can be trusted to steer a person away from sin: fear of God. Those who are guided by fear of God, who know that God is watching them at all times and knows their innermost thoughts, will not easily fall prey to sin. They will not find it easy to rationalize evil. They may succumb to their temptations at times, but fear of God is the ultimate emergency brake. Those who lack fear of God have no boundaries. If they cannot cross a red line they will simply redefine it as green.

It is no coincidence that the greatest evils are once again being perpetrated by those who are educated, intellectual, sophisticated, and genteel. They speak in highfalutin terms about saving the planet and all those who roam it, though they will need to eliminate many of the latter (themselves excluded) for the sake of the rest. You go first.

The author speaks truth and I’m dismayed to realize that there are leaders within Christendom who are completely unable to see these realities. Yet, they willingly point out how much “discernment” they believe they have.

So instead of dialing things back to a manageable level and allowing people to make their own medical choices, the FDA is doubling down and has essentially rubber-stamped Pfizer’s Plan to Inject 28 Million Children 5 to 11-Years-Old. We were originally told that young children were the least affected by CV-19. What changed? Simply that the lie that the unvaxxed pose a threat to the vaxxed is what changed. This lie was built on sand yet is being treated as a cement foundation to everything that comes after it and now they want young children to be vaxxed. This is heart-wrenching but if you go on social networks, you’ll see many folks applauding this move because either they honestly believe this will help to diminish CV-19 or they are simply paid trolls working to spread the Left’s narrative.

No one except those medical people banned or censored is talking about the contents of the CV-19 jabs and what they will likely do to a person’s immune system. If you want truth (or at least an opposing opinion), you need to look on places like Rumble, Bitchute, GabTV and other venues that do not censor from folks who do not pump up the accepted narrative. Granted, everything must be read or heard with a critical eye/ear, not simply accepted as is, but isn’t that better than simply being spoon-fed only one side of things? Much of the news today is “state” news, where only certain narratives are allowed. Anything and anyone else is banned and silenced. That’s called Communism, folks and it’s alive and well in the land of the free and home of the brave.

As God announces though in Psalm 37, the sword that the evil person has drawn in an attempt to bring down the righteous will pierce their own hearts and the weapons they use will ultimately fail (v 15). In verse 16, God is telling us plainly that the righteous need to learn to be content with the little that we have and not pine for all the things the wealthy have at their disposal. In the end, their riches will not save them or really do much for them.

In verse 17, God again clearly pronounces that the “wicked will be broken” though they like to think otherwise. Imagine the shock on their faces when they die only to immediately face the God they said didn’t exist or the God they wanted to disassociate from so they could live their lives their way. Imagine that. They will face their own judgment and all their thoughts, words, and actions will be fully revealed in front of the God who knows everything.

Verse 17 also states that God will “uphold the righteous.” What does that mean? It means essentially that those who are righteous should be in the practice of trusting the Lord (as we noted previously). Our trust in the Lord relieves us of the anxiety of trying to make everything work as though we simply fend for ourselves with no help from Him.

Do you trust the Lord? Do you believe Him when He says He will uphold the righteous? If you do not, then brothers and sisters, I tell you lovingly that you need to work at doing just that. You must come to the point of truly giving Him the things that cause you worry. It may take a bit of time and effort but you must do it. What is the alternative? We cannot possibly know everything about every situation. We cannot know how all things will ultimately work out. Therefore, it is important that we come to Him with bent knee acknowledging that He and He alone is Savior and Lord, and provides for us the things we need in life.

The intellectually evil “elites” who push their wills onto the world do so behind their masks of projected intelligence, sincerity, concern and gentleness but in reality, those traits are ultimately used for themselves, to gain control over all the people of this world. These elites are like their father, the devil. We are nothing to them. We are completely dispensable and only needed for their comfort and ease. Their goal is to elevate themselves while reducing our lives to that of a tenant farmer or serf in their “kingdom.”

Fortunately, Psalm 37 not only points out the fate of those who hate God, proving it by hating those who love Him, but this same Psalm also promises the uplifting and ultimate victory of the righteous. This life, when all is said and done, is but for a moment. Eternity lasts truly forever. What we believe, do and think here determines where we spend eternity; either with God or away from His Presence.

Which group are you in?


[1] https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/vax-crazed-elites-arent-that-different-from-the-depraved-inhabitants-of-the-biblical-city-of-sodom/

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Psalm 37: The Lord Laughs Great Reset or Great Delusion?

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  • 1. Maranatha Today  |  October 29, 2021 at 10:46 AM

    “Eternity lasts truly forever. What we believe, do and think here determines where we spend eternity; either with God or away from His Presence.”

    It’s looking like many are sending themselves to hell and nothing people say and do to try and stop them is working…God is not going to take much more of this insanity…we wait patiently for Jesus.


    • 2. modres  |  October 29, 2021 at 10:50 AM

      I know. People seem more obstinate today and unwilling to consider eternity than in past decades, at least in the USA. Seems everyone here has heard the Gospel in some form and has become impervious to its truth.



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