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Today I was Reminded that I Have a Sin Nature

In our relationship with God, the fault always lies with us, never God. We are the ones who need to move back toward God. He waits for us and His throne room is always open to us. But we need to move past our pride and be willing to confess our wrongdoing so that He can (and will) receive us back into fellowship.

There will be many Christians who leave this life who never knew that they were out of fellowship with God. They had/have salvation and that’s really all they cared about. They failed to understand that they were supposed to be in relationship with Jesus, a relationship that would expose their sin, bring it to the surface, and allow God to siphon off that “dross.”

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One Day of Thanksgiving?

I firmly believe that God will look for every possible way to save someone if that person seeks God. I was thinking of a few well-known people whom I thoroughly believe are apostates. My problem is that I realize what they teach today is apostasy, I have no way of knowing whether or not at one point they actually did receive Jesus as Savior and were granted eternal life. I have no way of knowing what their particular case is now. All I can do is see their lives and though they may be wealthy or seemingly “blessed,” the truth of the matter is that the error they teach has placed them on the path of spiritual death. Should they continue in that error, God may choose to remove them prematurely from this life in order to keep them from heaping up more and greater sin against themselves.

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Is God Sovereign or Not?

It is not that their unbelief kept Him from being or doing miraculous things, or kept Him from being God in the flesh. Their unbelief would not allow them to open their hearts to Him. Have you ever been angry or frustrated enough with someone who then tries to do something nice for you in spite of your resentment? You might have responded with something like, “No, I don’t want you to do anything for me!”

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ABCs for Christian Growth

Do you – as a Christian – lack the knowledge of truth that actually sets us free from the problems (emotionally and mentally) that Satan uses to confound us, mentally torture us, and bring us down? The answer – as you no doubt know – is found in God’s Word. While most Christians understand this reality, it is still a difficulty when it comes to appropriating that knowledge or truth because too many of us want quick, easy answers and finding them usually means ripping things out of context. This creates problems for us in the way we understand the truth of God’s Word.

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Moving Toward Peace and Safety Ultimately Means Destruction, Part 4

We cannot stop what is coming. Most importantly, we are not called to attempt to stop it. Our calling is to be involved in the Great Commission (Matthew 28). I honestly believe as the time continues to draw near for these events to occur, people will become more afraid. They will be searching for answers. The last thing they need is for so-called Christians to tell them that as “patriots,” we must fight for our rights and stand against the government. That’s absurd. What people will need is what they’ve always needed. To hear the gospel of Jesus, the gospel that has the power to save them not only from what is coming in this temporal plane, but also to save them in the eternal realm.

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Moving Toward Peace and Safety Ultimately Means Destruction, Part 3

I believe the Antichrist will step up following Gog’s failed attempt to attack and conquer Israel (Jerusalem) because it will be a time when Israel will unfortunately see itself as vulnerable to world powers. Antichrist however, realizing that God gave them the victory, will rush into take advantage of their doubts. In essence, the world will be in shock and just how supernaturally Gog and his troops were defeated. It is clear from Ezekiel 38-39 that Israel does not lift a finger to help itself. The world will be stunned, but Antichrist will take full advantage of the situation. Instead of cowering because of God’s great victory, Antichrist will rush in and seemingly come alongside Israel, helping them believe that he (Antichrist) is the guy who can make sure that no one even tries to attack Israel for the next seven years (cf. Daniel 9:27). Unfortunately, Israel’s leaders will gladly agree to this, proving to God that they have no faith in Him.

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Moving Toward Peace and Safety Ultimately Means Destruction, Part 2

But certainly, the elite – Satan’s group of choice to bring the world to oneness – has not been idle. Whether they have deliberately created problems and situations in the world that required leaders to take advantage of those situations or whether the events simply presented themselves allowing the elite to do the same is up for debate. The reality though is that whether the events were created or simply used, the results have been the same. Those results involve enslaving as much of humanity as possible so that the elite can live as they’ve wanted to live – as kings and queens with the rest of us as peasants, here only to do their bidding.

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Moving Toward Peace and Safety Ultimately Means Destruction, Part 1

It is impossible for the world to have one huge global system of governance without proper surveillance measures in place throughout. It’s not for our safety though, but for the convenience and safety of the elite.

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Politics as Usual and the Recent Parisian Terrorist Attacks

As I’ve long suspected, Muslim terrorists are being “used” by the elite to establish their purposes throughout the world. What the average person sees as individual terrorist events that simply occur out of nowhere, are – I believe – controlled events that are designed to unseat certain leaders while creating an atmosphere of fear and panic throughout the world. Once the elite no longer need these terrorists, I believe they will be quickly be dispatched and put down by this same elite.

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Terrorism, Paris, ISIS, and the Christian Response

It wasn’t long after the tragedies began to subside when I heard people on the news talking about what should occur in Paris, which had essentially gone into full lock-down or Martial Law mode. The view that there should be more police, more military, more law enforcement who would be given greater powers to stop anyone they felt needed to be questioned. These law enforcement officials would also have carte blanche to go into anyone’s home without proper written documentation, place people under house arrest, and essentially have the wide-open abilities that are normally provided under a police state.

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