Politics as Usual and the Recent Parisian Terrorist Attacks

November 17, 2015 at 6:50 AM 3 comments

How Did Recent Terrorist Attacks in France Slip by every Surveillance Agency in World? How is that even possible?

Something is weird about the situation surrounding the recent terrorist attacks in France and France’s response to it in their bombings of targets in Syria.

I cannot believe that NO ONE from ANY intelligence agency throughout the world failed to know that these attacks were going to occur in France. To do so means to stretch credulity to its breaking point.

Yet, it appears that this is exactly what global leaders want us to believe, that ISIS (or is that “Daesh”?) is so mythological in proportion to the rest of the world that their movements, plans, and terrorist assaults are so involved, so detail-oriented, so vastly beyond the scope of any and every intelligence agency to track that the collective world cannot thwart an attack but are completely at their mercy.

Does this sound reasonable or plausible to you? Does it even have a modicum of believability to it?

If you’re like me and your own innate intelligence argues against such a preposterous position, then this can only mean one thing. It means that these same global leaders looked the other way for the “greater good” and allowed these attacks to occur. There is no other option.

Here is a 7-minute video highlighting part of a press conference featuring President Obama. He is very nuanced in his response. While somewhat chagrined for his seeming underestimation of ISIS (Daesh), he continues to push the narrative that he never really underestimated them but that the situation itself is far more nuanced and advanced than the average person is capable of understanding. Apparently, bombing ISIS is not the answer, though that has been France’s answer (and it was ours just after 9/11). President Obama is ostensibly concerned about loss of American lives as well as exorbitant costs associated with a war. He also noted that while we can take or regain territory acquired by Daesh, it would require the US keeping troops in place to maintain that regained territory. While I admire his resolve there, if these terrorist attacks were known but allowed, then his words are really meaningless.

For all the nuanced language and jockeying, I think what is happening in various parts of the world is much more simply understood. I’ll preface this by stating that this is my opinion. You may not share it. You may be one of those individuals who sees the left working for good and the right throwing monkey wrenches into the works or you may think the reverse is true. If that’s the case, your eyes are still closed unfortunately and I cannot open them.

This account is mostly false.

This account is mostly false. We know little of Zouheir, but we know he didn’t save anyone.

As an example of that is seen in a rumor traveling the Internet crediting a Muslim with saving the life of the President of France outside the stadium as explosions occurred. Read the story and decide for yourself. What is odd is apparently this alleged Muslim thwarted a terrorist attack from a bomb-wearing terrorist, who allegedly detonated his bomb outside the stadium where the French president was, saving his life. What’s odd about that? The Muslim who thwarted the attack not only lived to tell the tale (in some scenarios), but apparently wasn’t hurt at all by the explosion!

After doing some searching, even the George Soros “funded” Snopes notes that the story is largely false. All we truly know is that a security guard named Zouheir was simply on hand to provide an account of the attacks that occurred outside the stadium. There is no information regarding the man’s religious views or that he allegedly saved anyone, much less the president of France. Just because the man may well be Arab does not mean he should automatically be considered Muslim. He certainly might be, but that is not a known fact. It doesn’t automatically go with the territory. Yet, those on the left whose hearts bleed for Muslim terrorists (while hating others), have grabbed onto this story as an “uplifting” anecdote. This has derailed their ability to think critically.

But getting back to our main point, if these terrorist attacks were known ahead of time, that means they could have been prevented but were not. I realize the leap I just took, but it must be considered in view of other pieces of information connected to ISIS (“Daesh”).

If the terrorist attacks were allowed for the “greater good,” the question then is what is the definition of greater good and whose “greater good” are we referring to here? I’m speaking of those people who are actually in charge of elected officials. Call them the elite, the global elite, the power elite, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, etc., but the only reason they would look the other way is to distract us while increasing their efforts in the Middle East to oust Syria’s President Assad. I believe it stops and starts with Syria and a regime change there.

Assad stands in the way of so many things in the Middle East, but most importantly, he stands in the way of the elite controlling that area of the world, which would give them greater access to Israel. Globalists want Assad out so they can take control of Syria since he apparently does not want to play ball with them. By the way, neither does China, Russia, or Iran. Get the picture now? This explains why these three countries have grouped together to defend Syria. They have a great deal to lose if President Assad is taken out and replaced with some puppet who will do the elite’s bidding.

ISIS has been moving through Iraq and has gained access into large areas in Syria. It will take western nations together to enter into proxie wars/attacks in “retaliation” for terrorist attacks on their soil in order to take out Assad. At the same time, China, Russia, and Iran will ramp up their military activities in support of Syria’s Assad.

Since ISIS (“Daesh”) has been launching major attacks from within Syria to gain control of it, it makes it appear that Assad’s regime is the problem and needs to be gone (since he ostensibly cannot effectively deal with ISIS and has allowed it to proliferate, when in all likelihood, other nations have purposefully created ISIS). In reality, it may well be a planned, coordinated attack on Assad that only appears to be an attack on terrorists and terrorism (as the excuse to try to take out ISIS in Syria), but the ultimately target is Assad.

We are once again being led to believe that “terrorism” in the Middle East can only be conquered by nuanced military attacks over the long haul (remember when George W. Bush said that?), but the real goal is to bring about a regime change in Syria.

These military attacks in response to terrorist attacks in France (and elsewhere) will cause quite a dust-up in that part of the world, but “terrorism” is only being used as a decoy because it speaks to people’s “patriotism” and feelings of righteousness when it comes to avenging the deaths of innocent people. Therefore, most people will be totally for it.

For people who really start focusing on the actual issues in Syria and the Middle East, there’s plenty here at home in America to keep us preoccupied. As one example, you’ll notice that the “black lives matter” crowd has gotten more bold on college campuses throughout the U.S., including most recently, Dartmouth, where black students verbally attacked and intimidated white students on campus studying in the library?

There is absolutely no way these recent terrorist attacks could not have been known by all (or at least some) the intelligence agencies throughout the world. I refuse to believe that the French, Israel’s Mossad, British, CIA, NSA, etc., had NO clue these terrorist attacks were being planned and going to occur. But because of “patriotism,” people will approve of the French bombers dropping bombs in various places in Syria. More terrorist attacks will be allowed to occur in various parts of the world (like Canada or the U.S. maybe?), which will get other nations involved in the fray in Syria, allegedly against ISIS. These other nations will be needed because of China, Russia, and Iraq which stand with Syria. Please note that there has been a recent regime change in Canada, in which the new Prime Minister is not as willing to go to bat for Israel as was the previous regime.

There’s a great deal at stake and the elite know it. They need to get as close to Israel as possible and eventually control the Temple Mount. They need to have control of Syria because in large part, they already control Iraq. This is also why President Obama essentially gave Iran whatever it wanted recently because it allows them to be the aggressor. Things are very nuanced in the Middle East!

These are simply my opinions, but the idea that not ONE intelligence agency anywhere in the world knew of these attacks stretches credulity to the breaking point.

Isn’t it fascinating that the president of France was in the stadium where the explosions were heard? He was whisked away to safety, but was never in any real danger. In fact, the players were not told about the attacks until after the game. There was no real credible threat to anyone inside the stadium in France.

The world is being made to think that Assad is the problem, that ISIS came into being because of him. I don’t believe it. In some ways, like Saddam Hussein, Assad kept the worst of the radicalized Muslims at bay. That is, until the elite couldn’t get what they wanted and opted to oust him. They did not expect him to put up such a fight and last this long though.

Mubarak was taken care of easily. Qaddafi put up a fight but also did not last long. Tunisia was reined in as were other nations’ leaders in Northern Africa and parts of the Middle East. Much of it is now controlled by Muslim Brotherhood puppets or those sympathetic to the elite’s agenda.

But more importantly than what the elite are attempting to accomplish is what the Bible says God will allow to happen. The elite is building their one world system, region by region. The Bible says that the world will have 10 kings (Revelation 17 and Daniel 7) when it becomes “one.” I assume that will be done to reward those of the elite who have worked so hard to bring the world to one. Years ago – on paper – the Club of Rome divided the entire world into 10 regions. It’s even on the Internet.

From those 10 kings an 11th will rise according to Daniel 7, kill three of the original 10 and becomes the 8th. This 8th dude is the Antichrist and I fully believe he is alive and well now. We can try to stand against this coming global regime, but biblical prophecy will be fulfilled.

In essence, I believe that God allows this one-world system to come into existence because of the promises Lucifer (Satan) made before his fall – that he would become like the Most High (cf. Isaiah 14:12-14). God is allowing him to try so that the entire Creation will see his failure. All of it will bring tremendous glory to God in the process.

By the way, the king of the North in Scripture (e.g. Daniel, Ezekiel, etc.) refers to the area known as Syria and the person who controls it. The king of the South normally refers to the area of Egypt. If we are rapidly moving toward the coming Tribulation period and Assad remains in power, then the king of the North referred to in Daniel 11 would be Assad. That’s an “if” there.

As I’ve long suspected, Muslim terrorists are being “used” by the elite to establish their purposes throughout the world. What the average person sees as individual terrorist events that simply occur out of nowhere, are – I believe – controlled events that are designed to unseat certain leaders while creating an atmosphere of fear and panic throughout the world. Once the elite no longer need these terrorists, I believe they will be quickly be dispatched and put down by this same elite.

As far as the world’s leaders are concerned, we are all being played and there’s nothing that we can do about it. However, God isn’t be “played.” What is happening in the world is what He is allowing for His express purposes. Those who understand what is happening in the world will take refuge in God and His Word. Those who don’t understand what is happening will believe that they must “fight” in order to retain their rights and privileges.

The world is going to become one, as overseen by a coming one-world system that will be ruled by one man, the Antichrist. We cannot get there overnight, but things appear to be picking up a great deal of speed.

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Terrorism, Paris, ISIS, and the Christian Response Moving Toward Peace and Safety Ultimately Means Destruction, Part 1

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  • 2. Terri Lewis  |  November 17, 2015 at 7:09 AM

    Glad to read well thought out analyses written by people–including you–who understand what is going on “behind the scenes” in this world and who also understand that God is allowing it. We can stand up to wrong doing in some ways–and I think we must–but to believe that these are random, terrorist attacks is wrong–and not supported by reason or logic. You are absolutely right about the elite and their vision of what constitutes the supposed greater good–it always involves a great deal of war, death, illness (created by them, much of it), and other forms of control, not love. I’ve come to learn quite a lot since God allowed my eyes to be opened and I praise Him for that, and for everything else. I’ve come late to truth–but better late than never. In our particular case, I began to pursue truth once our son (and to some extent, our younger daughter) were hurt (badly) by vaccines. So–two of our three children. God, in His mercy, has allowed a lot of healing to take place and even wants me to spread this tiny bit of truth that I first came to–although it may be time to understand my next assignment. Because beyond that little job, there is the much larger mission of bringing people to Him. I’m nowhere near fit to do that–so I pray for my next steps. If you will, please pray for me, and for our little family, too. There are difficult lessons we are all learning at my house. I do believe in the power of prayer–not necessarily to change what we must go through, but to give strength, comfort and light as we go through it.


    • 3. modres  |  November 17, 2015 at 7:14 AM

      Hi Terri, thanks for your insightful comments. I’m sorry about your two children. When I was growing up, vaccines were done far differently. Now, there are so many “required” vaccines that it’s difficult to keep up with them. Moreover, they are grouping them together in as many as four shots in one with little to no knowledge about how they will react or what they will cause in tiny children whose immune systems are still developing.

      I will certainly join with you in prayer for yourself and your family as I pray daily for me and mine. In spite of what is happening in the world, the gospel must move forward. Like everyone else, I experience my share of doubts and questions. Ultimately, He is leading, He is working, and He is still saving.

      Like you, I hate traveling “blind” some of the time. But that is what faith is all about, isn’t it? Makes for a somewhat difficult road to travel.



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