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Today’s Political Arena and the Authentic Christian

Any true Christian understands a number of things about our world. We understand that God is in control, regardless of how things look to us. We also understand that God has promised an ultimate judgment that He will personally visit on this planet at the end of this age in which we currently live.

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Christians Need to be in Prayer

With the deadly storm called Hurricane Sandy fast approaching land near the northern part of the East Coast, Christians need to be in concerted prayer for the safety of people who will be affected.

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Mounting Tension within the Christian

I was sitting in church today with my family and listened to our guest speaker. He spoke on Matthew 11 mainly, though he also moved around the Scriptures.

One of the main things he spoke on was the conflict that always exists within the Christian and it has to do with sin, self, and service to Christ. It of course got me thinking of my own life and commitment to Jesus. How well do I serve Him? How well do I emulate Him and His character?

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CNN Pulls Video of Interview with Al Qaeda Spokesman…

Brian Lilley – a reporter from Canada with Sun News – explains the problems related to the 9/11 attacks on American embassies in Benghazi and elsewhere in this 12-minute video.

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Pacifism, Social Activism and Christianity

Liberals are funny people. When you add “Christian” liberal, they become even funnier. Then when you wrap that up in a human being that is still in college, who believes he spouts God’s wisdom for all humanity to absorb, it actually becomes…lame.

I had the unusual experience of receiving messages from one such person as described above recently. He is an avowed voter favoring Mr. Obama (this is the second time he’ll be voting for him) and he is proud that Mr. Obama is black, but is that why he voted for him? Of course not. It’s because of Mr. Obama’s policies, the polices that have not gotten us out of the mess that liberals (and Mr. Obama) are quick to point out that Bush created.

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What a Tragic Image…

I have no idea of the story behind the image. But do we really need to know? Here, a young girl caresses a dead rat as if it is the only thing that she loves or loved her. How can anyone look at this photo and not have a heart that reaches out to her? To me, this image is really haunting. It truly pulls at the heart. Who does not want to pick this young girl up and carry her away from the world that has hurt her or left her without love?

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Mr. Obama’s Wedding Ring Revisited

I learned from someone who posted me via one of the social network pages of an article that alleges to debunk the article originally written by World Net Daily ( with respect to Mr. Obama’s wedding ring. In the WND article, the author claimed that Mr. Obama’s ring had part of the Shahada engraved on it, which states in Arabic “There is no god by Allah.”

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