Today’s Political Arena and the Authentic Christian

October 31, 2012 at 9:48 AM

Any true Christian understands a number of things about our world.  We understand that God is in control, regardless of how things look to us.  We also understand that God has promised an ultimate judgment that He will personally visit on this planet at the end of this age in which we currently live.  There are too many Scriptural texts and sections of Scripture that highlight this coming judgment in detail to ignore.  The only way to truly ignore them is to apply a completely different meaning to them and that can only be accomplished through the use of allegory, something that many today prefer to utilize as they read and study God’s Word.  Allegory tends to take the “bite” out of judgment and Scripture overall.  Allegory allows the student of the Bible to read their meaning into the Word, instead of receiving God’s meaning from the Word.

So if we know that 1) God controls all things, and 2) judgment is coming to this world, then what does that mean for today’s authentic Christian and the way they should consider the political arena?

First, we must understand that no politician should ever be above scrutiny.  All of them – Christian or non – must be scrutinized and studied.  The media – which is supposed to present information in as unbiased way as possible – should be willing to dig deeply beneath the surface to find out what is actually going on.  That is to say, if they truly dig and find nothing, then the public can relax in the fact that a particular candidate is above-board.  Candidates as well as firmly ensconced politicians should actually welcome this approach.  Of course we know that all too often, this is not the case, either with the candidates, those who have been politicians for some time and the media that too often tends to protect them from microscopic scrutiny.

A few days ago (October 28th), I posted an article that included a video in which a newscaster from Canada pointed out what he believed to be the fact that Americans are being lied to by this administration.  He noted a video from CNN that had been pulled, but like many, he had access to a copy of it that had been downloaded and saved before CNN pulled it.  The question of course is, why did CNN pull the video from its own website?  If CNN ever decides to comment on it, we’ll at least hear a reason for the video being pulled, but whether or not we can believe that is another story altogether.  Here is the link to that previous article:

The video showed, among other things, a CNN newsperson interviewing an Al Qaeda spokesman.  During the discussion, it was also noted that protests were scheduled against the US for the release of the Blind Sheik.  This was before the explosive situations occurred in Benghazi and elsewhere.

That bit of information is interesting, to say the least because it provides a potential reason for the events surrounding what, unfortunately, became the death of Ambassador Stevens (along with three other Americans).  There is another video produced by Western Journalism that makes the connection regarding the situation.  Their point is this question:  were the events in Benghazi originally meant to be a trade deal?

In other words, was there a plan to take Ambassador Stevens hostage, at which time Mr. Obama could step up to the plate and work out a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood that would gain the release of Ambassador Stevens for the Blind Sheik?  Is this even a possibility?  If so, then things went obviously bad.  Why?  Because two SEALS entered into the fray in an attempt to rescue the Americans.  Before they died, they took out 50 Libyans.  Did they intervene unexpectedly and wind up changing the game plan?  Did they ruin the original plot that was directed toward kidnapping Ambassador Stevens and ultimately exchanging him for the Blind Sheik?

Here is the video and you can decide for yourself what to think, if you have not already made up your mind that this administration would never stoop to such levels.

If there are people who do not believe that our government is capable of lowering itself for personal gain, then those people are blind indeed.  Someone might ask, why would Mr. Obama do something like this?  It should be obvious, shouldn’t it?  If Mr. Obama was able to successfully intervene in a situation as the one described above, then would he not appear the hero?  Would it not help him in the polls?  Would it not turn the tide from Mr. Romney to Mr. Obama?  Certainly it would and there should be no doubt about that.

To have someone kidnapped without wanting them harmed is one thing and it can be argued that if no one got hurt, how could it be seen as treacherous or even treasonous?  In this particular case though, not only did Ambassador Stevens die, but so did three other Americans and yet, I read in today’s paper that Mr. Obama is “offended” at the criticism of Benghazi.  Too bad!  This has never stopped liberals from criticizing presidents they don’t like.

I look back over the past four or five presidents and there are problems with each of them.  I’ve touched on that before and it doesn’t matter if they are from the GOP or the Democratic Party.  Reagan had problems and so did his wife Nancy.  These people said they were Christians yet Nancy had no problem inviting a psychic and fortune-teller to the White House!  How do you justify doing that while saying that you are a Christian?  How does that happen?

I also thought it was intriguing when George Bush, Sr. was running against Ronald Reagan.  These two were pretty far apart ideologically, yet when it came time to announce a vice-president, lo and behold, Reagan chooses Bush!  Apparently, things weren’t that far apart after all.

Bush, Sr. becomes president and things really started going downhill in so many ways.  Economically, things weren’t bad, but with respect to other areas, we noticed that an erosion of our rights as Americans was being chipped away.  Obviously, people in America were not happy with Bush, so they elected Bill Clinton as the next president of the United States.

How did things fare under his administration?  Not bad economically, but we continued to see a further erosion of our civil liberties.  Beyond this, we also saw a president who treated PM Netanyahu like garbage, either keeping him waiting, or not even willing to meet with him at all.  It was all for the “peace” process and Clinton was in favor of a two-state solution.

Of course, we cannot forget how Bill Clinton cheating on Hillary with Monica Lewinsky and then lied about it to the American people.  Eventually, it all came out, but that hasn’t seemed to bother anyone who supports Bill Clinton.  You know, I’m wondering why people – Christians especially – seem unwilling to connect the dots here.  If someone is going to cheat on their wife then lie about it to the American people, what else is he willing to lie about?  It’s not a ridiculous question to ask either.

When Clinton’s second term was over, instead of Al Gore becoming the president, it switched back to George W. Bush and the GOP.  Just as Clinton did, George W served two full terms.  Of course, we know that the original 9/11 occurred on his watch and because of that, the United States entered into a war with Iraq.  Some still call this an illegal war and in fact, George W. is wanted as a “war criminal.”  If he leaves the United States, there is a good chance he will be arrested.  At least one country has convicted him (and Cheney) as war criminals in absentia. [1]  Clearly, each president and/or his administration has had problems and Mr. Obama’s is no different.

I am not naive enough to believe that everything is fairly done with respect to presidential elections.  I fully believe that there are “powers and principalities” that work through human beings to accomplish their goals.  All of this is done under the watchful eye of God Almighty.  Ultimately, I believe that God directs the affairs of men and women.  Does He direct everything?  I don’t know.  I doubt it, but I do believe that the larger picture is specifically guided by Him to bring His ultimate plans to fruition.

For a number of years now, authentic Christians like myself have been praying for a change in Washington, DC.  We don’t like what this administration stands for and what it has been attempting to accomplish.  Again, this all goes back to the people who control the presidency and I believe they exist.  People who do not believe they exist are certainly entitled to their opinions, but the reality to me seems to be that the human elite – controlled by “powers and principalities” in the spiritual realm – ultimately do Satan’s bidding.

We also need to remember that this world will one day have a final dictator who will attempt – according to the Bible – to overthrow Jesus as He returns to earth.  So as long as what Satan is doing is aligned with God’s ultimate plans, then God will allow him to continue doing what he’s doing.

But in the midst of this, can God answer the prayers of the faithful that “might” elect another individual who could roll back some of the things that Mr. Obama pushed through in order to make it easier for Christians to live now?  I believe that God could do that very thing.

I have said for a long time that Mr. Romney is not the best person for the job of president.  Even if we set aside the cult of Mormonism, there are difficulties.  However, I fully believe that Mr. Romney is a better candidate than Mr. Obama because in my heart, I believe that Mr. Obama is a type of Manchurian Candidate, someone who was specifically groomed to be president, but has no real ability to lead.  In that sense, Mr. Obama is little more than a puppet.  He himself has stated that he never makes a major decision without first consulting Valerie Jarrett.  Certainly, presidents are entitled to have counselors.  However, giving the background of Jarrett, one comes to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe, she does not have America’s best interest at heart.

If we look at Mr. Obama’s experience, he really lacks a great deal.  He never served in the military, but that seems to be no problem for the liberal media or elite.  However, these same people call out Mr. Romney for not having served.  Mr. Obama was never the real leader of anything, at most, having only been a “community organizer” before he was catapulted into Congress as a Senator.  His attendance record is abysmal and we are all aware of how he voted yes on virtually every law connected with abortion.  By the way, those who are in favor of abortion (or at least not opposed to it) and who call themselves Christian better do some real soul-searching.  The Bible is very clear on protecting the life of the unborn and more importantly, whenever an unborn child’s life is taken, that is a direct slap in the fact to God since people are created in God’s image.  This is exactly why God instituted capital punishment through Noah (Genesis 9).

All murder is wrong and this includes the murdering of the unborn.  I recently listened to a sermon on abortion by Dr. John MacArthur.  Some of the points he made I was not aware of and maybe you’re not either.  Are you aware for instance that a group of doctors connected with Planned Parenthood have issued a statement essentially stating that unwanted pregnancy is a type of sexually transmitted disease?

More than this, the percentages of cancer risks, future premature births, and other problems rise significantly.  It is incredible when you really start to study the issue.

So getting back to the original thesis of this particular article, is there a problem with Benghazi that the media as well as this administration wants to keep under wraps?  It would appear so and the fact that Mr. Obama had everything related to Benghazi re-classified as Top Secret is very revealing, at least to people who can think independently.

I would not agree that the information from the drones, etc., needs to be released to the public, but by re-classifying everything as Top Secret, all but a handful of people in Congress are privy to that information.  Again, instead of being transparent – which was one of the promises Mr. Obama made to the American people – Mr. Obama chooses once again to hide things.  He did this with “Fast and Furious,” forcing members of Congress to sue to gain information.  He is now doing this with another event that would make him look bad if the actual information came out, more than likely.  It really doesn’t’ matter whether Mr. Obama is offended or not with the way people have demanded answers.  That’s completely beside the point and simply a way of using misdirection, something that many administrations – both Republican and Democratic – have employed in order to save their own rear ends.

But again, what does all of this mean for the authentic Christian?  It means that we should do a number of things.

  1. Pray.  The need to pray is unprecedented in my opinion.  Things are happening in this world that need to be brought before the Lord.  We need to seek His counsel and we need to ask Him to right the wrongs.  He will do what is necessary and will still bring things to His appointed end.
  2. Faith.  We need to put our faith in God, not humanity.  It doesn’t matter who sits in the Oval Office.  Mistakes will be made.  Cover-ups will be done.  Satan will continue to work through our leaders to bring America to its knees.  Ultimately, America, like all other countries will be brought to her knees because according to Daniel and Revelation, there will be a world-wide crash economically that will force the world to take another look at itself.  From that, a new order will emerge, first in ten parts (note the reference to “ten kings” in Revelation 17 and the “ten toes” of Daniel 2, along with the “ten horns” of Daniel 7 and Revelation 17).From that grouping, the final dictator will rise and rule the world as head of the final, one-world government.  This will ultimately be Satan’s final attempt to overthrow God by marshaling all of his troops under his “son,” the Antichrist.

    Satan will lose.  Is there any doubt?

  3. Trust.  We must trust in the Lord, not in people.  I already see this happening with respect to people.  There is a huge, groundswell support growing for Mr. Romney.  People are desperate and want a serious change in administrations.  They see Romney as a “god-fearing” man with morals.  Well, he certainly may have morals, but is he “god-fearing” in the sense that authentic Christians are god-fearing?  Not at all, because Mormons – whether they are willing to admit it or not – worship a completely different god than the One true God of the Bible.  Take the time to read The Book of Mormon, or any numbers of written works by leaders in that cult.Mormons believe that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers.  That means, to the Mormon, Jesus is not the God, but merely a god, as He is to Jehovah’s Witnesses and many other religious sects and cults.

    However, Mr. Romney may well have the moral fiber (from a human perspective) that this country needs, and the business acumen to dig America out of its economic depression.  Having said that though, should we put our faith in a man – any man or woman – to bring what America needs to the fore?  The answer is unequivocally no.  Yet, many people are doing just that.  So desperate are they that they are beginning to look to Romney as the one, just like Neo was seen in The Matrix.  We cannot – we dare not place our faith in a person.

God allows things to occur in this world because He is bringing about things that will ultimately usher in the physical presence of His Son’s earthly kingdom.  We will not have peace or perfection until He returns.

The world will not see a permanent solution to the Middle East crisis until Jesus steps down on this planet and enacts His solution, which is the only real solution.  The Antichrist will seem to find a solution to it, but it will short-lived.  The solution that Jesus will bring will be permanent.

Today’s political arena is possibly more dangerous and tentative than any before it.  We might see some change with Mr. Romney as president and some of that change might be for the better.  However, we cannot kid ourselves into thinking that if only we could elect the “right” candidate, then all would be well.  That is foolishness born of naiveté on our part.

In a previous post, I noted a conversation I had with a young college person.  He and I disagree on just about everything.  However, there is one thing he said with which I do agree.  No person we elect is the savior.  No person we elect to any office is perfect.  Some are less perfect than others, but all are imperfect.  There is only one Savior and that is Jesus Christ.  When He returns, He will judge the nations and set up His Millennial Reign.  He is perfect.  He is righteous.  With Him there is no malice, no ill will, not even the hint of wrong-doing or sin.

Yet, isn’t it interesting to note that even during Jesus’ physical reign, we are told that He will rule with a “rod of iron,” (cf. Revelation 2:27).  That is fascinating because it tells me in no uncertain terms that there will continue to be problems during the reign of Jesus Christ.  The big difference of course, is that during His reign, problems will be eradicated as they occur!  Nothing will be hidden.  Nothing will be covered over.  The liberal leftwing media will not exist to try to cast doubt on His perfect reign.

Jesus will reign and with a rod of iron.  He will use that rod to squelch situations created by people in this world and He will do so righteously.  Before He arrives on the scene, no one will be able to rule as He will rule, with a strong sense of holiness and righteousness.

Whatever is behind Benghazi or whether Americans will ever honestly know the truth simply proves that human beings are not only capable of doing whatever they can to protect themselves, but they are also capable of carrying out horrendous things upon other human beings.

It could be that Mr. Obama simply made no decision with respect to Benghazi because he did not know what to do and he felt the risks to civilians were not worth it, as the administration has implied.  It could also be that there was a deal brokered with the Muslim Brotherhood to kidnap Ambassador Stevens and use him as a pawn to gain the release of the Blind Sheik.  Instead, we have two SEALS who disobeyed orders and went and did what they could to protect the lives of Americans.  They failed, but they failed with honor.  Ambassador Stevens, instead of being used as a pawn to gain the release of the Blind Sheik, died.  At that point, the carefully crafted plan failed and the cover-up began.

Think of what would happen if people knew that there was a plan to kidnap and use Ambassador Stevens to gain the release of the Blind Sheik.  Think of what that would do to any chances of Mr. Obama being re-elected.  Of course, there would be people who would still vote for him.  That goes without saying, but at the same time, anyone who is still authentically undecided would probably make up their mind quickly.

In short, if there was a plan to use Ambassador Stevens by this administration, the plan was ruined.  Mr. Obama does not look the hero and in fact, he looks anything but heroic, which is why he is trying so hard to look presidential during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  I’m glad he is stepping up and certainly, he is doing a far better job at it for this natural disaster than George W. Bush did during Katrina!

Unfortunately, I have become jaded where politics is concerned.  Throughout the Bible, we see the machinations of politicians and king and rulers and counselors and we see their plans to overthrow this persons or that and yet, we also see how God worked in the midst of all those human plans and efforts.

It is difficult for me to believe in the validity of any candidate anymore because it seems as though the entire political arena has become corrupted beyond repair.  Authentic Christians need to keep their eyes open and firmly on God.  We need to be a people of prayer so that His will and His will only is accomplished.

When treacherous and illegal things may have been done by one administration or another, we can’t act shocked because if we do, it merely means that we have not been trusting God, but human beings.  We must acknowledge that God is in charge and He is ultimately directing the affairs of humanity, as painful as it is for us to watch.

Finally, we cannot place our faith in a human candidate.  We will always be disappointed.  Romney might be a better president than Mr. Obama and of course, determining that for you will depend upon which side of the fence or aisle you favor.  However, even if Romney winds up being a better candidate, it does not mean he is God, nor does it mean he will do everything right.  The most that we can hope is that God will direct Romney (as he did countless other godless rulers like Nebuchadnezzar) to do what is right, for the sake of His holy Name.

Right now, Hurricane Sandy is in the news and rightly so.  But please notice that the Benghazi situation is not only off the back burner, it is literally off the stove.  It is not being reported on except with FOX, some independent news bureaus and the social networks.  In essence then, Hurricane Sandy has given an authentic reason for this administration to ignore Benghazi and focus on the situation left in the  wake of Hurricane Sandy.

I cannot imagine being a politician today.  I simply cannot imagine it.  It’s like trying to imagine myself an actor in Hollywood.  You have to be willing to give up so much and compromise your own personal beliefs in order to make it in Hollywood or accomplish something in politics.  Even if you go into either one of these situations with your morality intact, how long can a person remain that way?

Christians should not be taken unawares by what goes on in the political arena.  We shouldn’t look at it aghast as if wondering how could something like that happen? because things like this happen all the time, in administrations as far back as I can remember.

When they happen, authentic Christians should pray that God will reveal the truth to the world, that candidates and elected officials will not be allowed to hide behind self-made walls of privacy.  For the world, the authentic Christian is the only one who can pray for God’s checks and balances and that is what we ought to do.  God may not see fit to correct all the wrongs, but He may opt to correct a few.

If Mr. Obama wins re-election, authentic Christians need to accept it and continue praying.  If Mr. Romney wins the election, authentic Christians need to do the same thing.

In spite of everything, authentic Christians must never lose sight of the fact that we were commissioned by Jesus Himself to preach the gospel to all people of all nations.  That is the goal.  We cannot be sidetracked by politics or anything else.  We must remain true to His calling and commission.  When we begin to put our faith in one elected official, we begin to lose sight of the fact that God is in control and we have a job of winning souls to complete.  It is only by understanding the fact that the political arena is severely corrupted that we will not be thrown off balance when things happen in that arena.

Our job is to represent Christ, to make Him known to a dying world.  That’s what we need to be doing.  While we can and should pray for Him to change things within the political arena that might make it easier for us to spread His Word, that is secondary to the real problem related to the fact that 150,000 people die into eternity daily.  This is a problem that takes precedence over everything else.


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