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Held Under Satan’s Sway

The religious false teachers of Peter’s day all came to their predetermined fate based on the way they lived and lies they professed. In Romans 1, Paul deals with the downward trend of unchecked wickedness and depravity in any society that always leads to extinction. It starts with lies replacing truth and resultant glorification of depravity lived with abandon; embraced, imbibed and seen as “wokeness;” a perfect description of today.

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Under the Influence

Why does God send this delusion? Specifically, God sends this delusion (or deluding influence that hypnotizes), because people “…refused the love of the truth that would have saved them.” That’s it right there and it is in preparation for the coming “man of sin” or Antichrist, who will lead the final Gentile global kingdom.

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Rejecting Truth

What I’ve noticed is that many of these “liberal” theologians had such a gentle, easy-going demeanor. This was generally the case in the 1970’s when they were simply trying to introduce error into an otherwise biblically-based school or church. Now of course, with both aberrant theologians and politicians, the attacks are much more visceral and obvious. They’re not gentle or “nice” anymore and certainly not willing to engage in actual discussion. They don’t want to waste time with that anymore. They simply call out, denigrate, cast aspersions and call for censure against those with whom they disagree.

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True Character

It is very clear to me that the Lord must do a work in me as in all of us. Our personalities are who we are and every personality type has pluses and minuses. For me, in realizing that I tend to want to immediately rely on my own strength (often to protect myself), is something that certainly cannot and does not please our Lord. Because of it, I’m sure God will continue to allow situations into my life designed to get me beyond this. However, it is still my choice to cooperate with God or to dig in my heels and try using my own energy to get through the situation, which will always result in failure. I can remain fully reliant on my own inadequate resources to deal with the many and various situations that come into my life or I can pursue God’s purpose for each situation and His help to get me through.

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Wrestling with God?

Yes, God told Jacob he had “prevailed” in his struggle with God, but obviously, there is no way that Jacob would have prevailed against God if God had not allowed it. Surely, Jacob’s physical attributes were nothing against God Almighty, even in human form. I might be willing to admit that Samson might have a chance physically against God, but even that seriously stretches credulity, doesn’t it? No mere mortal, however, well-built, however strong, would ever truly prevail against God.

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Why Ignore Nuremberg Code?

Given the situation that exists in society and depending upon where you live, what is the Christian to do? I know of no other action in response to all of this except to submit ourselves to God for His perfect will to be lived out in and through us.What else is there to do? I firmly believe as we do this, He will create within us a discernment that will allow us to see things more clearly, from His perspective.

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Parts of It Will Fail

Martin notes that Schwab – a dyed in the wool Marxist – cannot succeed in his plan because Marxism itself has never succeeded. While he does note that after 2032, there will be some new form of government because things cannot continue as they are, what Schwab wants now won’t come to full fruition, he believes. Armstrong also states that Schwab is not a mouthpiece for anyone. He is the guy who has thought of all the things he is attempting to put into place.

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Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 Pt 4

In my view, this is referring to the last “head” of this beast, which is the Roman Empire. Here is where it gets a bit interesting. There are seven “heads” that John sees when this “beast” comes up out of the sea. When Daniel saw this beast, it did not have seven heads, but it did have 10 toes. This specific beast now has seven heads and ten horns with a crown on each horn. Therefore, in my view, these seven heads all belong to the final beast, which is representative of the various stages that Rome went through as it began to grow into an empire until it will become the final, revived Roman Empire.

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Do They Really Want to Save People?

The same people who are telling us that everyone MUST be vaxxed to stop CV from killing other people seem unconcerned about those aborted, who die from drug overdoses, in car accidents, or from cancers or most of all, the 36 million people who died in just one year from starvation throughout the world. It might be easier to believe they really were concerned about our health and welfare if they expressed the same worry about all other death categories. Unfortunately, their silence speaks against them.

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The Worst Epidemic Ever

When we consider the reality of menticide and how it has taken over society today, then look afresh at Paul’s and Peter’s words, the meaning of what they are saying comes alive in a new way. Both Paul and Peter tell us what society will be like toward the time prior to and including the Tribulation. However, they don’t necessarily specify how or why society becomes like that. Yes, Paul deals with a general downward trajectory found in societies in Romans 1. In 2 Timothy 3 and 2 Peter 3:1-4 the apostles explain in general terms why people are what they are and why they come to reject God as they do. But understanding what menticide is and how it works in society gives us greater understanding of what is actually going on in the world now. In essence, losing the ability to think rationally, critically and logically (menticide), is the process that has brought society to the point we are at now. This is preparing the world for the appearance of the man of sin (2 Thessalonians 2). Menticide has created a delusion that most have fully embraced (2 Thessalonians 2:11).

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