Parts of It Will Fail

January 14, 2022 at 12:43 PM 2 comments

I’ve been doing more research (what’s new?), and came across this video of a gal in Australia interviewing Martin Armstrong. For those who are not aware of Mr. Armstrong, here’s some info from his website.

Armstrong Economics offers unique perspective intended to educate the general public and organizations on the underlying trends within the global economic and political environment. Our mission is to research historical cyclical patterns and market behavior in timing, price and crisis to better understand and identify potential future trends, using an extensive monetary database and advanced proprietary models. [1]

The video – Why Schwab’s Great Reset May End in Tears – is something that will likely keep you watching/listening until the end. Let me provide some of the highlights. Armstrong  believes that ultimately, Schwab’s “Great Reset” will fail and bases his opinion on the historical financial cycles that have occurred throughout the world; the “models.”

Martin notes that Schwab – a dyed in the wool Marxist – cannot succeed in his plan because Marxism itself has never succeeded. While he does note that after 2032, there will be some new form of government because things cannot continue as they are, what Schwab wants now won’t come to full fruition, he believes. Armstrong also states that Schwab is not a mouthpiece for anyone. He is the guy who has thought of all the things he is attempting to put into place.

The big question is WHY? Well, most of us realize that what Schwab is attempting is a complete power grab (not unlike what the coming Antichrist will actually achieve when he rises). However, the underlying reason for this power grab is, according to Armstrong, that Schwab is ultimately trying to protect his own “insolvency.” How could one of the richest men in the world be in that situation? They all are really because they’ve been borrowing money hand over fist for decades and what they have on paper, is not necessarily an accurate reflection. Armstrong goes into quite a bit of detail about this and shows that the financial models that have been followed throughout history always come back and repeat themselves again.

He goes back to the days of FDR when he confiscated all gold in the USA. If you had gold then, you had to give it up. Does that sound like democracy or fascism? Eventually, the government also came in and said they were taking 10% of what each person had in the banks and in exchange for that they would give each person a government-issued “bond.” This eventually led to a “run” on the banks. Because people had lost confidence in the government, due to the fact that the government was simply taking 10% from people that they had no right to take, folks ran to the banks and began removing their money. The government then began simply printing money. This in turn led to bank closures and frighteningly high inflation, which led to what? The Great Depression. There was nothing “great” about it for most people alive then.

Armstrong believes that there will be financial “panic” of 2022 (this year folks). Why? Because he understands that people like Schwab and Gates etc, cannot continue to prop up what they’ve created financially. In essence – and this is important – there needs to be another “reset” (not unlike the Great Depression was used to reset things), so that the debt of people like Schwab, Gates and especially governments, can be “forgiven” and during the process, they will try to take what WE have. Their goal is to turn their focus back to us after they’ve taken everything and pretend to be the magnanimous “lords” of the manor who dole out a UBI (universal basic income), so that we’ll be happy and own nothing. This actually is a repeat of history as well, as Armstrong notes in the interview.

We already know that due to the CV pandemic, a lot of money has shifted from specific quarters of the economy to the uber-rich. When you force the closure of many small businesses and only certain large corporate businesses can continue to be open, the small businesses go out of business while the few corporate businesses grow richer. In essence, the new cash flow to them has helped them out of their financial mess that they actually created, temporarily. But it’s not enough because they need/want it all. They must control everything and replace the current system with something that emanates from THEM. This is how they will keep their wealth and keep everyone else as serfs.

Over the decades, there have been numerous countries where their currency went down in flames. This happened to Japan decades ago and they began using Chinese money. This is NOW occurring in Europe and banks and financial institutions outside of the EU will not even touch the EU’s money/bonds because it is becoming worthless.

The US dollar has never become valueless. It has never been replaced (although the backing of that dollar went from gold to oil under Nixon). Schwab knows he must crash the US dollar so that it becomes completely valueless in order to gain control over our banking system completely. The video is totally worth the lessons provided in economics, history and the ultimate failure of Keynesian economics.

Look at it this way; the Great Depression weakened and broke the little person; the middle class or poor person. However, many who were filthy rich only got richer. So, in essence, the Great Depression of the late 1920’s/early 1930’s was a RESET for many of the rich people living then. It also gave the US federal government greater control over the USA through an encroachment and increase in socialism. If you read the historical documents concerning the Great Depression, you’ll find that many people alive then knew that what was happening in the USA was all about socialism. Even newspapers back then referred to FDR’s “New Deal” as supremely socialistic.

But Armstrong is convinced (based on the computer models which his company specializes in), that the Great Reset will fail. People are waking up. At least 40% of the world’s population has not taken the vax. Because of this, there is a groundswell of animosity toward the people who are attempting to force/coerce everyone into taking the vax or face tremendous pressure of lock-downs, being labeled outcast, etc.

All the world’s leaders who are acting like Fascists are indeed “prostitutes” of Schwab’s young global leaders system. They graduated from that system, fully indoctrinated into Schwab’s Marxist way of thinking, then they were placed in high positions of authority to get it done.

Armstrong also speaks about Trump. He believes that the reason he won the first election was solely due to the fact that a preponderance of people did not want what the globalists were selling though the globalists believe Trump’s win was simply a “fluke.” In spite of Trump’s push of the vax, Martin sees him as a generally honest person who wants what is best for the USA. It is also interesting to note that Armstrong used to be on a team of people who vetted any/all those who sought the office of president of the United States. He has some interesting stories to relate about that in the interview.

Ultimately, when asked how it is that the globalists managed to get this far, Armstrong simply stated that they use a “divide and conquer” strategy. Their goal is to keep people from uniting to overthrow the government. They know if they can succeed at this, they have won. He uses the example of Amazon’s own corporate plan for their employees specifically used to keep unions from forming (documented in Amazon’s own documentation). Amazon ensures that there is major diversity in each location, which keeps people from coalescing into one united group to seek better working conditions, etc.

Translate this to all of society to understand that if they (globalists and their agent provocateurs), can keep highlighting the differences or alleged inequalities between groups, then the ability to unite as one is greatly reduced. So to that end, we see BLM, AntiFa and other groups versus patriots (“nationalists,”otherwise known as “white supremacists”), working for the sole purpose of focusing on skin color, religious differences or gender (including gay, transgender, etc.). When people are conditioned to focus on differences instead of similarities, they cannot coexist and coalesce. Instead of focusing on the wrongs done by government officials, people are too busy focusing on Critical Race Theory or something else. If you add to this the fundamental change that is occurring due to the welcome wagon for those illegally in the USA and entering daily, we can see that all of this is a huge smokescreen to keep our eyes off the real problem. The real problem are the globalists who understand economically that if there is not another financial reset soon, they will be in a world of hurt.

So having said that, what is the Christian to do? First, I believe more than ever that we need to forge ahead in wisdom, strength and discernment. Armstrong has a few great suggestions that I think my wife and I are going to avail ourselves of starting today. It’s certainly up to each and every person, but please, take an hour out of your day and watch the video.

Second, I realize I do not praise Him enough. I can go through a day focused on my own thoughts, issues, or any problems I might be experiencing and not see Him in the picture. Honestly though, when the problems arise, I find I am more focused on Him through prayer, asking for discernment and wisdom. But one of the things that after all these years of being a Christian is still hard to think of is simply praising His holy Name.

This past week has been tough. New challenges at my new part-time job, having to learn things really on the fly, dealing with a computer that made me feel like each new day was Ground Hog Day and fighting off a cold my wife and I picked up from our grandkids, who picked it up from day care have made things difficult. I’ve had to replace my old computer with a new one. So I had to back things up and transfer them to the new computer and on top of that, am having to familiarize myself with Windows 11. I’d rather be fishing.

However, God is in the details and He not only understands but cares about the things that stress us. He wants us to focus on Him and His provision instead of focusing on the problem itself. Obviously, we need to deal with the problem, but it’s best to take it to Him first and then watch as He leads us through it. This is such a difficult thing for me to have to learn over and over again. I’m just becoming more grateful that He is so patient.

So where does this leave us regarding the future? Well, clearly, the Bible predicts that a final one-world kingdom will be built. Unfortunately for Schwab, it appears as though his aspirations (according to Armstrong), will not fully succeed. However, as noted, something will come into place at some point after 2032. In the meantime, there may well be a bit of a respite in some ways for humanity, but doubtful that we will go back to the old normal.

If you consider the movie, Elysium, this pictures what the globalists have in mind and offers insight into their scheme. Oh sure, it’s “only” a movie, but isn’t it fascinating that the elites in that movie, only used the “unwashed masses” below where they lived alive for parts they might need for themselves so they could live forever? The whole concept of AI is also woven throughout the movie and Armstrong states that they really do not want to use AI as much as they want us to believe because AI will reveal how everything works. [2]

Whatever happens, I fully believe God expects us to be wise as serpents and as gentle as doves. This requires His wisdom, not our own. Seek Him daily.




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