Power Elite and the New World Order, Pt 2

November 9, 2012 at 1:58 PM 2 comments

The Election
Since this most recent presidential election has come and gone, there has been tremendous frustration from many. In so many ways, it appeared as though Mitt Romney was going to win.  At least eight political pundits who seemed to be in the know even went out on a limb to predict that.  As we know, that did not happen and Mr. Obama was re-elected to the second term as president of the United States.

It doesn’t matter what happened.  It truly doesn’t matter if there was voter fraud or if everything was absolutely straight up in the big picture.  The frustration for many is real and palpable.  I will admit that the evening of the election, I grew very frustrated and even angry.  I did not sleep much that night and it was not until the next day that I began to see beyond my own frustration.  I started asking questions and of course, looking for answers.

God is in Control – Always
I first realized – once again – that God is absolutely in control.  There is no shadow of a doubt about that.  Mr. Obama was re-elected and to say that this was a “mistake” or that God was unable to override this is ridiculous.  Either God is fully in control or He isn’t in control at all.  There is no middle ground.  It is impossible for God to be only part way in control of things.

Once I realized that anew, I then started to come around to once again understanding that if God was in it, then His purposes will be brought to fruition.  Looking back, I fully now realize that I was naive in thinking that I could have made a difference in the outcome of the presidential race.  In actuality, I now see that the outcome of this most recent presidential race – like many before it – was very likely written in stone some weeks, months, or even possibly years ago.  Is that possible?

What has led me to that discovery?  God utilizes everything that is available to Him to bring His purposes about, including the evil things in society.  The Bible is replete with one example after another that harkens to this reality.  For us and in this time, that evil includes the Power Elite (PE) that I spoke about in the previous article and will discuss again here.

Again, let me be clear here in saying that God is fully and completely in control of all outcomes.  He allows puny human beings to do what they will to overthrow Him and His righteousness, or attempts to sidestep His plans. It is a losing proposition for the PE, though they believe firmly they are on the way to winning.

God always gains the glory because none of man’s schemes ever comes close to dethroning God or taking Him by surprise.  This is my thesis statement.  It’s where I start and end.  Either God is in control, or He isn’t.  Take your pick, but remember, your choice does not necessarily mean that what you believe is true and yes, you will say the same about my choices in what to believe.  In the end, someone will be found to be true or not.  I’m betting on what the Bible tells me and for me, that’s not a gamble at all.  It’s truth.

So, if God allows and even uses the things of this world to bring Him glory, then that obviously includes the Power Elite, as I mentioned.  He allows them to do what they will do, allowing them to work here, or attempting to thwart His purposes there.  When He needs to do so, He will raise up individuals whom He has chosen through which He can work to push them back, so that what they accomplish will be kept in check with His purposes and plans.

Societal Changes
When it appears as though – to society – that things are going bad, really bad, it is because God is allowing those things to occur, not causing them.  It is difficult for us to appreciate the difference, but since we know from Scripture that God resides in the eternal present completely outside of time, then we can at least start to understand that He sees everything from the beginning to the end with all things in between at the same time.  This is something that Satan has no ability to do.  No other created being can do this – not one!  God only and since Jesus is the Second Person of the Trinity or Godhead, then He sees it as well.

Again, let’s go back briefly to cull from the previous article I wrote on the subject of the Power Elite and the New World Order, Pt. 1.  In it, we learned that the PE is trying to create something globally.  Why?  For their purposes entirely.  What is it?   It is a world socialist government that will come to fruition through what Dr. Dennis Cuddy says is a dialectical synthesis of Western Capitalism and Eastern Communism. 

That’s a mouthful and we will get to discussing just exactly what is meant by dialectical.  Right now, we need simply know that the PE plan is global dominance by creating a new system that will apply to the entire globe, including the United States.  Once they can bring this about, no individual nation or area of the world will have greater sovereignty than any other.  In fact, individual nations will no longer exist.

God Told Daniel About the PE
This is also very biblically based.  In the book of Daniel, chapter two, we learn of a statue that has a head of gold, which we learn right from the text symbolizes Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingdom.  The chest and arms of silver represent the Medo-Persian Empire that followed Babylon.  As we move lower along the statue, we learn that the belly and thighs (or hips) made of brass point to the Grecian Empire headed up by Alexander the Great and came to the fore following the Medo-Persian Empire.  The legs of iron symbolized Rome, the last great empire that dominated much of the world then.

Interestingly enough, the feet and especially the toes represent a kingdom that has not yet appeared on this earth, yet they are somewhat tied to the Roman Empire.  Yes, I’m aware that some disagree with this assessment, but in my opinion, their metaphorical explanations based on allegorization of Scripture simply do not hold the muster.

Ten Toes Equals World Dominance
These ten toes on the feet of the statue speak of a kingdom that is one unit, but represented by ten parts.  As the toes on a human foot are all part of the foot, so too, the kings that the statue’s ten toes point to in the future are still part of that one-world empire that the PE is working toward.  They fully believe that they will bring it about too.  God concurs and will allow them to do that as they have been doing.  Through it, He will gain complete glory, when He destroys it, replacing it with His own.  It’s that simple.

In Daniel, chapter seven, there is another vision given by God to Daniel and explained to Daniel by the angelic messenger.  In that vision, we see numerous beasts and ten crowns or horns.  These ten crowns/horns are referring to the same empire that the ten toes refer to in Daniel 2.  There is no difference, except in the way the information is presented to Daniel.

Note in Daniel 7, we learn of the beasts that rise up, yet the fourth beast – completely different from the previous beasts – eventually has ten crowns/horns.  This particular beast – representing an empire – will rise to take over the world and after it has become one in purpose by eliminating all other sovereign nations (“It devoured and crushed and trampled down the remainder with its feet; and it was different from all the beasts that were before it, and it had ten horns,” Daniel 7:7b), will create ten parts, for the sake of manageability.

Leaders Appointing Leaders
This is exactly what occurred during the Roman Empire.  Since Caesar could not be everywhere at once, he appointed people like Herod and Pontius Pilate to govern specific areas of the world in for him, but they answered to him.

By the way, isn’t it interesting that King Herod became the ruler of Judea (yet still under Caesar), though he was not ethnically Jewish.  However, he followed Judaism minimally and this has to do with his heritage.  His father was an Idumean and his mother was Arab.  During the times of the Maccabees, the Judeans conquered Idumea and they were forced to convert to Judaism.

In essence then, it was good for Caesar to have someone like King Herod in charge in Judea because Herod was very familiar with Jewish ways.  He could placate them and speak their language (in more ways than one) and thus had better luck than another person would have with the Jews.  Does that remind you of a specific leader today who says he’s a Christian and yet relates well to Muslims?  The PE has chosen wisely.

Incidentally, it is said that when Herod was in Caesar’s presence, he preferred following the Roman religion of their pagan gods.  However, while in Judea, he made a public showing of following Judaism.  Again, are we reminded of another leader today who seems far more at home with Muslims than anyone else?

World Dominance
Anyway, getting back to this fourth beast, it literally crushes everything that came before it so that it stands alone.  Once it gains world dominance, then ten kings will take over the entire earth, with each king maintaining control of one-tenth of the earth, yet the earth in total still represents this one kingdom.

This is the plan of the PE and it was this plan that God revealed to Daniel, several thousand years ago.  God was telling Daniel what would occur on this earth in the latter times.  We know that the accuracy of the book of Daniel is uncanny, so much so that “higher critics” have attacked it relentlessly doing whatever they can to cast doubt on this book solely because it is so accurate.  If everything was correct up to and including the Roman Empire, there is absolutely no reason to doubt that what comes after the Roman Empire will also be just as accurate.

When people poo-poo the idea of a future global government that transcends all other nations by absorbing them, I understand where they are coming from, but I wish they would give it more serious consideration.  I realize most people get their information from so many sources in the ‘Net and elsewhere that simply winds up sensationalizing everything to the point that things just appear and sound very strange and unbelievable.  Everything winds up sounding like some screwball conspiracy theory and most intelligent people want no part of that.

What I’m telling you about the PE mirrors what God told Daniel (and John regarding Revelation) as well as many other prophets regarding what will happen in the End Times, times I believe we are now in.  If you stop to consider it, it makes perfect sense that someone wants to control the world because there have been many, many dictators who have had the tremendous desire to do just that.

Does anyone doubt Hitler’s intent had he not been stopped?  We can go back to Genesis 11 to learn about Nimrod who was a “hunter of men” and who, after gaining their full support (of everyone who lived on the earth at that time), he proceeded to construct a tower that was to reach the heavens.  Was it really going to touch the sky?  No and that’s not the point.  The point of the tower may simply have been to showcase to God that nothing was beyond the reach of humanity.  He agreed and opted to introduce languages at that point, in order to create cultures.  It worked, until now.

New World Order
So getting back to our day and the schemes of the PE, it seems completely logical that there exists a group of exceedingly intelligent, wealthy, and powerful individuals who have come to the realization that exercising full control over all aspects of life is what they needed to do.  Why?  Because ultimately, they believe that they are the only ones worthy of exercising full authority over everyone on earth.  If they do not do it, then the masses will simply ruin the earth and there will be nothing left…for them, the PE.

In order to keep that from happening, absolute authority and control over all the earth must occur in order for the PE to create the coming one-world government, which they believe will usher in the final golden age where there will be no problems because they won’t allow any to exist.  This is exactly what they think.  But in order to get there, they must have absolute control over everything.  To them it is that simple and it is because of this, that we see how they have infiltrated all areas of society in order to bring about their desired ends.

Cuddy states, “In the October 1967 edition of the CFR’s FOREIGN AFFAIRS, Richard Nixon wrote of regional arrangements that would evolve into a ‘new world order.’ This same theme would be picked up by Zbigniew Brzezinski (ZB) at Mikhail Gorbachev’s first State of the World Forum in 1995 where ZB declared: ‘We cannot leap into world government through one quick step…. The precondition for eventual and genuine globalization is progressive regionalization because by that we move toward larger, more stable, more cooperative units’.” [1; emphasis added]

Do you see the phrase “new world order”?  Nixon spoke of that in 1967, long before George Bush, Sr. became president and said it publicly.  In fact, many leaders have used that phrase numerous times even before that.  Bush did not make it up.  He was simply parroting the main goal of the PE, of which he is part.

Notice the second sentence highlighted in bold.  The PE knows that they cannot achieve their goals quickly or in one swell swoop.  It must be done in degrees and even small steps so that the general populace will be hard-pressed to see what’s really happening in the big picture.  Once people wake up to this reality, they become harder and harder to con and fleece.  We must be kept in the dark.

Giving Away Their Secrets
Have you ever wondered why there are so many films about the future that portray humanity enslaved to one person, one group, or even a society of machines?  Think of The Matrix, or the Terminator Saga, or any other movie or book you’d care to think about.  So many of them point to a future that is simply not pleasant and it nearly always involves human beings fighting against the powers that control them.

Frankly, I do not believe these movies are simply for entertainment purposes.  I truly believe that the PE is so narcissistic that they believe they can shove their plan right in our faces and laugh all the while.  They are giving us a type of future report, saying “This is going to be you” and loving every moment of it.

In some respects, we are in the Matrix.  No, not the one in the movie, but we are being controlled and directed toward the goals created by the PE.  Only those people who realize it can do something about it.  Only those people who wake up from their intended sleep will rise to a new awareness.

What people desperately need to see is the big picture.  The PE has a way of helping us to focus on individual situations instead and that alone keeps us from seeing the big picture.  So, when James Holmes shoots people in a movie theater in Colorado, the intended response to that is twofold; 1) a renewed call for more anti-gun laws, and 2) a fight against any new gun laws that people are calling to create.

In the process, people do not realize that what they are reacting to is merely a symptom of a very large problem.  That problem is not that there are people who want to remove guns from society.  The real problem is that the PE wants to disarm everyone as well as complete many other things as they guide the world toward their one-world empire, of which we – the little people – will simply be serfs, while they remain the lords of the manor.

Becoming Issue Oriented
Focusing on this perceived problem or that one, keeps people from seeing the entire objective at the same time.  If you consider the fact that in today’s world, most people are issue-oriented, aren’t they?  They will vote for one candidate because he’s gay, or because she’s firmly pro-choice, or because – you fill in the blank.  This is the work of the PE because as long as people continue to focus on their pet issue, the world remains marginalized and fractionated.  It is exactly what the PE wants because it keeps people from noticing that the PE is busy focusing on all issues at the same time in order to get what they want to have in the end.

Too many people believe that if we could simply eliminate guns as a for instance, society would be so much better.  Someone else believes that if all states would simply ratify same-sex unions, life would be grand.  Still others believe that women should be able to obtain free abortions whenever they need one.  The list goes on.  Ask yourself, what is your pet issue?

The PE has succeeded in taking truly important things and has broken them down into bite-sized separate issues.  Take your pick!  They’re easy to swallow.  You can have one issue or more, whichever you choose.  People simply choose their issue and that one issue becomes the reason for which they live.  It gives them purpose and they feel good about themselves.

Unfortunately, they don’t even see the other issues at all and have no concern regarding them because they think they are “doing good” by having their one issue.  They are merely following the path that the PE has laid out for them, all for the purpose of keeping them in the dark about the big picture, yet the individual believes their eyes have truly been opened.  No, they are merely focusing on one tiny tree, yet unable to see the forest and that forest represents all that the PE is involved in throughout society right now.  They have their fingers in everything even when, to us, it appears that they are competing against or contradicting themselves.  That’s only the way it looks to us.  Never is this more clearly seen than in the two-party system and the presidential election here in the United States.  I’ll break that down further very soon.

Stick with me on this, will you?  We need to present a few more articles on the PE and their planned new world order before we can move onto show just exactly how they have been working in every area of society to make that happen.  Stay tuned!

[1] http://www.newswithviews.com/Cuddy/dennis236.htm

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  • 1. Sherry  |  November 13, 2012 at 8:06 PM

    I don’t know if the PE is so much behind things like futuristic stories as they are exploiters of unregenerated human nature that is expressed through those venues. To a point, maybe- I believe they may be the movie makers’ cash cow at times. And they do spread their beliefs through venues that the youth would be receptive to. And through edcation, too.

    Its interesting that the PE has worked so hard for over 350 years and yet the majority have not lived to see the fulfillment of their desires and won’t live to see it if Gd has His say-and He does! Do they believe they will be resurrected by their god to this earth that they may enjoy the fruits of their labor? They are surely focused!

    I’m enjoying these articles, modres, and I am learning alot from them. I’m skiddish about conspiracy theories (and I do avoid Alex Jones like the plague!). I can’t wait to dig into Cuddy’s articles from that link you left the other day in another post. God bless you and yours!~


    • 2. modres  |  November 14, 2012 at 10:56 AM

      I believe the PE unofficially endorses and provides financial backing for several types of films. It’s simply another way they get their point across. Interestingly enough, I’m going to be including information about an upcoming movie called “Promised Land,” starring Matt Damon and others. It’s a feel good movie, where a town of mainly farmers initially go with a corporate conglomerate that is after the natural gas in the ground beneath the farms. Eventually of course, people get wise to the scheme and push back successfully. A wonderful lesson is learned about corporate greed and how it pits people against one another.

      This – I believe – is the type of misdirection that the PE pushes. While we come to believe that corporate greed is all bad without exception, once the PE moves this world to the utopia they have dreamed of, we will find out that there will be two levels to society: 1) Corporate structure for the PE, and 2) Socialism for the rest of us.

      Your second paragraph makes a good point and I’ve considered that as well. I believe the answer is found within New Agism that essentially teaches that once people arrive to a certain spiritual level, they will have reached a level where divinity and oneness are the same. Those who died – because they still live eternally – will enjoy this existence as well. It’s certainly a point worthy of note and more research. I believe though, that the New Age Movement looks for the day when the physical becomes a type of spiritual.

      Alex Jones is interesting. He has some things on his website and news shows that are real and can be verified 100%. Too many other things seem to be based in nothing except conjecture, yet he and his team do everything they can to pass it off as truth.

      Since the Bible shows us what the world is going to be like as we approach the end, we can see how Satan can easily use human government for his purposes. I think he’s been using many of our presidents and their administrations to accomplish his purposes and Mr. Obama’s administration is no exception, in my opinion.


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