The Power Elite and the New World Order, Pt. 1

November 9, 2012 at 8:53 AM

Let me say right at the outset that there are many people who believe that the concept of a new world order is absolute hogwash.  They do not believe it can happen.  They seriously poo-poo the idea and simply cast it off as the result of raving lunatics.  For them, the raving lunatics are often Christians whom, they believe, are given to flights of fancy and too many conspiracy theories.  I believe that knowledge is power and those who are fully informed are in the best place to make informed decisions.  I firmly believe Americans have all been duped.  I have been duped, believing that truth is found in either political party.  It’s a set up in which we are made to think that the parties are different from one another, when in truth, they are both working toward the same goal.

So, if you’re reading this and you are one that believes any thought or mention of a new world order stems from people with severely overworked imaginations and religious zeal, then all I can say is that you simply keep moving and read no further.  This article isn’t for you.  Of course, you’ll continue to read it because of the temptation to find some measure of hilarity in it, giving you a needed break from your boring, stoic life.  That’s up to you.  Nonetheless, I’ll be quoting from some brilliant minds and we will find out that the concept of a new world order is not something that George Bush, Sr. made up.  The belief in, and the movement toward a new world order, where every nation gives up its own national sovereignty in favor of something greater – a global sovereignty has been around for decades and generations.  It is not a new concept.  It simply appears to be a new concept because people have not been paying attention at all since a good deal of warning and concern regarding a new world – aka one world government – order has been largely discussed by Christians and honestly, who can trust Christians to be level-headed and sober-minded?

Satan is not a moron.  He is the most intelligent creature God ever created, based on what we know about him, his fall, and the way he works in this world.  People either believe that he exists or they don’t.  I have yet to hear someone say “Well, I’m not sure if Satan actually exists.  I tend to believe there is something there, but I’m not sure what.”  This sentiment is used in response to whether or not someone believes in God, not Satan.

Most people – outside of Christianity – do not believe in Satan at all.  They believe evil stems from the choices that people make and because of that, they also believe that people can be taught or trained to make the correct decisions.  Of course, they prefer to use relative truth (an oxymoron to be sure) in order to accomplish that.  It’s foolhardy because relative truth is always changing, which means there is never a solid foundation upon which to build.  Is it any wonder then that society is what it is now?

Conversely, God’s truth is absolute, though of course, the majority disagrees with that.  Since God’s truth never changes, the foundation is always solid.  Again, people who do not believe in God, obviously do not believe that there is any truth that is solidly absolute.  If there is no truth that is absolute, then the next best thing is relative truth, which as we have stated, is always changing based on new information.

The idea that there is absolute truth is roundly rejected by most because they believe the concept stems purely from dogmatic and narrow-minded Christians.  If a person is therefore, not a Christian, that type of truth or concept is extremely easy to reject.  However, there is another group that thoroughly believes in absolute truth.  It is a group known as the Power Elite. Some call them the Global Elite, the Hidden Cabal, or what have you.  It’s the same group though.

Unfortunately, their absolute truth comes from Satan himself.  They do not recognize Satan to be someone Jesus called the “father of lies” in John 8:44.  No, they don’t even call him Satan.  To them, he is Lucifer and he is the one who truly wants human beings to be free.  The Power Elite (PE) believes that it is not the Judeo-Christian God who wants men and women free by providing them the absolute truth that can save us from ourselves.  They believe this God is a dictator, someone who has been at odds with Lucifer for eons and they also believe that Lucifer will, in the end, win the day.  Because of this, they have willingly and knowingly submitted to him as their lord and believe they will gain tremendous favor from him because of it.  The PE also believe that when Lucifer comes into his physical kingdom here on earth, their reward will be great.

So while the PE also believes in absolute truth as understood through the “secret knowledge” or gnosis, so do Christians.  The people who are not in either group merely believe in relative truth, truth that is variable and changeable with the seasons and issues that come before us.  It’s rather simple to them and when they consider Christians, we are to be laughed at and pitied…to a point.

I am going to do my best to keep this article short.  I know that people in general have short attention spans and by the way, that is something that is a deliberate byproduct of our societal interests, values, and mores.  People have a very difficult time paying attention for any real length of time because over the decades, people have been trained (without realizing it) to not focus on things for any length of time.  It’s been happening through music, videos, TV, and especially movies.  The frenetic pacing of many of these things has actually helped speed up the pacing in society itself.  Because of it, people are far more impatient these days.  They don’t like waiting at all and their attention span is much like the character Sonic in one of those video games.

There is only so much I can say to keep this relatively short, yet filled with facts and potential.  So, let’s call this part one, shall we?  Here is some basic information about Dr. Cuddy for those who have never heard of him.

Dennis Laurence Cuddy, historian and political analyst, received a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (major in American History, minor in political science). Dr. Cuddy has taught at the university level, has been a political and economic risk analyst for an international consulting firm, and has been a Senior Associate with the U.S. Department of Education.

Cuddy has also testified before members of Congress on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice. Dr. Cuddy has authored or edited twenty books and booklets, and has written hundreds of articles appearing in newspapers around the nation, including The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and USA Today. He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows in various parts of the country, such as ABC Radio in New York City, and he has also been a guest on the national television programs USA Today and CBS’s Nightwatch. [1]

In short, Dennis Cuddy is not an idiot.  He is well-studied and he is, himself, a very educated individual, with an actual PhD.  Unlike many, he is not at all sensationalized in his articles.  He is thorough, given to accurate research.  He simply presents the truth of history and documents it clearly.  The reader is left to either reject what is historically proven or agree with it.  Those who disagree with it do so because they simply do not like what they read, not that they can actually disagree with what is historically accurate and presented as such.

In future articles containing information about the PE and other things related to the coming new world order, I will be quoting from him as well as referencing Scripture.  The reader would do well to take some time to peruse his writings, of which there are many.  You will benefit if you are willing to read him with an open mind.

It’s like the belief that voter fraud was part of this most recent election.  Even with all of the reports coming in, there are the rabid naysayers who believe that the idea that voter fraud could possibly be happening to such a large degree is absolutely ridiculous, as one individual stated on a social network page yesterday.  The discussion was lively, but he was resolute in his beliefs.  Voter fraud was not an issue to him.  That’s swell.

I will also say this regarding presidential elections.  Have you ever wondered why we seem to go back and forth between parties with each successive election?  Seems kind of odd to me, at least it did seem odd.  Now, it makes far more sense and that’s only because I am stepping back and able to see the overall picture, instead of simply looking at this part, or that part of the puzzle.  Viewing the entire picture allows a person to make far more sense of it.  Imagine trying to put a puzzle together without ever being able to see what it is supposed to look like.  I’m sure it can be done, but how long would it take since the only thing a person would have to go by is the actual shape of each piece and the partial image on that piece?

New World Order
Cuddy attests to the fact that the PE has literally been around for many centuries, although their actual plan began implementation only approximately 350 years ago.  By the way, that’s long before George Bush, Sr. was even born for those who are keeping track.

For our purposes, it goes back to a man named Sir William Temple in 1677.  Cuddy describes him as a “(a sort of John Jay McCloy PE Agent) helped arrange the marriage of William of Orange (Holland) to Princess Mary (heir to the British throne). In 1688 another PE agent Thomas Wharton instigated the Revolution of 1688 replacing James II (a Stuart) with William and Mary as rulers of Britain.” [2]

What Temple did next is a classic play by the PE.  He caused the British treasury to borrow quite a lot of money from the Bank of Amsterdam.  This was done to in order to create massive debt that would be owed to the newly created Bank of England by the British treasury.  Creating debt for sovereign countries is a primary tool used by the PE to gain dominance.  This is exactly why our presidents, up to and including, Mr. Obama are all under orders to create debt.  It doesn’t matter if the president is a Republican or Democrat.  As mentioned, they are two sides of the same coin and have the same goal in mind.  Their “hatred” of one another is a huge joke and it is done purely for the uninformed American who prefers to believe that one party is better than the other.  They are the same, simply using different tactics.  The goal remains the same for both parties.

As we move forward from Sir William Temple, we learn that because of the British treasury and the massive debt it had incurred, they began looking for ways to eliminate that debt.  They eyed newly colonized America to become part of their “taxation” program.  This, as we learn from Benjamin Franklin, is the main reason the Declaration of Independence was created.  From that, America was born as a sovereign nation.  This did not set well with England, which had planned on relieving itself of its debt through the taxation and coercion of America.  But since America was now a sovereign nation by itself, answering to no one, the PE would do what they could to regain control over America.  What would be used to accomplish this?  “The process the PE would use is the dialectic and they created communism as the antithesis to American capitalism.” [3]  We will discuss this more in detail in future articles.  Simply know that from the beginning, America’s sovereignty has been under attack and we are at the point now – I believe – where the PE has full control of the presidency and in fact, I believe this has been the case for quite some time.

As we understand more about how the PE works, this becomes all too obvious, at least for the thinking individual.  For those who prefer to believe otherwise, there is no amount of truth – historical or otherwise – that will work to convince them.

The PE worked diligently to gain control of America through the very same thing that Sir William Temple promoted with the British treasury:  debt to foreign sources.  To this end, by the year 1840, the European PE had come to own and therefore control a very large portion of the Second Bank of the United States.  By the way, just a few years prior to this, the secret society of Yale had come to fruition called, Skull and Bones.  It is common knowledge to anyone who has studied this group that the Swastika is an integral part of this group.  Why the Swastika?  Because the word “Nazi” literally means national socialism.  This has been and continues to be the goal of the PE and the secret group offshoots.  Of course, what they hope and aim to achieve is actually global socialism.  More on that in an upcoming article.

It was in the early 1900s when the Rockefellers came to the fore within the PE here in America.  Of course, the Rockefellers have always been key people within the Democratic Party.  But what have they accomplished here in the United States that has caused this country to move “forward” toward fulfilling the plans and dreams of the PE?  Much indeed.

It was not long (by 1911) before Rockefeller and other PE notables such as J. P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie, and others were seen welcoming Karl Marx’ “Socialism” to Wall Street.  “Also in 1911, PE agent Col. Edward M. House’s Philip Dru: Administrator was published and referred to a Socialist future to come.” [4]

There are way too many examples of the ideals promulgated through Socialism that became part of the fabric of American society to highlight here.  For further reading, please read many of Cuddy’s articles for greater detail.  The fact becomes clear that throughout America’s history through today, socialism has been cleverly hidden away in major aspects of American society, slowly and consistently doing its work to move American society “forward” to that idyllic dream of national and then finally, global socialism.  When that point is reached, the PE will benefit greatly as predicted in the writings of occultist Alice Bailey.  If you take the time to read her many books, the PE plan is clearly delineated throughout with a future date of roughly 2025 as the target point.  Things appear to be on schedule and in some ways, the goal may well be achieved long before 2025.

Moving “forward” in America’s history, most are aware that the Fed was created in 1913 and was then controlled by PE members such as J. P. Morgan.  Morgan eventually established (in 1930) the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).  This more firmly created a system by which the United States could be much more easily controlled.  The connections and tie-ins are remarkable.

In November 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt wrote to Col. House that they both knew the U.S. government was under the control of ‘a financial element in our larger centers’ ever since the days of President Jackson.” [5]  This is precisely why so many people are calling for the dissolution of the Fed.  They want America to have her full autonomy back and that cannot happen with members of the PE controlling the purse strings of America’s finances.

What is even more interesting is how the Nazi’s controlled the BIS from 1940 to 1946 from Europe.  All of these “loose” ends come together nicely when we view the entirety of the PE plan (as much as we are able).  We learn much about how the PE has and continues to manipulate the world through many things, but one of the most strategic ways is through debt and the control of a nation’s finances.

Cuddy goes onto say, “Because the PE’s plan involved using National Socialism (Nazism) to bring about the synthesis of capitalism and communism into a world socialist government, the brains of the Nazi movement (Himmler, Bormann, etc.) developed a secret plan to control much of the world’s economy within two generations (about now), and with a continued alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood beginning in the 1930s until today.” [6]

Once you see how the many individual strands of the web come together, it is very easy to see the plan and how it impacts every nation, including the United States.  In future articles, we will see the link between the major push for disarmament (globally and within the United States), how the American education system was actually created by people who were godless and had not only fully bought into the PE’s plan, but were members of it.

At the outset, America was a nation that was seen as something that needed to be controlled if the PE’s plan was to come to fruition.  This has been the reason for all the ills of our society (and those that occur throughout the world).  It is the constant attempts by the PE to break America’s spirit and to control the direction of America that they see as the final roadblock to their new world order.

So, while you’re anxiously waiting for future installments of these articles, what can we do?  Well, you can continue to buy into the falsehood that we have any say in who becomes president.  You can continue to play the PE’s game as they move us toward a global government by voting either Republican or Democrat, or you can reject it.

More to come!


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Ready, Set, GO! And They’re Off! Power Elite and the New World Order, Pt 2

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