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Pushing Ahead with Resolve

Most people don’t like to even sneak a peak too long at negative offerings. They prefer to push that aside and focus instead on those things they see as good and uplifting. The trouble is that we must, at times, delve into the negative or the “doom and gloom” because it is there that our direction lies most of the time. Simply ignoring what may well be the inevitable does nothing except allow people to pretend all is well. Then when things actually do go south, They won’t have a proper response to it because they’re completely unprepared.

Too many choose to ignore all the signs that point to the coming reality. This applies to many Christians, largely due to the fact that they are woefully unaware of the prophetic portions of Scripture that specifically deal with the character and nature of the last days prior to the return of Jesus. Most pastors won’t touch the subject either.

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Increasing Demonic Influence

It is difficult to look at society and not see increasing demonic influence. I always find it fascinating when Christians fail to see the connection between the increase of evil in society and the increase of demonic activity. I suppose it’s due to the fact that we cannot see demons or the activity within the spiritual realm. That’s probably a good thing, but because we cannot, we rely too much on what we can physically see.

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Ah, to be Clueless…

When folks are fearful, they don’t make the best decisions in life. Often, they reach for the answer they believe will alleviate the fear. This is why a high percentage of people took the CV jab, seeing it as a God send, something that would keep them from not only remaining free from CV infection, but also keep them from transmitting it to others. This is what we were told repeatedly by professional liars who had a reason for doing what they did and continue to do. These liars drowned out and had censored medical professionals who disagreed with the narrative being told to the public. We are now learning that these censored medical professionals were correct.

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Rev 17: Woman, 7 Heads, 10 Horns

The beast was, is not, will rise from the pit, and go to destruction is the pinnacle of the empires in totality. In essence, the coming Antichrist will somewhat resurrect the old Roman Empire, what many commentators refer to as the revised Roman Empire. It is revised because it is raised again but it changes as well. This is clearly seen in Daniel 2 where Nebuchadnezzar has a dream about the statue, with Babylon being the head of gold, all the way to the feet and ten toes. The ten toes corresponds with the ten horns here in Revelation 17 and clearly shows that at some point, this revised Roman Empire that will most likely start in Europe will be ruled over by ten “kings” or powerful globalists. Once Antichrist begins his rise to power after the revised Roman Empire comes into existence, he will then wrest control from these ten kings (three of which he will likely get rid of either by deposing them or killing them), and take charge as sole ruler and at that point, his kingdom will incorporate the entire world.

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He Will Provide

God spoke to Hezekiah through the prophet Isaiah telling the king He would deal with Assyria. Essentially, Hezekiah wouldn’t have to do anything overtly against Assyria except to trust God. God had things covered and told Hezekiah through Isaiah that though the people of Judah wouldn’t be able to plant or harvest, God would still provide food for the people. The Assyrian armies were outside the city of Jerusalem. People couldn’t go out to farm and they largely remained inside the city walls. But God was faithful. He provided food to the people from food grown wildly. The people did not have to plant or harvest for several years. By the third year, God had dealt with Sennacherib and his Assyrian Empire and the people were once again able to plant and harvest. They did not go without during the very rough times when they could not plant or harvest because God miraculously provided for them. If He did that for them, why would He not do it for us as well? I believe He will.

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Rev 17: Babylon’ Spiritual Judgment

We seem to be moving to a time when the powers that Satan has ordained (and God has allowed), are gaining unimaginable power over the lives of average people (global society). There are major pushes to bring into fruition CBDCs (central bank digital currencies), to replace all other hand held money. Cash appears to be on its way out along with the US Dollar. If things continue as they are, there will be hyper-inflation and a complete devaluation of US currency. Leo Hohmann just published an article [1] about these situations that are occurring and the effect they may have on average people like you and me. It’s worth reading and if only half of what he says happens, many will be taken completely off guard.

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Surprised by Grief

The other morning as I ate breakfast, reading through 2 Kings 1, 2, 3, I found myself saddened to the point of tears. This is where Elijah goes to heaven in a chariot of fire and Elisha gets a double portion of Elijah’s spirit. My sadness was due to a number of things; the kings of Israel had an absolute lack of love for and loyalty to God to the point where one chose to seek information from demons. That king had an illness from which he died because he would not seek God for answers. That resonated within me because of what the leadership of the USA has been doing and continues to do by rejecting God completely.

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God Will Provide, But…

Folks, I believe this is what’s needed now for all Christians who seek God and His blessing. There are a plethora of verses that point out the covenant relationship we are in with God. It is an agreement. We have salvation through faith in Him and His finished work on the cross and that salvation grants us fellowship. We maintain our fellowship with God through our growing desire to be in obedience to Him and His commands. This is done not out of “duty” or “fear of retribution,” but it is done out of love and a fear of offending or grieving Him. I’ve written about that enough so that hopefully, readers understand what I mean by it.

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Revelation 16: 6th and 7th Bowls

Today, we Christians must not be lulled into sleep by a “woke” world. We must remain true to God’s Word and His purposes. We cannot and dare not hate those in the world but we can hate what they traffic in and what they call “good” though it is “bad.” We need to call out the lies in a way that invites people to turn to the Lord in repentance. We must continue being lights to the world and preach the Gospel to the lost with our lips and with our lives. This is our calling and we cannot shirk it. If we do, we will end up being embarrassed when He does return. We will understand that we will have not lived in a way that brought Him glory.

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Easy to Fall

Now Micah was by no means innocent and clearly deceived because he rejected God’s rule. He knew what he was getting and incorrectly believed that God would bless him because he now had a Levite in his house. He was clearly deceived into thinking this but why? It all started back in Judges 17:3 when we learned Micah had a habit of worshiping idols and using divination to gain knowledge and “wisdom.” Too many Christians can’t find their way around the Bible, but they all want God to “speak” to them and above all things, “bless” them.

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