Pushing Ahead with Resolve

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I really wish I could share honest to goodness good news. As Christians, we know that there is plenty of good news that applies to us now and forever. We live with Christ. When our life is over here, we will physically and spiritually be in His Presence forever. We know that He dwells in us now through the Holy Spirit. We know our sins – past, present and future – have been dealt with on the cross and because of that, we have complete forgiveness. We also know that Jesus will never leave or forsake us and actually is right with us when we face trials, temptations and situations that can harm us. Beyond this, there are many other blessings that could easily be recounted here about how great our God is, how much He loves us, and ultimately, how He is recreating the image of God the Son, Jesus, in our hearts. All of this and so much more is truly good news.

Unfortunately, we do not yet live in the eternal state. We live here on this globe we call earth that is destined to be destroyed and replaced with a new one. Because of the fact, and because this world is cursed due to sin, we must always work to rise above the situations that seek to destroy or at least hamper our effectiveness as ambassadors for Jesus in this world. It can be frustrating to say the least. But we are not alone, being buoyed up by our spiritual bond with Jesus through the indwelling Holy Spirit. It is something we must always take advantage of and remind ourselves of so that we do not allow situations in this world to cause a break in fellowship from Jesus.

J D Rucker published an article that highlights what he believes is the coming collapse of American society. [1] It’s certainly not merely America that will suffer this collapse, but all nations throughout the world will experience it and the exceedingly wealthy who have planned for and brought about this demise (with the help of politicians and corporations), will dance and celebrate into the wee hours of the morning, as they gain even more wealth. Their delight will know no bounds because their dream of world domination is coming to fruition.

Most people don’t like to look too long at negative situations or possibilities. They prefer to push that aside and focus instead on those things they see as good and uplifting. The trouble is that we must, at times, consider the negative or the “doom and gloom” because it is there that our direction lies most of the time. Simply ignoring what may well be the inevitable does nothing except allow people to pretend all is well. Then when things actually do go south, those folks won’t have a proper response because they’re completely unprepared.

Too many choose to ignore all the signs that point to the coming reality. This applies to many Christians largely due to the fact that they are woefully unaware of the prophetic portions of Scripture that specifically deal with the character and nature of the last days prior to the return of Jesus. Most pastors won’t touch the subject either. To that end, I can recommend Amir Tsarfati’s latest book, Has the Tribulation Begun? It’s available on Amazon and other places. People need to be aware of what the Bible says about these days.

What’s happening today is not due to normal economic cycles, but to the purposeful gerrymandering by powerful people of global society in order to bring the type of change needed to ensure they get what they want out of society. For them, it means only two classes – the lords and the serfs. They want to rule the world and they honestly don’t care if the rest of us peons are here or not. This also is of the Lord. J. D. Rucker notes…

The partial list of existential threats in our immediate future includes challenges that, by themselves, are huge. Combining them into this perfect storm of simultaneous catastrophes makes it all seem insurmountable without divine intervention… and that’s the point. The globalist elite cabal continuously call it the “policrisis.” They need all of the bad things happening within the same short window to make it nearly impossible for us to overcome them all.

They have “solutions” in mind. For the masses to accept them, the powers-that-be need us broken, desperate, and willing to give them everything just to be able to survive. [2]

Rucker continues.

Before I get to the list of challenges, it’s important to note something for those who are not as pessimistic as I am. Getting prepared by weening ourselves from government and reducing our reliance on ‘the system’ is a good thing even if my predictions of impending doom do not come to pass.[3]

We don’t have to walk around bathed in fear, which will lock us up as it did for many during COVID. That’s as wrong as the folks who are determined to ignore any and all bad news and pretend there’s nothing wrong in society. There is a middle and intelligent ground based on acknowledging the potential that may occur, while not being overwhelmed by it, which stems from a severe lack of faith.

As a partial list, Rucker notes 7 things that are deeply affecting society now and will continue. In a nutshell, understand that these things are being used to keep society in upheaval in order to more easily bring about the needed change. The underlying common bond, if you will, between all the things he lists is fear. Pandemics and the threat of dying is fear-inducing, as is the increase in general violence we are seeing. The tremendous uptick in governmental corruption also creates a sense of fear for law-abiding citizens who come to believe that this corruption correlates to an increase in verbal and even physical attacks against conservatives and that ties into the increase specifically in transgenderism and their view that they need to get violent if they are not accepted in society as normal. The fear of that is supposed to silence critics or experience violence. Beyond that, the whole “climate change” “we’re all gonna die!” scenario is borne of fear so that people will voluntarily give up their rights and change their priorities. Again, somehow or another, it is all based on some form of fear because fear is the greatest motivator to get people to change their behavior to the needed response.

Rucker’s response to this is the correct response, one that I noted at the top of this article.

My hope is firmly set in the fact that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins, so no matter how bad things get in this world, the next world is inconceivably better.[4]

He goes onto say that this knowledge of life in eternity does not negate the fact that we are experiencing and will continue to experience troubles in this life. In my mind I continue to go back to the time of Joseph and the seven year famine. Because of Joseph’s foresight, the people of Egypt were saved from starvation leading to death. It was not easy but they managed it because of how they prepared for it. We cannot prepare for every eventuality and most of us do not have the financial resources to do so.

Aside from doing what you can to store up extra things you will need, the other and by far the most important thing/option every authentic Christian can and should do is to fall on our knees, confess our sin and move with God, keeping as close as we can to Him. Without this, we will have little to no discernment, wisdom or wherewithal to move through our days. It would be like trying to drive a car that has no fuel. We need to hang onto God and not get sidetracked.

I vividly recall when I was very young, I went to the store with my dad. I was walking so I was probably 3 or 4 at the time. We were in the store and I was holding my dad’s hand. As we walked, he stopped for a second and I saw something that interested me so I let go of his hand and went to look at the object of my interest. When done, I went back over to where my dad was and grabbed what I thought was his hand. Turns out, I had grabbed a stranger‘s hand. I recall he and my dad had a good laugh over that, but because I had not looked up, I did not realize that the hand I was reaching out to hold did not belong to my dad.

As Christians, we need to be exceedingly aware of the fact that God is with us and wants to guide us through life each day. This is not done by Him “speaking” to us audibly either in our minds or out loud as some teach. It is done by Him directing our steps based on the knowledge of Scripture we possess. The more we know of His Word, the better we will understand His guidance.

I think of King Jehoshaphat and how he did many correct things and because of it, God blessed him mightily. Then, he did something stupid and one of God’s prophets had to point out his mistake and how he would suffer because of it.

We cannot stop the societal collapse that’s coming. God can if He chooses to, but my gut tells me His plans as detailed in Biblical prophecy are unfolding before our eyes. That means persecution and calamity. But even if these aren’t the Biblical end times, the powers-that-be seem bent on duplicating the scenarios detailed in prophecy.

One world government. One world currency. One world religion.

Famine. Pestilence. War.

It’s time to get prepared. If you’ve already loaded up on everything you need, great! Help others see the light. If you haven’t started, no worries! Start now.[5]

Rucker talks about how his show went from five times per week to sporadic and he hopes to get back to five times per week. The truth is that I’ve dealt with the same thing. Life is getting busy as my wife and I do what we think we should to prepare for what is likely coming. Because of that I have less time to post here or on my page at Sermon Audio. The Lord may give me my time back in the future, I have no clue. What I do know is that the list of jobs I have to complete is getting longer and the days are not.

Move ahead with resolve, knowing that He guides and helps you. Do not allow situations to defeat you mentally or emotionally or create fear within you. Trust the Lord to direct your steps. Do what you can to secure yourself and your family against the societal collapse that may well be on the way. It’s not insurmountable though it may certainly be difficult.

Before I sign off for now, I wanted to alert readers that I’m going to be doing a series of articles on Daily Clout’s newly released book analyzing the Pfizer’s own documentation regarding their CV-19 jab.[6] This is the same set of documents that our illustrious FDA wanted to keep from public view for 75 years. Ask yourself why? In the meantime, look for that if interested and I’m also going to start a short series on Jehoshaphat, one of the good kings of Judah.


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