Cultural Marxism Makes People Not Guilty Though Guilty

January 30, 2015 at 11:48 AM 3 comments

lawyer-notguiltyThis is an easy one and I would think most people would be able to see right through this. It’s a marketing ploy by a lawyer who is implying that even though a person might have actually committed the crime in question, with his representation they could still be found “not guilty” in a court of law. This happens all the time today and is, unfortunately, an accepted part of how society works. It’s not so much that a person is guilty or innocent. It’s whether or not their lawyer can convince a jury that their client is innocent even when they’re not. I’ve blurred out the lawyer’s name and contact information in case you’re tempted to call…

Only in today’s world, could a person feel good about creating a huge billboard that essentially states that even if you’re guilty, I will work hard to get you found not guilty of the charges against you. This is a good barometer of how far Cultural Marxism has brought society since the days when there was at least, some semblance of honesty still left. It seems to have vanished.

What our lawyer friend above is actually stating is that if you did the crime, have no fear. I am going to work very hard for no conviction. You’ll walk.

This has happened in our society many times and it usually has to do with how much a person can afford. Obviously, the more money a person has, the greater the chances of being found innocent because of a more expensive lawyer and everything that goes along with that.

We have sadly, arrived to a day when wrong is right and right is wrong. This is one of the biggest results of Cultural Marxism wending its way through society, changing things as it goes through something we call “emotional virtue.” We already learned that this is even part of the visible church in America. Christians (both in name only and authentic) are too often guided into making decisions based on their emotions and feelings. Instead of simply turning to the Bible as their highest authority, they turn instead to how an issue makes them feel.

OJ has allegedly confessed to other inmates to murdering his ex-wife.

This billboard really tips the scales and says it like it is. Was O.J. Simpson innocent or guilty? The jury found him not guilty, but did he actually kill his ex-wife and friend Ron Goldman? Numerous websites have come out to announce without equivocation that he did, in fact, murder them both, by his own words. If that is true, then his attorney dream team got him off. But his sins caught up with him and is now serving a 33-year prison sentence for other things he did wrong.

The point is that many to most people believe Simpson did murder two people. However, in a court of law, the jury found him not guilty. If he actually did commit the murders, it is clear that money can buy freedom. This is what our lawyer friend on the billboard is saying as well.

But where is honesty, integrity, and decency today? It seems to have vanished. It even challenges us Christians to do what we know we should not do.

Yesterday, I sent to a local hardware store to buy one item specifically. While there, I noticed a few other small items that I also needed so I added those to my cart as well. I went through the checkout line, paid for the items, and headed to my car.

When I arrived at my car, I noticed underneath one of the boxed items was another smaller item that I had forgotten I had added to the cart. I also instantly realized that I had not paid for it because it had become hidden under the larger box.

Almost immediately, the temptation to simply toss it in the back of my car and drive home came over me. It was their fault that I made it out of the store, wasn’t it? They should have looked more carefully in the cart, right? The item was only a few dollars, so what was the big deal?

Furthermore, no one in the store saw me leave the store with the unpaid item. A few bucks wouldn’t make any difference to them anyway.

I really cannot believe how many things were going through my brain to just walk away. In the end, I locked my car, grabbed the unpaid for item along with my original receipt and went back into the store to pay for it.

Had I walked away and driven home without paying for the item, no one from the store or the parking lot would have known about it. My “testimony” would have remained in tact.

Here’s the problem. Every reason for being tempted to leave without paying for the item was a form of Cultural Marxism based on emotional virtue. Yet, God’s Word is clear, isn’t it? I had not intended to steal the item and I could honestly say that me leaving the store with the unpaid item was not deliberately stealing because I had forgotten about it. I had not tried to surreptitiously hide the item so that I would not be charged with it. I wasn’t a thief

However, had I given in to the urge to just drive home without paying for it, I would have been a thief. I would have been deliberately stealing something that I had not paid for and all I had to do was ask what the Bible says about that and know then what I should also do.

Had I driven home that day without paying for the item, no one in the store would have known. My testimony would have remained in tact. The problem is that I would have known and God would have known. Maybe my going back actually worked to build my testimony to the same cashier? Maybe God would use my actions to impress upon her something He wanted her to know. It was such a small thing and I’m surprised the temptation to leave without paying for it was as strong as it was in me. I’m glad to say I did not cave. I’m not bragging about that because I would hope you would have done the exact same thing. It’s simply what should have been done as a normal reaction.

Can you imagine if everyone who committed a crime actually admitted to it in a court of law? We would have no need for criminal lawyers. Instead, we have people fighting for all it’s worth to avoid jail/prison even though they’ve actually committed crimes.

This is the result of Cultural Marxism that says if you do the crime and aren’t caught, no worries. If you do the crime, there are lawyers who are willing to do whatever they can so a jury can find you “not guilty,” and they’ll fight for that for a price.

Where is honesty today? Where is decency? How about intelligence, respect, and concern for our fellow-man and for simply doing what is right?

There are too many examples of people who choose to believe a lie because it simply feels like that lie is the truth, in spite of anything to the contrary. All of this has lowered society, reduced it to the opposite of what it was intended to be.

We do not have to fall in behind the many pied pipers who whistle the Cultural Marxist tune. In fact, we should disregard that tune, ignoring it with every fiber of our being.

Cultural Marxism is diametrically opposed to the inherent value of God-created humanity. It seeks to destroy us, remaking us not in the image of God, but in the image of His main adversary.

You have a choice as to whether you will fall in behind this adversary. It rests with your decisions you make for your life.

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