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Inside Islam, Part 2

When asked about the cultural outfit or dress of the women in Islamic communities and countries, Baseema is equally straightforward. “The burka was instigated by the Bedouin because of the average male’s propensity in that part of the world to breed with anything that moved. It began as a way to stop other men from attempting to breed with each other’s property. That was centuries ago. It isn’t much different today.

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Inside Islam – a True Story, Part 1

While we are busy hearing one thing from the government and Muslim groups like CAIR and ACORN, and still another thing from the media, it would appear that this particular individual spent a few years living the life of a dedicated Muslim woman within the Islamic community in which the story was altogether different for her from the one that is normally presented to the world about Islam. Is this merely a coincidence, or is what we are being fed the lie?

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Why Do Democrats and Liberals Lack Creative Substance?

I am not opposed to paying taxes (giving to Caesar what is due Caesar, so to speak). What I am opposed to is being at the whim of every individual in government who believes that taxpayers are there solely as an endless source of revenue for all their pet projects. It needs to stop, but unfortunately, it will not happen. Instead, more arguing will continue, along with blame and finger pointing.

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Playing Right into the Hands of the Unions

I sat last evening listening to a few hours of news shows on TV where the biggest debate concerned the teacher/public employee situation in Wisconsin. Of course, if you ask a pro-union person/member what Gov. Walker is trying to do, they will tell you point blank that he is out to destroy the unions. In fact, this thought also came from Mr. Obama’s mouth. Because of that, anyone who is pro-union, a Democrat, or a Leftwing Liberal in general will believe that this is what Walker is attempting to do.

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Food for Thought! from Study-Grow-Know

February 22, 2011 at 8:53 PM 2 comments

Lefties Wish Death On Republican, Governor Walker

While the attitude and demeanor of people seem to be bending to the Left, the Right will be seen more and more as bias, bigoted, hate-mongering and the like. This is what the Left is doing. They make false claims against conservatives and if that does not work, they will simply resort to name-calling. What they hope to accomplish is to make people believe that conservatives are such a minority, that it is not worth even being part of that movement.

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Suez Canal Earthquake?

Earthquakes aside, God is in full control of the events that are playing themselves out in the Middle East and elsewhere today, tomorrow, and the next day. Though events may surprise us (for instance, the Six-Day War was not specifically foretold in Scripture), nothing takes Him by surprise. How could they, when He controls all things?

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