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The People’s Cube

The people’s cube

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All Happening Way Too Fast

I have come to the conclusion that our job as Christians is to focus on witnessing to the lost. We must be involved in the Great Commission, introducing people to Jesus as Savior and Lord. We must do it, whether they listen or not and let’s hope and pray they do listen. It is getting dark. The daylight is waning. I really don’t think there is much time left.

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Harvard’s Niall Ferguson Schools Her on Muslim Brotherhood and Caliphate

Harvard’s Niall Ferguson Schools Her on Muslim Brotherhood and Caliphate

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Obama’s New “Painful” Budget

In America, we have the electoral college. We also have the media. While the electoral college seems completely unnecessary in these days of high tech wizardy, it also appears that the media has become a rather useless tool for truth, and a useful gimmick for the left.

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Obama: The People of Egypt Have Spoken…

The people of Egypt have spoken and Mr. Obama is proud, as if they are his children and have fought the fight that he personally directed. Here in America, we are his slaves, here to perform his wishes and to take whatever he chooses to give us, whether we like it or not.

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Politics Trumps Sound Policy?

The reality appears to be that our Federal Gov’t is doing precious little to get us out of the ditch that we are in. Even if it is Bush’s fault (which I disagree with), the fact remains that Obama’s top priority should be to help this country’s economy, not hurt it.

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Muslim Sends the Wrong Message

Sadly, as more of these types of situations come to the fore, maybe more people will come to realize that truth about Islam and in spite of what many Muslims would have us believe, it appears that radical Islam is more of the norm, instead of the exception to the rule.

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Our New RSS Feed

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The Trouble with (Too Many of) Today’s Pastors…

This seems to be an insidious problem that has and continues affecting many churches today. Men seem to have fallen for the need to get in touch with our feelings, as if we were designed to be like women and have gone far off track. I’ve always understood that when God created men and women, He did so with the idea of both being complementary to the other. In that sense alone, it is obvious that men and women would not think alike, nor would they react to situations the same way.

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Moving Toward Destruction

I’m sorry that there are any number people who will disagree with this assessment, but it seems clear enough that this world is hurtling toward a renaissance and it is not necessarily a good thing, at least in the near future.

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