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President Obama’s Christianity…

I don’t see any of this in President Obama’s definition of Christianity. I do not see that he truly understands what it means to be a Christian. What he presents is a watered-down, liberal, socialistic form of something he calls Christianity. It simply does not stand up to the truth of Scripture.

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Acts 17 Apologetics Members Acquitted

People like Mayor O’Reilly are doing radical Muslims a huge favor. It’s a shame and the only excuse for it is arrogance birthed by ignorance. Of course, it could be that as a politician, O’Reilly knows he needs votes to remain in office. It obviously would not do to offend a large contingent of people within his community (Muslims), so it is easier to blame FOUR Christians, as rogue and bigoted.

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Obama is “Racist” and “Ignorant”

The world is obviously seeing President Obama for who he is and whether he will ever be able to admit it or not, his racism, his arrogance, and his ignorance are on full display. He sees what he is doing as good. The world understands it for what it is – evil.

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Racially Motivated Hate Crime Flies Under the Radar

With people like this walking the streets, it should be a reminder to us that we can never be vigilant enough. I’m certainly not saying that we need to go around thinking that every person may be out to get us. That’s nothing more than paranoia. What I am saying is that we need to keep our eyes open, be aware of our surroundings, and take every measure to ensure our safety when we are out in public. There are too many things that can happen if we are not careful. God will protect His own, but he expects us to live accordingly.

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The Ongoing Battle of Palestinians’ Age-Old Hatred of Jews

Israel will remain. The Temple will be rebuilt, the Antichrist will attempt to overcome Israel, and even defy God Himself. In the end, Jesus will return, destroy the Antichrist and right all wrongs. We know the end of the story and there is no better ending!

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Burn the Qur’an? Go to Jail…

Mr. President, you were elected to do the will of the people, not your own will. You have an overall approval rating of 39%, which means that over 60% of the population of America does not agree with what you are doing. The only reason that your approval rating is as high as it is, is because the people who approve of your policies are either of the same ilk, or too clueless to think for themselves.

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Obama’s Heretical Viewpoints

President Obama has been good for this country in only one sense: he has made the general populace aware of the fact that when a candidate runs for office, he should not be elected based on what he does not say, or what he purposefully omits. It is clear that it only takes one person to ruin this country. It is not too late. The tide can be turned and come November, all sane and LEGAL voters can make that statement.

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