The Ongoing Battle of Palestinians’ Age-Old Hatred of Jews

September 23, 2010 at 4:49 PM

As if to underscore the fact that Palestinians and Jews will never get along, we read from Aaron Klein that at the recent Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem, Palestinians surrounded a car in which an Israeli guard sat at a gas station in an Arab neighborhood.  Surrounding the car was not enough though.  Klein reports, “The Palestinians blocked and then stoned the car, according to the guard, who told investigators he opened fire on the Palestinians fearing he was going to be killed or abducted. One Palestinian was shot dead.” [1]  I’m not sure why you would bring stones to a gun fight, but such are the Palestinians.  I guess stones are more plentiful than guns, but still…

Hours later, things turned heated at the Temple Mount when Palestinians began attacking Jews, stabbing at least one and injuring up to ten.

Let me also clarify something that constantly needs to be clarified.  The term “Palestinian” is a misnomer if it is used only to apply to Arabs.  Years ago, anyone who lived in the land of Palestine was referred to naturally as a Palestinian.  That is, until Yassar Arafat, who came along, thought and thought and came up with an idea to create a people and he called them Palestinians, but only in referencing Arabs. 

Interestingly enough, these Palestinian Arabs have no separate culture, language, or anything else that sets them apart from other Arabs.  The short of it is that the Arabs referred to as Palestinian are no different than Arabs who live in other parts of the Middle East.  They are simply Arabs.  But Arafat – who allegedly died of AIDS a few years back – created a culture and a peopel where none previously existed.  Since then, the Palestinians have been known as Arab only, but this was not true years ago.

It really does not matter what anyone thinks, or how they put their spin on the situation in the Middle East.  It is not going to get better until Jesus Christ Himself makes it better.  The leaders of this world can say what they want, do what they want, and think what they want, but they will have no real impact on the area at all…unless one of them happens to be the Antichrist.

It will only be when the Antichrist steps onto the scene that things will change in the Middle East.  Initially, it will change for the better (at least outwardly), though it will only last for a short time.  Antichrist himself will do everything he can to ultimately destroy the Jews.

But the very fact that the Antichrist is coming proves that Israel will remain in the Middle East and that they will rebuild the Temple, or at least enough of it to offer sacrifices.  It will be in the middle of the week (Daniel 9:27) that this man of sin will enter into the Holy of Holies, sit down and declare that he is god.  In doing so, he will desecrate the Temple and the Jews will wake up from their slumber, realizing who this man is and what they need to do to escape him.

You just have to love all the rhetoric.  Political leaders run around making speeches, involving themselves in this peace-making process or that one, but in the end, what happens happens because God allows or directs it.  Things don’t happen because they want it to happen.  They are pawns in God’s will, whether they think so or not.

Israel will remain.  The Temple will be rebuilt, the Antichrist will attempt to overcome Israel, and even defy God Himself.  In the end, Jesus will return, destroy the Antichrist and right all wrongs.  We know the end of the story and there is no better ending!


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